5 BEST Tower of Fantasy Best PvP Teams

This Tower of Fantasy Best PvP Team guide will showcase some of the best teams that players can try out in PvP arenas!

Tower of Fantasy offers players one of the most competitive PvP settings ever. Not only does it allow players to track their progress and see if they’re improving or not, but their PvP ranking arena is pretty balanced and allows players to battle against fellow players and go head-to-head with them in a fierce battle. To achieve victory every time, our Tower of Fantasy Best PvP Team guide will show the best teams that you can put together! Make sure to read up on our Best UK Servers guide to find out which server you should join in order to experience the smoothest gameplay!

Key Takeaways
  • Tower of Fantasy is a competitive combat game, Players can make their own team to improve their gameplay.
  •  here is the list of 5 best PVP team combos
  • The Nemesis-Focused team contains three units, Nemesis, Coco Rittar, and Meryl.
  • The zero-Focused team also contains three units, including Nemesis, Meryl, and Zero.
  • The human-based Team has three units as well that includes, including Huma, Nemesis, and Meryl 
  • Coco Ritter-Focused Team contains three units, Coco-Ritter, Zero, and Nemesis 
  • Samir-Focused Team contains 3 units as well, Samir, King, and Nemesis 
  • Each unit has its own weapon and resonance, which determines its role and abilities in the team.

Nemesis-Focused Team 

Tower of Fantasy Nemesis

One of the first teams we would like to feature will include three main units, one of which will be Nemesis, which will be the backbone of nearly every PvP team. The other two units for this team will feature Coco Ritter and Meryl. 


One of the first units we would like to discuss will be Nemesis, who will use her best weapon known as Venus. The weapon itself will be lightning based, and it will essentially be an EM Blaster weapon type with a shatter rating of 6, while the charge rating will be a bit on the higher side with it being 8. 

Here are the stats of Venus:


Her resonance will be that of support, and as a support unit, she will focus on providing ample support rather than on DPS output. She has an excellent SS rating in PvP combat, allowing her to be even more viable in combat. 

She will mainly be used to slow down enemies in their tracks, which will further allow them to get weaker, and you can dominate the player in front of you. You do not want to miss out on our Nemesis guide if you want to try maining her or using her in PvP or PvE combat. 

Coco Ritter 

Next up, we have another viable unit that can also come in extremely handy. Coco Ritter has an excellent SS PvP rating, making her one of the best candidates to put in your PvP team and take out any kind of enemies without needing to put in tons of effort. 

She will be using an Ice-elemental weapon known as Absolute Zero, and the weapon itself will have an overall shatter of 4, while the charge rating will be set pretty high as it will be set to 12.5. Cocoritter uses a staff weapon, and the resonance will be support, meaning that she will not act as a DPS unit. 

Here are the stats of Absolute Zero:


Her main focus will be to provide ample healing, and whenever she is paired with Nemesis, she will trigger the healing resonance. If you want to know more about what kind of items you should buy and where the shops are located, then our Tower of Fantasy Best Items Shops and Locations guide will be a must-read for you!


Last but not least, we have Meryl, who will be the group’s third unit and defense unit. With her on the team, players can expect to knock back other players while she wields her ice-based weapon called “Rosy Edge.” She will hone a defense-based resonance, allowing her to be an absolute tank while being present on the team.

Have a look at the stats of Rosy Edge below:


Her weapon will primarily have a high shatter rating set to 12, while her charge will be set to 4. 

Zero-Focused Team 

Tower of Fantasy Zero

Moving on, the next team we would like to feature will include three Tower of Fantasy units: Zero, Meryl, and Nemesis. Once again, players should remember that the Pvp arena will be completely balanced, and the game will provide all advancements for each unit to players that no one is under or overpowered. 


Once again, the first unit will be Nemesis, and as we mentioned before, all of the teams here will include Nemesis since she is the main star of PvP teams as of now. Once she wields Venus in her hand, you can expect her lightning damage to electrify enemies and make them vulnerable to damage intake. 

As for her advancement,s considering all units will be balanced in PvP, players can expect to achieve enhancements like an Electrode being provided to them with the one-star advancement, which will allow them to essentially gain a “healing chain” which will continuously provide ample amounts of healing for the player. 

