Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons [Top 10]

eXputer's Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons guide lists the best PVE armaments that you should use & dominate the PVE component of the game.

In Tower of Fantasy, the most important things to have are weapons. Even while it’s exciting to draw a new Simulacra, all they are in the end is an animated character. The true excitement comes from the weapon that they unleash. These armaments are what maintain the gameplay fascinating, and getting acquainted with the various playstyles, skills, and progressions that are coupled to them is integral if you want to succeed. From fast-paced dual blades to tricky claymores, rapid healing staffs to massive shields, the Tower of Fantasy’s best PVE weapons keep the gameplay rolling.

Key Highlights
  • Tower Of Fantasy has both PVE content and PVP content, and with that comes many weapons to choose from, each performing better in different scenarios.
  • There are three rarities for weapons:
  • R rarity (most common with mediocre stats)
  • SR rarity (less common and decent stat-wise)
  • SSR (The rarest and the best stats-wise)
  • R-rarity weapons aren’t hard to obtain and can be found by exploring the map but gaining SR and SSR weapons require Gacha.
  • The best PVE weapons are Dual EM Stars, Scythe Of The Crow, Venus, Crow’s Thunderblades, and Molten Shield V2.
  • All these weapons have SSR rarities, and all of them differ in stats.

Here is all the best Tower of Fantasy PVE Weapons summarized: 

Samir’s Dual EM Stars6.010.518.014.01165.0
Kings’ Scythe of the Crow12.
Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas10.
Nemesis’ Venus6.
Crow’s Thunderblades6.
Tsubasa’s Icewind Arrow4.011.518.014.01165.0
Huma’s Molten Shield V210.
Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero4.012.515.07.01165.0
Zero’s Negating Cube5.
Meryl’s Rosy Edge12.

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PVE Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

You may figure out which armaments in Tower of Fantasy are most matched to your playstyle by consulting our Tower of Fantasy Weapons Tier List, which has a list of every weapon that is presently available in the game, along with their statistics, talents, and progression bonuses.

In addition, we have covered what each and every term means, how to improve your weapons and how to acquire more of them so that you may bring your armory into the best form possible.

The weapons in Tower of Fantasy operate quite uniquely in contrast to those in other games, particularly other Gachas. You do not have a cast of people, each of whom plays a certain role; rather, you have a collection of weapons, each of which has its own set of abilities, statistics, and bonuses.

You are only able to equip a maximum of two weapons at a time at the beginning of the game, but this number eventually grows to three.

R weapons are the most frequent kind of weapon, and they are not related to any Simulacra. SR weapons are the next most common, while SSR weapons are the rarest. To unlock SR weapons, you must first pluck their corresponding SR simulacra from the Gacha banner. To unlock SSR weapons, you must do the same thing.

Our Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons list entails the top-tier weapons from top to bottom. The top ones are the best-ranked armaments, while the bottom ones are average weapons in the game. 

Also, consider watching our video on the subject:

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Samir’s Dual EM Stars

Samir’s Dual EM Stars
DPSVolt610.518141165Dual fire, Bullet rain, Phantom kick, Energy burst  

In actual fact, the vast majority of players will go to great lengths to avoid engaging in combat with the Dual EM Star. The Dual EM Stars remain on top of the food chain when it comes to lethal long-range attacks that come with a dash of immobilization. The fact that Samir has the weapon allows him to compete among other Electro fighters.

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Moreover, since Samir has such Dual Pistols, she is capable of rapidly bypassing opponents and racking up damage levels, which allows her to do so much more quickly. Samir now has the ability to attack enemies from a variety of different directions thanks to his Dual EM Stars.

With the assistance of Electro Field, Samir is capable of achieving a balance between her offensive and defensive capabilities. All of which she employs in the process of erecting an energy shield by launching an EM Star. Since the attack is reflected back there, the foes who are imprisoned behind the barrier are effectively restricted in their movements.

Additionally, the talent grants opponents a tremendous suspending effect and 269.8 percent of Samir’s ATK, leaving each of them open to follow-up assaults.

As a result of possessing this skill, the Dual EM Star is recognized as a powerful opponent on the battlefield. When combined with her quick attacks, Samir’s ability to use the gun’s talent allows her to expand the range of choices available to her during combat while also offering some protection for herself.

When the Dual EM Stars are employed to their greatest extent, the region that they are targeting is transformed into a Domain of Thunder. Now, any adversaries that are present in the Domain of Thunder will be put on hold until they leave.

