Tower Of Fantasy: BEST Gift For Meryl

"What is the best gift for Meryl in Tower of Fantasy?" this guide provides you with all the information necessary to answer that question.

Gifts in Tower of Fantasy are a way to get close to your characters. In addition to building this relationship, you also unlock amazing new abilities as you level up your connection to the Simulacra. Moreover, these gifts also provide you insight into the character’s backstory, among other things.

Key Highlights
  • Meryl is one of the best when it comes to crashing out the enemies with her giant sword “The Rosy Edge“. 
  • Some of the best skills she is capable of with her ice claymore Rosy Edge are Frost Barrier, Moonset Slash, Heavy Cleave, Sneak Attack, Ice Shell, and many more.
  • The main purpose of the gifts is to unlock the Awakening Traits of Meryl. She has two Awakening traits: Cool Rose and Frosted.
  • There are three different colors of rarity gifts to offer, with each color having its own number of awakening points to offer. They are Green, Blue, and Purple.
  • The Green rarity gifts have two types that can be found in Tower of Fantasy; Postcard of Aida and Retro Harmonica. Each with 15 awakening points.
  • Blue rarity gifts are also of two types Gem Necklace and Meteorite Bottle. With each offering 30 awakening points.
  • The Purple rarity gifts provide the highest Awakening points(80). The only purple rarity gift found in Tower of Fantasy is Warren Fossil.

However, you cannot just throw around random stuff, and each Simulacra has its own personal choice of gifts. You have to get them that specific gift to earn Awakening points and unlock the cool new traits and dialogue. Additionally, each of these different types of gifts can be found in three rarities: green, blue, and purple.

These awakening points obtained by giving the gift range from high to low according to these rarities. Green rarity gifts give some awakening points while blue gives a moderate amount, and so on. Furthermore, here is a list of all the available gifts in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Asperia
  • Decorations
  • Everyday items
  • Figurines
  • Games
  • Limited store items
  • Metal items
  • Rare items
  • Saved
  • Toys

Furthermore, the power to activate Awakening traits and give gifts is first unlocked after you finish the matches in Mega Arena and get to level 18. As mentioned before, each of the Simulacra needs different types of gifts and receives varying Awakening points. Additionally, every character gives unique bonuses once you have a good enough bond with them.

These bonuses can range from some new traits, dialogues, backstory, or interesting actions, all the way to some private text conversations with the characters. Therefore, if you are interested in winning Meryl’s heart, this guide will power you straight through that task.

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Meryl And The Rosy Edge

Meryl And The Rosy Edge
Tower of Fantasy Meryl And The Rosy Edge

Meryl, along with her main weapon, “The Rosy Edge,” makes for one of the best all-around fighters. She is an amazing character dealing devastating damage in large areas with her giant sword. Additionally, she can also fair every well in defending herself, which is very useful for a fighter of the Warrior Class who is always on the frontline.

Furthermore, her special claymore, “The Rosy Edge, ” allows her to manipulate the element of “Ïce”. With her elemental abilities, she can disable enemies for a duration. Moreover, what gives her the edge over other melee warriors is that she has the ability to break through enemy defenses while also having great self-sustain on par with King.

Rosy Edge is an enormous ice claymore capable of cutting any enemy in half. It is also sturdy enough to defend Meryl and her allies from attacks. For your comfort, we have listed everything Meryl is capable of doing with the Rosy Edge in hand.

  • Frost Barrier: Cleanses all debuffing effects afflicting Meryl. And then smashes the ground annihilating all enemies in an area. Also gets a shield for ice after triggering Phantasia.
  • Moonset Slash: A damaging jump that is capable of being executed in as many as 4 different ways. It also knocks back enemies when landing.
  • Heavy Cleave: A combo of 4 attacks. It is capable of stacking by each dealing more damage than the last one.
  • Whirlwind: Meryl cannot get stunned while performing this aoe hold attack.
  • Aerial Strike: Another combo of 4 attacks similar to Normal Attacks. However, this is performed in the air, unlike them.
  • Crescent Slash: A high damage attack performed after dodging.
  • Blizzard: Swings her claymore around and deals massive damage while also becoming immune to cc.
  • Sneak Attack: Attacking unsuspecting enemies from behind can make their entire health bar disappear.
  • Ice Shell: Fully charged attacks freeze enemies.
  • Devastate: Another dash strike was performed after executing a perfect dodge.

Now that you have a general idea about Meryl let’s get into the options that Tower of Fantasy presents us with when it comes to getting gifts for Meryl. And also, find out what the absolute best gift for Meryl is.