Her second advancement will provide the player a direct weapon attack buff by a total of 16%, which can allow the player to output a certain amount of damage still if the need arrives. 


The next unit that we have already mentioned before but deserves a special mention once more will be Meryl, who will wield her Rosy Edge. While she will have the Defense resonance, players will also be able to output a certain amount of damage as well, which allows players to survive if one of their other units dies out. 

Her advancements can allow players to increase their shatter by 15%, while they will also be able to gain back 10% of their base HP. With the third advancement, players will receive an instant health shield which will last for a total of 10 seconds, and it will have a cooldown of 20 seconds. 

Each player will have a fully advanced Meryl, allowing them to experience Meryl to the fullest while having her on your team. Why not read up on our Tower of Fantasy Best Ice Teams guide to figure out the best ice units to pair together?


The final unit for the team will be Zero, and right off the bat, he has to be one of the coolest appearing units in the game. While honing a fire-based Negating Cube weapon, he can act as an excellent side-line support unit. He uses an Omnium-type weapon, which allows him to stay at a safe distance and provide support for the players. 

The stats for Zero’s Negating Cube are:


His advancements will include receiving a healing orb whenever he retrieves his first advancement,t, which will last for a total of 20 seconds, and regenerating HP based on a certain amount of base HP. 

The third advancement will reduce the skill cooldown, which makes him even more viable while being used in combat, as the skill cooldown will be decreased from 60 to 30 seconds. Check out our Tower of Fantasy Zero build guide to figure out the best build and attack moveset for him!

Huma-Based Team 

Tower of Fantasy Huma

There is yet another viable team composition that players can try out if they cannot get their hands on one of the other units like Zero or Coco Ritter. These three units will include Nemesis (of course), while Meryl and Huma will be the following units. 


One of the first units will be Huma, known to be one of the best defense-based units since she will be fire-based and wield the Molten Shield V2 weapon. While she has the weapon, her shatter and charge rating will both be set to 10, and essentially her weapon type will be a shield. 

Here are the stats for Molten Shield V2:


The weapon will be useful for defending the player while also coming in handy for dealing a solid amount of damage, allowing Huma in Tower of Fantasy to stay on the front lines as needed. Huma will also be able to tank any damage that is being dealt against them. 

The weapon can switch from a shield directly to an axe so that it can deal damage and obliterate players in the arena as well, making her an excellent selection. 


Right now, we will mostly focus on Nemesis and her advancements since it will make the player as overpowered as possible. Since players will receive her six advancements regardless of whether they’re free to play, it is essential to take a deeper dive into it.

While the first advancement grants the player a healing chain, the second advancement will instantly enhance the weapon’s base attack by a total of 16%, while players that want to increase their damage output can use the third advancement. It will cause it to unleash Ring Lightning, dealing volt damage based on 205% of the player’s base attack. 

With the fifth advancement, once the player uses Pulse Lock, it will boost up the player’s base attack by a certain amount. The calculation will be based on the number of electrodes in the field multiplied by five and then adding 5. 


While we’re on the topic of defense-based units, why not match up another solid defensive unit and gain the defense resonance too? It will not only make you an absolute tank while other players beat you down, but it will also continue to protect you. 

Meryl has her Rosy Edge weapon with her, through which she can take benefit from its ice element and her high shatter rating. While the charge rating is slightly lower, it easily compensates for it by having an excellent SS rating on PvP arenas. 

One of the biggest advantages of having her on your team will be that you will be able to gain an ice shield that will continue to protect you, and it will also enhance the player’s defense and make them as tanky as possible. 

Coco Ritter-Focused Team 

Tower of Fantasy Coco Ritter
Coco Ritter

Next up, if players want to take advantage of the Best PvP Team for PvP arenas, then the combination of Coco Ritter, Zero, and Nemesis will make sure that you quite possibly cannot die no matter what due to the sheer amount of healing that you will be able to receive. 


Starting things off with Coco Ritter, she will be an ice-elemental support unit who will wield her weapon and be there to essentially act as one of the main healers in the group. While she has her passive, she will also be granted the opportunity to freeze enemies for a total of two seconds, after which, for the next 6 seconds, they’ll stay frostbitten as a debuff. 

