Tower Of Fantasy Best Constellations: All Locations

Read our guide about the Best Constellations in Tower of Fantasy, by taking a break from the packed main story.

Tower of Fantasy has constellations that are infused as a puzzle/mini-game. The player will stumble upon telescopes scattered across Aida, which can be used to link constellations to receive valuable rewards. 

Key Highlights
  • Tower of Fantasy features constellations as a puzzle/mini-game where players can use telescopes scattered across the game world to link constellations and receive valuable rewards
  • The main reward for completing constellations is the Black Nucleus, which can be used to make pulls in the Tower of Fantasy Gacha System
  • Completing constellations also helps players progress in the game by making it easier to beat bosses

You should complete these constellations in order to receive the Black Nucleus, which is one of the main rewards. You can use these to make pulls in the Tower of Fantasy Gacha System. Thankfully, they follow a user-friendly Pity System which makes it easier for players to pull the Best Characters and Weapons.

Once you get the best Simulacra, you can go on to beat the Bosses. Hence, the Tower of Fantasy Constellations may seem insignificant to the eye, but they initiate a crucial domino effect in the game. Getting through these constellation links by finding the telescopes will help your progress in the game.

Thus, we have come up with this article, so you can easily locate some of the Best Telescopes in Tower of Fantasy and complete the links to get XP and Black Nucleus. We have also included the locations of the smart telescopes in the game. 

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Without further ado, let’s learn a bit more about constellations. After that, we will focus on some of the Best Constellations in Tower of Fantasy along with their smart telescope locations! 

What Are Constellations 

constellations in Tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy: Constellations

In the real world, Constellations are a well-known phenomenon. It’s the formation of stars in a unique pattern that is given a distinct name. People named these constellations long ago by linking them to different animals, objects, stars, and mythical beings. And now you get to see them in Tower of Fantasy. 

Apart from the fact of how cool that is, it also yields you valuable Nuclei in the game, which can be used to make Gacha Pulls. These constellations are a puzzle/mini-game in Tower of Fantasy, which needs to be solved after locating the Smart Telescopes spread across the map.

These Telescopes won’t be that easy to come by. They are usually placed on high cliffs and away from dense areas. Therefore, you will need to make use of multiple vehicles because getting to the smart telescopes will require you to travel a lot through different terrains. 

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There are a total of 11 Telescopes in the open world. You will need to interact with them to complete the constellation links. Before we list down the best ones, here is a short list of all the constellations you can find in Tower of Fantasy, along with their regions.

  • Bootes (Navia)
  • Draco (Navia)
  • Lepus (Navia)
  • Pegasus (Crown)
  • Taurus (Crown)
  • Aquarius (Crown)
  • Virgo (Crown)
  • Leo (Warren)
  • Capricon (Warren)
  • Pisces (Warren)
  • Libra (Warren)

Some of these names would have sounded quite familiar to you. It is still amazing to think that Hotta Studio included so many Constellations within Tower of Fantasy. Once you get to these Smart Telescopes, you will be prompted to link the constellations and complete the puzzle. 

So, let’s go through a brief guide about how to solve the Smart Telescope Puzzles in the Tower of Fantasy.

How To Solve Smart Telescope Puzzles

tower of fantasy telescope puzzles
Smart Telescopes in Tower of Fantasy

Solving the smart Telescope puzzles is not that hard once you get the hang of it. Although, heading into it without any prior knowledge can possibly cause problems for players. Since there are no clear instructions or hints, it can be a bit tricky to solve. 

Luckily for you, we will include some helpful tips in this section that will make solving the telescope puzzles way easier in Tower of Fantasy. Let’s now brush over the process of completing the mini-game, considering you have already reached their location.

Once you interact with a telescope, a dialogue box will open up and will indicate that the astrological data is being loaded. After it loads up, you will enter a new screen where you will be able to see the aligned stars. You will notice some Orange Lines along with disconnected Blue Dots.

Your task is to link the orange lines with the blue dots. You will need to continue the chain, and every time a newly created link turns orange, it means that the connection is correct. If the links are wrong, the line and the dot will remain blue. Working around the constellation shape will eventually lead you to link the lines and complete the puzzle.

If you get stuck while solving the puzzle, you can also hit the ‘Reset‘ button, which will be available on the right side of your screen.

In a nutshell, you will be responsible for connecting the blue dots with the orange ones and create new orange lines in the constellation. Upon doing so, you will receive a Black Nucleus along with some XP.

Let us now reveal some of the Best Constellations to go for in Tower of Fantasy!

Best Constellations In Tower Of Fantasy

By now, you’re caught up with what constellations are and how you can solve the smart telescope puzzles in Tower of Fantasy. The stage has been perfectly set up to list down the Tower of Fantasy’s Best Constellations, along with their names and locations on the map. Our guide will make it effortless for you to find these hidden telescopes.

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As we mentioned earlier, telescopes are mostly situated on elevated lands or cliffs. Thus, you will need to use various vehicles in order to reach these spots by either climbing, flying, or riding around the map.

