Tower Of Fantasy Best Bosses To Farm [Top 5]

In This Guide We Will List The Top 3 Best World Bosses To Farm In Tower Of Fantasy And A Few Strategies On How To Farm Them.

We will list the Top 3 Best Bosses in Tower of Fantasy and give you a good understanding of how they behave, the loot they drop, the best strategy to take them down, and which one is the easiest and worth it to farm over and over again as the World Bosses do respawn. The Tower Of Fantasy Best Bosses To Farm will be the following, from the toughest to farm to the easiest to farm.

Key Highlights
  • In MMORPGs like Tower Of Fantasy, farming bosses every now and then is important for resources that can be used for upgrades.
  • There are a total of six bosses total in Tower Of Fantasy and the best ones to the farm are:
    • Sobek
    • Lucia
    • Frost Bot
    • Apophis
    • Robarg
  • You can’t get access to fighting these bosses straight ahead but you first need to reach a certain player level along with unlocking different parts of the map.
  • Fighting these bosses will sometimes drop:
    • SSR Weapon
    • Weapon Batteries
    • Matrix Data Packs
    • Random Matrix Chips
    • Shards Accordingly to bosses
  • Getting these items to have different chances and getting high-value rewards like SSR weapons are very rare, so it’s not an effective way to gain SSR weapons only.

5) Sobek 

Sobek boss to farm in Tower of Fantasy
Sobek in Tower of Fantasy

You can only beat this boss if you are level 40 or above. Sobek is a great boss for looting and farming purposes as it drops several great rewards for the players. 

You will find Sobek in the Crown Mines right beside a little water bay if you go to the South of Parliament. The location of the boss will be indicated on the map as a crocodile symbol. As soon as you get to the location, it will spawn near the cliff wall or in the arena.

Since Sobek is a level 40 boss important that the players should be at least level 35 or above. Also, make sure that your suppressor is set at a high level when venturing through the crown mines. 

It is to be noted that the Sobek is a Volt Type of enemy. So it is important that you avoid using the volt weapons as they will deal little to no damage to him. Also, if you use a volt weapon while your shield is active, a part of your damage will be resisted. Thus you will deal less damage if you use weapons like Thunder Blades or Staff Of Scars. 

How To Defeat 

Make sure that you use SSR weapons or SR weapons like Echo, Pepper, or Nemesis. Also, it is important that you keep running around as his attacks can be fairly hard to dodge. Furthermore, he has an Ice Cannon attack that will damage you from any range. So it is important that you avoid it at all costs. 

Also, the Body Slam attack can deal damage you from long distances as well. Whenever he uses the Burrow move make sure that you dodge all of its attacks otherwise they can deal plenty of damage and eat a lot of your HP. A good strategy is to use Jetpack and remain in the air when he does any of these brutal attacks. 

While in combat it is important that you use heavy weapons so you can break his shield. Also, make sure that you prepare your food beforehand so that you can be healed during the battle. 


Once you have successfully defeated Sobek in Tower of Fantasy he will get the following great rewards. 

  • Random SSR Weapon 
  • Cybernetic Arm 
  • Crow: Matrix 
  • Random SR Weapon 
  • Sobek: Matrix 
  • Weapon Battery III 
  • Random R Matrix Chip 
  • Matrix Data Pack III 

These important items make Sobek one of the best farmable bosses in Tower of Fantasy. 

4) Lucia 

Lucia, one of the best bosses to farm in Tower of Fantasy
Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

She is the fifth major world boss and one of the best bosses to farm in Tower of Fantasy. You will be able to defeat her as soon as you reach level 32 in the game. She is an amazing character to farm if you’re looking for some great matrix items to help you increase your damage. 

Lucia is also located in crown mines and you will find how in the South of the map. Look for a crashed ship towards the South Coast near the cliffs that appeared from there you need to head to the little Bandit Town. Lucia will be wandering around the area.

You can see Lucia on your world chart as soon as you reach the location. See if someone reported seeing her spawn so that you can go there and fight her. She is also a level 40 boss therefore it is important that you have at level 32 or above while fighting her. 

How To Defeat 

Lucia will have a lot of subordinates that will attack you constantly. However, it is important that you focus solely on Lucia and avoid their attacks as much as possible. In case you stop attacking her, she will immediately set up a shield and it will be even harder for you to take her down. 

