Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build: Stats & Gear

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has accompanied players with six main classes that they can main, amongst which they give players the freedom to choose what types of legendary weapons might fit them best. For players that want to main Stabbomancers, the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build is the way to go, as we will cover everything from weapons to gear to skills.

Stabbomancer/Brr-zerker Infused Build

When we talk about an infused build, there are two main classes that players will typically use for one singular build that comes together with its passives and action skills to obliterate the enemies in sight. For the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, players will play main as a Stabbomancer and sub-main as a Brr-zerker. 

The main role of using the Stabbomancer as the main class is that the class typically focuses on landing as many critical hits as possible, and critical hits are crucial to taking down opponents. Stabbomancers also use the help of magic to coat their blades and head to town, murdering their foes. 

On the other hand, using Brr-zerker as a sub-class will allow players to infuse their critical hits with Cryo energy, further obliterating enemies for players to achieve victory; what happens when you combine the two deadliest classes? Disaster strikes; that’s what happens. Let’s figure out just what the build holds. 

Character Stats

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Stats
Character Stats

Moving on with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, players will need to figure out a few set character stats that they might want to invest in, as they will be the basis for the rest of the build and how well the player will be able to perform in the arena. In order to get more information about hero stats, refer to our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Hero Stats Guide! 


Starting with the first main stat, we have already mentioned in our previous Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands builds that Strength will always be the primary attribute that players will need to invest Hero Points in since it essentially controls the crit damage stats of the player and how well the player can land critical hits towards enemies. 

If a player refuses to invest hero points into Strength for any sort of build, then it is their loss, as they lose a lot of valuable crit damage, and especially for the main class that masters the art of critical hits, Strength can not be ignored. For every hero point invested in the stat, players will gain a bit of crit damage that will eventually decimate enemies. 

So if players end up maxing out their Strength, they will be typically invincible, and they will be able to land higher numbers needed to obliterate enemies. 


Moving right along, another crucial stat that players can never ignore is Dexterity since it makes or breaks the player’s critical damage that they so heavily invested in Strength. Dexterity controls the actual rate of the player, essentially maintaining how often a player will be able to land those critical hits or if they would be able to land them at all. 

The main reason players want to invest a few of their hero points into Dexterity is that without crit rate, there is no guarantee that your critical hits will land, and what’s the point of investing in crit damage in the first place then? 

Another reason for investing in Dexterity is that the higher the critical rate, the faster the battle will end, and the easier the victory for the player since you will be hitting those damage numbers more often. 


The final stat that players need to invest in is Constitution, which is crucial since it controls the HP bar and Ward of the player when they are landing hits on opponents on the battlefield. Upon attacking, natural enemies will strike back, too, after which if the player does not have enough HP, it makes them easier prey, and they can die out faster. 

For that reason alone, Constitution is needed to help the player stay alive and gain victory faster. Players are recommended to invest at least a few Hero Points into Constitution to become stronger on the battlefield and take out their opponents more quickly to dominate them. 


When we talk about weapons, there is only one main weapon that players need to take advantage of, which can help the player shoot out their opponents and take them out with ease. 

Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves 

Liquid Cooling of Nerves Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves Weapon

The Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves is the main weapon that we could recommend for the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build. It checks all the boxes and can greatly aid the player when they are there on the battlefield and need to land shots that will decimate enemies. 

The main way it can assist the player is by providing an extraordinary amount of support, starting with how it buffs the Gun damage output by 113% and makes it so that any shots that land on the opponent will decimate them. Add a solid 40% Fire Rate, which makes the shots all the more deadly.

The weapon charge speed is also increased by 20%, which allows the player to reload their weapon with ammo faster, which is needed to land shots yet again, which will take down enemies more quickly. The 730 damage makes the entire fight a joke since no enemy remains on the battlefield. 

Lastly, the weapon skill offers the player the ability to cast their Action Skill which will further increase the damage output by 20%, making this weapon extremely overpowered. Therefore, players should look into equipping the Liquid Cooling. 


Going through the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, players planning to main as Stabbomancers will need a couple of basic types of equipment in terms of gear that will help them dominate their enemies. 

Focused Annulus of The Bladewall 

Starting with the first gear piece, we have a ring in our Arsenal known as the Focused Annulus of The Bladewall, which can help the players take over their enemies and kill them off. When the players equip and wear the ring, it will enhance their overall gun damage by 15%. 

Alongside that, their companion’s Health will also be buffed by 15%, which can help the companion stay alive for longer periods. It can also dish out massive amounts of damage that can render them useless and die. This, combined with the gun damage increase, can decimate opponents. 

The Action Skill that the players will cast can also be buffed, as the overall duration of the Action Skill will be increased by 10%, during which the player can dish out shots, and their opponents will never stand a chance against them. 

Focused Annulus of The Cataclysm 

Another ring that goes side-by-side with the Annulus of the Bladewall is the Focused Annulus of The Cataclysm. It mainly aims to buff up the player when they are in the arena and need to get rid of opponents fast and gain victory faster. 

