Tower Of Fantasy Ruin B-01 Chest Locations [All Difficulties]

Check out the guide to get the locations of all the hidden chests in B-01 Ruins.

Ruins are popular in Tower Of Fantasy as it comes with challenging missions that offer tons of rewards. The ruins have different difficulty levels, and each one grants different types of rewards. The rewards also include special chests and treasures that come with exceptional loot. Today, we are discussing the Tower of fantasy B-01 Ruins and its Chest rewards. So, stick with us to obtain all the loot. 

Key Highlights
  • Ruins are like an event in the game where it progressively gets harder. Players will easily find chests in easy mode but will struggle with chests as it gets harder.
  • There are a total of 12 chests that you will find, two chests in easy mode, four chests in normal mode and six chests in hard mode.
  • You cannot get these chests directly and you have to search for these sheets in different parts of the level as you progress through.
  • There is also a boss that you have to beat called Vulkan, the key to winning this fight is to dodge his attacks and find the right opportunity to attack him, some of his attacks are:
  • AOE attacks
  • Fireballs
  • Charged attacks
  • Even though the chests get harder to obtain, their value for rewards also gets better.

The location and rewards of B-01 Chests depend on the difficulty level you’re playing at. The Easy mode chests can typically be found without much effort, but as you progress to harder levels, solving the puzzles and finding the treasure gets trickier.

B-01 Ruins Walkthrough

Tower of Fantasy B-01 Chest
B-01 Ruin

Once you spawn into the ruins, get down the stairs and take down the enemies below. These enemies are pretty easy to defeat, so you will not have to grind much to beat them all.

Now, the main puzzle of the ruins starts. Get inside the chamber and step onto the plate that will unlock the next chamber, it is also the door to the first Chest, but we will discuss that later in detail.

Once you step onto the plate, the door for the first Chest will open. Open the Chest to take the loot and then flip the liver to go next area. Once you’re in the Chasm, dodge the spinning pillars and run across them to reach the stable platform. Here, you will find some more Ravagers that you can beat up easily. 

At the platform, two of the Bandits are melee, while one is a ranged unit. Take down the Bandit with a Ranged weapon, which will make the other two dash towards you. Kill them with your weapon or melee attacks to progress further. 

Once you kill the Bandits, climb up the stairs that will lead to a bigger chamber. If you are on easy mode, go straight up, but if you’re playing on normal or hard mode, look to the left, where you will find another room of Chest.

Tower of Fantasy gameplay
TOF Chamber

As you advance through the chamber, you will get another tricky puzzle. In order to unlock the next chamber, you have to match the glowing tablets on the floor and arrange the pattern according to the one shown on the wall. Once the pattern is complete, the next stage of the ruin will be unlocked.

As you progress through each chamber, you will find numerous enemies and bandits. Their opponents are fairly easier to kill as compared to the main boss of the ruins, i.e., Vulkan. So, let’s discuss how to beat Vulcan in B-01 Ruins and get all the chest rewards. 

How To Beat Vulkan

Vulcan is undoubtedly one of the easiest bosses in the game to encounter. In order to defeat him, all you need to care about is dodging his attacks timely and counterattacking at the right time. To dodge his attacks, you need to understand his attack moves first. These are explained below. Before continuing, give our Tower of Fantasy All Characters guide a shot.

TOF boss
Vulkan Boss
  • Ground Blast: The boss dashes around the area and charges his staff with glowing magic ability. The magic unleashes its power and deals fire damage. This is a ranged attack so try to maintain as much distance as possible.
  • Fly By Vulkan flies around the ruins to change its location and distract you. Don’t take your eyes off the boss, as it will try to dash towards you randomly while flying. 
  • Fireballs: The ruins boss aims at you with his left hand two unleash two cannonballs. The fireballs deal massive damage, so make sure to use your two dashing abilities to dodge the attack efficiently.
  • Impale Staff: Vulcan jumps into the air to plant his staff deep onto the ground. The staff then creates a damaging orb to hit the target in all directions. To dodge the attack, maintain as much distance as possible or hide behind a cover until the staff is implanted in the ground. To damage Vulkan during this time, we recommend you use free aim weapons and the best bows such as Icewind Arrow and Nightingale’s Staff.
  • Charged Staff Swing: Vulkan loads up his staff by taking it backward and charges a heavy swing. Be prepared to dodge it by diving sideways when he is charging his staff.

Tower of Fantasy B-01 Chest Locations

Now that you’ve gone through a complete walkthrough of B-01 Ruins let’s know about all the secret chests that lie within these lands. One thing to keep in mind is that the chest’s location changes according to the difficulty level you’re playing at, so let’s cover the chests of each difficulty level. 

Easy Mode

In Tower of Fantasy, the ruins will give you two Chests on Easy mode, four on Normal, and six on Hard mode. Here is how you can find the two Chests of the Easy mode.

Tower of Fantasy B-01 Chest
First Chest Location

When you enter the Ruins, before continuing towards the North, where the ruins progress, advance towards the East side, where a small chamber can be located.

Inside the chamber, you will find a base plate on the floor whose color is red. When you step on the plate, the color will turn blue, unlocking the main door of the chamber where the first Chest is placed. 

TOF locations
Second Chest location

The second Chest can be found in the puzzle room of the ruins, where you will find nine red plates on the floor. You have to change the pattern of the plates according to the pattern shown on the wall in order to unlock the next door.

Once you match the puzzle and head towards the eastern stairs, you can notice a hidden room on the left side. This is the place where the second Chest lies. Take all the loot and continue marching forward in ruins. 

Normal Mode

If you are playing the game in Normal mode, the game will reward you with two extra chests with more loo in them. The first two chests can be found at the same spots; however, for the other two boxes, you have to make a bit more effort.

Tower of Fantasy B-01 Chest
Third Chest Location

The first hidden Chest of normal mode can be found before entering the puzzle room. When you reach the entrance of the puzzle room, you can notice a small chamber on the left side that leads to a series of stairs. Follow the path of the chamber to reach the Chest and loot its rewards.

The second Chest of normal mode is the easiest to find as it is not hidden but placed in plain sight. The Chest can be found in the boss’ room, resting beside the wall. You can either open the Chest before the fight or beat the boss down first to enjoy the rewards. 

TOF Ruin walkthrough
Fourth Chest location

Hard Mode

The hard mode in Tower of Fantasy is the most challenging one that requires great skills and proper tactics. As the mode is pretty difficult, it comes with the most rewards too. You can get a total of six chests in B-01 Ruins if you are playing in Hard mode. Here is how to get them all. 

Tower of Fantasy B-01 Chest
Chest Location

You can find the first four chests at the same spot, as discussed earlier. For the additional two chests, you need to explore some more areas in ruins. To find the first additional Chest of hard mode, go inside the puzzle room and check the left corner at the rear side of the room.

There, you can spot a new opening in the wall, which only spawns in the Hard mode. Go near the cavity to find the hidden Chest.

The last Tower of fantasy B-01 Chest can be found in the Watch Robots room just before the boss’ chamber. Getting this Chest is a bit tricky.

To reach the box, you need to use your Omnium Hand Cannon to create a jumping platform as the Chest is placed on the upper balcony, which can be accessed through the Omnium Cannon only. Jump on the platform and grab onto the ledge to climb the balcony. Loot the box and continue your journey in ruins. 

All-In-One Chest Location and Pictures

This concludes our guide on all B-01 Chest Locations in the Tower of Fantasy. We hope that after reading the entire guide, finding these hidden chests will be a piece of cake for you, regardless of the difficulty level you’re playing at. So, make sure to open all the chests to get the deserving loot and use it to your advantage. 

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