Tower of Fantasy BEST Outfits & How To Unlock

Tower of Fantasy has been getting more and more popular due to its customization options. We are here to assits you with unlocking all the awesome-looking outfits that the game has to offer.

Tower of Fantasy is a brand-new action RPG that is filled with many unique and diverse characters. You can customize these characters to some extent, and today, our guide focuses on that by talking about Tower of Fantasy’s best outfits and how to unlock every outfit in the game.

You earn the characters by grinding the Gacha system that the game has. Gacha games have been really popular these couple of years. First, Genshin Impact took over the world, and now we have Tower of Fantasy. 

Moreover, there is a lot of content present in the game. What keeps the players playing alongside other things is the customization. In most other Gacha games, getting the latest characters is what keeps bringing the players back, but in this one, people love the customization options.

Tower of Fantasy is set in a futuristic world, and the player controls their self-made character. The gameplay is quite simple for the most part. It involves a lot of exploration; for the most part, the player will be searching for items by traversing through the game’s captivating world.

You can build up some of the best teams to fight the many bosses that are present in the game. There is a lot of food to gift and eat with and some of the best relics to collect. It also went through a lot of launch changes like a lot of games do.

In addition, the combat is also fun, and it takes inspiration from the kings of combat, Capcom’s Devil May Cry Franchise. The game has hack and slash combat and it feels great due to the weapon variety and the diversity of the movesets.

How To Unlock Tower of Fantasy Outfits

Each outfit in the game requires a specific method to unlock. Fortunately, a lot of these are unlocked by default and we will mention these ones too but there are some which require unlocking by either microtransactions or progression. 

One thing is for sure, all the outfits look great and there are plenty of them present. You can dress up as you want and stand out from other players. Some fans have even started doing anime cosplays with their creativity. 

Furthermore, as far as switching or equipping the Tower of Fantasy best outfits goes. Just head over to your backpack section and click on the outfit icon which sits at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can change or equip outfits with the outfits you have unlocked at will.

In most Gacha games players play with female characters due to them having the better designs. Thankfully, in Tower of Fantasy, both genders look equally pleasing and have some awesome-looking outfits. 

Unlocking outfits for either one of the genders requires the same method and process. So no matter what gender you choose, unlocking outfits isn’t affected by it. We will showcase both versions in our screenshots.

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Desert Aurora

Desert Aurora Tower of Fantasy how to get
The Desert Aurora

As its name suggests, the Desert Aurora is an outfit that looks suitable for the hot desert climate. It is very cool-looking gear and the female version feels like a mixture of Lara Croft with Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7. 

Desert Aurora is one of the outfits that are available by default. Yes, you are getting this awesome-looking gear from the get-go for free and it is one of the Tower of Fantasy’s best outfits.

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Machine Era 

Machine Era How to Unlock
The Machine Era Outfits

As we said earlier the game is set in a futuristic setting and the Machine Era outfit goes really well with that. It is a very cool-looking cyberpunk-like futuristic gear and it is also present in the game by default so you don’t have to worry about grinding to unlock it. 


Nightwalk how to get in tower of fantasy
The Nightwalk

Nightwalk just looks like a casual outfit that you would wear to a party or something. The male version looks comfy and the female version looks like something that’s inspired by Mona from Genshin Impact. You don’t have to unlock the Nightwalk outfit, as it is unlocked by default. 

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Last Stand

Last Stand how to unlock tower of fantasy
The Last Stand

The Last Stand outfit is just your normal average gear, nothing special, and doesn’t stand out much. It is still a very decent outfit and considering it is free and is available by default we can’t really hate on it. If it goes well with your character, then go for it.

Sunbeam Voyager 

Sunbeam Voyager how to get
The Sunbeam Voyager

Here we have an outfit that looks very modern and has the punk aesthetic. We dig the look, especially the male one, and it is also available for free when you start playing the game. So if you like the look it’s going for then try it on.

Universal Work Clothes

The male and female versions of Universal Work Clothes

The universal work clothes are easily one of Tower of Fantasy’s best outfits. It is very stylish and looks unique when compared to all the other outfits that are free & present by default. 

