Tower Of Fantasy King: Best Gifts & Traits

To build great bond with King in Tower Of Fantasy you must must give him Best Gifts.

Currently, King is considered one of the best Damage dealers in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, players also think of him as the ruler of the Fire element. The King also has many wide AOE attacks, and not only that, he probably has the best Aerial attacks in the game. When it comes to shattering the shields, King is always the best choice. There are some best gifts that you can give to the King in order to please him in Tower of Fantasy

Key Highlights
  • You can get gifts from the Crystal Dust Store or find them in the commissary icon.
  • You can exchange Training Points from missions at training facilities for gifts costing 60 to 250 points, depending on the rarity.
  • Every Simulacra has its Awakening points progress, which unlocks special rewards such as voice logs, unique traits, avatars, and even the occasional conversational messages.
  • The best Purple Gifts for King are Warren Fossil and Grown Token, which give 80 Awakening Points each.
  • Blue Gifts such as Gem Necklace and Meteorite Bottle give 30 Awakening Points to King.
  • Green Gifts such as Postcard Aida, Retro Harmonic, and Snack Box give 15 Awakening Points.
  • King has two Awakenings Traits: Coldblooded Swipe and Fear Reaper, which unlock at 1200 and 4000 Awakening Points, respectively.
  • Both of King’s Traits are passive abilities that restore a percentage of your maximum HP upon a certain number of enemies defeated.

Moreover, King’s affiliation with the fire element makes him one of the most dangerous characters in the game. Especially in close combat situations, his presence is truly menacing to his enemies. King’s Scythe brings out damage and diversity to the battlefield. His Scythe will cut through the opponent easily, and that makes him valuable for PvE and PvP too.  

Tower of Fantasy Gifts

King In game
King Tower of Fantasy

Before we mention the best gifts for the King in Tower of Fantasy, we should know what the purpose of the Gifts is. If players want to build a bond with the Simulacra, gifts are the best way to win their hearts. And a bunch of cool bonuses also play a vital role in that matter. 

This means that you care about these characters, and the act of offering gifts also helps them awaken long-forgotten memories. Moreover, it also unlocks voice logs and special abilities too in the process.

Buying gifts in Game
Buying Gifts in the Tower of Fantasy

It always feels good when you are gifting King a postcard and Nemesis a teddy bear or maybe a snowglobe to Meryl. Characters in Tower of Fantasy always appreciate your efforts in taking care of them, and it also helps gather Awaking points.

What Are Awakening Points?

When players finally reach level 18 and get to the Mega Arena, then they see Tower of Fantasy Gift in their inventory, and Simulacra Awakening also gets unlocked. Moreover, every Simulacra has its own Awakening progress score; if you increase the score, you get special rewards. However, these rewards depend upon the specific player.

These special rewards include voice logs, unique traits, and avatars. Not only that, but players also receive occasional text message conversations too. But that’s only after you have raised enough awakening points with a specific character.

You must be wondering how you can raise those Awakening points; well, the answer is simple by giving them Simulacra gifts. The Gifts in Tower of Fantasy come in three rarities, small ones are known as Green, fine Blue, and Special ones are Purple.

Moreover, each of the gifts has its own tags, and Simulacra has a preference when it comes to gift tags. Also, the amount of awakening points you will receive depends upon the gifts’ rarity and if the tag aligns with the Simulacra or not.   

Best Gifts For King 

King has very diverse and different tastes in Tower of Fantasy. He will appreciate you if you will give him a New game console, save ones like Silver Cookware. Would even like to receive rare items with Hykros 3D Puzzle and some limited items like figures. It should be noted that not all gifts are worth giving to King, and some gifts won’t bring many points.

There are several gifts that will please King in Tower of Fantasy, but more than anything, he loves to get money. He also loves to receive rare objects like Warren Fossils. However, the best gifts for kings are almost very identical to Meryl’s. So between the two, you have to decide which one you would prefer to please.

Gifts for King
Gifts for King in Tower Of Fantasy

You can obtain gifts in the Crystal Dust Store, and it can be found in the commissary icon in Tower of Fantasy. You need to get the training points first by completing missions at the training facilities. Later, you can exchange training points for gifts.

A small gift costs 60 training points, a Fine gift 120 training points, and Special Gift 240 points. As said above, gifts in the game have three rarities these are Purple, Green, and Blue. Below we will mention all the best gifts for King in Tower of Fantasy.

Purple Gifts (+80 Awakening Points)

  • Warren Fossil
  • Grown Token

Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)

  • Gem Necklace
  • Meteorite Bottle

Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)

  • Postcard Aida
  • Retro Harmonica
  • Snack Box

Awakening Traits Of King

When you first unlock Simulacra in-game, they are just a weapon and a skin you can use while playing. But things get interesting when unlocking Simulacra traits in Tower of Fantasy. These are special passive abilities of characters, and you can unlock them when you reach certain awakening points.

There are two essential passive abilities you can unlock for every simulacrum by gaining 1200 and 4000 Awakening points. The first Awakening trait unlocks when you get 1200 awakening points. And later, when you hit 4000 Awakening points, you also unlock its upgrade. The King also has two Awakening traits, which we will mention below.

  • When you reach 1200 Awakening points with King, you unlock Coldblooded Swipe. With this Awakening trait, your health gets restored to 8% of Maximum HP if you defeat seven enemies with the King.
  • Later, when you hit 400 Awakening points with King, you will unlock Fear Reaper. With the Fear Reaper Awakening trait, if you defeat five enemies with King, HP gets restored to 10% of Max HP.

Final Words

Gifts are a great way of building bonds with people; similarly, in Tower of Fantasy, if you want to build a bond with a character, you must gift them. There are a bunch of things that you can gift to your favorite characters.

Moreover, gifting them with valuable presents helps them remember their long forgotten memories. They get Awakening points which unlock their Awakening traits, making them more powerful.

In this article, we have discussed the best possible gifts for King in Tower of Fantasy to make him powerful. However, you should not that not all the gifts are worth the same to the King; some might be more valuable than the others. That is why we have specifically mentioned all the gifts that King prefers.

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