Tower Of Fantasy Best DPS Characters [Top 6]

There are some best DPS Characters with deadly weapon skills in Tower of Fantasy for players to play with.

Players in the Tower of Fantasy can equip themselves with three different weapons at the same time. There are three types of roles available in-game, these are DPS – Damage dealer in the team, Shield Breakers or Shield Shredders, and Support – Buffer or Healer. With that being said, in this guide, we will cover all the Best DPS players in Tower of Fantasy.

Key Highlights
  • Starting with Samir. Her Dual EM Stars pistols do a great deal of damage in certain ranges. Using her in concentration mode is truly getting the best out of her. She has a shatter and charge rate of 6 and 10.7 respectively.
  • The next on our list is King. His weapon Scythe is what makes him one of the best. He can fire up enemies with the Scythe anytime while breaking shields. King has a DPS-fire shatter of 12.50 and a Charge rate of 5.0.
  • Next, we have Crow. He is one of the deadliest with DPS-Electric. Crow has a charge and shatter of 8 and 6 respectively. He also throws sharp blades which makes him even deadlier in business.
  • Tsubasa is next on the list with DPS-Ice. She has a shatter and charge rate of 4.0 and 11.50 respectively. She can freeze the enemy with her Ice element to give players more time to settle and attack.
  • Next, we have Echo with DPS-Electric. With Shatter (11.0) and Charge (7.0), she can do all the damage to enemies with great impact. She can electrify the enemy for 6 seconds with her Thundering Halberd.
  • The last one on our list is Hilda. She can be more helpful at the start with her DPS-Ice Shatter and charge of 10. She can freeze and break shields with her Terminator anytime in the game.

Before we begin, let’s check out some quick details about the Characters in Tower of Fantasy:

CharactersWeaponTypeCrit/ResistanceCombat StrengthShatterChargeAttackAttacks/Skills
SamirDual EM StarsVolt14.0272.06.010.718.0Dual Fire, Bullet Rain, Energy Burst
KingScythe of the CrowFlame6.0272. Scythe, Asunder, Sneak Attack
CrowThunderbladesVolt14.0272. Blades, Sky Flurry, Rapid Lunge
TsubasaIcewind ArrowIce shell14.0272.04.011.518.0Quickdraw, Charged Arrow, Arrow Rain
EchoThundering HalberdVolt3. Strike, Crashing Dive, Spear Flurry
HildaTerminatorIce shell2. Attack, Turret

1. Samir

WeaponDual EM Stars
Combat Strength272
SkillsDual Fire, Bullet Rain, Energy Burst

Samir is arguably one of the best DPS/ damage dealers in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, Samir’s Duel EM Stars pistols can do a huge amount of damage to enemies from a certain range. Along with that, it gives great mobility to boot.

The great about her is when she is in concentration mode, it increases her damage-doing ability but on the condition that she shouldn’t get hit. All these qualities make Samir a great character when it comes to DPS. 

Samir in Tower of Fantasy
Best DPS character Samir

Also, Samir has DPS Electric. Shatter 6.00/Charge 10.70 and that makes her really power full. Due to her lighting attacks and enormous area damage, she is able to remove buffs of enemies and make them weaker.

Furthermore, when Samir is at 6 stars, her attacks are even more dangerous, and the abilities of Samir last longer too. 

2. King

WeaponScythe of the Crow
Combat Strength272
SkillsRising Scythe, Asunder, Sneak Attack

When it comes to a damage dealer, King’s Scythe has great AOE potential as it is wide and does sweeping blows. That makes King a great character at doing damage. Moreover, his Scythe can also do fire damage, break shields, and clear the room of enemies.

His affiliation with the Fire element makes his presence a menace for the opponents, especially in close combat scenarios.

King in Tower of Fantasy
Best DPS players King in Tower of Fantasy

He has a brash attitude and mesmerizing clothes, which shows his great personality. Furthermore, his Sychte brings out damage and diversity to the battlefield that cuts through the opponents, great for PvP and PvE too. 

Keep in mind, that King might not be as good as Samir, but if you can get him through your gacha, then you should consider yourself lucky. Especially in the early hours of the game, it would be great having King on your side. Having amazing qualities like DPS-Fire Shatter 12.50/Charge 5.0 makes King a really powerful player.

