Tower of Fantasy: BEST Healing Weapons

Looking for a suitable secondary weapon with healing abilities? Check out the guide to find te best one for you.

Healing weapons in Tower of Fantasy are one of the most essential and useful weapon types that you can use. Within this collection of impressive weapons, a hierarchy of strength exists based on factors like the weapon’s unique effects or rarity. Equipping at least one of these healing weapons will give you a tremendous advantage in battle, especially if you strategically use them to their max potential. Not only will they heal your HP, but they can also provide buffs to your stats because of their supportive abilities.

Key Highlights
  • Characters can equip and swap between up to 3 weapons during combat.
  • For a perfect combo, we’d recommend a primary fast-firing fire element weapon, a slow but high-damage weapon, and a healing weapon in your respective slots.
  • Absolute Zero, Venus, Staff of Scars, and Negating Cube are some of the best healing weapons in the game.
  • You can upgrade these weapons, increasing their effects, including healing buffs.
  • Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero summons a healing circle around the user and spawns ally healing bees upon successful dodges.
  • Nemesis’ Venus has a special perk that electrifies enemies and gives healing buffs to you simultaneously.
  • Staff Of Scars is a good F2P beginner healing weapon that summons a shield that guards you and creates a healing area of effect.
  • Zero’s Negating Cube provides you with a defensive shield and healing at the same time, along with reducing enemies’ healing effects.

Here is a summarized comparison between all the Healing Weapons from our guide:

Absolute ZeroFrost15.
Staff of ScarsVolt10.
Negating CubeFlame14.

Tower Of Fantasy Weapons System

TOF Weapons
Tower of fantasy weapons

Before we start discussing the best Healing weapons in Tower of Fantasy, let’s clarify some common misconceptions regarding the weapons and characters’ systems. During the combat, your character can equip three weapons and swap between them any time you want. 

To make a perfect weapon combo, we recommend you equip the primary slot as an attacking weapon from the Fire element, having overpowered abilities and a fast firing rate. Once you have chosen your primary weapon, you can support yourself by equipping one high-damage weapon that has slow speed but deals numerous damage.

The third slot can be equipped with a Healing weapon with special healing effects. So, let’s discuss the best ones. If you also want assistance selecting a suitable primary weapon, check out our Top 5 best weapons.

Best Healing Weapons

Although you can eat food and take supplements to restore your HP, it is not a viable option in the midst of battle. Therefore, having a weapon with healing perks in your loadout will save you in the situation.

Following are the best healing Weapons in the Tower of Fantasy that can be used on the battlefield.

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is SSR grade ice-type weapon in the game that is primarily equipped by Cocoritter. This weapon has amazing support abilities and great CC potential in assistive capabilities. Absolute Zero has pretty impressive healing buffs that are adequate to assist the whole team.

Tower of Fantasy Best Healing Weapons
Absolute Zero

The weapon has a special ability to summon a sanctuary around the wielder. The healing circle will move along the user and will provide a constant healing effect. Upon a successful dodge from the enemy, the weapon will spawn healing bees that will go to the allies with the lowest HP and heal them.

Once you unlock the Awakening abilities of Cocoritter, the healing effect to allies will further increase by 20%.

Stats Of Absolute Zero

The following are the stats of Absolute Zero in Tower of Fantasy.

Weapon TypeFrost

Absolute Zero Special Attack

Sanctuary: Creates a healing orb that follows the wielder and heals the surrounding allies by 95% of ATK + 199 once every 0.5 seconds. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

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Absolute Zero Advancement

In Tower of Fantasy, you can advance any type of weapon through their corresponding fusion cores, which are obtained by acquiring multiple copies of the same item. Once you acquire the first copy of Absolute Zero, you can buy more copies from the Commissary’s weapon store for 120 black gold.

Upgrading your weapons to higher stars by utilizing fusion cores will unlock special perks. Here are all the abilities you gain at each star of Absolute Zero.

  • One star: Upon dealing damage, a healing orb is produced, which remains for 20 seconds and restores your health to up to 60% of attack damage.
  • Two stars: Enhances the base attack growth of the current weapon by 16%
  • Three stars Decrease the skill cooldown timer from 60 seconds to 30 seconds and regenerate health up to 30% of attack damage.
  • Four stars: Enhances the base HP growth of the current weapon by 32%
  • Five stars: Upon hitting a target, you summon a healing orb, which remains for 20 seconds.
  • Six stars: Utilizing the special skill summons a healing orb for the allies.


The Venus is an SSR-grade weapon that is also the primary weapon of Nemesis. Once you upgrade the weapon, you can unlock its Discharge and Special ability attacks. Venus is a supportive as well as an offensive weapon. It has a special perk of electrifying the opponents while simultaneously providing healing buffs to you. Once you unlock the Awaken abilities of Nemesis, the weapon becomes even more deadly.

Stats Of Venus

The following are the stats of Venus in Tower of Fantasy.