The assault is carried out in the span of a little over 3.5 seconds and consists of three separate blows. The first explosion does 28.3 percent of the total ATK damage. During this time period, foes who are currently imprisoned within the domain will get 42.4% more ATK every 0.5 seconds.

The adversary will have a reduced capacity to do damage as a result of the removal of all of their bonuses, which are caused by the Discharge ability. When engaged in combat, using Dual EM Stars guarantees rapid-fire strikes; it is easy to see why so many players choose to take advantage of it.

Kings’ Scythe of the Crow

Kings’ Scythe of the Crow
DPSFlame12.551661165Normal attack, Rising scythe, Asunder, Sneak attack

To tell you the truth, our next point-and-click Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapon is one of our favorites and is among the best in the Tower of Fantasy. King is a specialist at making rapid, sweeping attacks that are meant to knock rivals off balance. These blows come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They will either be pushed back or rendered helpless by the stunning effects of these strikes. Many people are afraid of short- to the medium-range weapon, and we cannot say that we blame them. One of the most powerful tools in the game’s arsenal is called the Flaming Scythe.

The Skill known as “Scythe of the Crow” is one of the simplest and fastest to learn in the game. When he swings his scythe, adversaries will take damage equal to 499.9% of his maximum attack power.

Following the use of Mortal Coil, this occurrence is to be expected. The method, which requires a cooldown of forty-five seconds, is an excellent combo for either starters or finishers.

The Scythe of the Crow will be transformed into a Blazing Scythe every time King uses the Flaming Scythe. Observing the change firsthand is such a thrilling experience!

It does damage equal to 398 percent of the enemy’s attack power, which is a fascinating effect. During the course of the 10 seconds that the Discharge is active, players will have plenty of opportunities to fire off further powerful combo plays. It is really remarkable that its power also calls forth flaming domains every two seconds, but that is not even close to being the most impressive aspect of it.

You may not be aware of this, but postponing the volcanic eruptions on Flaming Scythe obviously makes it significantly more powerful. Volcanic eruptions on Flaming Scythe force opponents to take damage equivalent to 66 percent of the King’s ATK. As a consequence of it, the Discharge transforms into an efficient weapon that can be used to dominate your adversaries.

Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas

DPSPhysical 10619131165Rapid throw, Scatter, Aerial discharge, Air spin, Sneak attack

The next Tower of Fantasy PVE weapon that we roll out in our list here will completely astound you. When compared to the regular assortment of weapons found in Genshin Impact, the Chakram of the Seas found in the Tower of Fantasy is, without a doubt, a significantly more powerful choice for the weapon class that you may choose.

The fearsome Chakram is Shiro’s go-to weapon, and she utilizes it to deliver slashing assaults on the enemies who are around instantly. Additionally, Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas compliments the rest of her weapons and ultimately provides her with adequate adaptability to tackle conflicts at all distances.

So why exactly is it so remarkable? In point of fact, as a result of this, she is able to make full use of AOE opportunities in order to get area denial benefits.

A great number of unique maneuvers may be performed with the specific weapon that will be the topic of our next discussion. Some of them can only be unlocked by Shiro, and almost all of the players, if not all of them, were surprised to find out about them. One such unique ability is known as Full Bloom.

The use of Full Bloom causes the creation of a chakra sphere that encircles the player for eight seconds, luring enemies within while also reducing their movement speed by thirty percent. That’s right, a staggering thirty percent! 

Furthermore, the domain summons five chakrams that deliver 24.2% of their attack damage to the target up to five times each. The damage may be dealt with several times.

This specific skill does a pretty significant area of effect damage and may be used against a single foe that has a large number of summonable creatures. However, that is not the end of it! It is especially useful against enemies who are constantly moving and would be tough to shoot accurately in the past.

Immediately after letting go of Spirit of the Air, Shiro has the ability to briefly stun an opponent by throwing the Chakram of the Seas at them. In addition to it, the Chakram will strike up to three more targets every second, causing 41.4% attack damage over the course of ten seconds and having a 10% chance to stun its victims.

Utilizing this particular kind of Discharge is a fantastic way to get the most out of Shiro’s adaptability in combat situations. as a result of the fact that players will be using her ability to deliver blows in almost any direction they want to do so.

