Tower Of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points [5 Locations]

In This Guide We Discuss Each And Every Location Of The Scenic Points In The Astra Region Of Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy features a bunch of Scenic Points that are basically gorgeous viewpoints to take in and appreciate the game’s vast scenery. You are able to spot these points in each region, and in our guide, we will be locating the Tower Of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points.

Key Highlights
  • Tower Of Fantasy has an open world for players to explore and this comes with many beautiful scenic places for players Tom explores and witnesses.
  • One of the features for going to these scenic points is that they will be marked in blue which you can interact with and add the scenic points in your Chronicles Log.
  • Not only does going to these scenic points increase your exploration progress but also gives you 20 dark crystals.
  • Some of the scenic locations are: 
    • Astra Shelter
    • Ring Of Echoes
    • Northern Ring Ranges
    • Tomb Of Thorns
    • Mega Arena
  • Once you reach these places, the blue marker for scenic points is at one specific location mainly where you can see the whole viewpoint of that place.

What Are Scenic Points In the Tower Of Fantasy?

The Scenic Point Eye Marker
The Faint Blue Eye Marker Used To Mark The Scenic Points In Tower OF Fantasy

Now, the Tower Of Fantasy  Scenic Points is marked by a faint blue marker that can easily be missed by the naked eye. However, the Scenic Points are an astounding way to increase your exploration progress in the game. The Scenic Points are one of the game’s explorations features which are part of the Chronicles Log that is located in the main menu or Terminal.

Also, in the Chronicles Log, you are able to see which Scenic Points have not been discovered yet. Furthermore, the Chronicle Log also displays a black and white clue that can be consulted to reach the Scenic Points location. However, we believe it is easier just to know the location of these points through our guides.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that after finding a Scenic Point, the game rewards you with 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Exploration Points. These can be later used to get further rewards such as the Equipment, Nucleus, or Suppressor upgrade material.

All Astra Scenic Points Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

Astra Region Map
The Astra Region Map Of Tower Of Fantasy

Now, before we proceed to list the locations of the scenic points, we would like to guide you on how to locate them in general. So, once the player has gone through some of the specific parts of the game, they are given access to the Terminal. In the terminal, you are able to see other travelers’ pictures and all the free rewards that you can earn.

Furthermore, as mentioned before that finding the five scenic points in Astra will fill your Travel Log for the area and also reward you with 20 Dark Crystal and 20 Exploration Points. Also, each of the pictures is marked with a faint blue eye that signifies it as a scenic point, now onto the locations of all the Tower Of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points.

Mega Arena

The first scenic point of the Astra Region is near the Football Field, which is southeast of the Astra Omnium Tower. There you will find a  gap between two fences which are covered by some trees. When you go through the gap you will be able to see the faint blue eye marking the scenic point.

Astra Shelter

Now, for the second scenic point of Astra, you will first have to fast-travel to the space rift, which is at the Astra Shelter. Next, just go to the west mountain and climb it to see the scenic point eye on the ground to the left side. Also, there is a First Aid Pod up there.

Ring Of Echoes

Now, for the third Astra scenic point, you have to transmit to the southern Ring Ranges and travel eastwards from there. Eventually, you will reach the Astra Cemetry, where there will be a pillar next to the agility training facility, and just at the top of the pillar, you can find the scenic point that you were looking for.

Northern Ring Ranges

First of all, for this scenic point, you will have to transmit to the Space Rift Shelter and then exit the building from the Shelter’s Gate. Next, just climb upwards from the east side of the mountain, which is to your left side. And after the climb, you will be able to spot the scenic point right behind the Glowshroom.

Tomb of Thorns

Tomb Of Thorns
The Tomb Of Thorns In Tower Of Fantasy

Lastly, you have to reach the southern Ring Ranges Space Rift and from there travel towards the southeast. Next, you will be able to spot some huge vines covering a boss arena. And you will also be able to spot the last Astra scenic point on the vines.

Wrap Up

Unfortunately, with this, we bring our Tower Of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points guide to an end where we discussed each of the Astra Scenic Points locations and a brief discussion on the scenic points in general. However, if you believe that we missed something, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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