Tower Of Fantasy BEST EU Server: How To Select

To ensure ideal game play, it is important to pick best Europe server in Tower of Fantasy

It is important for players in most games to select the best server to have the ultimate fun in-game. Keep in mind that there are tons of factors that matter when it comes to the selection of a server in a video game. Remember, if you select the wrong server, then you may not see a good player base or latency. With that being today, we will especially discuss how you can choose the best EU server in Tower of Fantasy

Key Highlights
  • With Tower of Fantasy, gamers have a ton of options when choosing a server. You can select one from a wide range of places and areas.
  • It’s ideal for you to select the server closest to your current residence.
  • Always consider the server’s health account, search for the host with the strongest network connection, and confirm that it is not undergoing any development or hot patches.
  • Ensure that you join a server with players that share your language.
  • Remember that you must all belong to the same server even if you wish to play alongside your buddies. You need to look at the state of the server, the area, and the ping, among many other things.

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Selecting Best Server In Tower Of Fantasy

There are tons of options available for players to select the server in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, there is a big list of all the locations and regions that are available to choose from. On top of that, developers have done an excellent job of distributing the content on all servers equally. However, for new players, it is still confusing to pick the server to have an ideal gaming experience.

Remember, players, are put into the default server at the start of your gameplay. Anyway, players can avoid it by selecting the server option, which is below the character creation. Keep in mind, as said before, if you select a different server from your friends, you won’t be able to play with them.

Tower of Fantasy
EU Servers

Suppose you choose a best Europe server and your friends, on the other hand, have selected a North American server, then you will not be able to join raids and mission invites. That is why you must first communicate with your friends so that you can join the game together and play as a team. Even if you are a streamer, you must choose a specific server that would be best according to your region.

Moreover, if players have joined a random server and now wish to transfer their character to a new one, they can do it. However, the transfer is free only for the first time; after that, you will be required to pay for it with in-game currency.

How To Select Best EU Server In Tower Of Fantasy

There are four global regions presently available in-game for players to join, and these are North America (NA), South America (SA), Europe (EU), and Japan(JP). Moreover, it is best for you to choose the server where you currently live. Suppose you are living in Europe, then it is best for you to pick a server that is EU region to get better Ping and Latency in Tower Of Fantasy.

Normal Ping And Lag

In online games, Ping and Lag have an immense impact on the gameplay. Going into a fight lagging, you won’t be able to see the enemy clearly and won’t be able to damage him. This leads players to rage quit, and they get anxious and angry, which further makes them never play the game again.

That is why if you are from the EU, then you should never join a NA server; you will get a high ping and will be lagging. Moreover, each and every second matters a lot in online games, you have to be vigilant, and lagging will slow you down. So make sure you pick the right server where you will get minimum lag. Otherwise, it will be impossible to have ideal gameplay with heavy ping.

Status Of Server 

Remember always consider the health of the server, look out for the server with the best network connection and make sure it’s not under hot fixes or any sort of development. In Tower of Fantasy, server health is divided into four categories these are Smooth, Maintenance, Hot, and Queue. Keep in mind that you should always select the server which has Smooth health in your region.

Keep in mind that if the server has a Gray color, then it is under maintenance, and if it has Green, then it’s open to playing. Similarly Yellow color indicates that the server is heavily populated. You might even see Red color, which means it is full, so you must wait in a queue.

Status of Server in Tower of Fantasy

Moreover, the health of servers is pretty self-explanatory when you take a first glance at their names. Suppose if a specific server is under Maintenance, then it is clear that it’s offline by developers, and they are making changes to it.

On the other hand, Smooth means that the server is normally functioning, and players will not see any problems while playing in it. Moreover, it also depicts that the particular server is ideal for online gaming in Tower of Fantasy.

Meanwhile, if you see a Hot server, then that means the server is going to reach its full capacity of the player population, and then it may affect the gameplay of players.

You would see Queue servers too in-game, well, which means that the particular server has reached its maximum capacity. Now, if you wish to join the server, then you have to wait in Queue to join it. It will take a little time, but then you will be able to join it and have fun!   

Language Barrier

While playing Tower of Fantasy, make sure you join the server where players speak the same language as you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to communicate with your guild, and then you will face difficulties defeating the opponents.

It would be great if you join the server where a majority of players speak the same language as yours. Moreover, even better, if you are multi-lingual, then you have the advantage over picking the right server.

Meanwhile, even play with your friends so that all of you join the server if you wish to play together. Furthermore, you might even progress into the game and later realize that you can’t fight the world bosses together. It will become a solo game until the server allows you to change, which could take a lot of time, so be careful. 

EU Server List

Keep in mind that there are various European servers available for players to join. However, it depends upon the people which server would be able to give them the ideal gameplay that they are looking for. Below we will mention all the EU servers that are currently available in-game. Also, we have already discussed above how you can select the best Europe server in Tower of Fantasy. 

1. Alimanium
2. Alintheus
3. Andoes
4. Astora
5. Babel
6. Blumous
7. Cosmos
8. Dyrnwyn
9. Elypium
10. Espoir IV
11. Estrela
12. Ether
13. Futuria
15. Insoumis
16. Kuura
17. Lycoris
18. Lyramiel
19. Magia Przygoda Aida
20. Olivine
21. Ommium Prime
22. Anomora
23. Celestrialrise
24. Excalibur
25. Turmus
26. Magenta
27. Ex Nihilor
28. Iter

Final Words

Selecting the Best Server or Europe server in the game could be overwhelming for new players especially. That is because, at the start, most of them are already filled with players. Also, if you end up joining the wrong one, then you will regret it a lot.

Keep in mind that even if you want to play with your friends, then all of you must be on the same server. Many other factors also matter; you have to check the status of the server, region, and ping.

Joining any server from any other region will not be a good idea; you will probably have high lag and players with a different language than yours. Fortunately for you, in this guide, we have discussed all the things that you should know before picking any server in Tower of Fantasy.  


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If you are planning on playing Tower of Fantasy with your friends, then you must be careful on selecting the server. In any case, if your friends have joined a different server than yours, then you won’t be able to play with them. That is why choosing the proper server is very important.  

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