Nemesis’ Venus

Nemesis’ Venus
Support Volt6818141165Dual focus, Quick pursuit, Aerial discharge, Normal attack 

In addition to being Nemesis, an extremely dramatic character, her weapon in PVE also ranks among the few powerful Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons you will discover in the game’s universe. Nemesis’s wrath is a devastating combination of lightning and darkness. Even if Nemesis has greater long-distance powers, possessing Venus has made a significant difference in that regard.

Particle Beam Burst is only one of the numerous abilities that Nemesis has that may cause damage to the environment in which her opponents fight. She also has a variety of options available to her for taking down foes with her Pulse Lock ability.

Nemesis’s weapon, in contrast to these other formidable EM Blasters, actually lays a larger focus on continuously stunning and tearing down opponents, so denying them the opportunity to recover their footing and initiate counterattacks.

Once Nemesis calls upon Venus to assist her, she will most likely use Pulse Lock to direct a missile strike towards the person she is battling.

They will be knocked down, and she will deal 233.2 percent of her ATK in damage. Due to the fact that its cooldown is just 25 seconds, it may serve as a combo starter that is quite effective for the rest of both her and her group’s rounds.

Given the simplicity and effectiveness of the strike, it is designed to function in close conjunction with the rest of Nemesis’ arsenal. She is able to effectively halt the assault of the adversary by using the skill attack that is associated with the weapon. Due to the fact that she is a ranged warrior, this gives her the opportunity to prepare for the remaining portions of her PVE phases.

When Nemesis makes the decision to use the Particle Beam Burst for the first time, she aims a ray in the form of a cross at the earth. As soon as she uses Particle Beam Burst, the nearby environment begins to shake, and her victims have a 70% reduction in their movement, which significantly lessens their capacity to inflict damage on others.

Additionally, the move unleashes a tremendous electromagnetic burst that directs 393.9% of its strikes at the location of the adversary. In contrast to these potentially devastating effects, the EM burst transforms into such an electrode that, when used in 39.9% of the player’s strikes, hits foes approximately one time every 1.5 seconds.

This EM burst concurrently obtains 100% of Nemesis’ stats, which ultimately makes it a significant buddy to help Nemesis in combat. In addition to these extreme features, the EM burst also has the following traits: Because of it, and the fact that it is only possible to maintain a single electrode at any one moment, the HP of the electrode will gradually decrease by 3% each second.

Crow’s Thunderblades

Crow’s Thunderblades
DPSVolt6818141165Twin blades, Sky flurry, Rapid lunge, Spiral drive, Sneak attack 

You may wonder why our next PVE weapon is considered to be among the Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons. Well, this weapon is able to win battles against foes in a very short amount of time. It is due to the fact that Crow is an expert user of Double Blades who specializes in making fast blows and gaining the upper hand over opponents.

The returning blades of the weapon and the revolving blade provide players with an incredible amount of mobility when they are using it. All of them revolve on making attacks that are more varied and dynamic against enemies or making several attacks in quick succession to pile up damage.

It is essential to keep in mind that Crow is primarily a close-quarters combatant, irrespective of the fact that the Thunderblades enable him to strike from a greater distance. Now, let me warn you that what you are about to read will take your breath away. It has to do with returning blades, so be ready to have your mind blown!

Once Returning Blades is activated by Crow, each one does damage that is equivalent to 52.8% of the player’s Attack Power. Yes, we were just as surprised as you are right now!

Furthermore, players are granted hyberbody for a period of up to eight seconds, which also boosts their efficiency for the duration of the battle.

Additionally, after regaining control of the blades, his skill goes into a 45-second cooldown, at which point any additional benefits are no longer available. It is such a formidable weapon, and it is one that we often use.

Crow is notorious for using his prowess with the Thunderblade to backstab his opponents. It is a benefit for massive impact since Thunderblades Discharge lets the user flash straight to the place of his target. This gives the user an edge for ultimate carnage.

Besides inflicting damage equal to 86.9% of the ATK, the blade truly renders the foe helpless for a short period of time. All of this is incredibly significant because it helps create a space for his allies to fight back when they are attacked. In addition, after a delay of five seconds, players will have the ability to deal extra Volt damage to their opponents.

Do you have any idea how much the damage is? In any case, it comes out to around 15% of the total damage that they have already caused throughout the discharge. In addition, for the duration of the discharge phase, three blades that encircle Crow deliver damage to adjacent opponents equal to 65.5% of the player’s attack.

