Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build: Stats & Gear 

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build will give players weapon, gear, action, and passive skill options!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows the players to choose from six different starting classes that they can pair with other classes to build their ultimate playstyle to take down enemies while they are busy fighting enemies. The game packs some of the best legendary weapons, gear, action, and passive skills that the classes can be upgraded to using various skill trees. This sense of freedom is exactly what we will cover in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build. 

Key Takeaways
  • The 2 classes combined to make the ultimate spore warden build are the Spore warden class and the Brr-zerker class.
  • Combining the passive skills of both these classes is going to exponentially uplift our build.
  • Firstly, for stat investment, we recommend strength, dexterity, constitution, and attunement. Max out these stats as they are a crucial part of the build.
  • Weapons to keep in mind are Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves, Automagic.exe Of The Oubliette, and Frosting Gobline Pickaxe of Blistering.
  • Triggering Ancient Deity, Jacketed Buffmeister, and Focused Annalus of the Cataclysm are some of the gears you should use.
  • For the action skill, we will use the spore warden skill, known as blizzard.
  • Some passive skills from the spore warden class are Eagle Eye, Affinity, and Windrunner.
  • Relentless Rage, The Old Ways, and Ancestral Frost are some of the passive skills we will use from the brr-zerker class.
  • This build will allow players to show their superiority on the battlefield and eliminate enemies with ease.

Sporewarden/Brrzerker Build In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

To get the best experience out of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, we are not going to rely simply on one class. Rather, players might find it much more useful if they mash and mix passive skills from two different classes to benefit from both of them and dominate the battlefield. 

Firstly, the Sporewarden class will come in for this build, which is a given. Sporewardens essentially summon tornadoes that suck up their enemies and cause consistent damage. At the same time, they are stuck in the tornado itself, and then they are decimated when they take fall damage and are killed instantly. 

On the other hand, we will also take help from the Brr-zerker class, which specializes in Frost infusion and cryo damage output. While there is also a melee aspect in the Brr-zerker class, we will not be focusing on this build as it is a melee class, but rather a frost-infused tornado build that will decimate enemies. So, let’s see what kinda gear we need for this build! 

Details about the build: 

Build NameStat InvestmentWeaponsGearsSpore Warden
Action Skill
Spore Warden
Passive Skills
Brr-zerker Passive
– Strength
– Dexterity
– Constitution
– Attunement
– Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves
– Automagic.exe Of The Oubliette
– Frosting Gobline Pickaxe of Blistering
– Triggering Ancient Deity
– Jacketed Buffmeister
– Eagle-Eyed Moonstone of Strategy
– Focused Annalus of The Fated Blow
– Focused Annalus of the Cataclysm
– Hunter’s Reinforced Leather of Deft
– Blizzard– Eagle Eye
– Bounty of The Hunt
– Affinity
– Bullseye
– Windrunner
– Medicinal Mushroom
– Called Shot
– Headhunter
– Wrath of Nature
– Play The Angles
– Ancestral Frost
– Ice Breaker
– The Old Ways
– Instinct
– Cold Snap
– Relentless Rage

Stat Investment

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Stats
Character Stats

Moving right along with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, the first thing people who aim to focus on this build will need to figure out what stats they want to invest in, as stats can determine how strong a build can be. Here are the three primary stats that players should look into. 


Starting with the first primary stat, Strength is the attribute that players should look into. When players play as Sporewardens, they will be using a lot of their time on the battlefield and trying to land high numbers that will take down the opponents as fast as possible and help the players achieve victory. 

To get a high damage output, the main thing that a player needs to look into is increasing the critical hits, which is essentially what is controlled by the Strength stat. The more players invest hero points into Strength, the more they will experience that their overall crit damage will be increased. 

Naturally, when the crit damage is increased, the number of critical hits that are landed by the players on the opponent swill also drastically increase, allowing them to achieve victory easily. 


The major stat that all players who want to invest in being a Sporewarden should look into is Dexterity. In essence, the Dexterity stat is directly tied with Strength itself, while Strength controls the player’s ability to land a critical hit; Dexterity itself completely controls how *many* critical hits a player will be able to land on their foes. 

The issue is that most people will typically invest way too many hero points into Strength in order to achieve great crit damage, but they will completely look over Dexterity, which needs to be high too. Therefore, players are advised to place as many hero points into Dexterity as possible to get a high crit rate. 

