5 BEST F2P Teams in Tower of Fantasy

This guide contains list of best F2P teams for all elements along with each characters' substitute

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world free-to-play action RPG with a variety of characteristics known as Simulacra. There are different elements present, such as Frost, Fire, Volt, and Physical. In order to get the best F2P team in Tower of Fantasy, you will have to make sure that all characters in it synergize well and has good chemistry.

Key Highlights
  • 3-star Lin and Marc are the best F2P characters and qualify as must-haves for any team. This guide has details for the mentioned characters.
  • Saki Fuwa is a must-have for a F2P Frost team, followed by Frigg, Tsubasa, and Lin as the best options. Lastly, Marc and Claudia are good fits. Meryl can also work well.
  • For the F2P Fire team, Ruby is a must, and it’s best to have Cobalt-B, Lin, or Marc. Then Tsubasa and Claudia fit well. Alternatively, you can also use King and Zero.
  • You must use Nemesis for the F2P Volt team, then Bai Yuekui, Lin, and Marc are your best options. Samir, Crow, Claudia, and Tsubasa also work with this team.
  • The must-have for the best F2P Physical team is Lyra or Claudia. Lin or Marc are the best options and Tsubasa can also be a good fit. Shiro works as a substitute for Lyra as well.
  • If you don’t want a specific class/element, the best element-free F2P team will be King, Samir, and Tsubasa.

BEST F2P Teams in Tower Of Fantasy

You will find some players buying the battle pass and other things from the store to level up faster and improve their team composition. If you are not one of those and prefer grinding Tower of Fantasy to have the best F2P team, then we got you covered.

Since the game is rather new, there are a lot of ways through which you can cheat the system, ethically, though. We have got the best F2P teams meta that you can use in Tower of Fantasy to win the battles easily. Rather than coming up with only one best team, we have built various best teams based on each element.

However, keep in mind that if you are in the early stages of the game for quite some time, you will be stuck with one element. Each best F2P team will cost you the in-game currency of Tower of Fantasy, if not the real one. For starting, you need to choose one of the following we mention, and once you have enough experience, you can start exploring the other elements.

The list contains characters in a series. It is possible that you might not have a certain character, so we have also mentioned another which can replace it. Some characters are overpowered but only available in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy. Therefore we have also provided a substitute for them.

The Must-Have Characters

Moreover, there are two characters that you must have, and they are Lin and Marc.


Lin will fit in every single best team. The reason for her flexibility is that she has the ability of two different themes. So, in her build, two abilities will be of the same element, and the third one will be an off element.

Lin has a decent shatter and charge, both of which are 11.50. Her element is Aberration which is sort of her own element. Aberration will leave a mark on an enemy in the next attack once the weapon fully charges.

The mark will explode after five seconds, and the explosion will deal twenty-five percent damage during the marked period. Only one mark can exist at a time, and the damage can exceed up to 560% of ATK.

Her weapon mastery can be activated when you are using different weapons. Once it is activated, you will see around the target Nightblooms appear randomly. They will deal sixty percent AoE damage by exploding between one to three seconds.

We recommend you get Lin to three stars, ideally. It will reduce her spawn time of Nightblooms by 0.3 seconds. The Nightblooms will be attachable to the enemy targets. Moreover, her skill, called the Lunar Reflection, will also increase in duration by twenty seconds.


We mainly include Marc in most of the best F2P teams because he is currently broken in high-end tier play in Tower of Fantasy. It is mainly due to his Mecha Form, which gains him a physical damage reduction of fifty percent. On top of it, he has an Omni shield which increases the overall survivability of your team.

Upgrading Marc to three stars will make him more aggressive in fights. Whenever his Omni shield breaks or refreshes, the final damage will increase by thirty-five percent for twenty seconds. However, you will not be able to stack it.

Best Frost F2P Team

Tower of Fantasy: Best Frost F2P Team
Best F2P Team for Frost

You will need the following characters in your best F2P frost team. It is recommended to increase the stars of each character as much as you can. However, they are good to go even if they have a one star.

Saki Fuwa – A Must Have

The first Simulacra in the best F2P team for frost in Tower of Fantasy is Saki Fuwa. She has an element of ice with an amazing shatter of 13.90 and a charge of 8.00, and she is must to have in team composition. You will be using her as a shield breaker. If you have her with zero stars, it is not an issue. However, we will recommend you try to get her three stars.

When she uses the flowing heart at three stars, the damage of the Sword Shadow will increase to nine hundred percent of Ice ATK. The damage is quite heavy, and no matter which tank character is in front of her, the shield will break easily.

Frigg – Best To Have

The next character who is best to have in the team composition is Frigg. You will not be using her to break the shields or open their defense. Rather, you will be using her to deal an insane amount of damage. Her element is Ice, and she has a shatter and charge of 8. She has the ability to freeze a target for two seconds when her weapon fully charges and leave it for six seconds frostbitten.

By breaking the ice shell, the additional damage increases up to 151% of ATK, and the target’s charge rate is reduced by 50%. Frigg is optimal even at one star. At one star, every time in the frost domain, you receive 550% of Frost ATK of damage, then Frigg will gain one frostiness point. She can stack the frostiness points up to ten.

