Tower of Fantasy BEST Food: Buff Healing & Attack

This Tower of Fantasy Best Food guide will showcase the best food items that players can use in-game!

Tower of Fantasy has one of the biggest food collections, allowing players to choose from attack, defense, satiety, and health recovery foods. While players are busy participating in combat, food selection should not be compromised. 

Key Highlights
  • Recipes help players increase their performance to take on more formidable enemies.
  • You can buy Food Recipes from Vendors for Gold, usually within 5000 gold. However, to perfect a recipe you’ll need to repeat the same food 15 times
  • Foods have effects such as HP Regeneration, Attack Buff, Satiety, and Defense Buff.
  • HP Regeneration foods allow you to regenerate a percentage of your base HP and boost your maximum HP.
  • Attack Buff foods increase your damage, such as frost, flame, physical, and volt, by some percentage for several minutes.
  • Satiety foods let you recover some amount of your satiety.
  • Lastly, Defense Buff foods will increase resistance to incoming damage, such as frost, volt, physical, and flame, by a percentage for some time.
  • It’s important to note that most foods will also recover some of your satiety on top of their expected effects.

What Are Recipes In Tower Of Fantasy? 

Tower of Fantasy What Is a Recipe
What Is a Recipe

Recipes are essentially the core way players can heal up and maximize their performance whenever they are attempting to take on one of the toughest bosses or taking part in domains or Joint Operations. 

Multiple recipes and food items that can suit the player’s fancy can grant players the ability to become overpowered and take on any kind of boss they might prefer. 

An adorable animation always appears whenever players cook food, and we will discuss details about the best early and mid-game food to use! With that, let’s get started! 

Unlocking Recipes 

Before taking on the challenge to figure out the best food available, including the best attack and the Tower of Fantasy best healing food, we need to figure out how to unlock food creation, cooking, and recipes properly. 

When you first spawn into the world, there will be tons of open-world exploration. As you explore, you’ll come across items such as potatoes, Homi grains, rice, tomatoes, apples, and basic items that will take part in cooking different food items. 

Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of ingredients, you can find a cooking pot that can be found in the wild, typically near restaurants in bigger cities, or smaller vendors that will have a cooking pot with a yellow smiling face and angry red face. 

You will need 15 repetitions of the same food to get a “perfect recipe” to get the recipe and gain access to it repeatedly. If you want a higher success rate, you can use items like Poultry eggs, Potatoes, or even Homi Grains to enhance the best recipe rate and obtain the food.

You can also unlock recipes by simply buying them from vendors by exchanging a small amount of gold, granting you instant access to the recipe, and then getting you the food items. The recipe prices will typically not cross 5000 gold. Therefore, it’s never that expensive. 

All Food Items & Effects In Tower Of Fantasy

Let’s start by discussing the various food items that players can access and food items that can help boost them up during combat and help them gain victory no matter what. The food items will include HP recovery, satiety, defense, and attack buff foods. 

HP Regeneration Food Items 

Tower of Fantasy HP Regeneration
HP Regeneration

The first category of items we would like to discuss will be Tower of Fantasy‘s best healing food. If you are having trouble defeating bosses, then our Tower of Fantasy Bosses guide will be sure to help you out!

