5 BEST Tower of Fantasy Builds: Weapons & Attacks

Our guide covers the top 5 builds in tower of fantasy along with the weapons and gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy offers various builds, which makes the game even more interesting. We have covered this guide to help you decide on the Tower of Fantasy Best Builds. 

Key Takeaways
  • The King also known as the Deluxe of fantasy is a powerful and violent character acknowledged for his exceptional abilities.
    • He owns the “Scythe of the crow” weapon with a high shield-breaking ability and extra damage against enemies.
  • Meryl has exceptional fighting abilities.
    • Her weapon, Ice Shell, freezes the target for 2 seconds, furthermore, her attacks include Heavy Cleave, Aerial Strike, Rising Slash, Sneak Attack, and Whirlwind.
  • Crow is a fast and deadly character with the ability to close gaps and lock out opponents, high ATK and low shatter value dual blades.
    • His weapon, Thunder Blades, can activate orbiting blades when fully charged for extra lightning damage and removing debuffs. Crow’s attacks include Sky Flurry, Rapid Lounge, and Sneak Attack, with the ability to dodge right before getting hit.
  • Samir is a top gunslinger owning Dual EM Stars that can cause many hits and damage in a short period, with the capacity to fight enemies from a distance and powerful jump attacks, and a weapon fully charged that can paralyze the enemy.
  • Nemesis has the ability to deal damage and summon two cannons.
    • She owns the Venus EM Blaster weapon that can reduce the attack speed of enemies, clear debuffs, and spawn electrodes that attack every 1.5 seconds while her attacks include normal attacks, Ariel Discharge, forward pursuit, Dual Focus, slow magnetic field, and parallel beams.

Before we begin, here is a quick look at the comparison between the top 5 weapons in Tower of Fantasy:

CharacterWeapon NameAbilitiesResonanceAttackHPResistance/Critical
KingScytheShatter 12.5, Charge 5DPS16.01165.06.0
SamirDual PistolsShatter 6, Charge 10.7DPS18.01165.014.0
NemesisEM BlasterShatter 6, Charge 8Support18.01165.014.0
MerylGreatswordShatter 12, Charge 4Defense16.01165.07.0
CrowDual BladesShatter 6, Charge 8DPS18.01165.014.0


King build
Tower of fantasy King Build

The King is known to be extremely bold and is always ready for violence. It has an unmatched commitment to the missions and is also very tough. Moreover, it hardly has a penny to its name, no matter how many fights he won. He is also known as Deluxe of fantasy by the tower of fantasy fans because he uses fire and has extraordinary abilities. These abilities make King come at the top of the Tower of Fantasy Best Builds List.


The King owns the weapon called “Scythe of the crow“, and its specifications are mentioned in the table below.

Weapon TypeScythe
AbilitiesShatter 12.5, Charge 5

The weapon of the King has the following abilities and attacks:

  • This weapon is well known for its extremely high shield-breaking ability. Other shield breaker characters cannot cross the shatter value of 12.5 in the case of Scythe. It can be very useful against various enemies and world bosses.
  • The weapon is also known for its attack range and speed. The fire option adds extra damage against enemies.
  • When going up against a large number of enemies, the level 3 weapon skill comes in handy.

Weapon Stats

The weapon stats for King’s Scythe are in the following table.



The King’s attacks are discussed below.

  • The normal attack involves swinging to Scythe to launch five consecutive attacks. All five targets knock the target and deal different amounts of damage.
  • Rising Scythe involves five attacks in a row while airborne or after jumping. The fourth attack deals the most damage.
  • You can trigger Asunder by taping normal attacks while airborne or while climbing. The higher the altitude at the time of trigger, the greater the dealt damage. 
  • You can hold the normal attack button to trigger returning chain blade after the fourth normal attack.
  • If you approach the enemy from behind and then tap on a normal attack, you can use the sneak attack.


Meryl build
Tower of fantasy Meryl Build

Meryl possesses some extraordinary combat skills, which help her get through even some of the toughest fights. She tries to hide her emotions, which is one of the reasons she looks distant. Remember that Meryl is someone far from emotionless.


Meryl’s weapons specifications are as follows.

Weapon TypeGreatsword
AbilitiesShatter 12, Charge 4

Meryl’s weapon Ice Shell will freeze the target for 2 seconds. Breaking this ice shell will cause additional damage.

Weapon Stats

The weapon stats of Ice Shell are also mentioned below.



A description of Meryl’s attacks is as follows.

