Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Skill Trees [All Classes]

Our guide will give you detailed information about all the six skill trees in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands to help you choose the best class.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a spin-off inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and the newest addition to Gearbox’s Borderlands series. This funny looter shooter game dives further into the RPG hole with the fan-favorite Tiny Tina as the main character in this game. After you are done customizing your Fatemaker, you will have to choose a primary and a secondary class from the six different starting classes available. Our guide covers all the skill trees of different classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, so you can choose the best class for yourself.

Key Takeaways
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces an extensive class system with six skill trees, one for each of the six starting classes.
  • The Brr-Zerker class is the first class in the game’s skill trees, and they specialize in brutal and short-range melee attacks with frost-infused weapons.
  • Brr-Zerker’s class feat, Rage of the Ancients, adds bonus frost damage to the character’s attacks and allows them to become Enraged once their character utilizes an Action Skill.
  • The Dread Wind’s active skill spins and slashes anything in the Brr-Zerker’s range with their melee weapon. The Feral Surge active skill hurls towards the target and inflicts frost damage on nearby enemies by causing a fatal frost explosion.
  • The Clawbringer class can bring thunder and flames to their enemies using a spectral hammer and can add lightning damage to their melee weapons and fire damage to their guns.
  • Clawbringers can also buff their Wyvern companion, which can breathe fire and bring lightning on their enemies.
  • In co-op mode, Clawbringers have an ability called Dragon Aura that boosts the fire damage of their allies and reflects back the damage.
  • The Spellshot is a class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that focuses on spell casting and can equip two spells at once. They have the Polymorph ability to turn enemies into a Skeep.
  • Spellweaving is a stack effect that increases spell damage and decay, and repeating spells have a chance to award more stacks.
  • The Spellshot can equip an active skill spell in the action skill slot, and they have a Polymorph active skill to turn enemies into Skeep.
  • The Spellshot’s passive skills increase critical hit chance, reload speed, cooldown rate, fire rate, spell damage, and bonus damage to enemies of a spell’s element.
  • The Spore Warden class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands focuses on ranged damage using Ethereal Bow or Frost Cyclones and can summon a Mushroom Companion.
  • The Mushroom Companion deals poison damage and can target enemies nearby, and its damage and health can be increased using Kindred Heart.
  • The Spore Warden can summon an Ethereal Bow using the Barrage skill, which fires seven arrows that ricochet between opponents, and a Blizzard skill that creates three frost cyclones.
  • The Spore Warden’s passive skills increase gun damage, critical hit chance, magazine size, ammo regeneration, and damage to enemies using poison clouds.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands All Classes Skill Trees

Different from previous Borderlands titles, this game introduces an extensive class system, with each class having a skill tree that represents abilities, skills, and playstyle for that particular class. There is also a multi-classing system, where you can merge the abilities of classes.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has six skill trees one for each of the six starting classes. Below is an overview of all the classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with their Skill Trees. On the subject of classes, consider reading our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class tier list.

Brr-Zerker Skill Tree

tiny tina wonderland's skill trees
The frosty Brr-Zerker class

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The first class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands skill trees is the Brr-Zerker class. These are frost-infused bruisers, and they specialize in brutal and short-range melee attacks that can take down the toughest of enemies. Their go-to weapons are usually big weapons like an axe or a hammer. Melee weapons go very well with frost damage as they deal about 300 percent damage on frozen enemies when paired. While you’re at it, why not read our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best legendary weapons guide.

They can freeze their enemies by channeling frost into their armaments and smashing the frozen enemies like ice cubes. The Brr-Zerkers can squeeze the life force out of the fallen enemies by using the power of magic.

Class Feat: Rage Of The Ancients

The Class Feat for the Brr-Zerker allows you to become Enraged once your character utilizes an Action Skill. It also adds bonus frost damage to your character’s attacks.

The Enraged duration will not deplete if an Action Skill is still active and will end when your character enters Save Your Soul. You can restore a portion of the Enraged timer by activating an Action Skill while your character is still enraged.

Dread Wind Active Skill

In this attack, the Fatemaker spins and slashes anything in their range with their melee weapon. This skill also gives your character increased movement speed and slow immunity for a certain period of time.

Feral Surge Active Skill

In this attack, the Fatemaker will hurl towards their target and inflict Frost damage on all the enemies nearby by causing a fatal frost explosion. 