  • Caterpillar Fungus Noodles: Using 1 Caterpillar Fungus and 3 Brown Rice, players can gain back 20 satiety, after which they can get back 20% and an extra 60000 extra HP. 
  • Nut Tea: Using 1 hazelnut, 2 pinecones, and 2 honey, use it to gain back 20 satiety, as well as get back a total of 20 satiety which will grant the player a total of 20% plus an extra 60000 HP. 
  • Pine Cocoa: Using 1 pinecone, 1 cocoa bean, and 2 milk, get back 10 satiety, after which players can get 16% base HP and 34000 extra HP. 
  • Fiddlehead Soup: Using 2 Fiddlehead as well as 4 lettuce, make the Fiddlehead soup and get back 10 satiety, and regenerate 16% base HP and 34000 HP. 
  • Fiddlehead Pie: Using 2 fiddleheads and 2 brown rice, players will gain the chance to regenerate 10 satiety and earn back 34000 HP for the player in Tower of Fantasy
  • Balloon Fruit Salad: 2 balloon fruit, 2 thornmato, and 1 salad dressing; you can regenerate a total of 10 satiety, giving the player 16% HP and 34000 HP. 
  • Chocolate Bread: To cook chocolate bread, players can use 2 cocoa beans and 2 brown rice, after which they will regain 10 satiety, and it can be used for 16% hp and 34000 HP. 
  • Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin: To cook this bizarre dish, 2 sea urchins and 2 eggs can be used, and it will give you a total of 10 satiety, and you can regain 15% hp and 20000 HP. 
  • Caviar Sushi: 1 caviar, 2 rice, and 2 laver can be used to cook the caviar sushi, and it will grant the player 10 satiety and 16% extra HP alongside 34000 HP. 
  • Boiled Scallops: To cook the recipe, a total of 2 scallops and 3 lettuce can come in handy, and 10 satiety can be regenerated such that 15% base HP can be regained. 
  • Fruit Cake: A fruit cake will require 4 items, which will be 2 strawberries, 1 homi grain, 1 fallen fruit, and 1 poultry egg, after which it will grant the player 15% of their base HP back. 
  • Steamed Crab: use 2 portunia and 2 lettuce to gain back 10 satiety, after which you can regenerate 10 satiety, which can come in handy for 15% base HP. 
  • Barnacle Seafood Pizza: One barnacle, 2 brown rice, and one onion will be used to regain 10 satiety and regenerate a total of 16% base HP while also getting 34000 extra HP. 
  • Mushroom Soup: Using 2 lettuce and 2 mushrooms, you can gain back 7 satiety, allowing you to gain back 12% HP and an extra 3300 extra HP. 
  • Black Moss Soup: Players can use 2 black moss and 2 lettuce to gain back 8 satiety and get 13% and 10000 HP. 
  • Surf and turf: One Dabry’s Sturgeon and 2 poultry eggs will be enough to make a surf and turf, giving back 8 satiety and 13% HP. 
  • Vegetable Salad: 1 Fallen Fruit, 1 thornmato, 1 lettuce, and one salad dressing to gain back 7 satiety and get 12% hp and 3300 HP. 
  • Steamed Conch: Players can use 2 conches and 1 lettuce which will provide for the player 7 satiety and 12% and 3300 more HP than required. 
  • Sliced Fish With Mushroom: Players can use 2 mushrooms and one silver bass, granting them 7 satiety and giving back 12% base HP and 3300 extra HP. 
  • Crispy Chicken Burger: 1 homi grain, 1 poultry meat, and one lettuce can come in handy to create the dish, and it will grant back 7 satiety and 12% +3300 extra HP. 
  • Grilled Lizard Tail: You simply need 2 fleshy tails and nothing else to create the dish, and it will provide for the player 7 satiety and give back 12% and 3300 extra HP. 
  • Beet Soup: 2 beetroots can be used to regenerate 7 satiety for yourself, and it will also provide 12% base HP and 3300 more HP. 
  • Dandelion Mushroom Soup: 1 dandelion seed and 2 mushrooms can be used to make the dandelion soup, and it will also provide 7 satiety while restoring 12% base HP. 
  • Fried Chicken: The dish will require 2 poultry meat and one homi grain from the player, and it will regenerate a total of 7 satiety and grant back 12% of their base HP. 
  • Golden Egg and Tomato: The dish will require a total of 2 thornmato and 2 poultry eggs, and it will regenerate only 7 satiety while also giving 12% HP to the player. 
  • Seaweed and Egg Soup: The recipe calls for 2 lavers and the use of one poultry egg to provide a total of 7 satiety for the player, which will also restore 12% base HP. 
  • Lettuce Salad: 2 lettuce and one salad dressing will come in handy for regenerating 5 satiety, and players can gain back 10% of their base HP. 
  • Fried Egg: A fried egg will simply require 2 poultry eggs, after which it will give back 5 satiety. 

Attack Buff Food 

Tower of Fantasy Attack Food Items
Attack Food Items

Let’s look at some of the Tower of Fantasy Best Food for attack buffs. If you want to download the game on your PC or phones, then read up on our Tower of Fantasy System Requirements guide!

  • Salmon Sashimi: You can use one lake bass, which will grant you a total of 20 satiety, but also increase your frost attack by 2%, frost attack by 150 for 1200 seconds. 
  • Steak with Mushroom Sauce: One prime cut and 3 fire caps will grant you 10 satiety back while increasing your flame attack by 2% and providing 150 extra flame attacks. 
  • Truffle Fried Rice: One black truffle, one onion, and 2 rice will regenerate 20 satiety and enhance the physical attack by 2% while providing +150 physical attack. 
  • Purple Yam Pie: One purple yam and 3 brown rice will give you 20 satiety, enhancing your volt attack by 2%, and increasing it by 150 for a total of 1200 seconds. 
  • Eel and Mushroom Soup: One electric Eel and 2 fire caps will provide you 10 satiety while enhancing your volt attack by barely 1% while increasing it by +80 for 900 seconds. 
  • Jam on Toast: One small blueberry jar, one strawberry, and 3 homi grains will grant 10 satiety for players while also increasing the volt attack by 1% and providing a 45-volt attack. 
  • Firedragon Fruit Tea: This recipe will require 2 firedragon fruit from the player’s end and 2 honey to give them 10 satiety, and also increase their flame attack by 1% and increase it by +80. 
  • Caviar Potato Balls: One caviar and 2 potatoes will regenerate 10 satiety while also boosting up their physical attack by 1% and giving the players an extra +80 physical attacks. 
  • Tomato and Fried Egg Pasta: 4 thornmato, 3 homi grains, and one poultry egg will be all that’s required for the recipe, and it will grant back 10 satiety and a 1% flame attack. 
  • Spicy Burger: 3 homi grain, 2 rear hock, and one lettuce are required, and it will give the player a boost in their physical attack by 1% while increasing it by +45 for 900 seconds. 
  • Seafood Soup: 3 conches, 2 scallops, and one lettuce will get you one serving of seafood soup, which will also regenerate 10 satiety while enhancing frost attack by 1%. 
  • Snow Azalea Tea: one snow azalea, one milk, and 2 honey will allow players to gain back 10 satiety and enhance their frost attack by 1%. 