Here are all the Best Constellations puzzles in Tower of Fantasy. We have included relevant images which contain solved constellation shapes, along with their coordinates on the map. 


telescope draco Constellation
Draco Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (-736, -559)

The ‘Draco’ constellation’s smart telescope can be found in the south of Raincaller Island in the Navia region. Once you get close to the coordinates we mentioned above, you will notice a cliff. There is a building on top of the cliff, and the Smart Telescope is located next to it, precariously balanced on edge. 

After interacting with it, you will see a constellation shape, as we have shown above. However, it will be unsolved, and you will need to connect the dots just as the illustration shows in order to get the Black Nucleus. 


telescope pegasus Constellation
Pegasus Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (798, 511)

The next Best Constellation is the ‘Pegasus’ star formation. The smart telescope can be found in the Crown Mine region next to the Crown Omnium Tower. Pegasus Smart telescope is at the edge of a cliff close to The Lumina (an abandoned ship). The cliff-edge is quite narrow and stands out amidst the topography of the surrounding land. 

The amazing view from the location of this constellation is one of the main reasons we have included the Pegasus on our list. The shape of the constellation can be a little tricky at first sight. However, you can solve the puzzle by referring to the image above.


tower of fantasy telescope aquarius
Aquarius Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (545, 874)

Another Constellation to keep an eye out for is the ‘Aquarius’. The smart telescope to get a glimpse at the Aquarius is situated in the Crown Mines, right next to the Rose Garden, which is home to a boss called Lucia. If you’re at the Rose Garden, you will notice a narrow end of a cliff above you. That is exactly where the telescope is resting. 

So make your way to the top; the view from here is mesmerizing. On top of that, the constellation puzzle is quite fun as well. It won’t cause you too many problems, it is easy to solve, and you can also compare it to the image above for further clarity.


tower of fantasy telescope virgo
Virgo Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (988, 952)

The Virgo Constellation is our last inclusion from the Smart Telescopes located in Crown Mines. To get to the Virgo telescope, you will need to first get to The Lumina. You can see a small island to the southeast of The Lumina on the map. It won’t be difficult to reach the telescope because there won’t be much going on at the island.

The telescope will be on top of yet another cliff. Once you interact with it, there will be a compact star formation on your screen. We found solving this puzzle slightly tricky because the blue dots are so close by. However, the challenge you find in these puzzles is what makes them fun.


tower of fantasy telescope leo
Leo Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (980, -1016)

Leo is one of our favorite constellations in the Tower of Fantasy due to its unique formation. First, travel to the Fjord Cliff Spacerift in Warren Snowfield to get to the smart telescope’s spot. Follow the coordinates we gave you to traverse the snow-covered fields and arrive at the cliff’s brink. From this location, you can also view the Barbarossa‘s Den. 

Named after a lion, you will notice a disconnected shape of a mammal-like figure. For astrology fans, connecting these dots will be a smooth process. However, others can make use of the image we have included above in order to complete the constellation.


tower of fantasy telescope pisces
Pisces Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (866, -472)

Another great Constellation in Tower of Fantasy is found in Warren Snowfield. The journey toward the Pisces telescope is tougher than the other constellation locations. Initially, head south from Warren Snow Peak Spacerift. As you keep walking to the south, you will notice two icy cliffs connected by a thin bridge. Climb the cliff on the right and cross the bridge.

Once you cross the bridge, you’ll have another wall of ice in front of you. To hover over it, use your jetpack. The Smart telescope will be on your left as you ascend to the top of the icy cliff. You can refer to the coordinates mentioned above for further assistance. 

The Pisces Constellation is a depiction of two fish facing different directions. Hence, the star formation will be spread apart once you interact with the telescope, but you can use the image inserted above to find the solution for the Pisces Telescope Puzzle.


telescope libra Constellation
Libra Constellation

Coordinates on the map: (780, -345)

The final addition to our list of the top Constellations in Tower of Fantasy is the Libra telescope. You can find it in the Warren Snowfield after completing the Leo and Pisces Star formations. The smart telescope is situated right next to the tip of Crown Mines that touches Warren Snowfield (you can check this on your map). 

There are two methods to make your way to the coordinates of the Libra telescope. You can either glide your way down using your jetpack from the Crown Mines mountain. Or you could either climb your way up from within the Warren Snowfield.

Either way, the smart telescope is quite easy to get to as compared to some other telescopes. The puzzle itself is pretty simple, too, making it a straightforward way of getting your hands on a Black Nucleus.

When Do The Constellations Unlock?

Fortunately, there is nothing you need to do in order to unlock these astronomical puzzles in Tower of Fantasy. Since they’re added as an exploration feature, the player can interact with them regardless of where they stand in the plotline. Although, it is important to complete the initial missions at the Astra Shelter.

Once you get access to the open world, then you can reach any of the telescopes, depending on the region. The telescopes in Navia will be accessible right after the Astra Shelter story missions, and then as you unlock more areas, you will get to the other smart telescopes in Tower of Fantasy.


So there you have it! Our engaging guide about Tower of Fantasy Best Constellations. Once you wrap up the initial missions at Astra Shelter, feel free to explore the vast lands of Aida. During your journey, make sure to interact with these smart telescopes to get a Black Nucleus as a reward. 

In our guide, we have included the basics about constellations along with how to solve and unlock them in Tower of Fantasy. We hope you had fun while reading through our article. Be sure to stick around at eXputer to learn more stuff about your favorite games, especially Tower of Fantasy!

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