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Best Gifts for Meryl

Best Gift For Meryl in Tower Of Fantasy
What is the best gift for Meryl in Tower Of Fantasy?

The gifts given to Simulacra provide you with awakening points, among other things. These awakening points can then be used to unlock Awakening Traits. Moreover, the Following are the two Awakening Traits that can be unlocked for Meryl:

  • Cool Rose
  • Frosted

Additionally, as we already know, gifts have 3 different kinds of rarity. Each with its own color (Green, Blue, Purple), giving a varying amount of Awakening Points. Here are the items that can be found of each rarity starting from:

Green Rarity Gifts

The most common items found in Tower of Fantasy are the Green rarity gifts. They provide only 15 awakening points, and that too, solely when given to the right person. These are the two green rarity gifts that can be given to Meryl. 

  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica

Blue Rarity Gifts

The Blue rarity items are somewhat of a rare occurrence in the world of Tower of Fantasy. However, they can be found without too much hassle once you have gone around on more than a few adventures. Additionally, they provide 30 awakening points when given to the right person.

These are the two blue rarity gifts that can be given to Meryl. 

  • Gem Necklace
  • Meteorite Bottle

Purple Rarity Gifts

The Purple rarity is hard to come by. Items of this rarity are not easy to find, but rest assured, as they are well worth the reward. Because they provide as many as 80 awakening points. The only gift of purple rarity that can be given to Meryl is mentioned below.

  • Warren Fossil

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Other Gifts

Furthermore, there are some other gifts that can be given to Meryl to strengthen your bond with her. These additional gifts can provide you with affinity with her, a significant boost of as much as 60 points. These are some of those gifts:

  • Smarty Doll
  • Snowball
  • Hykros’ 3D Puzzle
  • Crow‘s Token
  • Silver Cookware

Why Give Gifts To Meryl?

Meryl is a high-damage tank with remarkable battle skills and the ability to overcome any obstacles. Moreover, she works well in any and all scenarios, whether it be acting as a damage dealer or keeping enemies off others by being the frontline and soaking damage.

Furthermore, the rewards provided by giving gift Simulacra, specifically Meryl, help you achieve the main objective of unlocking Awakening Traits. These “Traits” are unlocked by using the awakening points awarded to you through gifts.

Meryl has two Awakening Traits. The first one is “Cool Rose,” which buffs her defensive stats and reduces freeze damage taken by 20%. It also reduces the duration of any “Ice debuffs” inflicting her by 50%. 

Consequently, the second one, called “Frosted” basically just expands on everything done by Cool Rose. The boosted defensive stats now reduce any freeze damage taken by 25% instead of 20%. 

Moreover, 1200 awakening points are needed to obtain Cool Rose, which is not very hard to obtain as you can gather a lot of gifts wandering the world of the Tower of Fantasy. Additionally, Frosted needs 4000 awakening points, and this can be unlocked further into the game if you choose to main the character.

The progression of your bond with Simulacra is depicted by the current star level you have with them. Following are the bonuses that Meryl provides on each star level.

1 Star

Grants you the ability to restore a tenth of your maximum health after shattering an enemy’s shield. Additionally, buffs the damage is done through Meryl’s “Shatter” ability by 15%.

2 Star

The current health growth of Meryl’s weapon (The Rosy Edge) is buffed by 16%.

3 Star

Unlocks the ability to deploy an ice shield based on 10% of Meryl’s max health. Additionally, this shield has a duration of 10 seconds and a cooldown of 20.

4 Star

The current health growth effect on Meryl’s weapon given by the “2 Star” ranking is buffed and is now increased to 32%.

5 Star

Whenever a shield is active, Meryl now deals an additional 50% damage with attacks and shatter.

6 Star

The ability to deploy an ice shield, provided by the “3 Star” ranking, is now buffed additionally, and it gives immunity to any kinds of crowd control while the shield is active. Moreover, it still gives the shield based on 10% of Meryl’s max health. Additionally, this shield has a duration of 10 seconds and a cooldown of 20.

Final Words

Now that we are at the conclusion of our Tower of Fantasy: Best Gift For Meryl guide, hopefully, you have received all the information and guidance needed to answer the question of “What is the best gift for Meryl?”. The Warren Fossil is the absolute pinnacle of all gifts that can be given to Meryl. 

Moreover, a gift of Purple rarity awards you with 80 awakening points and strengthens your bond with Meryl significantly. Additionally, this gift can be found as a special gift to be given to Meryl.

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