Tower Of Fantasy BEST Equipment [All Parts]

To become unstoppable in Tower of Fantasy, you must read our guide about the Best Equipment in the game!

Equipment in Tower of Fantasy does the work of armor gear. A player can equip up to 8 items of armor, and each piece boosts up the stats of your Simulacra. Therefore, it’s essential to get your hands on the Best Equipment in Tower of Fantasy so that you can easily deal with more damage and reduce damage intake. Our guide will help you get familiar with everything related to Equipment in Tower of Fantasy. By the end of it all, you will have a clear understanding of the items and will know the Best Armor to get for your character.

Key Highlights
  • Having good equipment is important because it will determine how much attack power, defense, and resistance you will be increasing for your characters to progress further.
  • Tower Of Fantasy has many pieces of equipment to choose from, ranging in rarity and pieces, The slots of equipment being:
    • Head and Shoulders
    • Chest and Wrists
    • Gloves and Belts
    • Legs and Boots
  • The rarities of this equipment can be determined by color, those colors are:
    • Grey (Most Common)
    • Green (A little less common)
    • Blue (A little rare and decent)
    • Purple (Rare and very good)
    • Golden (Very rare and the best)
  • There are many sets of equipment players can choose from but the best one has to be the “Fortress Set“, the stats of each piece in the Fortress set are:
    • Head Piece (6000 HP with 112 Attack)
    • Shoulders (5400 HP with 120 Attack)
    • Chest Piece (8600 HP with 100 Resistance)
    • Wrists (5400 HP with 120 Attack)
    • Gloves (Attack 72 with Crit 170)
    • Belt (8600 HP with 100 Resistance)
    • Legs (8600 HP with 100 Resistance)
    • Boots (5400 HP with 120 Attack)
  • These are just their base stats and you can increase them further by either Enhancing them or Advancing them.
  • The best method to grind this equipment in Tower Of Fantasy has to be Joint Operations which cost Vitality per run.

Let’s now review all the information we have accumulated about Equipment. We will go through their types, the best options, where to get them, and how to upgrade them.

Types Of Equipment In Tower Of Fantasy

tower of fantasy equipment type
Types & Slots of Equipment

Equipment/Armor comes in wide varieties in Tower of Fantasy. The game offers multiple options to choose from. On top of that, you can equip up to 8 armor pieces at a time. By equipping these items, your character’s Combat Strength will increase, and so will your Resistance and Defense

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Other than that, armor items also provide additional benefits that can be crucial for players. We will go into the depth of the Equipment in the next section. For now, let’s learn about the Types and Slots of Equipment in Tower of Fantasy.

Here are the available Slots of Equipment you will see in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Head
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Wrists
  • Gloves 
  • Belt
  • Legs
  • Boots

Each of these eight slots can be filled up with an Equipment item. So if you somehow get eight pieces for every slot, then your Simulacra will get a massive boost in their stats. Hence, collecting armor and equipping them in your playthrough should be a priority.

Apart from slots, there are Types of Armor you can find across Aida. Tower of Fantasy features multiple types/rarities of equipment. You can figure out the type of armor by looking at its color. The color is an indication of the rarity of that particular piece of armor. 

So here are some of the Types of Armor in Tower of Fantasy. Ranked from Worst to Best Rarity. 

  • Grey: Explorer
  • Green: Vanguard
  • Blue: Falcon
  • Purple: Elite
  • Golden: Fortress

Here are all the rare colors you’ll come across in Aida. We have also mentioned their relevant set names as well. The Grey set is called Explorer, and it is the most common equipment in Tower of Fantasy. Whereas, The Golden set called Fortress is the rarest Armor the player can get in the game.

Now that you’re fully aware of the Equipment Slots along with the Rarity of Armor in Tower of Fantasy. We can now narrow down the Best Equipment you can get for your simulacra.

Best Equipment In Tower Of Fantasy

best armor tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy: Best Equipment

When it comes to RPGs, the best armor is usually the rarest one, which in this case, is the Fortress Set. Although there are some other great equipment options that offer great buffs, yet, the Golden armor takes the stage with ease. Regardless of that, we will cover each Equipment slot and name down two of the best equipment along with their stats.


First and foremost, we have the Head slot, which can be filled with five different helmets in each category. However, we have only chosen two of them that make it to our Best Helmet in the Tower of Fantasy list. Having good headgear can make your simulacra concede less damage and get vital information about certain enemies. 

