5 BEST Tower of Fantasy Ice Teams

This Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Team guide will showcase five ice-based teams that players can try out in-game!

Tower of Fantasy perhaps has one of the best elemental weapon systems, allowing players to mix and match the simulacra they want to place in their party and take to battle. Whether it is PvE or PvP, elemental team comps are one of the most crucial aspects of gameplay. Our Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Team guide will uncover the best teams featuring Frigg and combine them with the best units available! Make sure to read up on our Best Combos guide!

Key Highlights
  • Our First Ice Team unit has Frigg, Meryl, and Tsubasa.
    • Frigg will play as a DPS unit carrying her ice elemental “Balmung” weapon mainly used for shatter and charge having a rating of 8.
    • Meryl will play as the main defense unit using her “Rosy Edge” with a shatter rating of 12.
    • Tsubasa will play as archer DPS and the main charge unit with a rating of 11.50.
  • Our Second Ice Team unit will Feature Frigg, Meryl, and Nemesis.
    • Frigg will be the main DPS unit here as well. While Meryl will be the key defense unit as in First Ice Team.
    • Nemesis will play as a support resonance unit. Her major role is paralyzing enemies with her charged weapon.
  • For the Third Ice Team, we have Frigg, Tsubasa, and Shiro as our units.
    • Once again Frigg and Tsubasa will play the same role as in previous Teams.
    • Shiro will act as a debuffing unit. Her weapon’s Grievous effect increases the damage to 137%.
  • The Fourth Ice Team will feature Frigg, Tsubasa, and King.
    • Again Frigg will be the main DPS unit while Tsubasa will play the buffing unit as before.
    • King will shatter the enemy’s shields with the weapon Scythe Of The Crow. Enhancing the overall damage to the enemies.
  • Our Fifth Ice Team will be featuring Frigg, Meryl, and Huma as units.
    • Frigg and Meryl will be used in the same manner as in the above teams.
    • Huma will play as another defense unit and will act as a flame element. She will be shattering the enemies with her weapon Molten Shield V2 with a rating of 10.

First Team 

Tower of Fantasy Team One
Team One

Starting things off, we will take a look at our first team, which will completely be ice elemental. The units featured in the team will include Frigg, Meryl, and Tsubasa. As for priorities, Frigg will play the role of the main DPS, Meryl that of shattered support, and Tsubasa as a buff or recharger unit. 

As for the Resonance, players in Tower of Fantasy will be able to use Ice and DPS Resonance, considering there will be two DPS units. Meryl’s one star will be used mainly for heals, while Tsubasa’s one star will come in handy for a 15% buff that the player will receive. 


The first unit that players will have in all five teams will be known as Frigg, and she will have the Resonance of being a DPS and carry the weapon “Balmung.” The element will be ice, and the weapon will have a shatter and charge rating of 8.


Once the weapon has been fully charged, players can gain the “Ice shell” skill, while players can freeze the opponent for a total of 2 seconds. If Frost Resonance is achieved, the player’s frost attack will be increased by 15%, while the frost resistance will be increased by 25%. 


Next up, we have Meryl, who will act as the Defense unit for the first ice team. While her Resonance is defense, she will once again be wielding her “Rosy Edge” weapon, which will be of the ice element as we mentioned before, and it will have an extremely high shatter rating of 12, while the charge rating will be of 4.


When the weapon is fully charged, opponents will get frozen for two seconds, and after those two seconds are up, they will get severely frostbitten for 6 seconds. Read up on our Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa guide!


The final addition to the first ice team for players will be Tsubasa, who will actually be an archer DPS, but she will be mainly coming in handy for her charge rating, which is pretty high and stands at 11.50, while the shatter rating is at 4.0.


As mentioned before, she will also use her charged weapon to cause enemies to get frozen, and once her ice shell breaks, she will also unleash ice damage equivalent to 151% of her base attack. While the enemy is frostbitten, the weapon’s charge rate will be decreased by 50%. 

Second Team 

Tower of Fantasy Team Two
Team Two

Let’s look at the second team, which will feature units like Frigg, Meryl, and Nemesis. Frigg will e the main DPS unit, Meryl will once again come in handy as the Shatter unit, and Nemesis can either fill the spot as a sub-DPS since she can fulfill both roles. 

Her Resonance will be that of the Ice Resonance, considering Frigg and Meryl will be both ice-based units, and players will gain turret damage from Nemesis’ 0 stars and shatter buff from the overall team too. 