Brr-Zerker Passive Skills

Tier 1Ancestral FrostThe Ancestral Frost skill significantly increases frost damage inflicted upon enemies.
Tier 1Savagery The Savagery skill can increase the melee damage and can also increase the duration of time when your character is Enraged.
Tier 1Unyielding This skill is very helpful as it can regenerate a significant amount of missing percentage of Fatemaker’s health over a period of time. If your character is Enraged, then this effect will be doubled.
Tier 2IcebreakerThe Fatemaker can increase the damage dealt with the frozen and slowed enemies when this skill is utilized. So the closer your enemy is to be frozen, the greater is the amount of damage to them.
Tier 2The Old WaysThis skill helps the Fatemaker deal Bonus Damage and can increase damage reduction the closer the Fatemaker is to their enemy. So the closer you are to your enemy, the greater the bonus is.
Tier 2Instinct This skill can increase your weapon reload as well as weapon swap speed. If your character is Enraged, then this effect is doubled.
Tier 3Cold SnapThis skill increases the Fatemaker’s movement speed as well as frost efficiency. When your character is Enraged, this effect gets doubled.
Tier 3Unarmored DefenseThis skill reserves a percentage of Fatemaker’s Ward that cannot be restored. But their maximum health is increased equal to the percentage of the ward’s amount reserved. 
Tier 3Blood Frenzy(kill skill)This kill skill can restore a percentage of your Enrage timer and Maximum health after a kill.
Tier 4Ancient FuryThe Ancient Fury skill can increase the Fatemaker’s maximum health along with splash damage.
Tier 4Relentless RageWhen in Save Your Soul, if the Fatemaker damages an enemy, its duration is increased. If the Fatemaker manages to kill an enemy while in Save your Soul, they become Enraged.
Tier 5Blast ChillIf the Fatemaker deals damage to an enemy using any melee weapon, then there is the probability of Frost Nova being released. This deals Frost Ability Damage to the enemies within your radius. Keep in mind that Frost Nova cannot hit critically. 
Tier 5Iron SquallIron Squall increases fire rate and melee attack speed. This effect is doubled when the Fatemaker is Enraged.
Tier 6Blood of the Fallen(kill skill)This is a killing skill that reduces a percentage of Fatemaker’s Action Skill Cooldown on enemy kills. If an action skill is active already, this skill increases its duration.

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Clawbringer Skill Tree

abilities level up XP Farming
The powerful Clawbringer class

These faithful warriors have the ability to bring thunder and flames to their enemies using a spectral hammer. Most of their skill involves adding lightning damage to their melee weapons and adding fire damage to their guns. 

Their skills can also buff their Wyvern companion. This adorable little dragon can breathe fire and bring lightning on anyone that dares mess with the Fatemaker. 

For those who are paying in co-op mode, Clawbringers are a good choice as they have the ability called Dragon Aura that boosts the fire damage of their allies and also reflects back the damage taken by their teammates back to the enemies as lightning damage. This class has one of the best skill trees in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Class Feat: Wyvern Companion 

The Clawbringer has a small dragon that follows him around, known as Wyvern, that attacks your enemies using its claws, and it can breathe fire too. If the Fatemaker’s damage is increased, the Wyvern Companion’s damage is also increased.

Cleansing Flames Active Skill

In this attack, the Fatemaker creates a huge Fore Nova by summoning their Hammer and slamming it into the ground. This attack deals melee damage and fire ability damage to the enemies nearby.

Storm Dragon’s Judgement Active Skill

Using this skill, the Fatemaker can deal lightning ability damage to enemies he strikes using his Hammer. It also sticks to the area it lands, dealing lightning melee damage every second to the enemies in its radius. When recalled, the Hammer damages enemies along its path. If the action skill ends early, a portion of the cooldown is refunded.

Clawbringer Passive Skills

Tier 1Oath of FireUsing this skill, the Fatemaker can deal bonus fire damage using their guns and their Wyvern Companion. 
Tier 1RadianceThe Radiance skill increases the maximum Ward capacity of the Fatemaker.
Tier 1Oath of ThunderThis skill allows the Fatemaker to deal bonus lightning damage to enemies. Their Wyvern Companion also deals bonus lightning damage.
Tier 2Dragon AuraUsing this skill, the Fatemaker gains a dragon aura that will grant the Fatemaker and the allies inside it increased elemental damage.
Tier 2DedicationUsing this skill, the Fatemaker gains an increased 

 The Fatemaker gains an increased cooldown rate when using an active skill. The higher the Fatemaker’s ward is, the greater is the bonus gained.