Our first pick has to be the Fortress Helm. The badass helmet has a base Gear Score of 375 and 6000 HP. Which are the most you will come across with any helmet in Tower of Fantasy. Its Attack stat stands at 112. It offers great protection and is by far the best you could get in the game. In a nutshell, it’s a fully sealed helmet that provides defense, circulation, and information handling.

Apart from that, you can also go for the Elite Combat Helmet. The purple helmet belongs to the SR rarity and has an HP of 3407, a Gear Score of 212, and an Attack stat of 63. It’s an advanced helmet equipped with enemy identification and aim assist.


You can also equip an armor piece on your shoulders to get that extra boost in defense along with some unique abilities. Despite having many great options, here are the Best Two Shoulderguards according to us in Tower of Fantasy.

The Fortress Spaulders are the sturdiest shoulder guards you will come across in the game. It has a base Gear Score of 375 and a 120 Attack. The Spaulders are SSR rarity and pack a whooping 5400 HP. The player’s shoulders and neck are perfectly protected by the robust and bulletproof material.

Trailing behind the spaulders are the Elite Shoulderguards. Since these are SR rarity, they are comparatively easier to get. It has a base Gear Score of 212, with 3066 HP and 68 Attacks. The shoulder guards have a deflection shield generator which does a great job of protecting the character’s shoulders and neck.


The Chestplates or body armor is the most crucial part to protect in games. Most of the stat boost comes due to these pieces. Tower of Fantasy offers some great Chest Armor. However, we could only pick two of the best. So let’s get into them right away.

First up, we have the SSR Fortress Armor. It is by far one of the rarest armor pieces in the game. It packs a massive 8600 HP along with a 375 Gear Score. On top of that, the player will get +100 Resistance when the Armor is equipped. The Chest piece is developed by Hykros after years of research, which shows how good it is.

The Elite Combat Suit is the next Best Equipment option in Tower of Fantasy. The SR chest piece has an HP of 4884, along with 56 Resistance. The Elite Combat Armor has a base Gear Score of 212. It’s the standard chest equipment used by the Hykros Special Forces.


Moving on, we have the Wrist slot in the Equipment section that you can fill up by choosing one of the armbands from the given 5 choices. Of course, it totally depends on what you have in your inventory. Despite that, we will list down the Best two options you can get for your Wrist Equipment. 

The Fortress Bracers are the highest-rarity Armbands available in the game. Which automatically makes them the best choice for any player. It has a 5400 HP and an Attack of 120. The SSR Wrist Equipment has a Gear Score of 375 and is highly protective and lightweight. They were initially crafted for the Special Ops Team. 

The Falcon Wristbands are another great shout when it comes to Wrist protection in Tower of Fantasy. They have a base Gear Score of 193 and a 1533 HP. The Attack stat stands at 34 on these wristbands. Even though it belongs to the R rarity, it’s still a great option to go for until you get Fortress Bracers. 


Gloves are another important piece of Equipment in Tower of Fantasy. Not only do they boost Attack, but they also increase the Crit stat for you, Simulacra. Without further ado, here are the best two picks for Gloves in Tower of Fantasy. 

The Elite Gloves take the podium on this one. The wearer can connect oneself to metallic surfaces thanks to magnetization modules installed into the Elite Gloves. They have a base Gear Score of 212, Attack 72, and Crit 170. On top of all that, they belong to the SR rarity, which means they can be a bit tough to acquire.

Secondly, we have the Fortress Handguards belonging to the SSR rarity. They have far superior stats as compared to the Elite Gloves. It has a base Gear Score of 375, HP 127, and Crit 300. With these heavy-duty handguards, you can wield any type of weapon in the game. However, the additional ability found in Elite Gloves makes it a better choice overall. 


Moving on to the lower body section, we have the Belt slot. The Belt Equipment helps add further resistance to your character. Additionally, it has the ability to increase defense greatly. Here are the top two picks for the Best Belt in Tower of Fantasy. 

The Fortress Belt is simply the best one you can get your hands on. With that amazing +100 Resistance, it is extremely hard to top. Apart from that, it has an 8600 HP and a base Gear Score of 375. The SSR Belt features a lot of sensors that help transfer data to the Armor’s information handling unit. 

The second pick has to be the Elite Combat Belt or the Falcon Belt. The Elite Combat Belt has 4884 HP and 56 Resistance and is designed with various module slots to tackle different scenarios. Whereas the Falcon Belt has 2442 HP and 28 Resistance. It does offer some low stats, but it contains a micro-sensor that helps monitor the character’s vital levels.


By covering up your Simulacra’s legs, you will gain additional guaranteed resistance. There are up to five options to choose from; obviously, you’ll need to acquire them first. Here are our Best Leggings in Tower of Fantasy that you can go for.

