Tower of Fantasy: BEST Keybinds For All Devices

This guide contains the best keybinds for Tower of Fantasy with which you can get familiar easily and have smooth fights

Tower of Fantasy has been finally launched by Developer Hotta Studio which is a sci-fi and open-world MMORPG game. The game is similar to Genshin Impact, and that is why you should check out our Tower Of Fantasy Vs Genshin Impact guide. The game consists of different characters known as Simulacra, and some of them are Crow, King, and Zero. To ensure smooth gameplay in Tower of Fantasy, you will need the best keybinds so your fights look like a dance and you don’t get confused while pressing buttons.

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According to many players in Tower of Fantasy, the game still needs some optimization, and one of the biggest issues they are facing is figuring out the best keybinds. Some players prefer playing games with controllers, and games like Tower of Fantasy can take them some time to figure out what will be the best keybinds for them.

If you are new to the game, consider reading our Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide, and for optimal settings, read our BEST Tower Of Fantasy Settings guide.

BEST Keybinds For Keyboard And Mouse

Mouse and Keyboard Settings
BEST keybinds for PC

For the keyboard and mouse, the keybinds are simple. However, if you are a hard-core gamer, you might find its equipping style a bit off. Therefore, we have tweaked the keybinds in Tower of Fantasy in the best way possible so you will not get confused by the different layouts.

An example of the default keybinds is that you can get Weapon 1 by the key E, Weapon 2 by the key Q, and Weapon 3 by the key R. Most people are not familiar with this kind of keybinding. Rather they prefer switching weapons by the keys 1,2 and 3 or by just scrolling the mouse wheel.


The keybinds for movement are set to be basic and usual like other games.

  • W key: will allow you to move forward
  • A key: will allow you to move left
  • S key: will allow you to move backward
  • D Key: will allow you to move right
  • Spacebar: press it to jump
  • Left Shift: press it for dodging
  • Z key: will allow you to squat or stand

Interaction And Weapons

These are the best keybinds that will ensure smooth movement with a timely response, especially when you are in a middle of a fight in Tower of Fantasy.

  • 1 Key: Weapon 1
  • 2 Key: Weapon 2
  • 3 Key: Weapon 3
  • Q Key: Weapon Skills
  • F Key: Pick up / Interact
  • V Key: Get on/off a vehicle
  • Tab Key: Change Target
  • F2 Key: Use Supply
  • C Key: Archive
  • M Key: Open / Close Map
  • B Key: Backpack
  • Esc Key: Top Menu
  • N Key: Weapon Page
  • E Key: Relic 1 Skill
  • R Key: Relic 2 Skill
  • G Key: Change Relic

Hidden Shortcut Keys On Keyboard

On the top right of your screen, you see four options: challenges, diary, gifts, and in-game shop. You will spend quite some time clicking these options. However, for your ease, there are keybinds for it that act as shortcuts.

  • Gifts: Alt + 1
  • Diary: Alt + 2
  • Challenges: Alt + 3
  • In-game shop: Alt + 4

Moreover, if you are not aware, you can display hotkeys on the Tower of Fantasy. The method of doing it is simple; all you need to do is press the F1 button, after which they will be visible to you on the screen. If you are new to the game, we recommend you use the method as it will allow you to remember the keybinds you need to use during combat.

BEST Keybinds For Controller

Tower Of Fantasy Best Keybinds: Controller
BEST Controller Keybinds

In case you are playing Tower of Fantasy with a controller, you might find difficulty navigating the menu. Other than that, the following keybindings will let you play Tower of Fantasy in the best way possible.


The following are the key binds that you need for proper movement:

  • L3: Movement
  • R3: Move Camera
  • Press L3: Get on / get off a vehicle
  • A Button: To jump

Interaction And Weapons

To ensure smooth fights and easy interaction, use the following keybindings:

  • Left Button: Weapon 1
  • Right Button: Weapon 2
  • Down Button: Weapon 3
  • Press R3: To use supply, you can also heal during a combat
  • LT Button: Aim and charge
  • X Button: Dodge
  • Y Button: Weapon Skills
  • B Button: Interact, attack, and pick up
  • Up Button: Change Relic
  • RT Button: Relic 1
  • RB Button: Relic 2
  • LB Button: Open menus

BEST Keybinds For Mobile

Tower Of Fantasy Best Keybinds: Mobile
BEST Keybinds for Mobile

The following are the best keybinds in mobile for Tower of Fantasy.

  • Log in Bonus: Button 1
  • Quest: Button 2
  • Daily Mission: Button 3
  • Shop: Button 4
  • Top Menu: Button 5
  • Display Quest: Button 6
  • Create and Find Team: Button 7
  • Skill 2 of Relic: Button 8
  • Relic Change: Button 9
  • Skill 1 of Relic: Button 10
  • Jump: Button 11
  • Dodge: Button 12
  • Normal Attack: Button 13
  • Weapon Switch 1: Button 14
  • Weapon Switch 2: Button 15
  • Skill Activation of Weapon: Button 16
  • Use Supply: Button 17
  • Buff Preview: Button 18
  • Get on / get off a vehicle: Button 19
  • Chat Display: Button 20
  • Help Display: Button 21
  • Open Map: Button 22
  • Line Change: Button 23
  • In-Game Camera: Button 24
  • Mail: Button 25
  • Movement: Button 26
  • Camera Movement: Button 26 (slide screen)

These are the best keybinds you can get in Tower of Fantasy to keep your gameplay aligned with conventional style. Make sure you take advantage of turning on the hotkeys display by pressing F1 and by using the hotkeys for shortcuts.

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