Tower Of Fantasy Best Classes: Warrior, Archer, Assassin & More

A guide featuring the best possible classes that can be created using Tower of Fantasy's customizable class system.

Tower of Fantasy offers the players a wide array of classes. However, there is a catch. These “Classes” are not offered as a choice, unlike most MMORPG/Gacha games. Instead, the Class System is a bit more complicated. But no need to get worried, even though it takes effort to get used to. All that effort is well worth the reward in the end. Hence, our Tower of Fantasy Best Classes guide will let you know which suits your playstyle.

Key Takeaways
  • The five different classes are as follows: Warrior class, Gunslinger class, Archer class, Assassin class, and Tank class.
  • The “Warrior Class” is considered the best because it’s an all-rounder. It has high DPS (Damage Per Second) and is also great in defense.
  • “Gunslinger Class” is best for players that only want to deal the highest of damage, and you can wreak havoc on your enemies with this class.
  • “Archer Class” is also great for damage and for players that want a playstyle that involves long-range fights and bows.
  • “Assassin Class” is perfect for players that want to one-shot their enemies but they have to get the right timing and you have to be quite sneaky in order to sneak up on your enemies and one-shot them.
  • Finally, “Tank Class” is good for players that enjoy a playstyle of absorbing enemies’ damage and dominating them. 

After trying out dozens of combinations, mixing different characters with different weapons. We have concluded that these 5 classes are the best classes in the Tower of Fantasy‘s launch meta:

  • Warrior Class
  • Gunslinger Class
  • Archer Class
  • Assassin Class
  • Tank Class

Before we review these in detail, let’s go through a quick comparison between the Characters and their weapons in Tower of Fantasy:

Characters & WeaponsClassesAwakening SkillElementShatterChargeAttackResist
King and The Scythe Of the CrowWarriorFear ReaperFlame12.
Samir And The Dual EM StarsGunslingerShadowsVolt6.010.518.014.0
Tsubasa And The Icewind ArrowArcherRaging WavesFrost4.011.518.014.0
Shiro And The Chakram of the SeasAssassinRed AlertPhysical10.
Meryl And The Rosy EdgeJuggernautFrostedFrost12.

Warrior Class

Class of melee Dps characters
Class of melee DPS characters

This is the number one best class in Tower of Fantasy. Warrior class consists of all Simulcara that are capable of getting in there and fighting enemies face to face. Additionally, they are excellent at dealing massive amounts of Damage Per Second (DPS) while also being hard to kill themselves.

Moreover, Fighters of the Warrior Class can wreak havoc on the enemies with their high amounts of damage. They also always have some defensive abilities whether it be regeneration or shields and defenses. Furthermore, the best Simulacra of Warrior class type is King, and the absolute best weapon is The Scythe of the Crow.

King And The Scythe Of The Crow

King along with his main weapon, “The Scythe Of The Crow” makes for the best Simulcara or more simply, the best character in the Warrior Class, as well as in the whole game. This combo is absolutely unstoppable and highly recommended if you are a fan of close-quarter combat that results in the annihilation of enemies. A detailed description of King and The Scythe of the Crow is given below.


King is a “Warrior Class” melee Simulacra who likes to get up close and personal with the enemies. He is currently considered to be among the absolute best characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Moreover, King uses the element of “Fire” using his Scythe Of The Crow to burn his enemies. Additionally, like all Warrior Class Simulacra, King deals a devastating amount of DPS and plows through enemies at an extremely quick pace.

Furthermore, King has great self-sustainability with his Awakening Trait “Coldblooded Swipe“. He can heal himself for 8% of maximum health whenever he slays seven enemies. This trait is well worth the 1200 awakening points needed to unlock it.

In addition to Coldblooded Swipe, King has another Awakening Trait known as the “Fear Reaper“. Instead of 8% maximum health for every seven enemies, this new trait restores 10% maximum health for every five enemies instead. However, it is only unlocked later in the game after earning 4000 awakening points.

The Scythe Of The Crow


The Scythe of the Crow is an extremely badass Scythe covered in flames. It is recommended as the best weapon for King. Additionally, it is also the only weapon that brings out the full potential of King. The Scythe of the Crow turns King into an absolute monster.

For your comfort, we have listed everything King is capable of when wielding The Scythe of the Crow

  • Normal Attack: A combo of 5 attacks. It is capable of stacking by each dealing more damage than the last one.
  • Asunder: A damaging jump that is capable of being executed in as many as 4 different ways. It also knocks back enemies when landing.
  • Flaming Scythe: Cleanses all debuffing effects afflicting King. And then deals very high damage for 10 seconds after triggering Phantasia.
  • Domain of the Bat: A high damage attack performed after dodging.
  • Rising Scythe: Another combo of 5 attacks similar to Normal Attacks. However, this is performed in the air unlike them.
  • Mortal Coil: An ability capable of dealing insane damage.
  • Returning Chainblade: Another dash strike performed after executing a perfect dodge.
  • Flame: Enemies will get burnt for 8 seconds whenever they are hit by any fully charged attacks.

