Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa – Ultimate Guide

Our guide on Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy will take you through all the needed details to defeat the deadly monster up and get rewarded.

There are multiple bosses wandering around in your world and becoming a threat to you. One of those bosses is the most dangerous monster boss, Barbarossa, in Tower of Fantasy. Look at how the dog tries to occupy your land and destroy the whole population. Have a look at our guide for the best gifts for Meryl.

Tower of Fantasy is a role-playing game created and produced by Hotta Studio and Perfect World. Highly inspired by the anime world, the game has all the artsy crafts and themes filled with science fiction.

All humans are forced to leave their homeland, the Earth, due to no available resources and fatal energies surrounding them in the Tower of Fantasy. You can also check out our guide on the best boss to farm in Tower of Fantasy, and while you are at it, do not forget to look at the AFK farming guide as well.

Moreover, you can also have a look at the guide that we curated on the best healer built in Tower of Fantasy, along with the best healing weapons in the game. Therefore, they migrate over to a new world called Aida. In Aida, they come across Mara, a comet with new energy called Omnium.

Hence, the humans make efforts to establish a tower in order to occupy Mara. However, they fail miserably in doing so as the rays of Omnium get disastrous and challenge their life in Aida. Do not forget to look at our other guide on the best F2P Teams in Tower of Fantasy, along with the best awakening traits in the game. 

Bosses In Tower of Fantasy

Several missions are supposed to be completed in the Tower of Fantasy. However, you will meet a number of sub-bosses in your way as you make your way through the game. These bosses will cause obstacles for you and make your missions slightly impossible. 

Furthermore, there are six main bosses in the game that you will be able to find in different regions on the map of the Tower of Fantasy. As you move further in the story and start completing more and more quests, the bosses will keep getting difficult to deal with. What makes these monsters even more threatening and murderous is the difference in the level of their characters. 

Barbarossa In Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, the players will come across many bosses. Barbarossa is one of them. It is the most harmful, wild, and vicious monster boss in the game. With its deadly looks and strange faces, it is sure to make the natives look out for their lives. For players to get rid of this monster will not be an easy task, but rather anding and burdensome. 

As players reach the Snowfield of Warren at the 39th level of the game, the huge monster dog will be unlocked. After the players have it unlocked, they can move over to the top right region of the Warren. Moreover, they can attack Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy over there and earn some of the greatest loot. So, hold onto your seatbelts, and let’s begin with the deadly ride!


On the map of the Tower of Fantasy, Barbarossa can be found. Head over towards the right side on the top of the Warren Snowfields. The monster boss is there somewhere, on a small island of the mount of dirt, located next to the sea. The island also has a small streak around it and is right under the mountain. 

However, to unlock the island, the players will have to complete around four quests of the main stories. Upon completing these missions, the map will unlock a fresh location for you. The exact coordinates at which the boss may be found are 1077 and -1060. Moreover, Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy can also be looked for in the field of battle, which is rather spherical and has the right staging floor. 

Also, the monster is surrounded by light that is purple in color, which is rather strange. However, it can be crossed by just passing through it. There are four layers of Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy as it is at the highest of levels. For players to be able to get rid of this monster, they would need to let all these four layers fall off.

How To Beat Barbarossa 

There is a respawning time for Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy, just like all the other monster bosses have. Hence, if you want to beat the monster, you would need to start searching other channels to find the boss. After you have done that, get included in some party and be summoned to the channel by your player.

Do not jump off to another channel by yourself as it would get a cooling down for thirty minutes on going to the other channel. 

Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa
Beating Barbarossa

If your channel shows the location of Barbarossa as active, you can send a message for help out in the world and get some help from outsiders. Invite other people, get some sort of assistance from them, and roll out the bail. You should at least gather up eight different players to get rid of Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy. 

And it is even more important to do that if you have recently got the Snowfield Warren unlocked and started out on the 39th level. 