Tier 2RebukeThis skill grants the Fatemaker damage reduction from enemy attacks. The allies near the Fatemaker also get the chance to deflect damage back to the enemies as lightning damage.
Tier 3Blasthamut’s Favor (kill skill)If the Fatemaker kills an enemy with a gun, then as Fire Orb appears, that will seek out a new enemy and deal fire ability damage to it. If the Fatemaker kills an enemy with melee damage, then a lightning orb is summoned that will seek out an enemy and deal lightning ability damage.
Tier 4 Fire BoltGun damage is increased, and your Wyvern Companion will shoot Fire Bolts at enemies occasionally, leaving a splat in the damaged area.
Tier 4Friend to FlameThis will increase your Wyvern Companion’s damage.
Tier 4Storm BreathThe Wyvern Companion will cause lightning damage to enemies by using its Lightning Breath occasionally. The Damage Reduction is also increased.
Tier 5AWEIf the Fatemaker deals with Fire Damage, the Critical Hit Damage is increased. If the Fatemaker deals lightning damage, then the Critical Hit Chance is increased.
Tier 5IndomitableWhen you are downed, your Ward refills, and you gain a boost in dealing lightning damage. The cooldown duration of this skill is quite long.
Tier 6Storm Smite When the Fatemaker activates an action skill, they will call down elemental bolts that can inflict lightning damage or fire damage that will affect all the nearby enemies.

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Graveborn Skill Tree

tiny tina skill trees
The bloodthirsty Graveborn class

The necromancer among the other classes, the Graveborns can sacrifice their health to deal damage and use powerful dark magic attacks to leech health off their enemies. They also have a Demi-Lich companion that follows them wherever they go, attacking enemies at a range and dealing damage using dark magic.

Their skill tree mostly revolves around kill skill, dark magic, and spells, and they be more powerful and tankier with each enemy they kill. When the Graveborn cast a spell, their Demi-Lich Companion deals a Hellish Blast on the enemies nearby. Their ability to use dark magic makes their skill tree the most powerful among the six skill trees in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Demi-Lich Companion Class Feat 

This floating Demi-Lich Companion follows the Fatemaker and attacks the enemies, dealing damage using dark magic. When the Fatemaker casts a spell, your Demi-Lich Companion will use Hellish Blast. If the Fatemaker’s damage is increased, their companion’s damage increases as well.

Dire Sacrifice Active Skill

The Fatemaker can sacrifice a portion of their current health to use dark magic to attack opponents. This also applies the dark magic status effect to the nearby enemies. This skill can boost the damage given equivalent to the amount of health you have sacrificed.

Reaper of Bones Active Skill

The Fatemaker becomes unkillable for a while and gets fully healed. You get Leach Efficiency, and dark magic damage increases for some time, but you will lose a lot of health per second when this skill is active. If you die in this state, you will restore some health while becoming invulnerable briefly, and this skill will end.

Graveborn Passive Skills

Tier 1Mortal VesselThe Fatemaker’s Maximum Health is increased, and Leech Efficiency is also increased. 
Tier 1Essence Drain(kill skill)The cooldown rate for a spell is increased for some time.
Tier 1Faithful ThrallsThe Fatemaker’s damage is increased for every companion they have, and the rate of Companion Respawn increases as well.
Tier 2Sanguine SacramentWhen the Fatemaker casts a spell, health is regenerated for a short period of time.  

The damage dealt with slowed enemies is increased.

Tier 2 Dark PactThis skill increases damage by dark magic attacks.
Tier 2Harvest (kill skill)The Fatemaker’s companions can deal with bonus dark magic for a period of time. This effect is stackable.
Tier 3Dread Covenant Some of the damage taken by the Fatemaker goes to the Demi-Lich Companion

If the Fatemaker’s health reaches 1, he can then restore his health by sacrificing the Demi-Lich. The cooldown duration of this skill is long.

Tier 3Stain of SoulUsing this skill, the Fatemaker’s spell will deal increased damage from dark magic attacks.
Tier 3Dark Hydra(kill skill)The Fatemaker can summon a Dark Hydra Companion on a kill, dealing damage by dark magic on nearby enemies for a period of time. 
Tier 4Ascension(kill skill)The Fatemaker’s maximum health and spell damage is increased over a period of time. This effect is stackable.
Tier 4Punishment When your Demi-Lich Companion casts a Hellish Blast, there is a chance for it to be cast again after some time.
Tier 5Lord of EdgesThe lower the Fatemaker’s health is, the more is damage and damage reduction increases.
Tier 5Blast GapWhen dealing with spell damage, there is a chance to create an explosion that will deal damage of the spell’s elemental type to opponents nearby. This explosion cannot hit critically. 
Tier 6Morhaim’s BlessingBy casting a spell, all of the Fatemaker’s kill skills are activated automatically. 