Satiety Foods 

Tower of Fantasy Satiety Foods
Satiety Foods

Let’s look at some of the Tower of Fantasy Best Food to restore satiety for players. Our Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus guide will uncover all there is to know about how to get gold nuclei!

  • Red Wheat Bread: It can be made by using 2 servings of brown rice, and upon consuming it, players will regenerate a total of 16 satiety. 
  • Stir-fried Brocolli: The recipe requires players to use a total of 2 broccoli, which will grant them 14 satiety back, and it can save the player by quite a long shot. 
  • Meat Buns: 2 Homi grains and one game meat will be the only two ingredients required to get meat buns, and upon consuming it, players will regain 14 satiety. 
  • Meat And Potato Stew: Another food item in Tower of Fantasy that can grant you 14 satiety is meat and potato stew which requires one potato and one game meat. 
  • Fries: To get your hands on delicious fries, players can use one potato and one salad dressing, giving them 14 satiety. 
  • Breakfast Cereal: 2 Milk and 2 homigrains will be enough to make breakfast cereal, giving the player 14 satiety. 
  • To get your hands on a serving of egg fried rice, make sure to use 2 rice and one poultry egg, which will give you back 14 satiety. 
  • Awful Stew: We don’t recommend making Awful stew, and it basically requires you to mash any ingredients, and it will only give you back 2 satiety. \
  • Charcoal Grilled Sand Onion: 2 servings of sand onion will give you the food item, and it will regenerate 10 satiety. 
  • Sizzling Meat: Another food item that will regenerate 10 satiety will be Sizzlin meat, which will require players to use 2 game types of meat. 
  • Wholegrain Bread: To be healthier, use 2 homi grains to make one serving of wholegrain bread which will regenerate a total of 10 satiety for the Tower of Fantasy player
  • Crispy Grilled Fish: It requires you to sacrifice one silver bass to gain back 10 satiety. 

Defense Food Items 

Tower of Fantasy Defense Food Items
Defense Food Items

Below listed are the best food items for defense enhancement. Our Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide will uncover the best DPS and Tank teams that players can get! 

  • Braised Meat: Requires one fatty cut, which will increase the player’s frost resistance by a total of 15% while also increasing the frost resistance by 675 for 1200 seconds. 
  • Grilled Steak: The recipe calls for one prime cut, and once it is consumed, players gain back 20 satiety, gain 15% increased volt satiety, and increase resistance by 675. 
  • Snail Baked Rice: One snail and 2 rice will be the required ingredients to cook the food item, and it will grant back 20 satiety and increase physical resistance by 15%. 
  • Juicy Meat Sandwich: To make the juicy meat sandwich, you will require one fatty cut, 2 brown rice, and 2 poultry eggs, which will give you back 20 satiety while also increasing the flame resistance by 15%. 
  • Cocoa Milk: 2 cocoa beans, 2 honey, and one milk is all needed to cook it, and it will grant you 10 satiety back. 
  • Sea Crab Soup: 2 Hermit Crabs and 4 mushrooms will give you 10 satiety while also increasing your flame resistance by a mere 10%, but it will last 900 seconds. 
  • Simple Power Salad: The simple power salad might require more ingredients which will be one broccoli, one thornmato, 1 lettuce, one poultry egg, and one salad dressing to gain back 10 satiety and 10% physical resistance. 
  • Thundercloud Blueberry Soda: One blueberry Jar, 2 Honey, and 1 carbonated water is needed, and it will enhance your volt resistance by 10%. 
  • Spicy Eel: One electric eel is required, increasing the tower of fantasy player’s volt resistance by 10%. 
  • Barnacle Stew: 2 barnacles and 4 lettuce are required, and it will be needed to make the player gain 10% physical resistance. 

With that, we will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Food guide!

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