6 BEST Tower Of Fantasy Banners

Our guide covers the top 6 banners in Tower of Fantasy that you can use to upgrade weapons.

What Are Banners?

banners in tower of fantasy
Banners In Tower Of Fantasy

Banners in Tower of Fantasy are different types of Gachas that you can pull on to obtain Weapons, upgrade materials, matrices, and more. Tower of Fantasy banners are of various types; some are time-limited, while others are permanent. Every Banner requires a unique currency for exchange. 

Key Highlights
  • The six best banners in the game are Forgiveness And Rebirth, Yesteryear’s Reconstruction, Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, Choice Matrices, and Frigg Banner.
  • Banners are Gacha that let you pull Weapons, Upgrade Materials, Matrices, and more.
  • Limited Weapon Banners have a pity system. They give you a guaranteed SR after 10 pulls, an SSR after 80 pulls, and a 50% higher chance of pulling the featured SSR unit.
  • Limited Simulacra Banners, such as Forgiveness And Rebirth & Yesteryear’s Reconstruction, require a Red Nucleus and a Special Red Voucher
  • The Standard Banners that are always active are Choice Weapons, Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, and Choice Matrices banners,
  • Banners have different exchange currencies, such as Black Gold, Base Chip, Flame Gold, and Overclocking Chip.

Current Limited Banners

Limited weapon banners are supposed to offer a pity system where you get an SR after every ten pulls and an SSR after 80 pulls. These banners also offer a drop rate on a featured SSR, meaning that you will have a 50% higher chance of pulling the featured item when you pull an SSR.

The limited Simulacra banner is Forgiveness and Rebirth, and the limited matrix banner is Yesteryear’s Reconstruction. These banners require a red nucleus and a special red voucher as currency. You can also purchase both these banners for 150 Dark Crystals from the Hot Shop.

Standard Banners

The standard banners in Tower of Fantasy are the ones that are always active in the game and are not time limited. The three standard banners in the game are Choice Weapons Black Nucleus and Gold Nucleus and a Choice matrices banner. 

Next Banners

There are a lot of banners that are yet to come in Tower of Fantasy. The next banner that the game will feature is Frigg, another Angel of Clemency. You might have noticed its reveal if you had been paying attention to the storyline of the game. 

Tower Of Fantasy Best Banners

The best six banners in Tower of Fantasy have been discussed below in detail.

Forgiveness And Rebirth

The banner Forgiveness and rebirth has a drop rate of 50% on Simulacra Nemesis. As this is a time-limited banner, you can use it till August 31, 2022. You should take advantage of using it, as you will not be able to access it in September. The probability of obtaining different items on this banner is mentioned in the table.

ItemBase ProbabilityOverall Probability
SSR weapon0.75%2%
SR weapon1%12%
R weapon91.4%80%
High-Efficiency Energy Battery6.86%6%

Yesteryear’s Reconstruction

yesteryear's reconstruction
Yesteryear’s Reconstruction

The Yesteryear’s Reconstruction banner has a 50% drop rate on Nemesis SSR matrices. You can use this time-limited banner till August 31, 2022. The probability of obtaining all the items on this banner is as follows.

ItemBase ProbabilityOverall Probability
SSR matrix17%4.2%
SR matrix7.5%18.5%
R matrix90.8%77.3%

Black Nucleus 

Black Nucleus Cache is the most basic banner out of all three choice weapons banners. You will be pulling on this banner the most in the game. Black Nucleus currency is readily available in the game, and it requires one black nucleus to pull this banner. 

If you want to gather a black nucleus in the game, you can do so by following a few simple steps.

  • Completing missions
  • Opening chests
  • By exploring and finding them dotted around the map

For people new to the gacha system, it is important to know that a Pity System in Tower of Fantasy is intended to increase the chance of you getting a certain item after every pull. This continues until you get an SR or SSR. Every banner in the game supports this pity system, but you need to know that the black nucleus does not support it.

You can try a few pulls with the readily available black nucleus, and there is a higher chance that you will get a couple of decent pulls. Moreover, you can have a look at the following table to know the probability of different items on this banner.

SSR weapon0.3%
SR weapon3%
R weapon30.7%
Standard Energy Battery5%
Small Energy Battery40%

Gold Nucleus 

The banners that are a little harder to come by in the game are the gold nucleus. The drops are a little more generous for this banner, as it does have a pity system. For a black nucleus, one nucleus can be exchanged for one pull, but that is not the case for a gold nucleus. 

The pity system of this banner means that the base probability starts at a specific percentage for SSR and SR weapons. The overall chance increases with every pull, and this continues until you get an SSR and SR weapon. An SR weapon can be obtained after ten special orders and one SSR weapon after 80 special orders. The probability of obtaining different items on this banner is as follows.

ItemBase ProbabilityOverall Probability
SSR weapon0.75%2%
SR weapon1%12%
R weapon91.4%80%
High-Efficiency Energy Battery6.85%6%

Choice Matrices Banner

choice banners in tower of fantasy
Choice Matrices Banner

The Choice matrices banner is all about obtaining matrices instead of weapons. You can use these matrices to enhance your weapons. You will also need Proof of Purchase tokens in exchange for the order. This banner also has a pity system and promises an SR weapon after ten pulls and an SSR weapon after forty pulls. 

Each pull also grants a base chip, which is a type of currency. If you have 80 base chips, you can exchange them for an SSR matrix in the matrix store. The probability of every item on this banner is in the table below.

ItemBase ProbabilityOverall Probability
SSR matrix1.7%4.2%
SR matrix7.5%18.5%
R matrix90.8%77.3%

Frigg Banner

The Frigg banner will make its debut on September 1, 2022. The banner reveal has taken place alongside Frigg’s character reveal in August 2022. Frigg is one of the two SSR Ice Shell DPS. The Gacha Rates of Frigg’s banner are mentioned in the table.

ItemBase Probability
SSR Weapon0.75%
R Weapon91.4%
High-Efficiency Energy Battery6.85%
SR Weapons1.00%

When your special order count reaches 80, you will surely get an SSR weapon. However, on every ten special orders, you will get an SR weapon. If you pull SSR, there is a 50% chance that you will be able to obtain Frigg.

Exchange Currencies For Banners

You need unique currencies to earn different types of banners. We have discussed every banner’s currency with it in the guide above. The following detail covers every currency separately so that you can know about all the in-game banner exchange currencies. 

banners currency
Exchange Currencies For Banners

Black Gold

You can earn black gold in the tower of fantasy by ordering weapons with gold nuclei. You will be able to use this black gold to purchase the following in the game.

  • Copies of weapons you own
  • Weapon upgrade materials
  • Gold

Base Chip

Base chips can be earned by ordering weapons with proof of purchase tokens. You can redeem base chips in the commissary matrix store to purchase the following.

  • Variety of matrices
  • Data packs to upgrade matrix
  • Gold

Flame Gold

If you order the weapons with red nuclei, you will be able to earn Flame Gold. You need to spend this Flame gold before the end of the limited banner, as your currency will automatically be changed to black gold after that. You can also exchange Fame gold in the Limited store. The following items can be purchased using flame gold.

  • A copy of the featured Simulacra
  • Matrix box of weapons

Overclocking Chip

You will be able to earn overclocking chips by ordering weapons with special vouchers. You will be able to exchange it in the limited store to purchase limited matrices. If you do not use these chips by the time the limited banner ends, it will be changed to base chips automatically.

Tower of fantasy banners will help you to pull and upgrade weapons. If you are new to the gacha system or do not know about the pity system, this guide will be helpful for you. We have covered the different types of banners that you will get to see in Tower of Fantasy.

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