Tower Of Fantasy Bai Yuekui: Weapons, Skills & Build

In this Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide we have listed everything you need to know about Bai Yuekui.

Bae Yuekui is looking up to be a great character in Tower Of Fantasy. Since she has to fight tons of monsters and save the day, she has a boatload on her plate. We will go into detail about her in this Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide.

Key Highlights
  • Bai Yuekui is an SSR character with good close-range burst damage. She’s known as the White Wolf and wields a Katana.
  • She works well against Bosses as her skills allow quick bursts to take down their HP faster.
  • Her playstyle is Swordplay and Magic, which requires quick kills, and she has no healing skills.
  • Her Katana attacks do 100% ATK damage and apply Grievous on enemies for 7 seconds, which deals 20% more damage.
  • Her skills include Slash Attack, Charged Attack, Katana Rain, Air Attack, Loaded Attack, Piercing Slash Attack, and Discharge Attack.
  • Mainly her skills focus on dealing damage to enemies quickly and buffing her attacks.
  • Samir 4-Set Matrice is the best for Bai Yuekui, as it increases the damage per attack on locked-on enemies.
  • Samir 2-Set and Tsubasa 2-Set are optional matrices you can use incase you don’t have the Samir 4-Set Matrice.

Despite having just been released, she is already great at beating monsters up and keeping up with all the responsibilities. In Tower of Fantasy, Bai Yuekui is an SSR character with respectable Damage. She wields a close-ranged Katana, which is excellent for leveling up beginner players.

She is also known as the “White Wolf” due to her white fur and exceptional combat abilities. Bai Yuekui has been trained in martial arts since she was a youngling, which made her an elite fighter among her people.

When you first begin the game and are leveling up and gathering stuff, it is recommended to use Bai YueKui’s Katana. You may learn everything there is to know about Bai Yuekui in the Tower of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide.

She is carrying so much burden that it must be exhausting. But Bai Yuekui never gives up and fights to the last breath. She has the qualities necessary to maintain the shelter in immaculate shape, including diligence, care, attention to detail, expertise, and evident talent.

  • Rarity: SSR
  • Bai Yuekui’s Weapon: Bai Yuekui’s Katana
  • Type: Physical
  • Bai Yuekui’s Height: 168 cm
  • Preferable Gifts: Rare items, Decorations

Bai Yuekui’s Playstyle

Playstyle of Bai Yuekui in the Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide

Bai Yuekui is a melee assassin with a focus on mobility and burst damage. Her kit is designed to deal high amounts of damage quickly, but she lacks the utility and tankiness to survive long in drawn-out fights. Bai Yuekui’s playstyle includes

  • Swordplay
  • Magic

With this playstyle, you will be able to use your skills to defeat enemies and bosses. You will also be able to use your skills to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures. Bai Yuekui is a melee fighter who excels in close combat.

She has a high attack speed and can deal high damage to enemies. Her skills are mainly focused on dealing damage to enemies, and she has no skills that can heal herself or his teammates.

The player can use different types of skills and abilities, including magic and physical attacks. There are also special items that can be found in chests and shops around the map that can help players in their journey.

Bai Yuekui has a flexible playstyle that allows her to be played as a quick killer or carry, depending on the situation. She is most effective when used as a killer due to her low cooldowns and high burst potential in the early game.

Bai Yuekui’s Weapon

The attacks from fully Bai Yuekui’s Katana will do damage equal to 100.00% of ATK, render the victim grievous for 7 seconds, and deal 20% more damage.

Weapon Advancements

  • 1 Star: After using the Basic Attack or every fifth regular attack, restore one dodge attempt.
  • 2 Stars: 10% basic ATK growth increase for the current weapon.
  • 3 Stars: 30% increase in headshot damage.
  • 4 Stars: 20% more basic ATK increase for the current weapon.
  • 5 Stars: 7 seconds of agonizing damage is dealt to targets by dodge skills.
  • 6 stars: Against cruel targets, increase the critical rate by 30% and critical damage by 50%.

Bai Yuekui’s Skills And Attacks

Skills and Attacks in Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide

Below we have listed all the Skills and Attacks of Bai Yuekui.

Slash Attack

Slash the katana five times in row while you are on the ground to initiate this attack.

  • Damage dealt in the first attack is 33.7% of ATK + 2, and in the second attack is 30.2% of ATK + 2.
  • Damage dealt in the third attack is 54.3% of ATK + 3, and in the fourth attack is 83.5% of ATK + 4.
  • Damage dealt in the fifth attack is 77.7% of ATK + 4 and briefly knocks the target back.

Charged Attack

To charge, tap and hold the standard attack. Deal up to three seconds’ worth of basic damage, up to 60.5% of your ATK + 3, plus 50% more per second you charge. When you hit an opponent’s weak spot or the head, you do double damage, knocking them to the ground (headshots are useless against Wanderers).

Katana Rain

Hold the standard attack button down to unleash Bai Yuekui’s Katana Rain, which may damage enemies for up to 198.7% of Attack + 10.