Her Focused Assault skill can come in handy and can be triggered once players click and hold the attack button. The way it works is that it will continue to suck in enemies, then suspend them into the area, and then it will deal further damage that will be equivalent to 34.9% of the player’s base attack for a total of 4 times. 

With her Swift Deliverance discharge, she can also remove debuffs from you while being able to provide a certain amount of healing for you. 


In a unit we have already introduced, we have Zero, who will be fire-elemental and an Omnium user. He is yet again a support unit, and when he is put in the same team as Coco-ritter since both of them are supports, it will trigger a resonance and make the player gain buffs. 

With his energy overflow skill, it can be triggered once you click on the jump and then hold down the attack button. It will cause an energy overflow to take place, which will deal damage opponents once it ends. 

With his Omnium Shield, it can be used to protect you from other players as it will be able to intake 800% of the opponent’s attack without being disturbed for a total of 10 seconds. Then it will further unleash 142.9% of your base attack as output damage. 


As for Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy, she will make use of her Twin Spinning Focus which can essentially be triggered anytime you land a perfect attack on the enemy. The way that it operates is that it will allow Nemesis to launch out an orb that will explode and deal damage that is based on 171.6% of the player’s base attack. 

After the player can dodge the opponent player’s attack, it will cause a healing chain to be summoned, which will heal you based on 67.7% of your base attack. She can also be useful for removing debuffs from you, which she can do after triggering her Particle Beam Burst, a discharge skill. 

Samir-Focused Team 

Tower of Fantasy Samir

The final team that we would like to feature will have three main units, but two will be the main DPS so that players are able actually to unleash death on other players. The two main DPS will be Samir and King, while the support unit will be Nemesis, as we have already discussed before for players playing in PvP arenas. Do not miss out on our Tower of Fantasy Best Gifts For Samir guide!


Let’s kick things off with Samir, one of the most underrated DPS units in Tower of Fantasy, considering how strong she is. She is a volt-based unit that wields her Dual EM Stars, dual pistols. She will have the DPS resonance, and with a high charge rate, players can expect to obliterate any other players that are going against them with ease. 

The Dual EM Stars are considered one of the Best Weapon in Tower of Fantasy, Here is a quick look at its stats:


Her advances can allow her to launch out an electrical explosion anytime she lands a crit on the payer, and it will deal bonus damage that will be based on 30% of the player’s base attack. 

Alongside that, she will also be able to experience that her crit rate against players who are electrified will be enhanced by 40%, making her damage output even deadlier, and it will make it all the easier to take players down. 

If you’re looking for weapon enhancements, then the second and fourth advancements will be the way to go, considering it will increase it up by 16% and then 32% at advancement 4. With the fifth advancement, Samir mains will be able to have the overall duration of the Elector field increased by double, and it will also suck in enemies to the center of the elector field and render them useless. 

The final advancement is the cherry on the cake, which will make Samir even more overpowered by essentially reducing the skill cooldown by one second.


The next unit we would like to discuss will be King, who is yet another excellent DPS unit in-game. He will wield a Scythe of The Crow weapon, which will be Fire-based, and it will have a solid amount of both shatter and charge rating. 

These are the stats for Scythe of the Crow:


For PvP battles, players should consider investing as much as possible into their advancements since this is where they shine the most. His first advancement will increase his shatter by 15%, and anytime you break any player’s shield, it will unleash fire damage which will be based on 120% of your base attack. 

With the third advancement, players will be able to measure out the enemy’s placement within a 6-meter radius of them and then deal 10% damage, which will cap at 30%. Once again, if you want to focus more on weapon boosts, then the second and fourth advancements will offer a significant amount of 16% and 32% base attack increase. 

The fifth advancement will make King even deadlier since it will allow him to unleash increased damage against shielded players. 


Last but not least, Nemesis will be a support unit for the final team. We will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best PvP Team guide! Now that we are done with the PvP guide, why not read our Tower of Fantasy Best PvE Weapons guide?

Guide and Photo Credits: EroticWalruss on Youtube

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