  • Heavy Cleave is an attack that takes place four times in a row while you swing a greatsword on the ground.
  • You can trigger Aerial Strike by tapping normal attack while airborne or after jumping. This will trigger the attack four times in a row.
  • After the third normal attack, you can trigger Rising Slash. Upon hitting, strongly suspend the target.
  • Approaching the enemy from behind while crouching will activate the Sneak Attack
  • Tap or hold a normal attack to trigger a whirlwind while standing still or moving.


crow build
Tower of Fantasy Crow Build

Crow is a character in Tower of fantasy with the extraordinary ability to close gaps and lock out the opponents. Moreover, it is stronger and faster than lightning. It also performs mesmerizing dagger tricks and is an asset in PvP.


Crow owns Thunder Blades with the following specifications.

AbilitiesShatter 6, Charge 8
Weapon TypeDual Blades
  • The crow’s weapons have high ATK and low shatter value combined with sneak attacks. All these properties make crow a deadly character.
  • Orbiting blades of the crow can be activated when the weapon is fully charged. This creates extra lightning damage and removes debuffs.

Weapon Stats

The weapon stats of Crow’s weapons are enlisted in the table.



Attacks of Crow are mentioned below.

  • You can swing dual blades to attack five times in a row while being on the ground.
  • During jumps and airborne, you can tap on a normal attack to trigger Sky Flurry.
  • After the third normal attack, the Rapid lounge can be triggered. It suspends the target to deal with the total damage. 
  • Sneak Attack is activated by attacking the enemy from behind and tapping on the normal attack.
  • You can activate dodge right before getting hit. The cooldown time for dodge is 15 seconds. 


samir build
Tower of Fantasy Samir Build

It will not be wrong to say that Samir is one of the top gunslingers in the game. She loves playing pranks on others and has a very chill personality. She is among the elite executors on the land. 


The weapon specifications of Dual EM Stars owned by Samir are in the table below.

AbilitiesShatter 6, Charge 10.7
Weapon TypeDual Pistols
  • Samir’s weapon can cause a large number of hits, dealing a lot of damage in a short time period. Increasing her overall stats also increases the weapon’s power, making it more powerful.
  • These dual pistols have the capacity to fight enemies from a distance during a battle. An energy shot released from it can create much greater damage outside the enemy’s range.
  • Samir’s powerful attacks are the jump attacks, and these attacks, coupled with Dual EM Stars, create a lot of damage against the enemy.
  • When the weapon is fully charged, it will have the capacity to paralyze the enemy.

Weapon Stats



Samir’s attacks involve the following moves.

  • The dual fire has five attacks in a row, triggered by tapping on a normal attack.
  • Fire continuously at the ground to trigger Bullet Rain during Airborne.
  • Maintaining a constant fire activates Energy burst. This can be done by holding an attack.
  • Phantom Kick knocks the enemy down and deals the damage.
  • Dodge triggers Phantasia right before hitting the target to reduce the speed of enemies in the area.


nemesis build
Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Build

Nemesis is one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Builds that deals with damage and summons two cannons. She also went through a debilitating mutation process, which turned her into the angel of grace. It has the ability to release an electrified ball that creates enough damage to deal with enemies.


Nemesis owns the weapon Venus, which has the following specifications.

AbilitiesShatter 6, Charge 8
Weapon TypeEM Blaster
  • When evasion skill Twin Spinning Focus is triggered, a healing chain heals the allies nearby. 
  • Executing a normal attack clears all debuffs. The weapon also helps to reduce the attack speed of all enemies.
  • The Venus weapon spawns electrodes that attack after every 1.5 seconds. Combining this move with other moves make it the perfect support character. Besides that, consider reading the Top 30 Tower Of Fantasy Tips & Tricks guide, so you can learn some helpful tips to play the game.

Weapon Stats



Nemesis has the ability to showcase the following attacks.

  • It has a normal attack caused by using Venus to attack five times in a row.
  • Another attack Ariel Discharge is activated by tapping on the normal attack five times.
  • Once you are done performing the second attack, you can trigger forward pursuit by holding a normal attack.
  • You also have the ability to perform Dual Focus by releasing an electrified ball that explodes and hits the target, causing great damage.
  • You can also release a slow magnetic field by holding the normal attack.
  • If you tap the normal attack during a short, perfect dodge window, you will be able to activate parallel beams.


The character builds help you to choose which one matches your playstyle. We have covered the top five Tower of Fantasy Best Builds for you in this guide so that you can make your choice. If you follow the guide above, you will be able to make a choice from the top 5 builds.

However, every build has its own pros and cons, which are also influenced a lot by the players’ playstyle. If you found this helpful, you may also find 5 BEST Tower of Fantasy Weapons an interesting read. 

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG developed by Hotta Studio. The game involves aliens who are occupying space on earth after humans leave due to a lack of resources. A series of unfortunate events led to a disaster that endangered their new home. You will survive by playing using different Characters in Tower of Fantasy.

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