Tower of Fantasy: BEST Gifts & Traits For Nemesis

Our Tower of Fantasy Best Gift for Nemesis talks about the best gift you can give to the character and how to acquire them.


Gifting Items to Characters in Tower of Fantasy Gifts are a great way of Awakening Simulacras in Tower of Fantasy. They also provide you with a great way of getting close to your characters. You can build a relationship with a character of your choice through gifts. Establishing a relationship allows you to unlock a plethora of new abilities through your connection to the Simulacra. You can use these gifts whenever it is possible to gain more Awakening points. These points can also allow you to learn more things about your character, including their backstories.

Key Highlights
  • Tower Of Fantasy has many ways to increase their characters’ battle performance, one of the ways is by giving them gifts.
  • Giving gifts also gives different amounts of awakening points depending on their rarity but the highest points you can get are 80 awakening points.
  • The best way to acquire gifts in Tower Of Fantasy is by buying them from the Points store or Crystal dust store, each gift is different in cost.
  • The best gifts you can give to the Nemesis character are:
    • Aida Comic
    • Snow Globe
    • Smarty Doll
    • Limited Peanut Figurine
    • Angela Ornament 
  • There are a total of six stars you can unlock by increasing awakening points at certain points.

Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

There are three different types of gifts in Tower of Fantasy. These classifications are made based on the rarity of the gift. The rarer the gift is, the harder it will be to locate in your journey.

However, locating these rare gifts can be beneficial as they reward you with more Awakening Points. The point distribution for gifts in Tower of Fantasy is as follows;

  • SSR Rarity Gifts (Special Gifts) – +40 Awakening Points
  • SR Rarity Gifts (Fine Gifts) – +20 Awakening Points
  • N Rarity Gifts (Small Gifts) – +10 Awakening Points

Another important thing to keep in mind is that each gift in the game can be categorized by its respective tags. So, when you are gifting items to your character, you need to remember that every character has their personal choice.

You need always ensure that you are gifting them an item that they want. Because if you gift your characters the right items, you will receive bonus points. You can receive up to 80 bonus points if you gift the correct item to the character.

Additionally, based on all the tags in the game, all available gifts can be listed as;

  • Toys
  • Rare Items
  • Saved
  • Limited Store Items
  • Games
  • Aesperia
  • Decorations
  • Figurines
  • Everyday items
  • Metal Items

How to Unlock & Acquire Gifts

buying gifts
Purchasing Gifts from a Vendor

The next phase of our Tower of Fantasy Best Gifts for Nemesis guide will deal with how you can unlock and locate these gifts. Similar to other items like Bows, Outfits, Healing Weapons, and Food, you need to unlock these gifts to access them. Gifts and Awakening Points can be unlocked by finishing the Mega Arena matches.

Once you complete these matches and reach level 18, you will get access to these gifts. After you have unlocked gifts in the game, you can gift items to characters to unlock different unique bonuses. These bonuses include rare dialogues, traits, and character backstories.

In terms of acquiring gifts, you can do that in a plethora of ways. For instance, you can get these gifts from a Vendor or by spending your Dark Crystals. You can also acquire them by using your training points or energy crystal dust at a Points Store or a Crystal Dust Store.

dust store
Buying Gifts from The Crystal Dust Store 

Furthermore, if you are looking for training points, you can get them from training facilities. These facilities are located all over the map. You can use them to get more points by completing the daily tasks.

Similarly, you can acquire the Crystal Dust by completing different vitality-based events. Completing these events will provide you with the necessary dust needed to purchase gifts.

Information Regarding The Character

Nemesis is DPS and a Support Hybrid character. She has a combat strength of 273 and a Shatter and Charge of 6.00 and 8.00, respectively. She also brings an Attack of 18, a total of 1165 HP, and a Crit of 14 to the table.

Additionally, she has a series of abilities in her arsenal that can deal a crazy amount of damage. You can use these abilities at different stages of a mission to clear out a large swarm of enemies. Her abilities include;

  • Volt: A passive ability that paralyzes that target for 1 second when charged. It also deals electricity damage for 6 seconds.
  • Volt Resonance: The passive ability increases her volt damage and resistance by 15% and 25%, respectively. This buff applies every time she equips two or more volt weapons.
  • Aerial Discharge: A combo attack that allows Nemesis to deal more damage with each attack. It lasts for a total of 5 attacks.
  • Forward Pursuit: The Spell Allows Nemesis to shoot guided missiles that deal bonus damage.
  • Parallel Beams: When used, the parallel beams cause Nemesis to deal piercing damage. It also triggers a healing chain that can heal allies in a fixed radius.
  • Twin Spinning Focus: A charged attack that deals extra damage and creates a magnetic field that slows down the enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Pulse Lock: Causes Nemesis to fire missiles that explode upon impact. The impact results in bonus damage and a knockback effect on enemies.
  • Particle Beam Burst: Results in Nemesis shooting a cross-shaped beam on the ground. The beam reduces the target’s movement speed for a total of 5 seconds and also deals damage.

Best Gifts for Nemesis

Nemesis Loadout

Similar to characters like Meryl, Shiro, Samir, and King, you can gift different items to Nemesis. Each gifted item helps you gain more Awakening points. These points can be used to unlock different items.

They can also be used two unlock the character’s Awakening Traits. These traits act as the character’s ultimate abilities. The abilities that can be unlocked for Nemesis are;

  • Metamorphosis
  • Sublimation

Additionally, when you are looking for Best Gifts for Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy, giving the right gift is important. Nemesis prefers the Toys, Decorations, and Everyday Items gift types. This means that you should only gift here these item types to unlock the maximum amount of Awakening Points.