Furthermore, the female version looks cooler, in our opinion, and as you might’ve guessed already, the Universal Work Clothes are also free and available from the get-go. The best thing about them is that they look great on any character. 

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Wasteland outfits tower of fantasy how to unlock
The Wasteland Outfits

The outfit has a post-apocalyptic style and as the name suggests feels like something someone would wear if they were living in a wasteland. You can unlock the Wasteland outfit in Tower of Fantasy by buying the collector’s edition pass. 

Star Sand

How to get pre-registered tower of fantasy rewards
The pre-registered reward Star Sand

Now here we have an outfit that is very special. New players simply can’t get it at all. It is a reward for players who pre-registered with the game back when it was in its early days. The Star Sand outfit looks good and is a nice gift from the developers.

Operation Streamer

Operation streamer how to unlock
The Operation: Streamer outfit

We have mixed feelings about how the Operation: Streamer outfit looks but a bunch of players seem to like it. The outfit doesn’t come for free, though, and you will have to spend 1,280 Tanium to acquire it. Grab it if it seems appealing to you from our screenshot. 

The Mission

The Mission outfit how to get unlock
The Mission is an awesome-looking outfit in Tower of Fantasy

Here we have one of the best Tower of Fantasy outfits, if not the very best one. The Mission outfit looks very stylish and it feels like a mashup of modern sci-fi outfits and Victorian-era ones. 

The female versions look extra stylish and might as well be the best outfit choice for the gender. Unfortunately, the outfit isn’t free and you will have to spend 1,280 Tanium to purchase it. In our opinion, The Mission outfit is worth it.

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Desperado how to get tower of fantasy
The Desperado

Desperado is another stylish sci-fi-looking outfit. The male version gets extra points from us as it looks very similar to future Trunks from Dragon Ball. The outfit isn’t free, and you will have to use 1,280 Tanium if you want to access it.

Wasteland Wanderer

Tower of Fantasy Wasteland Wanderer how to unlock and get
The great-looking Wasteland Wanderer outfit

The Wasteland Wanderer outfit is just the far superior version of the regular Wasteland outfit, in our opinion. You feel like a veteran who has been accustomed to the harsh atmosphere of the wasteland. 

The outfit can be unlocked by reaching 85 percent of Bagnes exploration. For this outfit, we like the male version more. It just looks simple but still effective and stylish. 


Conqueror how to get in the game
The Conqueror

The Conqueror outfit looks nice and does stand out from other similar-looking ones. It is named appropriately because to unlock it, and you will need to explore 85 percent of Astra. Take a look at our screenshot and decide for yourself if it is worth it. 


How to unlock Roamer tower of fantasy
The Roamer Outfit

The Roamer outfit is also appropriately named as it looks like something someone who loves traveling would wear. It is a very decent-looking outfit that a lot of players adore. To unlock it, you will need to explore 85 percent of Navia. 

Scavenger Outfit

Scavenger outfit how to get
The Scavenger

The Scavenger outfit goes really well with the theme of the game. As for most of it, you are just exploring and scavenging. The best part is that it also looks very decent. Before you can equip it, you will need to have 85 percent Crown exploration.

Visitor In The Snow

Tower of Fantasy how to get visitor in the snow
The Visitor In The Snow Outfit

Lastly, we have the Visitor In The Snow outfit. It is a cool-looking outfit, pun intended, and it looks great for both males and females. In our opinion, it is one of the best outfits on our Tower of Fantasy best outfits guide. 

To unlock this awesome outfit, you will need to do some exploration, like a couple of previous outfits. For this one, you need to explore 85 percent of Warren. 

Ending Words

That brings our Tower of Fantasy best outfits guide to an end. We have listed all of the outfits present in the game as of now and how to unlock each and every single one of them. We hope you had fun reading through our guide. 

Moreover, we think the price and grind for most of these outfits is fair. They are really well designed and the microtransactions don’t cost much. The grind is also required otherwise, everyone will wear the same outfit. Tower of Fantasy is available on Android devices through Google Play Store

Some gamers are calling Tower of Fantasy the Genshin Impact killer. We think both games are very good on their own but we can see why the comparisons are being. What do you think about that?

How much do you like Tower of Fantasy? Do you like the characters? Is the story engaging? Does the combat live up to your expectations? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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