Air Attack

Tap the usual attack while in the air to launch four consecutive attacks.

  • First Attack: Inflict DMG equal to 38.8% of Attack + 2.
  • Second Attack: Inflict DMG equal to 51% of Attack + 3.
  • Third Attack: Inflict DMG equal to 77.7% of Attack + 4.
  • Fourth Attack: Inflict DMG equal to 117% of Attack + 6.

Loaded Attack

After avoiding an attack, tap to launch a loaded strike that will knock the enemy back and do damage up to 85.5% of Attack + 5.

Piercing Slash Attack

A piercing shot is sent forward by Bai Yuekui when this move is launched, causing damage equivalent to 154.8% of Attack + 8 and throwing the enemy back.

Discharge Attack

Erase all debuffs from the bearer when the weapon’s charge is complete, or Phantasia is activated. When you switch to this weapon, Explosive Barrage is released, delivering 486.6% of your ATK plus 26 damage to the target.

Best Bai Yuekui’s Build Matrices

Depending on the artifact you farm, matrices in the Tower of Fantasy are a crucial component of the game, offering you extra stat boosts like DMG, HP, and other incredible attributes. This part of the article will explain what matrices are, how they function, and which matrices function well with Bai Yuekui. 

What are Matrices?

In the Tower Of Fantasy, matrices are akin to artifacts that give you extra stats that you may equip on your weaponry to provide you bonuses dependent on your playstyle. The Matrices have four different sorts of classifications.

  • Mind
  • Memory
  • Emotion
  • Belief

Depending on the type, each Matrice has its own set of stats,

  • The stats for the Mind Category are HP and Crit.
  • Attack and HP are the default stats for the Memory and Belief Category.
  • Attack and Resistance are the stats for Emotion.

The rarity and set-piece of a matrice determine how different a matrice is. A default that is greater than the R Matrix, for instance, if you have an SR Matrice in your inventory, it will grant you extra stats. You can get bonus stats by wearing the same set bonus, and these bonus stats will give you access to more stats.

Standard Matrice For Bai Yuekui

With her fifth upgrade, she becomes a Main DPS that focuses on dodging attacks and is a dependable supplier of grievous effects.

Best Option Of A Matrice for Bai Yuekui

Below is the Best Option of A Matrice for Bai Yuekui. The Matrice listed below will sufficiently help Bai Yuekui in battle.

Samir 4-set Matrice

  • An additional 10%, 12.5%, 15%, or 17.5% of ATK of damage is dealt to locked-on enemies with each attack.

Optional Matrices for Bai Yuekui

These Matrices can be utilized if the Above Mentioned Matrice is hard to find.

Samir 2-set Matrice

  • When you hit a target, you do 1.5% extra damage each time, as high as 10/13/16/20 stacks. 2-second buff stacking time.

Tsubasa 2-set Matrice

  • Increased damage is dealt when there are no adversaries within 4 meters by 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%.

Bae Yuekui’s Gifts

  • 80+ Snow Globe
  • 60+ 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • 60+ Angela Ornament
  • 80+ Warren Fossil 
  • 60+ Crown Token
  • 60+ Limited Peanut Figurine
  • 30+ New Kalka Ornament
  • 60+ Silver Cookware
  • 60+ Smarty Doll
  • 15+ Retro Harmonica
  • 60+ Void Angel Figurine
  • 30+ Gem Necklace
  • 30+ Meteorite in a Bottle
  • 15+ Nice Picture Frame
  • 30+ Tartarus Ornament
  • 15+ Mini Potted Plant
  • 15+ Postcard of Aida

Bai Yuekui’s Pros And Cons

This section of the Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide will list all of her Pros and Cons.

Pros: Bai Yuekui has high HP and ATK, which are the two most important things in combat. She also has nice SPD increases and a self-buff that increases his CRIT.

Cons: Bai Yuekui has pretty low DEF and HP compared to other warriors. His skills are also situational, as he can only use them on one or two enemies at a time. This means you can’t use him to clear out large groups of enemies like other Simulacra.

How To Use Bai Yuekui?

Bai Yuekui is a versatile attacker, so you’ll want to use her on all sorts of enemies. This means that you would want to use him on bosses, as they have multiple HP bars.

You’ll also want to use him on enemies that are alone so you don’t accidentally hit other allies. The best place to use Bai Yuekui is on stages where there are enemies that only have one HP bar and that are alone.


Now that you’ve read the Tower Of Fantasy: Bai Yuekui Guide, you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how she works and her strengths and weaknesses. While she is one of the greater Simulacras in Tower Of Fantasy, and you might use her very often, she’s an SSR unit that can be useful in most situations.

f you want to use Bai Yuekui, you’ll want to level her up as soon as possible, as she becomes more useful as she levels up. You’ll also want to make sure to equip her with a 5-star weapon and armor, as they’ll greatly increase her effectiveness in combat.

Does Tower of Fantasy’s use of Bai Yuekui appeal to you? Post your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section.

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