Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts: SSR & SR

This Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts guide will uncover the best loadouts for players to try out in-game!

Tower of Fantasy offers an open-world exploration to players, with enticing gameplay and a selection of R, SR, and SSR weapons to choose from, which also comes with their weapon skin. Whenever players are in combat, they need to choose the best loadout to achieve victory, and our Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts guide will uncover all there is to know about the best SSR and SR loadouts! 

Key Highlights
  • Dual EM Stars, Venus, Chakram Of The Seas, Molten Shield V2, and Scythe Of The Crow are the best SSR loadouts.
  • Thunderous Halberd and Staff Of Scars are the best SR loadouts.
  • We recommend you use Dual EM Stars, Venus, Chakram Of The Seas, and Scythe Of The Crow for PvE as they boast SS ratings.
  • With a good SS rating, Venus will be the best option for PvP.
  • We recommend avoiding Scythe Of The Crow in PvP settings unless you have no other options.
  • And finally, Chakram Of The Seas, Thunder Halberd, and Staff Of Scars are at an A rating for PvP settings.

Best SSR Loadouts 

Let’s start by discussing the best SSR loadouts in Tower of Fantasy that players can go for, which we will cover in detail! 

Dual EM Stars 

Tower of Fantasy Dual EM Stars
Dual EM Stars

Starting things off, let’s discuss our first SSR loadout, which in this case will be the Dual EM Stars; it will have the lightning element, and it will have six shatter while having a charge of 10.7. The weapon itself will be dual pistols, meaning players will be able to hold them in both of their hands and use them in combat. 

The weapon has an SS rating for PvE, meaning that its main focus will be typically used in overworld combat and allow players to take it out for a run whenever they are in dungeons.

If you are in Joint Operations with other people, you can use it confidently t defeat the toughest of enemies and even world bosses. 

However, while it does not have an SS rating on the PvP end, it still has a pretty commendable S rating, making it incredibly solid and a viable choice for PvP use and to take down your friends or other players in the open world or rankings. 


As for its overall playstyle, the first thing that players should consider is that it will have an overall High DPS output. The weapon will be on-field for the majority period, allowing players to consistently stay on-field and obliterate enemies while shooting with the weapon. 

The attack output is insanely fast. While the player wields the dual pistols, they can spin around on an axis and consistently dish out lightning bullet after bullet in a short period without much effort. 

Players are also able to stay at a safe distance while being able to unleash damage from the weapon, allowing for even increased damage. Last but not least, the Dual EM Stars will also have an insane amount of AoE. 


Moving on, Venus has to be one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts in-game. It is accompanied by its Nemesis character skin, which players can change whenever they are in the open world and look cool while killing foes. 

The weapon will be of the lightning type, with a shatter of 6 and a charge of 8, making it a pretty viable choice overall. While it is not going to be used for DPS use, its resonance will lie in it being used as a support, and the weapon type that players will wield will be that of an EM Blaster, making it look and feel even cooler once you hold it. 

In terms of PvE and PvP, Venus blows it out of the water for other candidates, considering it has a top-notch SS rating for both ends. It grants players the ability to use it in the overworld like they typically would, and be able to heal allies and be excellent support even while in Joint Operations. 

On the other end, it also serves excellently in PvP, as it will be able to provide consistent healing for the player, ensuring that they practically never die while also obliterating your opponent s in the battlefield. 


The overall playstyle for Venus loadout is pretty simple, as players can perfect dodge to activate their healing skills. It allows them to consistently regenerate a certain amount of HP over time, ensuring they stay alive and come out victorious. 

Alongside that, the magnetic field, accompanied by the weapon, will suck in enemies and give them the Slowed debuff, allowing the player to switch out to their DPS weapon then and kill them off with ease. 

Chakram of The Seas 

Tower of Fantasy Chakram of The Seas
Chakram of The Seas

Next, let’s discuss the Chakram of The Seas, which will be a Grievous element weapon. It is yet another solid SSR loadout that players can take whenever they defeat enemies and render them useless. 

The Chakram of The Seas will be a DPS-based weapon, meaning that players can use it while being on-field for most of the time. If you are playing in Co-Op mode or typically in other ruins with other people, then you can discuss among the players and use your Chakram to murder enemies with the high damage output. 

The Chakram also comes incredibly handy for shattering since it has a shatter rating of 10, allowing it to shatter through the enemy’s shield, and it can break it without any major issues. The easier the shield breaks, the easier it is to kill the opponent. 

As for the PvE rating, the weapon is incredibly good for PvE since it has an SS rating, meaning that it will allow players to use it freely as they want to, whether they want to defeat single-target enemies or a large group. However, the Chakram isn’t recommended for PvP since it has an A-tier rating. 


Once players wield the Chakram, they use their full bloom skill to break the shield while also being able to deal extra damage and use the high damage output to absolutely obliterate foes in their wake. 

