Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer: Skills, Weapons & Builds

Our Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer Guide Entails Top-Tier Healers You Should Have In Your Team!

Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer is all about the healing qualities of the characters in the game. Not only that, but you will also find out other character traits of those players in Tower Of Fantasy. 

Key Takeaways
  • The healer class in Tower of Fantasy is important for restoring the health of teammates and keeping them alive, with four characters available to play as healers: Pepper, Cocoritter, Nemesis, and Zero.
  • Pepper is a healer with various healing abilities such as healing her teammates within a 10-meter radius and creating a shield of energy that reduces damage and heals teammates for ATK.
  • Pepper’s ideal team composition consists of Samir and Nemesis, where Samir is the main DPS, while Nemesis and Pepper serve as supporting members and provide healing.
  • Cocoritter is a highly effective healer with strong healing output and the ability to freeze enemies. 
  • Her skills include calling upon a bee to heal teammates, creating a healing zone, and removing debuffs, among others. She is best paired with Shiro Support and PvP Kite team-ups.
  • Nemesis is the best healer in Tower Of Fantasy with exceptional healing abilities and dominant damage output.
  • Nemesis works as a DPS sub with a Standard build and can be best teamed up with Samir Volt, Crow Volt, or Tsubasa Tri-Element.
  • Zero can provide damage and lessen the healing of enemies, making him useful in fights with bosses and PvP battles. However, teammates need to be in his orbit to receive healing, which can be challenging.
  • Zero is recommended in group play with different team compositions, including Samir Support, Shiro Support, and PvP CC 3.

What Are Healers In the Tower Of Fantasy?

The healer class in Tower of Fantasy is very important. This class helps restore the health of their teammates. Restoring their health comes in handy when they are about to lose or even just block it.

We will now be discussing the class of healers in the tower of fantasy and how they become a support for their allies. You can also have a look at the best DPS character, and while you are at it, have a look at the best classes.

Role Of Healers

The role of any healer in the tower of fantasy is to help your partner when they are wounded and heal them. You are also supposed to make sure they don’t get killed. Moreover, the focus on the tank is 80%. while DPS is 20%. Mobs usually keep their attention on the deal of damage, so make sure he stays alive.  

Furthermore, you need to be extra vigilant in getting your tank healed. Later on, your DPS can be resurrected.  We have made a list of the best healer in the tower of fantasy, let’s get on it without further delay.

All Healers

There are a total of four characters in Tower Of Fantasy that is labeled as healers. 

Let us give you a precise description of all the healers in Tower Of Fantasy as mentioned above before we get into who is the best one. 


Players who have not gotten their hands on Cocoritter can work with Pepper, our first supporter to come forward.

Her way of giving support is really attractive, and in addition to that for an SR character, her rank is on the top. All of this is due to the allies that get value from her.

Healer In Tower Of Fantasy

Healing Abilities

Pepper is a character in the game Tower Of Fantasy, and she comes from the healing class. Moreover, she helps her teammates in the following way following her rank by using her weapons:

  • Rank No.1: After using her skill of dodging, Pepper heals her partners who are within a 10-meter radius for an ATK of 100%.
  • The weapon base of HP growth is increased by 10% for Rank No.2
  • Deals with damage that is equivalent to 5% of the ATK, d also helps in the restoration of the charging point of 5 weapons. Moreover, two missiles are also shot by normal attacks for Rank No.3.
  • Rank No.4: HP growth of the current weapon is increased by 20%.
  • Rank No.5: There is a 20% increase in the speed of weapons that are obtained. However, this attack does not implement on the missiles.
  • Rank No. 6: There is a decrease in damage for all the allies of 60% whenever a target is eliminated.


Following are the skills mentioned for Pepper in Tower Of Fantasy

  • Volt: This attack comes as a passive one. After the weapon is charged completely, it would paralyze the aim for one whole second, electrifying it for 6 seconds. The skill of Pepper helps in the negation of buffs and deals with the damage that is equal to 100% for ATK. The target won’t be able to get more buffs in the next 6 seconds.
  • Sanctuary: Pepper creates a shield of energy at the location of the Wanderer. The teammates that are inside this shield get healed in ATK for 81.7%, it also reduces 3% damage by 10 seconds. In the attack Pepper can cool down for 60 seconds.
  • Delivering Swiftly: Once the charge of the weapon is complete even when the Phantasia gets triggered, all the debuffs are removed as you take the other weapon instead of this one. The ability helps in the healing of all the Wanderers that are roaming nearby, and even the teammates for ATK of 70%, plus HP for 7 seconds.