Barbarossa’s Attack Patterns

Just like the other interactions you have had with Barbarossa, this one is exactly like that. The last boss, Barbarossa, is found on the missions of Operations Joint. Hence, all the tactics you use are pretty much similar. However, we have listed the Tactica for Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy below:

  • The Jump Tactic: Barbarossa has the skill of jumping straight to the target and landing on its position. Moreover, anyone under the hitbox will be damaged greatly upon the monster’s landing. The said area has a mark of purple color, with a zone of damaging mentioned that can be emitted two times. If the players try and dodge those zones, they can be safe from taking up extra damage. 
  • The Roar Tactic: Barbarossa has two heads in Tower of Fantasy. When they both roar, the damage is inflicted on anyone within a radius of 180 degrees. Hence, make sure not to go near the boss while it’s making a roaring or growling sound. 
  • The Pounce Tactic: Barbarossa has the ability to pounce off in one direction. However, the players get pinned to the floor if the boss starts to pounce on it. Moreover, both the heads of the monster will chew off the player and inflict some serious damage. 
  • The Right Paw Tactic: In this tactic, Barbarossa hits its right paw on the ground after surrounding itself with it. So make sure you are not anywhere near the monster to avoid taking up any damage.
  • The Spinning Attack Tactic: Before doing a spin of 360 degrees, the monster lowers its body. In case the head or tail of the boss hits the players, they will receive huge damage. So make sure to avoid that from happening. 
  • The Summoning Followers Tactic: When the HP of Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy gets a little low, it will call out its followers for help. Make sure you block out the help that would help in healing the monster.
Barbarossa Monster
Summoning Followers
  • The Shield Tactic: The monster builds a shield to protect itself from taking any extra damage.
Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy

Barbarossa’s Loot Drop

The main reason behind players getting themselves into the trouble of fighting with Barbarossa is to gain some extra loot. SSR is the first loot weapon to get your hands on. Meryl’s matrix can help players with farming. However, the players can also use the matrix of Barbarossa to reflect on the damage taken by them.

Lastly, the boss loot of the world gives the players some stuff to make further progress in Tower of Fantasy. 

Tower of Fantasy
Defeating and Loot of Barbarossa

Boss Fight Rewards

  • No.1: A Random SSR Weapon

 SSR Weapon with an edge, the arrow of Icewind, absolutely zero, Crow‘s Scythe, Seas’ Chakram, Cube’s Negating, Em Stars Dual. Motlton shields Thunderblades V2.

  • No.2: Matrix of Meryl

In Two pieces, if the HP is less than 30% after you get attacked, shield yourself for about ten seconds. That would be equal to 20%, 26%, 32%, and 40% HP. Get a cooling down for ninety seconds. 

In Four Piece Set. as an effect of the shield around you, restore the HP to 60%, 75%, 90%, and 105% in order to deal with the damage. HP should not be any more than 105%, 127%, 150%, and 172% of the ATK.

  • NO.3: Random SR Weapon:

The SR Weapons are Thunderous Halberd, Scars Staff, Terminator, Pummeler, and the Feather of the Nightingale.

  • NO.4:  Pulse Magnetic Shard


  • No.5: Matrix of Barbarossa

The following grants three pieces; When you switch to the weapon, you gain 50%, 62.5%, and 75% reflection of the damage for about three full seconds. Furthermore, you get a cooldown for thirty seconds. Moreover, when you jump off to the other weapon, you gain a boost for damage of 20%, 25%, and 30% for five seconds almost, Whereas the cooldown stays for thirty seconds as well. 

  • No.6: Matrix Chip ( Random)

 Matrix Given Randomly

  • No.7: 3 Weapon Batteries


  • No.8: Data Pack Three Matrix

Rewards of Materials

We can conclude the guide on Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy by saying that even though the monster that players deal with in this mission is dangerous, they still have a chance at winning. Get your mind straight, and use your skills carefully to defeat the monster. 

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