Furthermore, a gift can match up with zero, one, and even two categories of gifts that are preferred by a character. You can get different amounts of points based on the number of matches made. With all that said, here are the different gifts that you can give to Nemesis in order of rarity;

N Rarity Gifts (Small Gifts)

Small gifts are the most common gifts that can be found in the game. They can give you 10 Awakening Points with 0 matches and 15 points with 1 match. Small gifts can be purchased from different Points Stores, like the item vendor in Banges. The best small gifts for Nemesis include;

  • Flower Bouquet
  • Nice Picture Frame
  • Wool Scarf
  • Mini Potted Plants
  • Paper Pinwheel

SR Rarity Gifts (Fine Gifts)

Next up are the fine gifts. These gifts can give up to 20 points if there are 0 matches and 30 points if you give it to the correct character. The fine gifts can also be found in Points Stores which are located in different areas of the map. The perfect Fine gifts for Nemesis are;

  • Plush Toy
  • Tailor-Made Suit
  • Vitamin Pack
  • Cat Throw Pillow
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tartarus Ornament
  • New Kalka Ornament
  • Moonrabbit Kit

SSR Rarity Gifts (Special Gifts)

The special gifts are the hardest to locate in the game. They are extremely rare, and you are required to complete different quests and challenges to get access to them. These gifts can give 40 points for matches and 60 for one.

Once you have completed the required tasks and unlocked the items, you can find them in selective Points Stores. The Special Gifts for Nemesis are as follows;

  • Snow Globe
  • Aida Comic
  • Banges Specialty
  • Smarty Doll
  • Limited Peanut Figurine

There are certain gifts in the SR category that can match two different character gift preferences. This means that the gift matches with two different categories of gifts preferred by a character. These gifts give 80 Awakening Points.

The super rare gift that you can find for Nemesis is;

  • Angela Ornament.
rare gift
The Angela Ornament Gift

The Angela Ornament is a combination of the Everyday Items and Decorations gift type. These are two of the three categories preferred by Nemesis, so the Ornament gives you 80 Awakening Points.

Why Give Gifts To Nemesis?

Once you have learned about the Best Gifts for Nemesis, it is important to understand the benefits of these gifts. Gifts are a great way of getting Awakening Points in the game. They can help you get a large number of points in a short period.

Once you have enough Awakening Points, you can use them to unlock different items. For instance, 200 points allow you to set your character as an Avatar in the chat. For 600 points, you can unlock a piece of the character’s backstory.

If you can get to 1200 Points, you can use them to unlock Awakening Trait. The first Awakening Trait for Nemesis is Metamorphosis. When activated, the Trait allows you to increase the damage dealt by the electrode by 60% of ATK to all enemies. The radius for the increased damage is 30 meters.

Additionally, Metamorphosis also heals all allies in a 30-meter radius by 120% of ATK. Collecting 2000 and 3000 AP will allow you to unlock other character backstory pieces. These story pieces will help you understand everything there is to know about the character and their motives to join the fight.

Lastly, you can unlock the second Awakening Trait with 4000 AP. The second Awakening Trait for Nemesis is called Sublimation. When activated, it further increases the damage being dealt by the electrode by 100% of ATK. The healing ability also gets a massive healing boost of 200% of ATK.

Star Bonus

Different Star Bonuses for Nemesis

In addition to unlocking traits and character backstories, Awakening Points also increase your Start Level. The start level indicates your bond with the Simulacra. Each star level provides you with bonuses that will help you make swift progress in the game. These bonuses include;

1 Star

You will get an improved version of every spell at the one-star level. It will create one electrode every time you cast a spell or ability. The electrode grants the user five stacks of a healing buff which heals all allies by 135% of ATK.

2 Star

At the 2 Star level, your weapon’s current base ATK growth is increased by 16%. The buff allows your PVP Weapons to deal a significant amount of bonus damage.

3 Star

When you reach the 3-star level, your character gets additional bonus damage. The damage comes in the form of an Electrode that gets summoned after every 6 seconds. The electrode will unleash a Ring Lighting which will deal maximum damage equal to 205% of your ATK.

4 Star

The 4 Star Level further improves your weapon’s base ATK growth by 32%. The buff allows you to use different Weapons with a bonus attack growth.

5 Star

The Star Bonus will see your Pulse Lock spell being buffed. When activated, the spell will increase your ATK by (5 + Number of Electrodes x 5) %. This buff will last for 25 seconds.

6 Star

The final star level will buff the Electrodes being created with spell usage. When a spell is activated, it will create two Electrodes. These Electrodes will be refreshed and replaced by new ones when you use another spell.

These are the benefits you receive for finding the Best Gifts for Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Send Gifts?

sending gifts
Giving a Gift to a Character

Once you have acquired the required gifts you want to give your character, it is important to know how you can gift them. The process for gifting these items to your characters is relatively simple. You are required to;

  • Make your way to the Simulacra Page
  • Select the Awaken Tab located on the left corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Character you want to send the gift to.
  • After selecting the Gift Tab, you will see all the available items you can gift.

Once you have sent over the gift, you will receive the Awakening Points as a reward.


This concludes our Best Gifts for Nemesis guide. The guide covers all you need to know about the gifting process. It also talks about the different types of gifts and the Awakening Points they reward you with.

Finally, the guide talks about the different rewards you can unlock using these points. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below!

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world ARPG that was developed by Hotta Studio. The game was released on August 11th, 2022, globally, and since then has become popular with fans of the genre.

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