Tsubasa’s Icewind Arrow

DPSFrost411.518141165Quickdraw, Arrow rain, Air volley, Charged arrow

When the game originally came out, a good number of gamers had reservations about using the weapon. The bow is an unusual choice for a weapon to use in a science fiction RPG like Tower of Fantasy because of its setting. It was pointed out by a number of people that it could be of negligible value against other weapons that were more mechanized.

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Nonetheless, since Tsubasa is an ice element type, her Ice Wind Arrow makes use of both Tsubasa’s ability to knock back enemies and her striking capability. Think of it as the mono specialization that Amber has in Genshin Impact, and you will have a good idea of what I mean.

Tsubasa is unquestionably the most skilled combatant over a long distance. Everything may be traced back to the fact that she has Ice Wind Arrow. You are going to be blown away once you find out that she can do dangerous maneuvers while juggling the weapon.

One of her abilities is that she is able to execute a backflip while simultaneously firing three bullets, the first of which deals damage equal to 258.3 percent of her ATK, while the next two each deal damage equal to 60 percent of her ATK. All of this destruction was caused by only one arrow into the heart!

In addition, foes who collide with obstacles are pushed backward and rendered immobile for a period of five seconds. The ability that we have just been discussing is, in our opinion, a rather creative combo finisher because of the ingenious cooldown of twelve seconds.

However, that is not the end of it! You may not be aware of it, but the penetrating shot is an excellent combination starter, especially in confined settings where there are typically plentiful obstacles.

It is possible to reach a high level of intensity when using the Ice Wind Arrow to its full capacity. In point of fact, it brings about a localized hailstorm as a result. The players themselves are the ones who decide where the action takes place. Now that we have that out of the way let’s speak about the storm itself. Get ready to be taken aback!

The explosive barrage has made the storm an even worse natural disaster than it already was. It will really do damage to opponents equal to 570 percent of its ATK.

But even that is not the most exciting aspect! There is a ten percent chance that the ability may freeze foes for a total of two seconds. That is really how it should be interpreted! That is perhaps one of the most impressive things that can be accomplished with the PVP weapon. In this particular matter, you will have no choice but to concur with us.

In addition to this, using the Discharge generates a blizzard, which bestows upon its users a 45 percent boost in their speed. In all, these events will take place over the course of around seven seconds. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for making hasty exits. However, moving to a new location in order to find a suitable escape may also be useful for those who find themselves in a difficult position.

Huma’s Molten Shield V2

Huma’s Molten Shield V2
Defense Flame10101491165Aerial strike, Anticipation, Valor, Normal attack 

Do not be deceived by the fact that the Shield V2 PVE weapon seems modest at first glance. The Molten Sheild V2 is considered to be one of the Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons.

Because of her expertise with shields and axes, Huma is able to get closer to the front lines without having to worry about ensuring her own safety. After all, she exhibits the same authority and protectiveness as the Geo protagonists in Genshin Impact.

It is all due to the pairing of her shield and axe that she used. Utilizing her area-of-effect abilities, the Molten Shield V2 protects her from harm. The axe that Huma wields is capable of delivering strikes that are very powerful. However, that is not the end of it!

The axe is not like any other kind of weapon. In point of fact, it may be used to provide cover for the players so that they can avoid danger before beginning a savage counterattack.

When Huma employs the weapon, she is able to protect herself and live through the bulk of the conflict on her own. This is all a result of the switch in the roles of attack and defense. Bringing forth the full potential of the weapon.

You have just read that the weapon can be used both offensively and defensively in many configurations. When combined with fission, all of these features are brought to the forefront. The Molten Shield V2 is transformed into an axe that bangs through the surface when it is released by Huma.

Unbelievably, it causes the opponent to become helpless, and her PVE weapon does damage to them that is equivalent to 373.8 percent of her ATK.

In addition, during the duration of five seconds, a flame zone is generated, which causes the victim to be burned for 233.6 percent of the assault. This strategy is also used by Huma when she slams her axe into the ground while simultaneously changing it into a shield.

It causes an opponent to be thrown backward and deals 309.5 percent of the target’s attack power to the opponent. In addition, the move will prevent adversaries from switching armament for up to five seconds, making it an excellent tool for preventing PVE opponents from switching builds.

When Huma utilizes the full capacity of her Molten Shield V2, she is able to deploy the ability called Seething Rage. In reality, it unleashes the explosion of a vicious blast wave that does damage equal to 352% of the attacker’s ATK.

You did read that sentence correctly! Curiously, what is it that gives Huma a 15% increase in her damage resistance and allows her to tease her opponents and strengthen her position as a tactical supporter?