The Fortress Legguards offer mobility as well as heavy fortress defense. This is great since you will face some difficult enemies as you progress through the game. The SSR Legguards have a base Gear Score of 375, also an 8600 HP. Most prominently, it will provide you with +100 Resistance

Other than that, you can also opt for the Elite Combat Leggings. With 4884 HP and 56 Resistance, they belong to the SR Rarity. Apart from that, they have a base Gear Score of 212 and have complex armor modules installed at the joints, which offers great assistance during battle.


Last but not least, we have the Boots slot in the Equipment section. Once you fill up the Boots slot, your armor set will be complete, and you can roll through Aida with ease. So here are some of the best options you can go for when picking Boots Equipment for your character. 

If you’re planning to go for the Best Boots in Tower of Fantasy, then Fortress Sabatons should be your goal. The SSR rarity footwear comes with 5400 HP and 120 Attack. Just by the looks of the boot, you can tell how protective they are. Once you have these, along with all the previously mentioned Equipment, you’ll become unstoppable.

The Elite Combat Boots are the second best choice to get for your foot Equipment. They come with 3066 HP and 68 Resistance. It has an impressive Gear Score of 212. Your character will be agile on the battlefield with these on. 

How To Upgrade Armor Equipment?

tower of fantasy equipment enhancement
Enhancing Equipment

Another great thing about Tower of Fantasy Equipment is that they are upgradeable. There are two ways to upgrade the Equipment gear, which are; Enhancing or Advancing. Using these two methods, you can boost your equipment and add further increase to your stats.

By Enhancing equipment, you can raise its base stats and keep those buffs even if you switch out the item. This is quite easy to do; all you need to do is pick an Armor item and press the ‘Enhance Menu’ button. Here you will notice a big golden button with ‘Enhance’ written on it. Enhancing your weapon will cost you money. 

However, it offers increased buffs. So whenever you have some extra cash in hand, be sure to enhance your equipment!

Advancing your Equipment will be exclusive to that particular Armor piece. Therefore, unlike Enhancing upgrades, these buffs will not get carried to the other items. So whenever you’re doing it, you need to make sure you’re advancing the equipment of your choice since it cannot be reverted. 

You can advance your equipment by going to the ‘Enhance Menu’. Here you will notice ‘Advancement’ written at the bottom, click it, and it will show you a blue button that can be pressed to activate the advancement. Although, make sure you have all the required materials to Advance your equipment in Tower of Fantasy.

These are the two ways in which you can upgrade your equipment in Tower of Fantasy. It’s important to know that the Advancements are applied to a single item. 

Where To Find Equipment In Tower Of Fantasy?

tower of fantasy joint operation
Joint Operation

One question still remains, where can you find equipment in Tower of Fantasy? Firstly, we have to make one thing clear. To get the Best Equipment in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to do some grinding in the game. However, the items are definitely worth the grind. Nonetheless, there are a few ways in which you can get your hands on some of the best gear in the game. 

Without any further delays, here are some of the methods by which you can Get Equipment in Tower of Fantasy. 

  • Joint Operations: This is by far the best method for rare farm Equipment in Tower of Fantasy. You can hop into Joint Operations with your friends or strangers and begin taking on missions to earn some rewards. The higher the level of the Joint Operation is, the rarer the reward will be.
  • Frontier Clash: An activity mode that occurs three times each week. You can take part in these and get the chance to win some Equipment.
  • Ruins: Some of the Ruin Dungeons will also offer Equipment upon successful completion. It is a good source for Blue-rarity Armor.
  • Upgrade Crew Stores: If you are part of a high-level crew, you can make use of its store and purchase Equipment by using Crew Points.
  • Password Chests: You will stumble upon Password Chests during your adventures across Aida. Once you open them, there is a slight chance of pulling Equipment. You can get Purple Armor if you’re level 35 or above. For Gold Armor, you need to be above Level 55.

These were the methods that you can utilize to get some Equipment in Tower of Fantasy. Joint Operations is by far the best way to get your hands on the Best Equipment, and the process is a lot more fun too. In case you’re aiming for Fortress Equipment Set, try playing the Deepsea Stronghold or Deepsea Proving Ground.


With that, we reach the end of our detailed guide about the Tower of Fantasy Equipment. We guarantee you that by equipping the best armor, you will become an unstoppable force in Aida. Therefore, make sure to try getting the Best Equipment in Tower of Fantasy to begin your domination!

We hope you learned some valuable stuff from our guide. Be sure to stick around to learn a lot more stuff about Tower of Fantasy.

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