Let’s start with the first unit, Frigg, and while she wields her Balmung, she can render enemies useless in their wake. She can deliver excellent amounts of damage potential, considering her damage output is viably pretty high. 

With her acceptable shatter and charge rating, she will gain frost resonance, automatically increasing her frost attack by 15%. With that, she will also be able to gain a sudden increase in her frost resistance by a total of 25%. The Resonance can be equipped once players equip two or more ice-based weapons. 


For a more defense-based unit, players can place their focus on equipping Meryl. She is an excellent unit in Tower of Fantasy and can provide an excellent amount of shatter, considering her rating is 12. 

With her high shatter rating, she can obliterate the enemy’s shields and break them in almost no time. Once the weapon has been fully charged, enemies will, as usual, take the freeze debuff for 2 seconds, and then it will be followed by them getting severely frostbitten. 

Her advancements will increase her shatter rating by 15%, while she will also be able to help the player regenerate 10% of their base HP anytime the enemy’s shield is shattered and broken. As the advancements increase, players can gain further improvements in their overall performance. If you’re facing issues with Earthphyte puzzles, then you must read our Tower of Fantasy Earthphyte Puzzle guide!


As for Nemesis, she will be a support resonance unit that will mainly come in handy for her electric charges, volt element, and Venus weapon. Her weapon has a shatter rating which will be set at 6, while her charge rating will be set to 8, and she is able to paralyze enemies anytime her weapon is fully charged, and she unleashes her next attack against opponents.


She can also negate any kinds of buffs placed on enemies and unleash Damage that will be equivalent to 144% of her base attack. With her advancements, however, players can gain Pulse Lock, which will summon forth an electrode that can give players healing chains that can help them generate a certain amount of their HP. 

Nemesis will also gain base attack enhancements as she receives her advances. With her fifth advancement, players will also gain an increase in their base attack, making Nemesis even stronger than she needs to be while on the battlefield. 

Third Team 

Tower of Fantasy Team Three
Team Three

Next up, let’s talk about one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Team for mid-game players, which will feature the use of Frigg and Tsubasa, and Shiro. For DPS, there is no other option better as an ice-elemental base team than to equip Frigg, while Tsubasa will come in handy as a recharge or a buffing unit. 

Shiro will come in as a shatter and debuffing unit for the opponent, and the Resonance will be ice resonance for Tsubasa and Frigg, while there will also be a DPS resonance as all units are DPS based. Players can easily expect to gain a shatter buff by 25%, a stacking buff of 15% with Tsubasa’s one star, and stun abilities with Shiro’s 0 stars. Armoring up in-game is super important; therefore, our Tower of Fantasy Best Armor guide will showcase all locations for armor!


The first unit will be Frigg, and players will want to use her on the front lines as much as possible, ensuring that they are taking advantage of her Balmung weapon and delivering ice damage to enemies. She can also freeze and cause severe frostbite debuff to enemies, making them all the more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks launched by the player. 

With her frost resonance, she becomes even stronger, as her base frost attack gets enhanced by 15%, while her resistance against frost attacks by enemies will also be enhanced by 25%. 


For another excellent unit, players can use Tsubasa, and she can use her Icewind Arrow to make her a sub-DPS, but most players will want to use her as a buffer unit. With her high charge, she can come in handy in most battles. 

For her advancements, she will continue to gain a sharp arrow anytime she unleashes an arrow after doing a perfect dodge against any opponent. For 15 seconds, players can gain increases in their Damage by 5%, and players can stack the buff three times, after which it will not be stackable anymore. 

Players can also expect to gain a weapon base attack increase, and just in general, her advancements are pretty useful. 


The final unit for Tower of Fantasy players they can use in the ice team will be Shiro, who will wield the Chakram of The Seas weapon, which is essentially a physical weapon. Considering it is a physical weapon, it will have a pretty impressive shattering rating of 10, meaning that it will be able to come in handy while attempting to break the enemy’s shields. 


For her weapon effects, she will gain something known as “Grievous,” which will cause enemies to take in Damage equivalent to 137% of her base attack once her weapon has been completely charged. After the attack is launched, the enemies will become “grievous” for 7 seconds, during which they will be all the more vulnerable. 

Take the opportunity, obliterate them with Frigg, and bring them down to gain victory quickly! 

Fourth Team 

Tower of Fantasy Team Four
Team Four

Moving on, another one of Tower of Fantasy’s Best Ice Team featuring Frigg will include Firgg as the main DPS, while Tsubasa will act as a recharger or buffing unit. King will be introduced to the team as a sub-DPS or a shattered unit.