We recommend that you invite friends for the battle as they will help you defeat the subordinates of Lucia. Also, it is important that you use heavy weapons and break her shield as soon as she sets it up. 


Lucia offers a ton of great items as a drop therefore, she is one of the best bosses to find in Tower of Fantasy as her drop consists of great matrix items. 

Following are all the items you will get when you have defeated Lucia in Tower of Fantasy. 

  • Shiro: Matrix 
  • Random SSR Weapon 
  • Quantum Cloak 
  • Random SR Weapon 
  • Matrix Data Pack III 
  • Echo: Matrix 
  • Weapon Battery III 
  • Random R Chip 

3) Frost Bot

Frost Bot
The Frost Bot Boss In Tower Of Fantasy

Now, at the number 3 spot, we placed Frost Bot as he is a tough boss. However, his rewards to difficulty ratio are pretty good as the rewards make the effort of defeating him well worth it. Also, by the name of this boss, you might have noticed that its latent ability lies in the frost attacks, and that is what makes him a tough boss to defeat. The boss is a level 35 frost-type enemy.

Furthermore, the game describes Frost Bot as “The Frost Bot was sabotaged by someone which left him no choice but to attack everything with a hint of life in them”. Additionally, they say “that nothing is a match for its huge, tenacious mechanical pincers. The red metallic carapace and the sharp, robust tail grant it virtually impenetrable defenses.”

Also, for those who were wondering where they could find the Frost Bot, it is located in the north part of the map near Navia Bay. However, it is important to know that the location might vary along the coastline for some players, but the big golden icon on the map should help you locate him. The boss can be found on a mechanical platform that is in between cliffs, so you might need to glide to him.

How To Defeat 

First of all, you should be able to note that Frost Bot is a freeze-type boss, so freeze-based weapons would not do any good against him. Instead, naturally, you should use fire-based weapons against him as they would deal the most amount of damage to him. Also another thing worth noting is that the red beast is quite agile and fast around the battlefield. 

However, as long as you be patient and use fire attacks from time to time, you will be able to manage the boss without any major problems. Also, it is worth noting that Frost Bot is a level 35 foe, so you also need to be close to level 35 so that the battlefield is evened.


Once Frost Bot is defeated, you can be rewarded with eight possible items, which can include the SSR weapons and a Matrix. The possible loot that you can be rewarded with is as follows:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Rare)
  • Huma SSR Matrix (Rare)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Hovercannon Shard
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Frost Bot Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III

Now, as mentioned before, Frost Bot is at number 3 in our Tower Of Fantasy Best Boss To Farm list because he has some decent loot available, but the boss is also very demanding to take down. Also, we will be further discussing how to farm these bosses further on in our guide.

2) Apophis

The Apophis Boss In Tower Of Fantasy

Next on our list of the Best Boss To Farm In Tower Of Fantasy is Apophis, who is a level 30 fast-paced panther-like creature. His claws are very effective in all ranges of attacks. Apophis is exactly five levels below Frost Bot which makes him easier to defeat than the Frost Bot, and the rewards are still almost the same.

In Tower Of Fantasy, the monster is described as “In the North Summits of Banges Industries dwells a composite creature created by the Heirs of Aida called Apophis. It’s in charge of guarding the Heirs’ base in the high mountains. The design of Apophis links the agility of a panther with the artificial intelligence of composite creatures.”

Now, as for the location of Apophis, it is located in Banges Industrial Zone, which can be found right next to the Astra Shelter. The panter-like beast can be found on a hill next to a beast’s carcass, which will be located between the Black Market and Banges Factories.

How To Defeat 

Now, first of all, you must have already realized that Apophis is a Grevious-type monster which in turn means that any Greavious weapons would do very little damage to it, so avoid them and instead use another type of weapon. Up next, you should test out Apophis and realize that his attacks have a pattern and can be countered to do extra damage.

Apophis is a world boss who has a variety of charged attacks that are slow but powerful which means they can be countered given that the players are attentive. And remember not to use Grevious weapons that way; you deal the most damage and evade. If you keep these things in mind, then Apophis is sure to fall. 