Spellshot Skill Tree

tiny tina wonderland's skill trees
The supreme Spellshot class

The wizards with guns, and Spellshots, focus on casting spells much more than the other classes and can equip two spells at one time. They also have the Polymorph ability with which they can turn their enemy into something much easier to kill, i.e., a Skeep. While you’re at it, consider reading our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spellshot build guide.

They might have a harder time surviving because they increase spell damage on the cost of their Ward charge. The Spellshot’s skill tree in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is perfect for a secondary class.


The Fatemaker gets a stack of Spellweaving by casting a spell or reloading a weapon and an increase in spell damage. This effect also increases decay. If the Fatemaker casts a repeating spell, there is a chance to award more spellweaving stacks with each repeating spell that is cast.

Ambi-Hextrous Active Skill

The Spellshot can equip a spell in the active skill slot, so when the action skill button is pressed, they can cast that particular spell.

Polymorph Active Skill

Using this skill, the Spellshot can turn their enemy into a Skeep for some time. The Spellshot gets two free stacks of Spellweaving when casting a free spell on an immune enemy. When this skill is active, the player who will attack the Skeep will gain a free spell to cast.

Spellshot Passive Skills

Tier 1Spell SniperThe Critical Hit Chance of a spell is increased. 
Tier 1Magic BulletsA portion of all bonuses from spell damage goes to guns.
Tier 1Prestidigitation Reload speed of guns is increased. 
Tier 2Font of ManaThe cooldown rate of spells is increased. The cooldown rate of an action skill is also increased. 
Tier 2 Mage ArmorWhen the Fatemaker gains a stack of Spellweaving, some of their Ward is restored.
Tier 2Just Warming UpThe fire rate of Spellshot’s every Spellweaving attack is increased.
Tier 3Glass CannonWhile The Fatemaker’s Ward will not recharge automatically, their Spell Damage will be increased.
Tier 4Imbued WeaponIf the Fatemaker casts a spell, their guns can deal bonus damage to an enemy of that spell’s element for a period of time. This effect is stackable and can be stacked once per spell.
Tier 4 High Thread CountThe Fatemaker’s Spellweaving stacks are increased.
Tier 4War Caster(kill skill)When the Fatemaker kills an enemy, there is a chance that their weapon will reload instantly, and the chances of this happening are increased per Spellweaving stack.
Tier 5Double KnotIf the Fatemaker scores a Critical Hit on an enemy using a spell, they deal bonus damage on the enemy that is equal to the element of the gun.
Tier 5One Slot, One SkillPer Spellweaving stack, the Fatemaker’s gun damage is increased. 
Tier 6Sever the ThreadIf the Fatemaker does Critical Hits using guns, there is a chance that all Spell Cooldowns would be reset instantly. The cooldown rate of this skill is short.

Spore Warden Skill Tree

tiny tina wonderland's skill trees guide
The nature-loving Sporewarden class

The Spore Wardens use nature to destroy their enemies. They have the ability to summon tornadoes and can shower their enemies with arrows. They focus on ranged damage using Ethereal Bow or Frost Cyclones to take down their opponents.

The Spore Wardens are accompanied by a Mushroom Companion as well that can deal poison damage to the enemies. This class can drain the enemy’s health slowly. If your playstyle is all about guns and delivering critical hits, then Spore Warden is the class for you.

Class Feat: Mushroom Companion 

The Spore Wardens have a Mushroom Companion that follows them around and deals poison damage by targeting enemies nearby. If you ping your enemy, your Mushroom Companion will leap towards them and attack them. The Fatemaker’s damage is increased. Their Companion’s damage is also increased.

Barrage Active Skill

This skill allows the Fatemaker to summon an Ethereal Bow. This will fire seven arrows that deal damage on hit. These arrows ricochet twice between the opponents in your range. This skill has multiple charges and an increase in gun damage applies to this skill as well.

Blizzard Active Skill

Using this skill, the Fatemaker can make three frost cyclones for a period of time. These cyclones will seek all the enemies nearby and deal Frost damage to them.