Molten Shield V2 

Tower of Fantasy Molten Shield V2
Molten Shield V2

The next loadout we would like to mention will be the Molten Shield V2, which will be of the fire element, and players will mostly use it as a defense-based weapon rather than DPS since the resonance is Defense for the Molten V2. 

The molten shield will be heavily used for tanking hits from enemies that will be targeted toward the players, allowing them to stay alive for as long as possible. When the weapon is combined with a DPS and a healing-based loadout, players in Tower of Fantasy can expect to cause absolute destruction to their deadliest foes. 

The weapon will have a shatter rating of 10 and an overall charge rating of 10, allowing it to be used for shield-breaking.

In Tower of Fantasy, players know very well that shield breaking is crucial, as enemies are insanely strong with their shields on, and they will not stop at the chance of causing death upon you. 

For PvE and PvP, players can use the Molten Shield as they please since it has a solid rating of being an S-tier weapon. 


When discussing the overall playstyle of Molten Shield V2, whenever players are wielding it, it can be used both for defensive reasons, which is its main focus. Apart from that, players can also use it for offense attacks, and while the damage output will not be on par with DPS-based weapons, it is still pretty viable. 

Once the weapon reaches its first advancement, players can expect its strength to increase even further, making it even more overpowered than it needs to be. The Molten Shield is a solid choice, but players are advised to use it mainly as a tanking-based loadout

Scythe of The Crow 

Tower of Fantasy Scythe of The Crow
Scythe of The Crow

The final SSR loadout weapon that we will discuss will be the Scythe of The Crow, which will belong to King, who will come as a character skin for players to play whenever they pull for the weapon itself. 

The Scythe of The Crow will be imbued with the fire element, allowing players to burn down their worst enemies as they wish, and the weapon resonance will be that of a DPS, allowing players to remain on-field as required, switching out to healers when needed. 

The shatter rating on the weapon is insanely high, that of a 12.5, which means that breaking shields becomes a child’s play, while the charge rating is a 5, which is on the lower end. As we mentioned before, the weapon type is a scythe, which looks cool.

Scythe of the crow will be best used in a PvE situation, pairing up with your allies in a Co-Op in a dungeon or defeating an overworld boss and rendering it useless with your insanely great damage output. It is best not to use the weapon in a PvP setting, but if you don’t have any other options, you can go for it. 


For the weapon playstyle, players can expect it to perform incredibly well, as it has excellent shield-breaking ability. It also has tremendous amounts of attack range while also being able to dish out attacks at a viable speed, making the weapon neither too fast nor too slow, making it the perfect choice. 

Best SR Loadouts

The next set of Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts we would like to discuss will be the SR weapons. 

Thunderous Halberd 

Tower of Fantasy Thunderous Halberd
Thunderous Halberd

Kicking things off, we have the Thunderous Halberd, and it is best chosen for players who feel like they don’t want to try out the SSR weapons or simply are unable to get their hands on the best ones available. 

The Thunderous Halberd will hone a lightning element, allowing players to go out on the battlefield and simply unleash death upon their enemies and kill them off one by one until none are remaining on the battlefield. 

The resonance of the weapon will be that of a DPS, meaning it is meant to be used for longer periods rather than being a sideline loadout weapon.

The shatter charge on the weapon is 11, making it excellent for shield breaking and making enemies all the more vulnerable so that you can attack them and bring them down with ultimate ease. 


The weapon, which can be used for shield breaking, will weaken enemies, allowing players to launch attacks at them and kill them off. The attack speed is pretty decent, and it is not on the faster end, which gives players the chance to play around with the attacks as they please. 

Apart from that, the damage output isn’t the strongest, but the Thunderous Halberd can come in handy for both PvE and PvP. 

Staff of Scars 

Tower of Fantasy Staff of Scars
Staff of Scars

Last but not least, we have the Staff of Scars, which will have the lightning element, and it will be a support-based weapon that players can choose to use both in the overworld and while taking other players down in PvP or in PvE too. 

The shatter rating on the weapon is a 4, the charge rating is a 10, and the weapon’s resonance falls in that of support. The weapon is a staff, making it look incredibly cool when unleashing damage. 


Once the player reaches full advancement, they will be able to gain an even higher charge value. They can also continuously provide healing for themselves and their allies if they are in any kind of Co-Op setting.

Apart from that, they will also be able to remove debuffs from their allies and themselves, bringing them back to normal. 

Once the full advancement has been achieved, players can expect to get a shield that will absorb 60% of the total amount of damage being unleashed at the player from the enemy’s end, after which it will break. All in all, the Staff of Scars is not a bad option for early-mid game players.

We wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Loadouts guide with that! Do not miss out on our Tower of Fantasy Character Customisation guide to figure out your dream character look!

Photos Credit: ONGame on Youtube

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