Staff Of Scars is called The weapon that Pepper uses in Tower Of Fantasy, and her abilities include ️ Shatter:4 and ️ Charge:10

Awakening Traits

Following are the awakening traits for Pepper In Tower Of Fantasy:

  • Revival: Provides with 1200 Awakening. Pepper provided healing to restore the HP, as the restoration effect is increased by 100%.
  • Source: Pepper delivers healing to restore the HP, as its effect is increased by 200%.

Best Build For Pepper

The build of Pepper is Standard. She is a healer who depends entirely on her advancements firsthand for her healing, as her ability to cool down is exceptionally long.

Best Teams For Pepper

Pepper makes the best team as a healer in the game, Tower Of Fantasy with Samir and Nemesis. Where Samir is the main DPS, whereas Nemesis and Pepper are the supporting members, the healers.


Next up we have Cocoritter as a healer in Tower Of Fantasy. She is the kind of healer that all other teams want on board with them. She can freeze enemies, while her healing output is extremely strong, so she comes as the best character for teams whose main focus is on healing themselves. 

Cocoritter provides her teammates with the buff for damage. Along with a friend, a bee who helps her in healing others, she can heal the HP when it is the lowest. Moreover, after becoming advanced, the debuffs can also be cleansed due to her healing boosts. 

She can be very easy to get ranked high in Tower Of Fantasy with the amount of support she provides. Let’s discuss the abilities of Cocoritter. 

Best Healer In Tower Of Fantasy

Healing Abilities

Cocoritter is perceived as one of the best healers in Tower Of Fantasy. The skills she has and used are listed below:

  • Rank No.1: Once you have dodged the enemy, call out for a bee that would help you in healing. The bee would follow Cocoritter and heal the teammates that are in a reach of 15 meters with HP which is, however very low in percentage. This skill helps in healing 25% of ATK and restoring the charge of 50 weapon points. It lasts for around 25 seconds.
  • Rank No.2: The HP growth of the current weapon’s base in use is increased by 16%. 
  • Rank No.3:  The Sanctuary or skills for discharging are used to remove the debuffs that are in the target. Shatter is increased and the range for dealing with damage is 20%. This skill grants immunity to the teammates to have control over the effects and shatter.
  • Rank No.4: HP growth of the current base of the weapon is increased by 32%.
  • Rank No.5: The effect of healing is increased by 15%, with an addition of 20% when the target is being healed with HP which is less than 60%.
  •  In case the bee that is used for healing is called out or it just escapes from the war, you can heal all the teammates for 100% of ATK users. The allies that are near the healing bee also get damage of 15% and even a boost for healing for Rank No.6


Following are a few skills that Cocoritter has in Tower Of Fantasy:

  • Ice Shell: This is Cocoritter’s passive skill, and the weapon is completely charged and it helps in freezing the target for about 2 seconds, which then stays frostbitten for a whole 6 seconds. Additional damage is caused by breaking the shell of the ice which is equal to ATK for 151%.  The charge rate of the weapon is reduced by 50% when it gets frostbitten. 
  • Sanctuary: Next up we have another skill used by Cocoritter. In this, a healing zone is created which moves along the Wanderer, healing all the teammates that are nearby for ATK of 95%, plus 5 every 0.5 seconds of 6 seconds. The cooling down time is 60 seconds.
  • Swiftly Delivering:  Once the weapon is completely charged if you switch from one weapon to the other one it would remove all the debuffs from your teammates or Wanderers. Furthermore, it also helps in the healing of these allies for ATK of 118.8% for a whole 7 seconds.

