Tower Of Fantasy Ark Quest: The Ultimate Guide

A guide on Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest for you to learn all about the quests. Hop onto it and figure out all the way you can get the quest completed and end the game on a good note

In the Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest guide, you will get to know all about the quest in the game. That character interacts with some other players who do not play in the game. Moreover, the players will also be able to get their hands on some of the valuable items. Furthermore, as the players move forward in the game, their combating style gets better. What makes that possible is their points of experience in the game, including their level in Tower of Fantasy. However, the movements of the character in the games are limited to the bar of stamina that keeps decreasing.

Key Highlights
  • Tower Of Fantasy has a nice storyline for its players to follow and storylines come with many side quests, one of those side quests is the Ark Quest.
  • This side quest can be played after finishing Chapter four of the main storyline.
  • To start this quest, first, you have to go to 406,306 coordinates, and there you will find a letter of mystery, then you need to do the steps mentioned in the guide below.
  • While following the steps to activate the quest, you will find a Mother and Daughter and you have to interact with Annie to start the quest.
  • You will then be guided by the quest on what to do and you have to follow them which will lead to the end of the side quest: Ark.
Ark Quest In Tower Of Fantasy
Chapter Four Ark Quest

Ark Quest

Once you are done with the fourth chapter of Tower of Fantasy, you can start your hunt on the quests of the sides. There are two quests; one is called the Hidden Memory, which is a long sorry. The other is called Ark quest, which is short and fun to hunt.

However, you must finish both of the quests in Tower of Fantasy to get ahead in the game and earn rewards from the Terminal. Moreover, detailed information regarding Tower of Fantasy’s Ark Quest will be provided to you in our guide. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get into the most fun and adventurous ride in Tower of Fantasy.

Ark Quest In Tower Of Fantasy
Ark Quest.

How To Play The Ark Quest

For you to be able to complete all of the quests in Tower of Fantasy, you need to get past the Hidden Memory. Below, we have curated all the steps you need to follow to do so:

  • At point number 406 and 306, you may interact with the letter of mystery.
  • Hear out the conversation between the Mother and the Daughter
  • Collect all the rumors you can from Fredd
  • Start an investigation on Lumina’s Deck
  • Start out investigating the silhouette
  • Have all the rumors on deck’s ghost investigated
  • Get to know the main source behind the noise
  • Start asking questions from Hykros’s Adac

Start The Quest

When you are checking out the Story section of the Terminal’s quest, there will be a clue hidden behind the description of the quest at points 403 and 306. Furthermore, you will find a letter hidden over there for you filled with mystery.

Open up that letter and start reading it. Moreover, there will be Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest mentioned in that letter instead of all the side missions in the section for missions.

Moving on, you will get to see a mother and daughter deep in conversation. Go over there and interact with Annie to learn the rumors about Lumina getting haunted down.

Hence, upon asking, she will start telling you about the stories of ghosts she heard from Fredd. Furthermore, she will ask you to gather more information regarding the matter from Fredd directly.

Ark Quest's Tower Of Fantasy
Conversation With Annie

Next up, you will have to start moving along the marker of quests to converse with Fredd. When you ask him questions related to the ghost, you will find out that there are certain sounds of wailing that come out of Lumina.

Hence, you would need to move toward the ship to hunt down more clues. However, if you want to get the game in an easy mode, you can hop over to the Spacerift of Lumina.

Ark Quest
Over To Fredd.

Once you have done that, start moving up to the northeast side. In Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest, you can start your investigation of all the rumors by yourself. As the story progresses, you will start traveling towards the south side of the surface of the ship.

You will also move past a lot of crates of cargo on your way. In the end, you will discover something new, an Apparatus, and it will be at the point 717.7,839.8. Move ahead with its help.

End Of Ark Quest

You will realize as soon as you hold on to the Apparatus that you should take it over to Hykros. Hence, move towards the Tower of Omnium and get yourself teleported to Hykros.

Ark Quest In Tower Of Fantasy
Move Over To Hykros

However, you need to make sure this is all done before you start looking out for Adacs. As you reach the second floor of the Tower, you may give the Apparatus to him. Moreover, Hykros will tell you the importance of that Apparatus and how it is a treasury possession for him.

Once you come to an end your conversation with Hykros, the Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest will come to an end as well. All of this would, however, would a part of the fourth chapter’s story.

Ark Quest
Tower of Omnium

In concluding our guide on Tower of Fantasy Ark Quest, it would not be much of us to say that the game has got a lot of potentials. Furthermore, if you play mindfully and use all the tips given to you above, you will surely be able to get the quest completed in almost no time. And that, too, flawlessly.

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