With the ring in the player’s Arsenal, they will dominate their opponents by enhancing the player’s overall Spell crit rate by 15%, which allows them to land their crit hits more often, which is crucial to kill off foes in the arena. With that, the spell radius will also be increased by 10%, which the player can use to their advantage to reel in more enemies and murder them too. On the subject of spells, why not read out Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Buffmeister Spell guide.

When the ring is equipped, the player will also experience that their gun damage is increased by 15%, allowing them to shoot out shots that will obliterate their opponents. 

Triggering Ancient Deity 

Keeping the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build going, the next item on our list is the Triggering Ancient Deity. This legendary item can be equipped by players who aim to main Stabbomancers. The item offers many buffs, starting with a 10% increase to the player’s overall Frost Damage output. 

Another benefit of equipping this item is that it will enhance the player’s movement speed by 10% when their Ward has been fully restored, which allows them to zoom swiftly throughout the arena and continuously launch out damage against enemies that will render them useless. 

Also, when the player is being attacked with elemental damage, they will gain a 20% damage negation, which will help them stay alive for a long time while in combat. Also, when the player casts their Action Skill, their overall Gun Damage will be buffed by 40%, allowing them to dominate their enemies faster. 

One small side effect of this item is that since elemental damage negation is increased for the player by 20%, the physical damage negation will slightly decrease. 

Battlemaster’s Sturdy Plate of The Bloodthirsty Savant 

Moving along, the next item that players should have in their Arsenal is the Battlemaster’s Sturdy Plate of The Bloodthirsty Savant (that’s a mouthful!), as it will increase their Stabbomancer power by 17%, making the player all the more deadly and dangerous while in combat with foes. 

Additionally, players will also experience a 29.6% enhancement to their Gun Damage output, which is required to decimate any enemy’s insight and can be used to win major boss fights and battles. With that, players will also get a 35.6% crit rate to land more critical hits, which allows them to land more crit hits. 

The overall ability damage is also enhanced by 29.6%, making the Action Skill more potent. 

Blackguard’s Moonstone 

Moving right along with our list, the Blackguard’s Moonstone is an excellent item to have in your Arsenal since it will greatly aid the player when they are in the middle of a difficult fight with any sort of enemy. 

The Blackguard Moonstone’s main aim is to enhance the player’s Frost Damage by 28.5%, which is the entire basis for this build, which helps the enemies launch gunshots that are aimed directly toward the enemies, which will render them useless once they hit them. The Stabbomancer Power is also increased by 23.7%, further making the player deadlier. 

Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike

Wrapping up our gear items, the Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike takes the final spot. While the item is in the player’s possession, they will experience 100% increased crit damage, which they can take advantage of to launch attacks at enemies that will decimate them. 

Alongside that, players will also experience a 130% Spell Rate, which allows their spell to be more deadly while reducing the spell cooldown by 17%, which helps them break down the enemies even more. 

Stabbomancer Active Skill 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands From The Shadows
From The Shadows Skill

To help players master the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, they can take help from the Stabbomancer Active Skill, which will be recommended instead of the sub-class Action Skill. The skill in question is the one called “From The Shadows.” 

When the player casts the skill, essentially, they will become invisible. While they are in Stealth mode, they will be able to crit every time they launch an attack against the enemy, which will help them achieve victory faster and kill off any enemies that are unfortunate to cross paths against them. 

However, the landed crit hits will deal decreased overall damage by 25%, which is still not that bad. The duration of the Action Skill is 8 seconds, and the cooldown is about 36 seconds. For future Dungeon Door location guidance, follow our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Dungeon Doors Location Guide! 

Stabbomancer Passive Skills 

Following through, we have a few passive skills that players will need to focus on if they want to take down their enemies. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Arsenal
Arsenal Skill

Starting with the first passive skill, Arsenal is an essential skill in your Arsenal. The main focus of the skill itself is placed on helping the player win as fast as possible, and the easiest way that it achieves that is through increasing the player’s gun damage output by 15%, which helps the player land gunshots on the enemies which will be a lot more potent. 

With that, Arsenal will also buff the player’s spell damage output by 15%, making the spell casts more worth it, and players will truly benefit from the 15% increase to the melee damage output. However, players will not be using melee damage in this specific build. 

Swift Death 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Swift Death
Swift Death Skill

The next passive skill on our list is Swift Death, which will provide a consistent amount of support for the player when they are trying to take out crowds of opponents all at once and alone too. When the skill is cast, it will allow the player to make their way around the battlefield while also increasing the total damage output. 

While the skill is in action, the normal walking speed of the player will buff the damage by 8%, but walking a little faster will gain the player a solid 10% buff to their overall damage output, which can greatly help them beat enemies down. 