This way, Sporewardens can land those critical hits and watch in awe when the great damage decimates the enemies in front of them. 


While this stat investment may not seem as important, to get the most out of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, players should also place a solid amount of hero Points into Constitution, as they will regret it when they enter the battlefield to kill off opponents if they do not place points. 

The main focus of the constitution itself is to increase and control the player’s overall HP and how well they can maintain their health points. The higher the investment into Consitution, the higher the overall HP will be for the player, which will allow them to step foot on the battlefield and take down enemies without needing to worry about their health. 


Last but not least, Attunement is a secondary stat that players can freely choose either to invest or completely ignore for the Spore warden build. Still, it is usually recommended to invest some Hero Points into it for their good.

The main reason that Attunement exists is to decrease the skill cooldown for players that invest in it, and the higher the investment, the lower the skill cooldown will be, which naturally increases skill casting and destroys enemies faster. 


Keeping things going with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, In the next part, we will discover the potential weapons that players can invest into. There aren’t a lot of viable armaments for this build, rather a short collection that will make the player out. 

Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Snowball Liquid Cooling of Nerves
Snowball Liquid Cooling of Nerves

Starting with the first weapon, we have the Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves, which is one of the most overpowered weapons in the game itself, and while it is a bit difficult to get on hand, once the players get their hands on it, they should use it for this build. 

The main perk of this weapon is that when players use it, they will experience an overall increase in their gun damage output by 113%, which can help them go face to face with any opponents and destroy them with powerful shots. The 40% enhancement to the fire rate also makes the player that much more powerful as they will be able to decimate any enemies in sight. 

The gun itself is a legendary weapon that will also offer the player with overall great damage output, which is enough to kill any enemy that is unfortunate to get shot by the player wielding the gun. Alongside that, players will also get 20% enhanced weapon charge speed, which allows them to reload faster and land extra shots within a set amount of time. 

Though we are not mentioning melee damage in this build, it is important to note that the Liquid Cooling also increases 25% the melee damage output. The weapon skill offers the player the ability to cast their Action Skill and increase their damage output by 20% for a total of 20 seconds, which is enough to destroy foes. 

Damage 730
Accuracy 53%
Repair Time -3 seconds
Fire Rate10.27 per second
Shots To Break -2

Automagic.exe Of The Oubliette 

Moving right along, the next viable replacement gun that players can take advantage of is the Automagic.Exe of The Oubliette, which is a legendary gun that players can use in place of Liquid Cooling; combined with high damage output, the players can dominate the battlefield when they have the Automagic by their side.

While the Automagic is in the player’s use, they will be able to hunt and shoot down any foe that might be hiding. Alongside that, players will experience a 27% enhancement to their overall fire rate, allowing them to take over enemies even faster. Combined with that, players will share 15% increased melee damage if they aim to mix up this build. 

Another major skill that this weapon offers is that it will fire forward what’s known as a “Tracker Dart” towards the general direction of enemies, which will attack them and then slowly but surely deplete their HPs until they are lying dead in the arena. A 2.2x zoom allows players to look at their opponents and plan out their next step in advance. 

Damage 95 x 4
Accuracy 19%
Handling 60%
Reload Time 3.1 seconds
Fire Rate6.67 per second
Magazine Size46

Frosting Gobline Pickaxe of Blistering 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Frosting Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering
Frosting Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering

Ending it with a melee weapon that players will need to have in their arsenal if they want to take full advantage of this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build. The main reason players want to use this is not for melee damage but rather the buffs offered to players in combat against tougher foes. 

The weapon offers the player the ability to get 30% enhanced crit damage, which ties perfectly with the Strength stat you might have already invested in; combine the two, and you get a disgustingly high damage output. Another buff that it offers is 35% increased attack speed, which allows the player to launch gunshots at enemies at an impeccable speed, killing them off fast. 

The skill itself also offers increased movement speed. At the same time, the player picks up any gold that spawns due to the passive of the Blistering weapon, which allows them to swiftly move across the battlefield and achieve victory even faster. Lastly, frost damage enhancement is also pretty nice since it will add up the overall damage launched. 

Damage 663
Attack Speed1.90 per second
Crit Rate16%
Crit Damage130%


Keeping it going with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, the next section that we will over is essential gear that all players should have in their arsenal if they want to get the most out of being sporewardens. 