Weapon TypeVolt

Venus Special Attack

Tower of Fantasy
Stats and Advancement

Pulse Lock: Venus unleashes a guided missile attack that navigates its target to explode at the precise spot, stunning the target and dealing damage equal to 233.2% ATK + 12. It has a cooldown duration of 25 seconds, after which you can use it again on your opponents.

Venus Advancement

Just like Absolute Zero, Venus can be upgraded to 6-star levels. When you get the weapon for the first time, it will be at zero-star level, and you have to upgrade it six times to reach its maximum capabilities. Here are the abilities of Venus that are unlocked on each level.

  • One Star: After utilizing the Pulse Lock ability, the weapon grants 1 Electrode, which provides you five stacks of Enhanced Chain Heal. In addition, it also initiates a healing chain effect that supports the allies by granting a healing effect equal to 135% of the wanderer’s ATK.
  • Two Star: Enhances the base ATK damage of the equipped weapon by 16%,
  • Three Star: A Circle of Lightning is unleashed by Electrode every six seconds, which casts damage up to 205% ATK in the targeted area.
  • Four Star: Enhances the base ATK effect of the equipped weapon by 32%.
  • Five Star: After utilizing the Pulse Lock, the ATK growth is increased by (Five + (number of Electrodes x5)% for 25 seconds.
  • Six Star: The weapon can produce up to two Electrodes simultaneously.

Staff Of Scars

The Staff of Scars is another good Healing weapon that is received as a reward as you progress through the main storyline of TOF. The Staff of Scars has decent healing capabilities and can be termed as a beginner healing weapon, which is most suitable for F2P players.

Once you advance the weapon, the healing buffs are further enhanced, and the effects are granted to the nearby allies as well.

Tower of Fantasy Best Healing Weapons
Staff of Scars

The Staff of Scars has a special ability to summon an energy shield that will guard its user and provide a constant healing buff, causing healing in AoE. Once you unlock the Awakening Skills of Pepper, the regenerating effect of the weapon is also unlocked, which provides further healing buffs to you and the allies.

Stats Of Staff Of Scars

The following are the stats of Staff of Scars in Tower of Fantasy.

Weapon TypeVolt

The Staff Of Scars Special Skill

Sanctuary: Summons an energy shield at the target location. Heals the nearby allies for 81.7% ATK + 4 every second and decreases their damage received by 3% for 10 seconds. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Staff Of Scars Advancement

Just like other weapons, you can upgrade the Staff of Scars to higher levels once you have multiple copies of the weapon. You will unlock the abilities on each star level of Staff of Scars.

  • One Star: Heals all the allies up to ten yards for 100% ATK after consuming a dodge skill.
  • Two Star: Enhance base HP growth of current weapon by 10%.
  • Three  Star: In the primary attack, the weapon fires two missiles instead of one, each causing damage equal to 5% ATK to the enemy while restoring the 5 Weapon Charge.
  • Four Star: Increase base HP growth of the weapon by 20%.
  • Five Star: Enhances the speed of weapon charge gain by 20% (excluding missile attacks).
  • Six Stars: Provides a 60% damage reduction buff to the allies and immunity to crowd control effects.

Negating Cube

Negating Cube is also an SSR-grade weapon that is wielded by Zero. The weapon can be declared one of the best healing weapons in the Tower of Fantasy due to its ability to heal and provide a defensive shield simultaneously.

Being a flame-type weapon, it inflicts a decent amount of damage to the enemies and reduces their healing effect. Once you upgrade the Negating Cube up to three stars, you can utilize its main healing buffs.

Stats Of Negating Cube

Weapon TypeFlame

Negating Cube Special Attack

Negating Cube Stats
Negating Cube

Omnium Shield: Creates a defensive shield for the wielder and nearby allies to block up to 800% of ATK in damage for 10 seconds and cast 142.9% of ATK + 8 damage to surrounding enemies. The skill has a cooldown duration of 60 seconds.

Negating Cube Advancement

Once you have enough fusion cores for Negating Cube, you can start the advancement of the weapon. You will unlock the following abilities upon each star level.

  • One Star: Cast damage and summons a healing orb that remains for 20 seconds and regenerates the HP of any ally who picks it up, equal to 60% of ATK.
  • Two Star: Enhances the base ATK growth of the current weapon by 16%.
  • Three Star: Decreases skill cooldown duration from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. It also regenerates HP equal to 30% of ATK every second while the shield is active.
  • Four Star: Enhances the base HP growth of the current weapon by 32%.
  • Five Star: Damaging an enemy also summons a damage orb that remains for 20 seconds and enhances all damage and healing of any ally who picks it up by 2% for 30 seconds. Has a cooldown duration of 2.5 seconds.
  • Six Star: Summons healing and damage orbs for the allies, equal to the number of Omnium Cubes.

This concludes our guide on the best Healing Weapons in the Tower of Fantasy. Although the game is more on the aggressive side, where you must have offensive weaponry during battle, having some healing weapons to assist you and your allies is also crucial to escape aggressive situations. So, ensure that you have at least one healing weapon in your inventory before engaging in a serious battle.

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