Awakening Traits 

There are two traits for Cocoritter in Tower Of Fantasy:

  • Assistance: Grants around 1200 Awakening. When Cocoritter uses the weapon for support, the healing effect is increased. Furthermore, this helps her throw it off on other enemies and receive it for 20%.
  • Trust: It provides an awakening of 4000. Cocoritter makes use of a weapon for support, increasing the healing power which is taken for 20%. Moreover, Cocoritter increases 15% the ATK of her teammates for a whole 5 seconds while using weapons that help her in supporting the discharge of the weapon.

Best Build For Cocoritter

The build of Cocoritter in the game tower of fantasy is Standard. She is a top-notch healer, and her cooldowns are extremely long. What gives her access to healing constantly is her first-class advancement.

Best Teamups For Cocoritter

Cocoritter makes the best team with the following classes:

  • Shiro Support: There is Shiro who is the sub DPS, whereas Zero acts as a utility along with Cocoritter.
  • PvP Kite: In this team-up, you will have Tsubasa, Nemesis, and Cocoritter as healers.


One of the best characters in Tower Of Fantasy is Nemesis. The niche of this character is the healer. She excels as a healer in the game, and her ability to heal in groups is extraordinary. Her ability to damage is also something to notice, Nemesis is rather dominant. Furthermore, to provide support her AOE damage is perfectly decent as her damage is vast. 

Tower Of Fantasy; Best Healer

Best Healing Abilities

  • Rank No.1: In this rank, once you have used the Pulse Lock or the Particle Beam Burst, 1 Electrode is produced which gives the user stack of 5 types that helps in the enhancement of the chain that heals. Furthermore, it also unleashes a chain of healing which help in the healing of your teammates by 135% ATK of the Wanderer.
  • It helps increase the weapon’s base by increasing the growth of ATK by 16%. in Rank No.2
  • Rank No.3: A lightning ring is unleashed after every second by Electrode, which helps in dealing with the damage and is equal to ATK of a maximum of 205% in the targeted area.
  • Rank No.4: In this rank, the ATK growth of the weapon’s base is increased by 32%.
  •  Once you have used the Pulse Lock, the Wanderer’s ATK is increased by 5 plus n the electrodes number, multiplied by 5 for a whole 25 seconds for Rank No.5
  • Rank No.6: Around2 Electrodes can be activated at once in the game, Tower Of Fantasy. If you call out for more Electrodes, they will start replacing the ones that are away from the users.


  • Twin Spinning Focus: To trigger a magnetic field during your window attack, click on the normal attack. Dodging triggers the chain of healing the teammates that are near you by the Wanderer’s ATK of 67.7%. Furthermore, a healing chain that is rather small will appear for 10 seconds which would heal all the teammates that are near you by an ATK of 22.5%. When you dodge, you will be given 1 healing stack enhancement that would increase the healing effects by 25%. The stack can be used 5 times while lasting for 5 seconds. However, when you switch your weapons, the effect would be eliminated.
  • Parallel Beans: To use the attack, tap on the option of normal attack while dodging the window. A key will appear while you dodge click on it to use this skill. When you dodge, a chain for healing will appear that would help you in healing the teammates nearby for Wanderer’s ATK of 67.7%. In addition to that, for the next 10 seconds, a healing chain will appear that would heal all the allies that are nearby for an ATK of 22.5% of the Wanderer. 1 stack of the chains used for healing is given to you as you dodge. It would help you increase the effectiveness of healing chains by 25%, and could stack up for about 5 times. The attack lasts for complete five seconds, however, if you switch weapons the effect would be eliminated.

Awakening Traits

There are two traits given to Nemesis in Tower Of Fantasy:

  • Metamorphosis: The skill has an awakening of 1200. Once you have called for electrodes start dealing with volt. lt that would damage equally to ATK of 60% to all the enemies that are within 30 miles of those electrodes. This helps in healing all your teammates, including yourself that are within the range of ATK by 120%.
  • Sublimation: The next skill for Nemesis is called Sublimation which has an awakening of 2000. Once you have summoned an Electrode, deal with the damage that is equal to 100% ATK for all the enemies that are within reach of 10 meters of that Electrode. The skill can heal your teammate, within a range of ATK of 200%.

Build Of Nemesis 

The build that Nemesis has in Tower Of Fantasy is Standard. Nemesis works as a DPS sub and has access to the healing power thanks to her dodging ability. 