In addition, if Huma is provoked by an adversary, shield-like objects begin to develop around her. Each of these things provides Huma with 10-second damage mitigation of 5% at the cost of a limit on her ability to dodge.

Because of this discharge, Huma is able to employ the majority of her defenses to deflect attacks from her opponents. That is particularly useful when taking into account the fact that she has a damage reduction specialty.

The discharge, when combined with the rest of her armament, has the potential to expose her opponents open to surprise attacks.

Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero

Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero
Support Frost 412.51571165Moonfall, Focused assault, Normal attack, Soaring barrage 

Cocoritter is widely regarded as the finest healer in Tower of Fantasy because of the efficacy of her healing talents, which allow HP to be restored not only for the player but also for their friends. In addition, Cocoritter does not require an Advancement in any of her weapons in order to utilize these healing talents.

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Because of this, gamers do not have to eat food or any other restorative supplies while they are engaged in combat in order to replenish themselves. It provides a significant edge in combat.

When Cocoritter’s Advancement level reaches three stars, the Sanctuary talent becomes available to her. The ability allows her to remove debuffs from enemies even when they are under the influence of control effects.

Additionally, the Shatter value and damage delivered by all of your teammates within range is increased by 20%, and they gain resistance to control effects and shatter as a result of this.

When her weapon is fully charged, it will immediately freeze the victim for two seconds and then leave it frostbitten for six seconds. When the ice shell is broken, extra damage equal to 151.00% of ATK is inflicted on the target. The target suffers a reduction of fifty percent in their weapon charge rate when frostbitten.

Your first objective should be to advance Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero so that you may significantly improve Cocoritter’s passive healing with only one Start point.

Absolute Zero, when upgraded to three stars, makes allies immune to control effects and shatter, raises shatter and damage by 20% for all allies, and removes debuffs from targets. It also increases shatter by 20%.

Meryl’s Rosy Edge should be your next priority since all of its advancement levels are useful for tanking hits from other players. At the 3 Star advancement level, the Ice Shield is equivalent to 10% of your maximum health. Therefore this is the level at which you should focus your attention.

When utilizing Molten Shield V2, give priority to improving Huma’s one-star advancement so that you may both reduce the amount of damage taken and boost your attack power.

Zero’s Negating Cube

Zero’s Negating Cube
Support Flame5131491165Energy missile, Energy sentinel, Omnium shock, Energy overflow, Omnium missile, Normal attack 

It’s likely that the Negative Cube that Zero wields is the most destructive kind of magical cube there is. The Omnium Shield is the perfect complement to the rest of his gear because of the protection capabilities that it has.

Because Negative Cube focuses on making strong ranged attacks, Zero has a lot of room to hide and be safe in the middle of the fight. However, it is also helpful for self-surrounding attacks, which halt the progress of the enemy—because of all of these factors, wielding the Negative Cube is a very dangerous venture.

The Negative Cube produces a powerful barrier known as the Omnium Shield, which surrounds Zero and his companions and protects them. The shield has such power that it can both push enemies and attack them with an attack that is equivalent to 142.9% of Zero’s ATK.

All of this while also protecting yourself from damage equal to up to 800 percent of your ATK for up to ten seconds.

The skill is useful for players who like collecting cubes since the shielding power of simply this ability is increased by 160 percent of Zero’s Attack Power for each cube that the player has—despite the fact that it is not the most powerful offensive weapon, applying the talent is undeniably an excellent defense against adversaries with a high level of power.

As soon as Zero calls out the Omnium Wave, he immediately lets loose five Cubes as well as a massive shockwave. A number of foes are propelled into the air. However, it is not all that they do; in fact, the shockwave alone does damage that is equivalent to 171% of their ATK. Because of this, they are very vulnerable to receiving many strikes at once.

In addition, each Cube that Zero summons has a damage ceiling of 48.5% of its ATK, which contributes to the increase in its lethality. Whenever the Discharge ability is used in group situations, everyone else in the group is immune to harm for three seconds.

Meryl’s Rosy Edge

Meryl’s Rosy Edge
ClassElementShatterChargeAttackResist HPAbilities
Defense Frost1241571165Aerial strike, Heavy cleave, Rising slash, Sneak attack, Moonset slash, Whirlwind 

Meryl is one of the SSR Simulacra that may be obtained at this time via any banner. It indicates that you may draw her from the ordinary Weapons Galore banners with either black or gold nuclei but that you additionally have a chance of receiving her from the limited banner even if you don’t draw the highlighted armament from that banner.