The Resonance that players will experience will be ice resonance because Tsubasa and Frigg are both ice units, and there will be tri-DPS Resonance though it is clear that the buff applies once two DPS units are in the team. 

Players can get a 25% shatter buff to their overall team, while Tsubasa’s one star will gain them a 15% increased stack buff, while King’s one star will provide enhanced Damage over time for the overall team. If you’ve wanted to build Zero, then our Zero guide will tell you all there is to know about him!


Frigg will mainly come into the team and act out as the main Ice-based DPS, which grants her the ability to go all out in front of her toughest enemies and obliterate them. Any enemy that encounters her will be terrified by the amount of power she holds whenever she is wielding her Balmung. 

There is a shatter and charge rating of 8, and she gains frost resonance whenever two or more frost units are equipped. With her specific advancements, players can expect to gain one frost point whenever they receive a certain amount of Damage. 


The second unit that players will use again will be our very own Tsubasa, and she will use her Icewind Arrow to be an excellent buffer to the team. With her high charge, she can further assist Frigg, who will be doing most of the work anyway. 

As for the advancements, with her first advancement, she will continue to gain a sharp arrow as she dodges an enemy attack, while her second advancement will enhance her weapon’s base attack by 16%. The third advancement will allow her to dodge the opponent’s attack and gain three charged arrows. 

As for the fourth advancement, it will further enhance the weapon’s base attack by 32%. Do not skip out on our Resonance Weapons guide!


Bring in King to make your entire team look all the cooler, while the fire-based unit will wield a weapon known as Scythe of The Crow, and it will have a ridiculously high shatter rating, allowing players to absolutely decimate the enemy’s shields.


He can set enemies on fire with his element for a total of 8 seconds, while the next attack he launches will unleash Damage based on 58% of his base attack. 

For his advancements, he will get increased shatter by 15%, while his second advancement will enhance the weapon’s base HP by 16%. The third advancement will increase the Damage that is output by him by a total of 10%, and it can go as high as 30%. 

For the fourth advancement, players can expect the weapon’s base attack to increase by 32%. 

Fifth Team 

Tower of Fantasy Team Five
Team Five

Last but not least, we have the final team featuring Frigg, Meryl, and Huma. Frigg will yet again act as the DPS unit. At the same time, players in Tower of Fantasy can use Meryl as the Shatter unit, which will primarily come in handy for breaking all kinds of shields, and Huma will come in handy as a secondary shatter or recharge unit. 

Players will take help from Ice Resonance and tank resonance for the resonances since Meryl and Huma will both be defense units that will instantly trigger the duo-Defense buff. And as usual, the 25% shatter buff and damage reduction will be provided with Huma’s 0 stars, while Meryl’s one star will provide a certain amount of healing. You might find our Electronic Lock Guide helpful!


The DPS unit that players can use for their Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Team will be Frigg, and they will be able to take advantage of her frost resonance and her Ice Shell. 

However, the major benefit that players will get from Frigg will come from her advancements, and with her third advancement, players will get an increase in their frostiness limit to 15. Her fourth advancement will further increase the weapon’s base attack by 32%, making Frigg much stronger. 

The fifth advancement will offer the ability to shatter the enemy’s shields as usual. Still, once it is done, it will unleash frostiness that will be calculated as frostiness points multiplied by the base frost attack, and then it will be further multiplied by 35% bonus damage. 


For the defense unit, players can use Meryl, who can come in handy as a shield breaker while also being able to produce an insane amount of shatter for opponent shields so that Frigg can appear back on the frontlines and render enemies useless. 

With her third advancement, players will be able to switch to another weapon which will grant them an instant ice shield that can absorb 10% of their base HP. There will be an overall cooldown of 20 seconds for the skill to appear again, and the shield will break on its own after 10 seconds. 

With the fourth advancement, players will get a weapon HP to increase by 32%, while the fifth advancement will enhance the Damage and shatter by a total of 50%. 


Lastly, Huma will pop in as yet another defense-based unit, and she will be of the flame element. The weapon she carries will be known as Molten Shield V2, and she will have a shatter rating of 10 while the charge rating will be the same.


With her advancement, players can expect to get a weapon base HP and base attack increase, as well as being able to get a strong shield with her one star. It will provide 10% increased damage negation, allowing players to stay safe from enemies. With that, we will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Team guide! 

Guide and Photo Credits: GachaMobileGamer on Youtube

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