Spore Warden Passive Skills

Tier 1Bounty of the Hunt(kill skill)This skill will increase the cooldown duration of an active skill for some time.
Tier 1Kindred HeartYour Companion’s health is increased. Its damage is also increased when using this skill.
Tier 1Eagle EyeThis skill will increase the Fatemaker’s gun handling and gun damage
Tier 2Affinity This spell increases the Fatemaker’s ability to damage the enemies.
Tier 2Spore CloudThe Spore Warden’s Mushroom Companion will drop a Poison Cloud that will deal damage to enemies.
Tier 2BullseyeThis skill increases the Critical Hit Chance of the gun and companion
Tier 3Quiver of Holding The weapon’s magazine size is increased, and the Fatemaker’s equipped weapon will regenerate ammo over time.
Tier 3Medicinal Mushroom When the Fatemaker is in Save Your Soul, their Mushroom Companion can revive them. In this case, the Fatemaker and their Companion will get increased damage dealt for some time.
Tier 3Windrunner(kill skill)The Fatemaker’s movement speed and fire rate are increased for a period of time. This effect is stackable.
Tier 4Thrill of the HuntDelivering a Critical Hit with a gun will increase your Companion’s damage for some time. This effect is stackable.
Tier 4Called ShotWhen the Fatemaker aims down sights, he will get increased gun damage and damage reduction. 
Tier 5Wrath of Nature When the Fatemaker will deal damage to their enemy, the enemy will face increased damage from every source.
Tier 5HeadhunterThe gun damage to critical hit areas is increased using this skill.
Tier 6Play the AnglesCritical hits from the Fatemaker’s gun have a chance to ricochet and deal reduced damage ability to the enemies nearby. These shots have a chance to ricochet multiple times too.

Stabbomancer Skill Tree

xp farming to level up abilities
The stealthy Stabbomancer class

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Focusing on blade-based combat involving spells, The Stabbomancers are all about critical hits, whether from range or up close. This stealth class focuses on melee damage and status effects. Their class Feat allows them a 30 percent additional chance to land critical hits, and they are From the Shadows skill guarantees landing critical hits while in stealth mode.  

Their amazing class feat and their early skill trees in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands make them a perfect secondary class.

Class Feat: Dirty Fighting

The chances to land a critical hit by Fatemaker are increased.

Ghost Active Skill

During this, the Fatemaker will throw out a ghost blade that will spin at the target location and deal damage to all the enemies nearby. This Melee damage is based on the type of melee weapon equipped by the Fatemaker. 

If you press the Action Skill button while the ghost blade is active, it will teleport to the target location.

From the Shadows Active Skill

When this skill is activated, the Fatemaker will enter stealth mode and turn invisible. The damage dealt during this period is always critical, but the critical hits will deal with reduced damage.

Stabbomancer Passive Skills

Tier SkillEffect
Tier 1ArsenalThis skill increases melee damage, spell damage, and gun damage.
Tier 1HasteThe Fatemaker’s melee attack speed and movement speed are increased. Casting a spell will double this bonus for a period of time.
Tier 1 Potent PoisonsThis skill increases the status damage and duration. 
Tier 2Follow UpDealing gun damage to an enemy will increase the damage of your next attack by melee weapons too. This is stackable, and the melee attacks can consume all the stacks.
Tier 2Swift DeathThe damage dealt is increased while moving, and the faster the Fatemaker is, the greater will the bonus be.
Tier 2Exploit their Weakness Applying a Status Effect on an enemy increases the damage taken by the affected enemy from every source. This effect is stackable and can be stacked per unique status effect.
Tier 3Nimble FingersThe fire rate and spell damage of the melee damage dealt by the Fatemaker is increased for some time.
Tier 3 Shadow Step(kill skill)This skill will guarantee you a critical hit for your next melee attack.
Tier 4Sneak AttackThis spell increases damage from critical hits.
Tier 4ElusiveUse this skill to shoot and sprint at the same time. You will also get a chance to dodge incoming damage from attacks while moving. So the faster you will move, the greater that chance will be.
Tier 4ContagionOn applying a status effect, there is a chance that it might affect the enemies nearby too. If there are no enemies with range, a percentage of the status effect’s total damage will be dealt with by the enemy instead.
Tier 5A Thousand CutsFor a period of time, the critical hits landed by the Fatemaker will deal increased damage. This effect is stackable. The Fatemaker can stack this skill up to ten times. The damage from melee weapons will grant you additional stacks.
Tier 5Alchemical AgentA random status effect will be applied from the critical hits landed by using melee weapons. 
Tier 6Executioner’s blade.The critical hits from guns and spells have a chance to make an Ethereal Blade right above the target. This blade will impale them after a small delay. The melee damage from the Ethereal blade depends on the weapon equipped by the Fatemaker. 

This was our detailed guide on Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Skill Trees. We hope this guide will help you choose the class that suits you the most. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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