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Meryl’s Rosy Edge is a defensive weapon that is excellent for a tank build due to its versatility. It has a strong shatter rating, which allows it to knock back foes with only its basic strikes, and its talent and discharge skill are also excellent at ripping through opponents. Her blade strikes are sluggish and broad, which renders her challenging to employ in boss fights.

On the other hand, they have a respectable range and do a lot of impact damage when they connect. Meryl’s tanking skills are improved even more with the acquisition of an ice shield at the third star level in her progression.

Meryl is an incredible unit in PVE gameplay with the Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapon; her huge, arching blows strike terror into the minds of other players and make Meryl one of the most powerful units in the game. Her ability is excellent for shattering shields and is incredibly difficult to avoid.

Additionally, the massive ice wall that she erects with her discharge attack confines and hinders her enemies, making it simple for you to swap to a weapon that does more damage and end them off.

Once your weapon has reached its maximum charge, it will immediately freeze the victim for two seconds and then cause frostbite that will last for six seconds. If the ice shell is broken, it does extra damage according to a predetermined percentage of the attack’s total. During the duration of frostbite, the target suffers a reduction in their weapon charge rate.

When you have obtained the first version of Meryl and her Rosy Edge, you will be able to buy a second copy of the item from the weapon shop in the Commissary for the price of 120 black gold. You also have the option of tugging on the banner, which would provide you with a second copy of Meryl. However, the outcome of this action is totally determined by random number generation (RNG).

Tower Of Fantasy Weapon Types

Now that we have discussed the best PVE weapons, you can get yourself in the Tower of Fantasy, and you should also learn about the weapon types as well. Here are the four major armaments types that you can find in the game right now, and future content may or may not add more types to the game. 

Ice Shell

When your weapon has reached its maximum charge, it will immediately freeze the victim for two seconds and then cause frostbite that will last for six seconds. If the ice shell is broken, it does extra damage according to a predetermined percentage of the attack’s total. During the duration of frostbite, the target suffers a reduction in their weapon charge rate.


When your weapon has reached its maximum charge, the subsequent assault will set the victim on fire for eight seconds, doing continuous damage that is equivalent to a predetermined proportion of the initial attack. Healing will have less of an effect on targets that have been ignited.


When your weapon has reached its maximum charge, your next strike will temporarily paralyze enemies for one second and electrify them for six seconds. This will cancel out any buffs that the victim is currently receiving and do damage equal to a predetermined percentage of the attack. During the following six seconds, targets will not acquire any boosts of any kind.


When your weapon has reached its maximum charge, your next strike will do damage equal to a predetermined percentage of the total attack, and the victim will be considered “grievous” for a period of seven seconds. Targets with a grievous disposition suffer more damage.

Final Words

These Simulacra represent the playable characters that are available to get via the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy. However, these Simulacra are not simply playable characters; rather, they are the artificial intelligence avatars wielding the Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons that the gamers use in combat.

You are free to transform your player character into any of these Simulacra, but the change will have no impact on how well your weapons function in the game.

There are fifteen Simulacra weapons that may be acquired in the Tower of Fantasy at this time. There are a total of 19 accessible armaments in the game, with four of them being non-Simulacra weaponry, which means that they do not come with an AI character equivalent.

Obviously, the talents associated with each of these weapons are distinct from one another, and some may be superior to others in terms of how well they perform in battle.

Given that the most advanced weapons in Tower of Fantasy at the moment are those that correspond to the SSR rarity, chasing the meta weapons would be a risky endeavor. It is because SSR is the highest rarity in the game and corresponds to a 0.75 percent likelihood on both the Choice Weapons banner and the Featured Weapon banner, 

It is possible to spend a significant amount of money on gacha draws; nevertheless, the outcome of these drawings cannot be predicted.

On the other hand, in comparison to other gacha games, the materials that you need to spend in order to draw in Tower of Fantasy are more readily available and less difficult to gather. Because of this, more users are participating in the game and using their free Black, Gold, or Red nuclei to gamble on the chance of winning a massively useful SSR weapon.

You may still invest some real-world money if you want a simpler road to chase after these high-rarity armaments, but even the developers stress that a player should spend their money cautiously. This is because there is no guarantee that the easier path will lead to the high-rarity weapons you want.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy Best PVE Weapons. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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