Triggering Ancient Deity

Starting with the first gear piece, players are advised to look into the Legendary Triggering Ancient Deity, which offers a plethora of benefits. In contrast, the player is busy fighting, whether tougher bosses or elite enemies. First and foremost, the item allows for a 10% increased Frost damage, which is what our entire build is based upon. The increased frost damage allows for a higher cryo number to be output which will freeze enemies. 

The item also offers an enhancement of 10% to the player’s movement speed while their ward has not been used, which allows them to move swiftly across the arena, shoot down the worst of opponents and take them down with ease. Another thing that players will experience is that their physical and elemental damage resistance will be enhanced by 20%, which will give players the ability to intake decreased damage from enemies. 

The item skill also allows the player to cast their Action Skill, and after doing that, the overall gun damage output will be increased by 40%, which will allow for faster killing for a total of 10 seconds, so make sure to take advantage of it. 

Jacketed Buffmeister 

The next item on our list is the overpowered Jacketed Buffmeister which will allow players to dominate their foes and come out victorious when they are in combat. The item qualifies for an enhanced damage output, which the players can take advantage of to hunt down their foes. 

On top of that, the Jacketed Buffmeister also enhanced the spell damage by 32%, which, although we are not taking advantage of spells in this build, is still noteworthy since it makes the spells that are cast away more potent. The spell cooldown will also be decreased by 27%, allowing for faster spell-casting needed to deal damage to foes. 

With the item skill, players can get 30% increased Gun Damage, which is perfect for this build, as it means that the shots that are fired toward enemies will be a lot more deadly, and it makes the player a lot stronger. The jacketed Buffmeister has a cooldown of 27.7 seconds, and it can be cast again after that. 

Eagle-Eyed Moonstone of Strategy 

Following through with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, the next item is the Eagle-Eyed Moonstone of Strategy, which is essentially pretty simple to read through. The main reason that the item is used for this build is that it boosts up the Sporewarden power for the player by 29.1%, which makes the player all the more deadly in combat.

The overall frost damage from the chaotic item will also be buffed by 34.8%, allowing for widespread boosted damage that the player can use to defeat their opponents while on the battlefield. 

Another thing is that the skill cooldown for casting the action skill will be reduced by 23.2%, making the casting a lot more effective as players will use their main Action skill on the enemies to decimate them. Check out our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Dungeon Doors Locations Guide for future references! 

Focused Annalus of The Fated Blow 

Moving on, let’s keep on going and look at the next item, which is the Focused Annalus of The Fated Blow, which focuses on enhancing the player’s overall gun damage by 17.1%, which is a crucial requirement to go towards any enemy and defeat them with a few shots to their chest. 

The chaotic ring also offers a 17.8% buff to the crit rate to the overall damage output whenever the player is in the arena and casts their Action Skill. This higher crit rate means that you will be able to launch out and land critical hits more often, making it more efficient to take your opponents. 

Lastly, the crit damage is also buffed by 14.8%, which can directly buff the player’s ability to perform well while fighting enemies. The increase in the crit damage now means that higher numbers will be delivered. 

Focused Annalus of the Cataclysm 

The other ring that directly ties together with the Fated Blow ring is the Focused Annalus of The Cataclysm, which will yet again boost up the overall gun damage that is launched by enemies, which allows them to have 15% extra gun damage, allowing them to shoot barrels and take down enemies. 

The main aim of the ring itself is to enhance the crit chance of spells being cast by the player by a total of 15%, which makes the spells a lot more potent and gets the player a step towards their victory against bosses or opponents. 

Lastly, the spell radius will also be boosted by a further 10%, making any opponents in the radius of the spell take in more damage and die out. 

Hunter’s Reinforced Leather of Deft Convalescence 

The last gear item is the Hunter’s Reinforced Leather of Deft Convalescence, which buffs the player’s Brrzerker power by 17.1% and the Spore Warden power by 34.3%, which allows for more damage being dealt with foes and makes it that much easier to dominate and take them down. 

The player will also regain 1.8% health every passing second, allowing them to stay alive for longer periods while enhancing physical and elemental damage by 17.8%. 

Spore Warden Action Skill 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Blizzard

Moving right along with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, the main action skill that players will focus on is the Sporewarden skill since the class itself is Frost-infused cyclones being launched at the opponents. 