Enemies will deal damage equal to Frost ATK times Frostiness Points times 95% of blast damage once the frost domain ends. However, every time Frigg leaves the frost domain, she loses a frostiness point after every three seconds.

Tsubasa – Second Best To Have

You will find Tsubasa helpful in providing the attack buff at one star. At one star, she will be granted a stack of Sharp Arrow each time the arrow hits a target when fired by a dodge attack. You can stack it up to three times, and each stack will increase the damage for fifteen seconds by five percent.

Moreover, Tsubasa is one of the starting characters in Tower of Fantasy. Therefore, you can take her up to six stars easily over time. Her element is also Ice with a shatter of 4.00 and an amazing charge of 11.50. You can play her as a supporting character or as your DPS. For more details on Tsubasa, consider reading our Tower Of Fantasy Tsubasa.

Lin – Third Best To Have

We have mentioned details of Lin earlier. Please refer to that.

Marc – Good Fit

We have mentioned Marc in detail earlier as well. Please refer to that.

Claudia – Second Good Fit

Her element is physical, and she has a shatter of 7.50 and a good amount of charge equal to 12.00. She will inflict damage equal to 137% of ATK on the next attack when her weapon charges fully. The target will become grievous for seven seconds and end up taking twenty percent extra damage.

She is great even at one star because every time a discharge skill or a skill hits a target, a stack of damage boost is received. The stack will increase the damage dealt for twenty-five seconds by eight percent. You can stack the damage boost by up to three times.

Meryl – Can Have

She has an element of Ice, with a charge of 4.00 and 12.00 as shatter. With one star, you will be able to restore ten percent of your HP after breaking your target’s shield and increase the shatter by fifteen percent. If you don’t have any characters mentioned above, then go for Meryl. She is a good character on her own in Tower of Fantasy, but we prefer using Saki Fuwa in the best F2P frost team.

Best Fire F2P Team

Tower of Fantasy Best f2p Team: Fire
Best F2P Team for Fire

The best Fire F2P team in Tower of Fantasy is pretty simple. Moreover, compared to other teams, you will require the minimum star for its characters. So, if you are new to the game, you should try this one out.

Ruby – Must Have

You definitely need to have Ruby in your fire team composition. Her element is flame, with a charge of 8.00 and 11.50 as shatter. She is great at even 0 stars. However, if you are able to upgrade her, we recommend taking her up to five stars.

The shatter will increase by twenty-five percent, and a seventy-five weapon charge is restored whenever Sparky’s basic attack hits an enemy. You will also see an increase in damage of eighteen percent in Incidental Fire of the Scorching Heat. The scorch settlement multiplier will also go up by 150%.

Cobalt-B – Best To Have

The reason for picking Cobalt-B as the second choice is that her presence on the team will bring synergy. Her element is flame with a shatter of 6.50 and 10.0 as the charge. She is also good to go with 0 stars. However, her breakthrough comes at one star, which will add two percent damage to the enemy’s max HP, and it can go up to 200% of ATK.

Lin – Second Best To Have

If you are focusing on an aggressive strategy, then you should definitely go with Lin. We have mentioned details of Lin earlier. Please refer to that.

Marc – Third Best To Have

If your focus is not going too aggressively on targets, then you should go for Marc rather than Lin because there will not be too much healing. He will be providing more shields and protection during the battle. We have mentioned details of Marc earlier. Please refer to that.

Tsubasa – Good Fit

You will need to get her on one star at least so she can have her attack buff. The other details of her have been mentioned previously.

Claudia – Second Good Fit

She will be useful for the same reasons Tsubasa is selected for in the team composition. It is up to your choice which character you want to pick. She is good to go at one star; however, at five stars, she will be very helpful to the team. The other details of her have been mentioned previously.

King – Can Have

In case you don’t have Ruby, you can replace her with King. However, King will not be doing as well as Ruby. His element is Fire, with a charge of 5.00 and 12.50 as shatter. He is good to go at one star, where the shatter will increase by fifteen percent.

The target will also receive damage up to 120% of the ATK every fifteen seconds once the target’s shield is shattered. For more details on King, consider reading our Tower Of Fantasy King guide and Tower Of Fantasy King Best Gifts guide.

Zero – Second Can Have

You can use Zero if you are not going to use Lin or Marc, as he will be able to do the shielding and healing as well. Zero has a charge of 13.00 and 5.00 as shatter with the element of flame, and his resonance is support. We recommend you get him to one star, which will make him deal damage and create a healing orb.

The orb will last for twenty seconds, and any teammate who picks up the orb will be able to restore the HP, which is equivalent to sixty percent of ATK. For more details on Zero, consider reading our Tower Of Fantasy Zero Build guide.

Best Volt F2P Team

Volt Team Composition
Best F2P Team for Volt

These are the characters of Tower of Fantasy that you will need in the best F2P Volt team.

Nemesis – Must Have

She is the character that you must have in your Volt team composition. Her element is Volt with a shatter of 6.00, a charge of 8.00, and her resonance is support. She provides a decent amount of healing and so having her on the team is vital. She is great, even at zero stars. However, if you want to unlock her actual healing potential, you must take her at least one star.