Gunslinger Class

Gunslinger Class
Gunslinger Class

This is the second-best class in the entire game. The characters in the Gunslinger class are ranged fighters with one of the highest damage outputs in the game. They have insane DPS while also being able to move all over the place due to their mobility.

Moreover, most enemies they target are dead before they even get all the way over there for the chance to attack back. Furthermore, the best Simulacra of Gunslinger class type is Samir, and the absolute best weapons are The Dual EM Stars.

Samir And The Dual EM Stars

Samir can demolish any enemy forces thrown at her when equipped with The Dual EM Stars. She is by far the best gunslinger in Tower of Fantasy capable of raining down hell upon her enemies with The Dual EM Stars. She is a ranged fighter but that in no way affects her damage output. Samir has one of the highest DPS in the entire game. She can cut down her enemies before they even get close to her.


Samir is an electrifying gunslinger, effective at dealing heavy damage from far away. Moreover, she has an amazing set of mobility skills despite being ranged. She is also very good when fighting against other players as you can easily outplay them with her insane skill cap.

Using the awakening trait known as “Trickery” your damage increases when not hit by opponents for 4 seconds. Additionally, this can stack up to four times. However, the stacks reset if you get hit. Furthermore, the second awakening trait needs 4000 points and buffs the damage increase. It is called “Shadows”.

The Dual EM Stars


The Dual EM Stars are two pistols that deal electricity damage from far away. Samira can destroy the forces of enemies while not getting hit a single time.

  • Energy Burst: When holding the attack button you can fire a never-ending barrage of bullets.
  • Volt: Fully charged attacks paralyze enemies and disable their ability to buff themselves.
  • Rising Lightning Kick: A high damage attack performed after dodging.
  • Dual Fire: A combo of 5 attacks. It is capable of stacking by each dealing more damage than the last one.
  • Bullet Rain: Another combo of 5 attacks similar to Normal Attacks. However, this is performed in the air unlike them. Additionally, each bullet consumes endurance.
  • Phantom Kick: Jumping and holding the attack button in triggers a ground-smashing attack.
  • Domain of Thunder: Cleanses all debuffing effects afflicting Meryl. And unleashes a damaging storm at the targeted location annihilating all enemies in the area. This lasts for 3.5 seconds.

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Archer Class

Archer Class Tower of Fantasy Best classes
Best ranged class

As evident by the name, Archer class is a collection of classic bow and arrow characters. This class is also among the top 3 classes in Tower of Fantasy. Archers can deal insane damage and kill enemies, especially through headshots and skills.

While also remaining safe and far away from danger. Moreover, they are the excellent backup to a frontline of allies to peel for them. Furthermore, the best Simulacra of Archer Class type is Tsubasa, and the absolute best weapon is The Icewind Arrow.

Tsubasa And The Icewind Arrow

Tsubasa is a ranged archer using her illustrious bow called The Icewind Arrow. “Hane” is another alias used for her. She is extremely observant like any skilled hunter should be and her mastery of the bow is revered as the best among all Tower of Fantasy characters.

Additionally, Tsubasa can kill her enemies from so far away that they won’t even notice what hit ’em. She can even deal AOE damage to areas from extremely long ranges which is quite surprising. Consequently, there is no one better than Tsubasa for anyone whose preference is ranged bow and arrow.


Due to her awakening trait called “Rainstorm“, Tsubasa gains a stack of ever-increasing damage on attacks each time she deals damage to enemies. This effect can stack up to 15 times and dissipates if no one is damaged within the last 15 seconds.

Moreover, this trait makes her a lot more efficient and utilizes her long-range very well. Further, like all other tier-1 awakening traits Rainstorm’s requirement for unlocking is 1200 awakening points.

Additionally, the cooldown for all her skills is very low and she can massively damage all enemies in an area, by using her ultimate ability from far away. Furthermore, her tier-2 awakening trait “Raging Waves” buffs the attack damage provided by the Rainstorm. It also increases the upper stacking limit to 30 and requires 4000 points.

The Icewind Arrow


The Icewind Arrow is a futuristic high-tech ice bow that helps Tsubasa reach her full potential. Allowing her to perform the following skills.