When the players cast it, the Blizzard action skill will summon Frost Cyclones that will both be tall and wide in size, which will cause there to be a total of 3 cyclones, which will hunt and seek out enemies. When they detect the presence of any enemy in sight, it will cause the enemies to be sucked into the cyclone, inflicting cryo damage upon impact. 

The skill itself will deal 352 damage per second, alongside being active for 15 or 16 seconds, which is enough to decimate enemies that are in the general radius of the skill that was cast. After the skill is over, it will go into a 35-second long cooldown, after which it can be launched again. Your loot luck is an essential part of gameplay, so make sure to take help from our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Loot Luck Guide to increase it! 

Spore Warden Passive Skills 

Now that we have discussed the action skill that players will be using, there are a set few passive skills that can buff up the player and help them take over their enemies and murder them easily. 

Eagle Eye 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Skill

Starting with the first skill, players can easily take advantage of it since it will enhance the player’s ability to launch gunshots at enemies and decimate them. The way Eagle Eye works is that it will improve the player’s overall Gun Damage and Gun Handling, making the player a lot more proficient when going for their opponents. The overall increase that players will experience is a 20% enhancement to their Gun Damage and a 25% increase in their Gun Handling. Players are advised to place in 5 points, which is the max. 

Bounty of The Hunt 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Bounty of The Hunt
Bounty of The Hunt Skill

Keeping things going, to get the most out of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, players can take advantage of this Kill Skill, with it being the Bounty of The Hunt. the main aim of the passive skill is that it will reduce the skill cooldown of the Action Skill that the player casts, allowing them to release it more times, which will inevitably take out foes easier. 

It will offer a 4% reduction to the Action skill cooldown at rank one, while rank two will buff the drop to 8%, and the skill itself will last for 12 seconds. Players are recommended to place only one point in the craft. If you are looking for a spell farming method that is fast and easy, then consider referring to our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Buffmeister Spell Farming Guide


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Affinity
Affinity Skill

Taking things forward, the next viable passive skill that can aid the player when they are in combat with enemies is Affinity, as it will buff up the overall Ability damage by a bit. If the ability damage is enhanced, it essentially means that payers will be moving forward towards their opponents and murder them with high numbers. 

The skill itself only has one rank, and it offers a total of 35% increase to the damage output, making it a hell of a lot simple to decimate their foes. Players can easily max out Affinity with 5 points. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Bullseye
Bullseye Skill

Taking a step forward, the next passive skill that we will cover is Bullseye, which offers simple support to the player by increasing their crit rate of gunshots, which gives the player the ability to land more critical hits at their opponents, making the fight quicker and the dominator will always be you. 

The skill will also offer a crit rate increase for the player’s companion that flies alongside them. The total enhancement is a 50% increase to both crit rares, and players can also max out this skill with 5 points. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Windrunner
Windrunner Skill

The next skill that we will be looking at is Windrunner, a Kill Skill; it offers a buff to your Movement Speed, allowing you to charge toward your foes faster and shoot them down. Along with that, the Fire Rate also increased by 12%, making the gunshots effective. The total duration of the skill is 15 seconds, and it is advised that players should max out this passive with 3 points. 

Medicinal Mushroom 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Medicinal Mushroom
Medicinal Mushroom Skill

We hope that you are enjoying our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build! We are halfway through these passives, with the next one being Medicinal Mushroom, which can help the player stay alive while in combat and close to dying. It works when the players enter the Save Your Soul mode, their companion will start to revive the player. 

If the player is revived successfully, both the Mushroom Companion and the player will get buffed up damage output as the skill’s passive. The damage is increased by 15%, and the skill’s duration is 10 seconds. Players can max Medicinal Mushroom with one point. 

Called Shot 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Called Shot
Called Shot Skill

Another essential passive skill that players are advised to invest their points into is Called Shot; whenever the player is on the outlook for their opponents, and they cast the skill, two things will be increased, their gun damage and their Damage negation. Rank one will offer a 1.8% buff to both the gun damage and damage negation, while rank 2 provides a 3.5% enhancement. 

Called Shot can be upgraded with a recommended one point. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Headhunter
Headhunter Skill

Another crucial passive skill that players need to look into is Headhunter. The way it essentially works and aids the player in combat is that since some enemies have weakened spots that get exposed, whenever the player shoots their weakened spots, the gun damage done to that area will be enhanced, depleting the opponent’s HP with that. 