Exploit Their Weakness

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Exploit Their Weakness
Exploit Their Weakness Skill

Moving forward with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, another excellent passive skill that players should look into is Exploit Their Weakness, which is pretty self-explanatory, as it will allow the enemies to intake increased damage, whether it is physical or elemental when they have been hit with any sort of Status Effect. 

For every different kind of status effect that is placed on the opponent, the intake of damage will be increased by 6%, greatly depleting the HP of the opponents, which is a crucial step to murder them. 

Sneak Attack 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Sneak Attack
Sneak Attack Skill

Rounding off the Stabbomancer passive skills, Sneak Attack is the last one on the list, which works in simple ways to help the player take over the enemy. It will increase the crit damage for any weapon that the player is wielding. With increased crit damage, players can deplete the HPs of enemies quicker. 

Rank one will offer a 6% damage increase, which is pretty good, but rank 2 boosts the crit damage to 9%, which is even deadlier. 

Brr-zerker Passive Skills 

Getting along with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, a few passive skills might help the player, especially based on the sub-class that players will use. We know that skill trees can be difficult to understand, therefore our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Skill Trees guide will help you out. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Unyielding
Unyielding Skill

Moving along with our list, the next passive skill up is Unyielding, which will solely focus on helping the player take down tougher looking foes and helping them prioritize survivability while on the battlefield by buffing up and slowly restoring their HP as they are busy fighting enemies and letting them heal. 

Rank one will offer a 1% health regeneration as every second pass, while rank 2 will provide a consistent 1.5% health points regeneration, which can be beneficial over time. If you have been wanting to farm blank slates, then check out our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Blank Slates Guide! 

The Old Ways 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands The Old Ways
The Old Ways Skill

We hope that you are enjoying our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build, and with that, we move on to the third passive skill, The Old Ways, which will simply make the player a true beast when they are in a fight mode and taking down tougher opponents. The way it works is that it will allow the player to launch out Bonus Damage toward enemies. 

Alongside that, players will also experience enhanced Damage Negation and personal resistance when they are near their opponents, which can help them absorb less damage. Both bonus damage and damage negation will be enhanced by 30% while the skill is active. 

Ice Breaker 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker Skill

Another important skill that players should always have in their Arsenal is Ice Breaker, which can easily buff up the player by providing an increase to their overall Damage dealt with opponents that were unfortunate to be Slowed by the player. If the enemy has been frozen, the damage is further buffed by another 30%. 

If the enemy is nearly Frozen or extremely close, then the damage will be buffed. 

Cold Snap 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Cold Snap
Cold Snap Skill

As we move our way across the Passive Skills, another crucial skill is Cold Snap, which players can use when they want to move faster across the battle and still want to enhance their overall damage output. The main way that Cold Snap works is that it greatly increases the player’s movement speed, which allows them to move and get closer to enemies before swiftly exiting the scene. 

Alongside that, Frost Effeicny is also greatly buffed by 24%, making their Frost Damage output more deadly, and it will render the opponents useless. The movement speed gets buffed by 9%, which is enough to gain victory while the player is on the battlefield fighting. 

Blood Frenzy 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Blood Frenzy
Blood Frenzy Skill

This is a Kill skill, which allows the player to dominate the enemies by having their Enraged meter restored by a bit while also having a bit of their HP restored, which can help them stay alive on the battlefield for a longer period and gives the player the chance to launch out heavier attacks and kill enemies. 

The HP is restored by 9%, while the Enrage Timer is enhanced by 3 seconds. 

Iron Squall 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Iron Squall
Iron Squall Skill

We are coming to a close with our passive skills, the second to last being Iron Squall, which will seriously buff up the player by providing for them increased Fire Rate, which can boost the overall efficiency of their gunshots, which can make the shots that are landed at the opponents more effective. 

If the player is in the Enraged mode, the Fire rate will be buffed by 30% instead of the usual 15% buff that the skill provides. 

Blood of The Fallen

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Blood of The Fallen
Blood of The Fallen Skill

The final skill being a killing skill, Blood of The Fallen allows the player to cast their Action Skill faster, as the cooldown will be slightly decreased, but if the Action Skill has already been cast while this skill is cast, then the duration of the Action Skill will be increased.  

Stabbomancer Build Playstyle 

Taking a look at the playstyle for this build, it is pretty simple, as it combines the critical hit-centered playstyle of the Stabbomancer with Frost Infusion that the Brr-zerker sub-class brings to the battlefield. 

Players can use the Liquid Cooling of Nerves to dominate their opponents and use its high damage output to decimate them and kill them off while taking help from the gear they have equipped. 

Pair it with the passive skills that provide a series of buffs and help the players win their fights, and we have a solid build! This wraps up our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Stabbomancer Build; we hope you enjoyed it!

If you’re exhausted playing the game, then consider reading Top 19 Games Like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands guide and dive again into a similar gameplay experience. 

If you need more help with other builds, then feel free to refer to our Best Builds. Or, you can also read our Spellshot, Sporewarden, Graveborn, Clawbringer, and Brr-zerker builds guides.

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