  • Quickdraw: A continuous damage stacking attack performed by pressing the attack button from the ground. 
  • Charged Arrow: A charged attack that deals massive damage. Further deals double damage on a headshot.
  • Explosive Barrage:  Inflicts an Icy Hailstorm on the target location dealing devastating damage and inflicting freeze. This can only be performed from Phantasia or a fully charged weapon.
  • Arrow Volley: Attacking while jumping fires an arrow barrage.
  • Arrow Rain: Deals high AOE damage in an area. 
  • Loaded Arrow: A strong arrow capable of knocking targets back. Only possible to do after dodging.
  • Piercing Shot: Three armor-piercing arrow shots after doing a backflip.
  • Ice Shell: Fully charged attacks freeze enemies for 2 seconds and inflict the status effect called “Frostbite“.

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Assassin Class

Assassin Class Tower of Fantasy Best classes
Assassin Class

The Assassin Class is one of the best classes in Tower of Fantasy. This specializes in sneaking behind and bursting enemies. They can one-shot just about anyone, given the right opportunity. Furthermore, their damage may not show as the highest because DPS is calculated in seconds but assassins can obliterate entire health bars in milliseconds.

Furthermore, the best Simulacra of Assassin class type is Shiro, and the absolute best weapon is The Chakram of the Seas.

Shiro And The Chakram of the Seas

Shiro is a DPS unit and a grievous damage Simulacra. She is an excellent scientist as well as a marine biologist who loves aquatic lifeforms. Moreover, she has made amazing advancements in making excellent gear through her work. Furthermore, even her amazingly resilient and sturdy weapon, the Chakram of the Seas, is made by herself.

She is an assassin dealing damage that inflicts “Grievous Wounds”. In addition to being the best assassin, Shiro is also considered to be the greatest in the whole grievous category. Additionally, she deals very high burst damage and also has the ability to buff her ally’s damages.


She can burst enemies down in an instant and has a plethora of utility skills. Moreover, she can increase her weapons damage, skills damage, and discharge damage as well as buff ally damage.

Furthermore, Shiro can buff her auto attack damage and all remaining damages as well using Security Alert. This damage amp effect is increased by a large margin by the second awakening trait, Red Alert.

The Chakram of the Seas

Physical 10619131165

The Chakram of the Seas is an amazing weapon and combined with Shiro it can perform these excellent skills.

  • Grievous: Fully charged attacks deal high damage and inflict a “Grievous” status effect.
  • Aerial Discharge: Three-hit combo performed mid-air.
  • Air Spin: A spinning strike that deals great damage to enemies in an area.
  • Sneak Attack: Attacking unsuspecting enemies from behind can make their entire health bar disappear.
  • Full Bloom: Creates a whirlpool of Chakram dealing massive area damage and sweeping all enemies into itself.
  • Rapid Throw: A combo of 5 auto attacks.
  • Scatter: Launches five “chakrams” at enemies.
  • Spirit of the Air: Cleanses all debuffs inflicted on Shiro and also deals massive damage to everyone. Only performed when fully charged or in Phantasia.
  • Waning Moon: A high damage attack performed after dodging. Additionally, it can stun the enemy.

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Juggernaut Class

Juggernaut Class
Juggernaut Class

The Juggernaut Class is also among the best classes in Tower of Fantasy. The characters in this class can inflict as well as soak up massive amounts of damage. They are the best class to keep frontline. Furthermore, the best Simulacra of Juggernaut/Frontline/Tank class type is Meryl, and the absolute best weapon is The Rosy Edge.

Meryl And The Rosy Edge

Meryl along with her main weapon “The Rosy Edge” makes for one of the best all-around fighters. She is an amazing character dealing devastating damage in large areas with her giant sword. Additionally, she can also fair every well in defending herself which is very useful for a fighter of the Warrior Class who is always on the frontline.

Furthermore, her special claymore called “The Rosy Edge” gives her the ability to manipulate the element of “Ïce”. With her elemental abilities, she can disable enemies for a duration. Moreover, what gives her the edge over other melee warriors is that she has the ability to break through enemy defenses while also having great self-sustain on par with King.


Meryl is a high-damage tank with remarkable battle skills and the ability to overcome any obstacles. She works well in any and all scenarios whether it be acting as a damage dealer, or keeping enemies off others by being the frontline and soaking damage.

Furthermore, Meryl has two Awakening Traits. The first one is “Cool Rose” which buffs her defensive stats and reduces the duration of any “Ice debuffs” inflicting her. And the second one called “Frosted” basically just buffs everything done by Cool Rose. Moreover, 1200 and 4000 awakening points are needed to obtain them respectively.