Now, we will proceed further into Apophis loot drops which was the main reason we defeated him. Also, as usual, you might receive an SSR Weapon or a Matrix. The possible rewards of defeating Apophis the World Boss are as the following:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Rare)
  • Tsubasa SSR Matrix (Rare)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Couant Shard
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Apophis Matrix
  • Matrix Datapack III
  • Weapon Battery III

Now, in our Tower Of Fantasy Best Boss To Farm list, we placed Apophis at number 2 because we believe that he has a decent difficulty to loot ratio. The loot that you could get by defeating him is insane, and it is not that hard to defeat him given you stick to the strategy we mentioned.

1) Robarg

The Robarg Boss In Tower Of Fantasy

Now, at number 1 place in our Tower Of Fantasy Best Boss To Farm list is Robarg, who is one of the first-world bosses that you will encounter in your journey. It is also one of the easiest bosses to handle, as Robarg is only a level 22 boss. Also, it means that you also have to be at least around level 22

The creature is sighted upon as the following in the game “Robarg, the most powerful artificial life of Astra, who slumbers deep in the Tomb of Thorns. She once was the proud handiwork of a biologist, whom she’s waiting for since being abandoned.

The constant long wait in the radioactive environment has caused abnormal changes to Robarg. And now she has completely lost her gentleness and turned into a dangerous ill-tempered plant.”

Now as for Robarg’s location she is located in the southern part of the Astra region called the ‘Southern Ring Ranges’. Also, once you unlock the tower in the game, you can locate her through the golden icon that appears on the map.

How To Defeat

Now, Robarg is a plant-shaped creature that has honed a variety of skills and moves, which makes it a formidable foe. Also, it is essential that you use a bow against Robarg as it will give you a crucial advantage of distance. Furthermore, always keep an eye on the shield level of Robarg, as whenever the shield is up, damage dealt will be reduced, so time your attacks.

This sums up the strategy to take Robarg down; just time your attacks and avoid the wasps and gas attacks. Also, try to land a few melee attacks in between and use a bow for most of the part, as ranged attacks will be crucial for this fight.


Now, as mentioned before, once you defeat a boss, it drops some delicious loot that makes you drool. Robarg is one of the best bosses to farm as the difficulty is easy, and the loot is still pretty good. The loot that Robargs drops after its defeat can be as the following:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Rare)
  • KING SSR Matrix (Rare)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Missile Barrage Shard
  • Robarg Matrix
  • Random R Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III

Furthermore, Robarg is at number 1 place in our Tower Of Fantasy Best Boss To Farm list because the loot that is available to the player after defeating her is pretty good, given that Robarg is one of the easiest bosses in the game. Now, we will explain the best way to farm the bosses in Tower Of Fantasy.

Best Way To Farm BossesChannel

Changing Channels To Farm Bosses In Tower Of FantasyFirst of all, we recommend that you attack the world bosses with a team as more players mean more chances to defeat the boss. Under no circumstances should you try to take on the world boss alone, as the chances of defeating him will be greatly reduced.

Also, to prevent extreme farming of world bosses, the developers have placed a cooldown of 1 hour, which limits your farming capabilities. However, we have discovered a simple hack that could potentially double the farming opportunity.

The trick is that you should just switch channels after defeating a boss, as each channel has its own timer. But there is also a channel cooldown timer which is of 30 minutes which means at least you will be able to double the farming speed of the world bosses.

Furthermore, there is still another way through which they have limited your farming capabilities. This time it is that you require Type 3 Chips to unlock the rewards, which are very rare as they can only be obtained through special events and weekly rewards.

Limitations For Farming Of World Bosses

Different Chips Required To Open Certain Rewards In Tower Of Fantasy

There are a few reasons why we believe that the farming of world bosses is limited. Now, down below, we will be listing the reasons:

  • Time Gated Content: This means that the rewards are limited because of the requirement of Tye 3 Chips for the unlocking of the rewards after defeating them.
  • Low Drop Rates: The main reason for defeating the bosses is the priority loot that is rare, which also means that the drop rates of the specific items are very low, which demotivates the farmer of such bosses.
  • World Bosses Are Tough: Another reason is that some of the bosses are just too hard to be farming on a daily basis which means that your rewards will also be limited. Also, compared to players, world bosses have way more Hp and attack power.

With this, we bring our Tower Of Fantasy Best Boss To Farm list to an end. In the guide, we listed the Top 3 Best Bosses To Farm and also how to defeat them. Furthermore, we also include the best strategies to farm the world bosses.

However, if you still believe that we left something out, then do let us know through the comment section down below.

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