The overall enhancement that the player will experience will be an overall 25% increase in the gun damage, and players can max it with one point(s). 

Wrath of Nature 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wrath of Nature
Wrath of Nature Skill

With another crucial skill being on the skill, the second last skill is Wrath of Nature, which works together with other skills to take down enemies by letting the player cast their Action Skill. When cast and hits the enemies, it will cause them to intake increased damage, whether it is elemental or not. 

Wrath of Nature buffs up the damage output by 90%, and it is active for 12 seconds, after which it enters into cooldown mode. 

Play The Angles 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Play The Angles
Play The Angles Skill

Wrapping the Sporewarden passive skills, Play The Angles is the last one on our list. When it is cast, it will give the player a chance to have their gunshots ricocheted, which will deal bonus damage to enemies within a certain radius of the skill itself. The ricocheted shots can be repeated one more time, but RNG decides that part. 

Brr-zerker Passive Skills 

Now that we are finally done with the Sporewarden passive and action skills, we can move on with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build and help players figure out what skills they need to adapt to increase their damage output. 

Ancestral Frost 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ancestral Frost
Ancestral Frost Skill

Starting with the first passive skill, Ancestral Frost is an easy skill that takes advantage of that will cause the players to face any enemy without needing to worry about their damage output, as the main focus of the skill itself is to enhance the player’s overall Frost Damage which can aid the player when they are in combat. 

The Frost Damage is enhanced by 20%, which gives a massive leap in the damage that the player casts upon the enemy. 

Ice Breaker 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Icebreaker
Icebreaker Skill

Moving right along with the passive skills, another viable option is Ice Breaker. After the skill is cast, it will cause the opponents that have the Slowed status applied to them to intake increased damage, whether it is melee or elemental, but in our case, they will intake increased elemental damage. 

Suppose the enemy is frozen for one reason or another. In that case, they will continue to take in even more enhanced damage with the skill’s passive, which buffs up the damage output by 30%, specifically against Frozen foes. 

The Old Ways 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands The Old Ways
The Old Ways Skill

Another crucial skill that players need to have in their arsenal all the time is The Old Ways, which allows the player to go closer to the enemy and instantly get increased resistance against all types of damage that is launched against them by their opponents, and the closer the player gets to the foe, the more damage the enemy will take. 

Both the damage intake and damage negation are enhanced by 30% if the player is close to the opponent. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Instinct
Instinct Skill

Keeping it going with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build, the next skill up on the list is Instinct. When the skill is summoned, it will instinctively (pun intended!) bump up the player’s Reload Speed, rank one offering a reload speed boost of 8%, while rank two will boost it up to a 12% enhancement to the speed, allowing players to ammo up their gun faster and shoot down their foes. 

On the other hand, the skill also enhances the Weapon Swap Speed, and with rank one, it will get boosted by 20%, while rank 2 offers a likely 30% increase. Players can place 2 points in the skill. 

Cold Snap 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Cold Snap
Cold Snap Skill

Another excellent skill that players should have in their arsenal is Cold Snap, which will improve both the player’s movement speed and the Frost Efficiency. Essentially, movement speed is needed to move around the battlefield and shoot opponents, which frost efficiency helps make the Frost Damage deadlier.

Rank one will offer a 6% boost to the movement speed, while rank two will bump it to a 9% boost. Rank one also offers a 16% enhancement and a 24% enhancement to Frost Efficiency at rank 2. Players can place 2 points here as well. 

Relentless Rage 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Relentless Rage
Relentless Rage Skill

Ending the passive skills, Relentless Rage can be cast when the player enters the Save Your Soul mode, and while the skill is active, it will cause there to be a restoration for the Save Your Soul bar, and if you start to intake increased damage, the restoration speed is greatly increased. 

Sporewarden Build Playstyle In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 

The playstyle for the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sporewarden Build is pretty simple, as it consists of using the weapons shown above and combining the Brr-zerker class with the Sporewarden class that will give the players a dead Frost-infused cyclone that erupts and continues to sprint and suck enemies in until they are practically rendered useless. 

Mix in the passive and active skills, which offer many benefits, ranging from Frost Damage enhancements to HP regeneration to causing the opponents to intake increased enemy. With the provided gear, players will be able to dominate the battlefield! This wraps up our Sporewarden build; let us know what you think down below!

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Image and Build Source: TripleG

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