Getting her to one star early in the game will be beneficial. Once she uses Particle Beam Burst or Pulse Lock, she will create an electrode that will grant you five stacks of healing chain enhancement immediately. Moreover, she will unleash a healing chain that will heal the nearby allies by 135% of Wanderer’s ATK. For more details on Nemesis, consider reading our Tower Of Fantasy Nemesis guide.

Bai Yuekui – Best To Have

So far, Bai Yuekui is only available in the Chinese version; soon, she will be available in the global version as well. Her element is Volt with a charge of 8.00, shatter of 12.50, and resonance of DPS. She will play the role of two, which are shattering the shields and playing as a DPS.

Her War Intent ability increases the final damage by fifteen percent. We recommend you keep her at least one star. Her major breakthroughs are one star and three stars, and if you can afford to get her to three stars, you will have so much ease.

At three stars, her shatter will increase by fifteen percent. Moreover, once the shield breaks, she releases an instant burst of damage at the target’s location. The damage is equivalent to 680% of the ATK to all the targets that are in that range. However, if there is only one target in the range, it will receive deadly damage of 1,500% of ATK. Read our Tower Of Fantasy Bai Yuekui guide for more details on Bai Yuekui.

Lin – Second Best To Have

The amount of synergy Lin will have with Nemesis is too overpowered. The overall damage and support will be very high. If you have aggressive gameplay, then you will get an easy win. The details of Lin have been mentioned previously, and please refer to that.

Marc – Third Best To Have

You can use Marc for more additional support, with Bai Yuekui and Nemesis will be a perfect trio. Refer to the details of Marc that have been mentioned previously.

Samir – Can Have

She is rather new in Tower of Fantasy, so there is room for her to be in the meta. Her element is Volt with a shatter of 6.00, a shatter of 10.70, and DPS as resonance. She is good to go even at zero stars, although it will be no harm to get her to one star.

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Crow – Second Can Have

He is good to go at zero stars. However, you will need really good matrixes. Crow is mainly for those who like doing a jump, dash, and booster combo. His element is Volt with a shatter of 6.00, charge of 8.00, and DPS as resonance. Crow’s main breakthrough is at one star if you really want to use him in the team composition. For more details, read our Tower of Fantasy Crow guide.

Claudia and Tsubasa – Third Can Have

You can either pick up either Claudia or Tsubasa if you are still short of the characters mentioned above or want to make rotations. Both of them are mentioned earlier, so please refer to that.

Best Physical F2P Team

Physical Element Composition
Best F2P Team for Physical

The following are the characters in Tower of Fantasy that you will need for the best physical F2P team. You will need to put some time into this composition as it requires a good number of overall stars from the characters.

Lyra – Must Have

The reason for picking Lira as a must-have is that she is aggressive in landing constant blows, and on top of that, she can heal. Her element is physical with a charge of 10.00, shatter of 12.00, and resonance of support.

Claudia – Second Must Have

Since Lyra is only available in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy, the global version will still take some time. If you are using the global version, you can go with Claudia as the must-have in physical team composition. Details of Claudia have been mentioned earlier, and please check them for more details.

Lin and Marc – Best To Have

If you have access to Lyra, then Claudia and Lin will make up a perfect trio with her, and your job will be done. However, you can use Marc as well for shield breaking and providing cover to the other two characters. Both of them are mentioned in detail earlier, and please refer to that.

Tsubasa – Good Fit

If you want to keep making changes, then you can use Tsubasa. Her damage ability will help you a lot in advancing towards the targets and give you a stronghold. We have mentioned her in detail earlier.

Shiro – Substitute

If you don’t know of Lyra, you can substitute her with Shiro if you want to, although it is not necessary. Her element is physical; she has a charge of 6.00, shatter of 10.00, and DPS is her Resonance. Her main purpose in the team will be to break the target’s shield while the other characters focus on dealing more damage to them. While you are at it, consider reading Tower Of Fantasy BEST Gifts For Shiro.

Best F2P Element Free Team

The previous F2P best teams were attached with a specific class in Tower of Fantasy. In case you don’t want to stick to a specific class, then this one is for you.


He is most useful in team composition due to the highest damage over time. If you are up against clustered targets, King will have no issue. He has a great area burst due to his AoE attacks. Moreover, he will be receiving a damage boost of six stars. We will recommend you get him as many stars as you can as his abilities are pure damage. Other details of King have been mentioned previously.


She is useful for good hitting and DPS. What makes her more agile is her ability to do aerial combat effectively. The best chipset bonuses and good charge rate make her even more important in the team composition. Other details of her are mentioned previously.


She will be useful in team composition due to her arrow rain damage and dash attacks. She has the highest charge rate in the game, and on top of that, she gets to keep damage buffs too. Other details of her are mentioned earlier.


These are the best F2P teams that you can build in Tower of Fantasy. Since it is F2P, you will need to grind more and stay committed. The more you grind, the more stars you will be able to get for your characters. The purpose of mentioning more than three characters was to let you change the team composition in case you want to try something new or don’t have a character without compromising the team’s effectiveness.

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