3. Crow

Combat Strength272
SkillsTwin Blades, Sky Flurry, Rapid Lunge

Having DPS-Electric. Shatter 6.0/Charge 8.0 makes Crow a deadlier character in-game. Thunder blades make Crow not only make him look cool but powerful too. Furthermore, he is a face-paced melee damage dealer, his ability to throw sharp blades that cut through the enemies is dangerous.

That Exceptional Prowess makes Crow one of the Best DPS in Tower of Fantasy. He also has great dagger tricks to fascinate you and a pride and joy dagger collection too. 

Crow in Tower of Fantasy
Crow one of the Best DPS character

Keep in mind, that his blades are not only good at killing enemies but can also pierce through the shields and break them. His sharp blades with electrical powers can cut through almost anything! He is a rogue sort of character, he has the ability to damage enemies in close combat and is really helpful in PvP.

Additionally, he can do great damage too, in case you are considering him for PvE too. It is recommended by us to use him when you are facing a single target, as he will never miss his target with his deadly blades.

4. Tsubasa

TypeIce Shell
WeaponIcewind Arrow
Combat Strength272
SkillsQuickdraw, Charged Arrow, Arrow Rain

Her character is Ice-based with an amazing arrow in her hand and she has DPS – Ice. Shatter 4.00/ Charge 11.50. Moreover, Tsubasa‘s weapons skill is incredible and has great discharge attacks too.

Also, she can freeze the enemies easily, which gives players enough time to charge up and huge damage attacks. This is where her character truly shines and makes her a great damage dealer on the team.

Tsubasa Character in Tower of Fantasy
Tsubasa best DPS character in Tower of Fantasy

It is true that her character does not have much power. But if you spend some time upgrading Tsubasa it is totally worth it. The ultimate attack of her has huge AoE potential, and it takes less cooldown time too. As a traditional archer, her playstyle is very similar to the marksman kind.

Tsubasa also uses wind to shoot arrows in the perfect direction. That is why, it is a little hard to play her on mobile, controlling her attacks might not be easy.  

5. Echo

WeaponThundering Halberd
Combat Strength47
SkillsJumping Strike, Crashing Dive, Spear Flurry

She has the ability to do a fair amount of electrical damage with her Thundering Halberd to the opponents. Moreover, having DPS- Electric Shatter 11.0/ Charge 7.0 makes her great addition to the team as a damage dealer. Not only that, her slick aerial combos are deadly when fighting enemies.

Echo in Tower of Fantasy
Echo Character in-game

 It is recommended to keep Echo in your team, she will be really helpful. Especially when you come across bosses, especially in the early stages of the game. Players should fully charge the weapon that will paralyze enemies for nearly 1 second and electrify them for 6 seconds. Using this technique gives a great advantage to the players at winning. 

6. Hilda

TypeIce Shell
Combat Strength47
SkillsNormal Attack, Turret

Taking a first look at Hilda’s appearance you will see her with a huge gun, but it doesn’t do much damage. It is really a letdown to know that such a big gun is not really powerful. However, at the beginning of Tower of Fantasy, Hilda is really needed and that is why we have added her to our Best DPS list.

Moreover, she also has great abilities when it comes to breaking shields. Not only that she can also freeze the enemies, so it’s a good pick for new players.

Hilda in Tower of Fantasy
Hilda’s Character in Tower of Fantasy

Players should know that her cannon which is known as The Terminator shoots down and freezes the enemies. Her weapons do the damage of DPS – Ice Shatter 10.0/Charge 10, which makes her good addition to the team as a damage dealer.

It is recommended to fully charge the weapons and then attack it will freeze the target for up to 2 seconds and frostbitten for 6 seconds. Correctly using the abilities of Hilda will make winning against enemies easy for you. 

Final Words

Tower of Fantasy is a fascinating game and it is very similar to Genshin Impact. In this article, we have mentioned all the best DPS characters. Moreover, we have also discussed we they are the best, and how players can use them smartly to get the most kills.

While some of the characters are really great at damaging foes, some are not so good. However, with correct strategies and upgradation, we can make every character powerful and fun to play with. Keep in mind, that it also depends upon the players to select the character according to their needs and preference. We hope that the article helps you select the best DPS character for your gameplay. 

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