Best Teamup Of Nemesis

  • Samir Volt: Nemesis is the utility, with Samir being the main DPS, and King is the shield.
  • Crow Volt: This team-up has Crow as the main DPS, Nemesis as the utility, and the King, again being the shield.
  • Tsubasa Tri-Element: The kind of team-up that has Tsubasa as the main DPS, Nemesis as the utility, and King as the shield.


Zero is perceived as a little strange character, however, his focus is entirely on the healing of the enemy that they occupy through the affinity of the fire element. The character provides damage and lessens the healing of the enemy, something the DPS or Tank very much appreciates in the heat of fights with bosses.

However, for Zero to provide healing to his teammates, it is vital for them to run inside his orbit to get it. This situation becomes a little complicated as the groups are not always in sync.  Besides that, Having Zero in the team can be very beneficial as, during PvP, he kills the chances of sustainability the opponent might have.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer

Healing Abilities

  • Rank No.1: The ability helps in dealing with the damage producing an ord for healing. This orb lasts for about 20 seconds and restores the HP of the teammate who manages to get their hands on it. The HP is equal to ATK of 60%.
  • Rank No.2: To get the skill activated, use 2 stars. Increasing 16% base of the current weapon for the growth of ATK.
  • Rank No.3: You can reduce your cooling down ability from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. It also helps in restoring HP and would be equal to 30% ATK, as long as the shield stays activated.
  • Rank No.4: The base of the current weapon is increased by the growth of HP by 32%.
  • Rank No.5: When you damage a target, a damaged orb would also be produced, lasting for 20 seconds and increasing the damage and healing by 2% for a whole 30 seconds of the teammate who would grab it. The cooldown for this skill is 2.5 seconds while it can stack up for around 10 times
  • Rank No.6: When you use the skill, your teammates will be provided with orbs that would help you in healing and damage. The number of these orbs would be equal to the Omnium Cubes.

Awakening Traits

  • Accurate Calculation: This trait of Zero has an awakening of 1200, and Zero makes use of a weapon as his skill, while the cooldown time is reduced for the Relics in the cooldown, that too by only 1.5 seconds. The skills get activated once only for the same kind of weapon after every passing 5 seconds.
  • Overall Planning: The trait of Zero that has an awakening of 4000 is called Overall Planning. While making use of this skill, the cooldown time is reduced for the cooldown Relics for 3 seconds. The skill can too, only get activated for one weapon at a time after every 5 seconds.

Build For Zero

The build for Zero in Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer is Standard. It has a unit for the defense that also focuses on its team: their healing and providing a shield for them. Both of these keep getting stronger with 3rd advancement of Zero. He is the best while playing in groups as he can deliver AOE immunity for damage buff(discharging it) and increasing the damage buff (matrices).

Best Teamups For Zero

Zero makes the best team member while working in the following groups:

  • Samir Support: In this grouping, Samir is the Main DPS, Nemesis is the utility along with Zero.
  • Shiro Support: There is Shiro who is the sub DPS, whereas Zero acts as a utility along with Cocoritter.
  • PvP CC 3: There are three members in this group, Huma, Meryl, and Zero.

Resonating The Benediction

To use the power of healing in Tower of Fantasy Best Healer, all you have to do is get your hands on 2 weapons for support. When you do it, you will be given an increase in healing by 100%. However, while you are playing in teams, the same effect gets boosted up by a 100%, providing you with a total increase of 200% in the process of healing.

Positioning Of The Healers In Tower Of Fantasy

A very important thing for the healers in Tower of Fantasy is to keep as far away as they can from the evil bosses and mops that are roaming around the map as mobs and bosses can easily kill or shoot you.

Build And Damage 

Furthermore, after you have died your DPS and tank would follow up as they won’t be able to tolerate all the damage inflicted on them through the healing items. Make sure to use the AOE damage skill that you have wisely. If you have the element of ice available then use it carefully, as it helps slow down the enemies, and can manage the aggression given to you by the tank to be taken later on by the DPS.

In addition to that, keep in mind you are a healer of the group, so try not to get attacked.

If the playstyle you have is all about supporting and healing your teammates, then this is the best built for you. Healers can help you stay out of trouble, increase your lifeline, and much more!

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