5 BEST Tower Of Fantasy Gifts For Crow

Our guide shows you the best gifts for Crow in Tower Of Fantasy, as well as the Awakening traits you'll unlock through giving him gifts.

Crow in Tower Of Fantasy is a favorite of many players, and chances are, if you came here to read our Tower Of Fantasy Best Gifts For Crow guide, you’re also one of them. Whether it be his jokes that are so lame that you can’t help but laugh at them and his wholesome personality outside the battlefield or his deadliness inside the battlefield, before continuing, read our Level Up XP Faster guide.

Key Highlights
  • Currently, in Tower Of Fantasy, there are 15 SSR characters in total and one of them is known as “Crow” and is also the favorite among the fans of the game.
  • When you like a character in Tower Of Fantasy, you can give them gifts to raise their awakening points and make them perform better in combat.
  • There are specific gifts that you can give to Crow and each gift has its own rarity indicated by color, them being:
    • Green Category (Small points)
    • Blue Category (Decent points)
    • Purple category (Most points)
  • Some of the Purple Category gifts are:
    • Angela Ornament (60 awakening points)
    • Limited Peanut Figurine (60 awakening points)
    • New Game Console (60 awakening points)
    • Aida Comic (80 awakening points)
  • Increasing the awakening points of your characters is necessary if you look to deal more damage and want to beat harder enemies to progress more in the game.

Gifts for Crow

You can’t help but like the guy for one reason or another. So, to appreciate Crow, the game allows you to give him gifts to make him happy. However, the benefits of giving him gifts not only end with him being happy but also extend to making him stronger and deadlier. Basically, Crow in Tower Of Fantasy is an SSR Simulacra, and when you gift Simulacras their favorite things, they gain awakening points.

And upon gaining awakening points, the Simulacra have special rewards unlocked for them for progression milestones. However, there is a catch to giving gifts to Simulacra. Notice how we said gifting Simulacra their “favorite” things? That’s because you can’t just give random gifts and expect awakening points.

You first need to ensure that your chosen Simulacra wants the gifts you are giving. So with that said, let us dive straight into it and show you the best gifts for Crow in Tower Of Fantasy

Best Gifts For Crow

Tower Of Fantasy Best Gifts For Crow
Best Gifts For Crow

When considering giving gifts to Crow in Tower Of Fantasy, you should know that there are different categories of gifts according to their rarity. First, there is the Small category which will be colored in green. Then there is the Fine category, whose color is blue. And lastly, there is the Special category, also known as the Rare category, which is colored in purple.

Of course, it goes without saying, but the best gifts for Crow in Tower Of Fantasy will be from the rare category. So with that said, let’s jump straight into and find out the best gifts for your favorite combatant. Also, since TOF is a fairly new game with new mechanics, we recommend reading our Beginner’s guide and best Tips & Tricks for Tower of Fantasy guide. 

Angela Ornament

The Angela Ornament is a Special/rare category gift, so as we said before, it will be purple colored. You will receive 60 awakening points by gifting it to Crow. As for obtaining the Angela Ornament, you can get it from the Special Gift Box.

Limited Peanut Figurine

The Limited Peanut Figurine, just like the Angela Ornament, is also a gift from the Special category, so naturally, it will also be purple-colored. The awakening points you will be granted for gifting it to Crow are 60.

The process for obtaining the Limited Peanut Figurine is also the same as the process for obtaining the Angela Ornament. Just go to Special Gift Box, and hopefully, you will get it provided the RNG system works in your favor.

New Game Console

Crow, just like us gamers, also loves gaming consoles; this is another reason why he is many players’ favorite. So go to the Special gift box to find it and then give it to crow to strengthen your bond with him. The Awakening points you will be getting from gifting New Game Console to Crow will also be 60.

Tata Limited Figurine

Now here is where things get interesting. By giving the above three mentioned gifts to Crow, you will receive 60 points, and we know that already. But by giving Tata Limited Figurine to Crow in Tower Of Fantasy, you are looking forward to welcoming 80 whole awakening points.

Yes! You heard us, and you will increase your affinity with Crow by 80 once you give him the Limited Tata Figurine. As far as obtaining it is concerned, the drill is literally the same as obtaining other gifts. Just go to the Special gift box, and you should find it there. Before continuing, give our Tower of Fantasy All Characters guide a shot.

Aida Comic

Last but not least, the Aida Comic is another best gift for Crow in Tower Of Fantasy from the Special/rare category. Unsurprisingly, Crow also loves reading comics. Aida Comic is another gift that results in you obtaining 80 awakening points when given to Crow. As for obtaining it, you know the drill; go to the Special gift box, and you will have it.

Crow’s Awakening Rewards

Tower Of Fantasy Best gifts for crow
Awakening Rewards

Now that you know about the best gifts to give to Crow in Tower Of Fantasy let’s give you a more detailed insight into his Awakening abilities. The main reason you would want gifts for Crow is to get more Awakening points and unlock his Awakening abilities along with the Awakening rewards. So let’s take a look at that.

When you reach 200 Awakening points for Crow, you will unlock the Crow Avatar. At 600, you’ll receive the Friend Identified Log. Now 1200 Awakening points is where the fun begins since this is the point where you’ll receive Crow: Loner trait (basically, when Crow is alone, the damage he deals is increased by 6 %, and the damage he receives is reduced by 4 %).

You’ll receive the Optimist Romance Log at 2000 Awakening points and the Joking Log at 3000 points. Lastly, 4000 Awakening points is where you’ll receive an upgrade of Loner Trait (damage dealt increased by 10 % and damage received reduced by 6%). You’ll also receive an additional bonus here, in which the damage Crow deals is boosted by 12 % for 12 seconds after he enters combat.

Well, that wraps up our Tower Of Fantasy Best Gifts For Crow guide. If this helped, then our Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List guide might also be of use to you.

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