Rosy Edge

ElementShatterChargeAttackResist HP

Rosy Edge is an enormous ice claymore capable of cutting any enemy in half. It is also more than sturdy enough to defend Meryl and her allies from any attacks. For your comfort, we have listed everything Meryl is capable of doing with the Rosy Edge in hand.

  • Frost Barrier: Cleanses all debuffing effects afflicting Meryl. And then smashes the ground annihilating all enemies in an area. Also gets a shield for ice after triggering Phantasia
  • Moonset Slash: A damaging jump that is capable of being executed in as many as 4 different ways. It also knocks back enemies when landing.
  • Heavy Cleave: A combo of 4 attacks. It is capable of stacking by each dealing more damage than the last one.
  • Whirlwind: Meryl cannot get stunned while performing this aoe hold attack.
  • Aerial Strike: Another combo of 4 attacks similar to Normal Attacks. However, this is performed in the air unlike them.
  • Crescent Slash: A high damage attack performed after dodging.
  • Blizzard: Swings her claymore around and deals massive damage while also becoming immune to cc.
  • Sneak Attack: Attacking unsuspecting enemies from behind can make their entire health bar disappear.
  • Ice Shell: Fully charged attacks freeze enemies.
  • Devastate: Another dash strike was performed after executing a perfect dodge.

What Are Classes?

The classes in Tower of Fantasy are not premade like in other MMORPGs. The players can make different combinations from the 15 different “Simulacra”, which is just a fancy word for characters. Combining each of these 15 characters with a wide array of weapons provides us with endless possibilities to create new classes. 

Additionally, every one of these characters has its own unique kit. Including passive abilities, awakening traits, status effects, active skills, normal and special attacks (such as charged ones), elemental abilities, and ultimate abilities. When you take all of these facts into account, Any player can create “the best class in Tower of Fantasy” for themselves.

Personalizing any character you like according to your playstyle can prove to be very fun. Moreover, you develop a personal connection to the character when all of the things they do were uniquely curated by you. However, this feature has many downsides as well as it can be very tedious and complicated.

Furthermore, it can prove to be time-consuming and overall just a hassle. Therefore, we will leave it up to the players to decide whether the customization feature in classes is a plus point or a downside. It is a preference thing and the opinions on it will be divided.

Some people will be a fan of it and some will be against it. Regardless of the outcome, giving credit where credit is due, we think it was an interesting and commendable approach.

Another important thing we would like to add is, to determine the best class in Tower of Fantasy. Unlike Genshin Impact, the weapons you pair with the characters in Tower Of Fantasy are just as important as their abilities. Speaking of characters, also check out our Tower of Fantasy characters tier list as well.


Classes are a little more time-consuming than simply choosing the Warrior or Tank class you want. However, despite being tedious, they are also a lot more satisfactory than normal. You, yourself, get to design any class from scratch.

Moreover, you have complete creative control over the weapons/characters you want to add or remove. Each class is custom-made, personalized, and modified by the players themselves. They can mix and match characters with weapons to create a finalized product uniquely for themselves.

This ability to create a unique class instead of choosing a premade one offers the players endless possibilities for never-ending fun.

Let us know whether you agree or disagree with our ranking. Moreover, this ranking is just the best classes in Tower of Fantasy during the launch meta. As time goes on, there will be countless changes made to the characters, or Simulacra.

There are always numerous buffs or nerfs, especially in the first few days of any game. And considering it is an online gacha game, the complete ranking can shift in a matter of days.

Due to these reasons, we will try to keep this guide updated along with the game. However, do understand that updating can take time and our guide might lag behind the current meta in-game. Additionally, if you are a MultiVersus enjoyer check out this guide on How To Remove Attack Decay in MultiVersus.

Other Tips

Tower of Fantasy is the latest addition to a fast-growing collection of online multiplayer gacha games. These games have secured a massive audience for themselves, the biggest of whom is the Genshin Impact fanbase.

Moreover, Tower of Fantasy is predicted to be a strong competitor to Genshin Impact. And is supposed to give Genshin a hard time. However, unlike Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy does not feature the same mechanic for classes.

In contrast to Genshin Impact’s supernatural medieval setting, Tower of Fantasy offers a futuristic setting and an enhanced combat system. While it is important to know the role of characters in Tower of Fantasy, knowing which weapon is most suitable for each character is just as crucial.

Additionally, Tower of Fantasy is available on both, computer and mobile platforms. Furthermore, it is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. 

Since it is a fairly new game with new mechanics, we will also recommend reading our Beginner’s guide and best Tips & Tricks for Tower of Fantasy guide. Furthermore, be sure to check out our guide on the Top 5 best weapons and our weapon tier list to understand which weapons to keep an out for.

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