Tower of Fantasy BEST Relics [Top 11]

This Tower of Fantasy Best Relics guide will showcase the best relics that players can use in combat!

Tower of Fantasy has a collection of matrices and advanced weapons that can help players dominate enemies in the overworld and dungeons while taking on other players and taking them down. Apart from that, there are also relics, which grant players further enhancements and buffs, and in our Tower of Fantasy Best Relics guide, we will uncover the best SSR and SR relics that players can use in-game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are plenty of great Relics that players can acquire in Tower of Fantasy.
    • Colossus Arm is one of the best SSR relics, granting the ability to summon a colossus arm and unleash high damage against enemies.
    • Confinement relic allows players to summon an area of confinement, dealing elemental damage and stunning enemies.
    • Alternate Destiny enhances player stats and invincibility, with advancements such as increased life steal and mind control immunity.
    • Hologram Projector creates a hologram of the player to repeat attacks, increasing damage output.
    • Spacetime Rift launches a proton bomb to suck in enemies and deal damage over time.
    • Omnium Shield provides a shield to block projectiles and enhances player immunity, with advancements like damage output increase.
    • Type V Armor allows players to pilot a mecha droid, granting immunity to stuns.
    • Among the best SR relics, Magnetic Storm creates an electric tornado to damage and suspend enemies.
    • Magnetic Pulse detonates a bomb for volt damage and grants immunity to hit stun.
    • Missile Barrage launches missiles at enemies for damage, with advancements increasing damage output and duration.
    • Couant summons a shield and causes knockback to enemies with the possibility of stunning them.

What Are Relics?

Before getting started on the best relics available for players in Tower of Fantasy, let’s discuss the main function of relics. In essence, relics are items that can be equipped by players, and at any one time, players can equip two relics and use them during battle. 

The relics provide extra damage output while serving in other departments such as defense and support and a utility such as the Jetpack. While most players will look into enhancing their class abilities with the relics, a few can also help make exploration a whole lot easier. 

With two main rarities for the relics, SR and SSR Relics are available to equip; here are all the relics available for players t choose from. 

Complete details of the best relics: 

RelicGradeType How to obtain
Colossus ArmSSRAttackGather 30 Colossus Arm
Confinement SSRAttackGather 30 Confinement Shard
Alternate Destiny SSRDefenseGather 30 Alternate Destiny Shard, Reward from outer Island exploration
Hologram Projector SSRAttackGather 30 Hologram Projector Shard, Reward from Warren Snowfield Exploration
Spacetime RiftSSRAttackGather 30 Spacetime rift shard, Reward from artificial island exploration
Omnium SheildSSRDefenseGather 30 Omnium Sheild Shard
Type V ArmorSSRAttackReward from crown mines exploration , Gather 30 Type V Armor Shard
Magnetic StormSRAttackGather 20 Magnetic Storm Shard,
Reward from Astra Exploration
Magnetic PulseSRSupportGather 20 Magnetic pulse Shard Reward from Navia Exploration
Missile BarrageSRAttackUnlocked during the Main Mission in Ruin A- 01
CouantSRMisc. TypeGather 20 Couant Shred
Reward from Banges Exploration

SR Relics 

SR relics in Tower of Fantasy are essentially 4-star rarity relics: 

  • Couant 
  • Cybernetic Arm 
  • Hovering Cannon 
  • Jetboard 
  • Jetpack 
  • Lava Bomb 
  • Magnetic Pulse 
  • Magnetic Storm 
  • Missile Barrage 
  • Omnium Headcannon 
  • Quantum Cloak 
  • Strange Cube 

SSR Relics 

The SSR Relics will be of 5-star rarity and are fewer in number: 

  • Alternate Destiny 
  • Colossus Arm 
  • Confinement 
  • Drone 
  • Hologram Projector 
  • Omnium Shield 
  • Spacetime Rift 
  • Type V Arm 

Best SSR Relics 

Let’s start by discussing the SSR Rarity Best Relics, which will include the best ones that can be used for tanking, DPS units, Healer weapons, etc. 

Colossus Arm 

Tower of Fantasy Colossus Arm
Colossus Arm

The first relic we will discuss is the Colossus Arm which is practically one of, if not the best current SSR relics in-game. It is an Attack type relic, which grants the player the ability to summon a colossus arm behind them for 20 seconds. 

It further grants them the ability to unleash damage on enemies for 1387.7% of their base attack, which will strongly unleash damage against enemies. While pressing down on the skill button, players can expect to unleash a total of 453.5% of their base attack as damage which will also suspend enemies.


There are going to be five main advances for the Colossus Arm: 

  • 1: Unleash 2 missiles alongside each attack, which will continue to deal damage to the foe in front of you. The missile will unleash damage equivalent to 34.8% of your base attack. 
  • 2: The second advancement will reduce the overall summoning cooldown for the arm to only 200 seconds instead of the longer cooldown time. 
  • 3: With the third advance, players will be able to unleash 4 missiles, and each will be equivalent to 34.8% of their base attack. 
  • 4: The fourth advancement is particularly broken, as it will decrease the player’s physical damage intake by 2% even if the arm isn’t out on the field. 
  • 5: The arm’s summoning time will be increased to 30 seconds on-field, and damage intake for players will be decreased by 20%. 


Tower of Fantasy Confinement

The next relic that we would like to discuss is Confinement, which is yet another attack-type relic that can be used to obliterate enemies and is mainly used for DPS-based weapons that players have equipped. 

With the relic equipped, players can summon a specific area of Confinement, which will be within a 7-meter radius of the player, and stay active for a total of 10 seconds. Energy will continue to move across the radius, and it will continue to unleash elemental damage to enemies, which will be equivalent to 73.4% of the player’s base attack. 

Any enemy unfortunate enough to venture forth and touch the edge of the radius will gain the Stun debuff for a total of 2 seconds, which grants the player the ability to go all in and render them useless. 


As for the advancements, there are going to be 5 as listed below: 

  • 1: Enemies will be stunned for 3 seconds instead of the usual 2 seconds, making them even more vulnerable in the field. 
  • 2: The overall damage output by the energy pulses will be increased by 30%, making the relic even more overpowered. 
  • 3: The cooldown of the relic will be reduced to 120 seconds instead of the usual 240 seconds. 
  • 4: Players will output 2% increased physical damage, regardless of whether the relic is equipped or not. 
  • 5: An earthquake will be summoned every 3 seconds that the relic is active and on-field, and it will continue to suspend enemies into the air. 

Alternate Destiny 

Tower of Fantasy Alternate Destiny
Alternate Destiny

Next up, we have the Alternate Destiny, which is the perfect early-game Tower of Fantasy Relic, and it will be of the defense Type, which will further increase the stats of players and will enhance the invincibility. 

Whenever it is active, players will be granted the ability to call forth and summon a Pocket Dimension for a total of 8 seconds, after which the players will be able to gain increased immunity to enemies that would otherwise stun them while being in combat. It will also cause the HP to become invincible to the point where it won’t reduce to below 20% whenever is active. 


Let’s further discuss the advancements that are offered for the Alternate Destiny: 

  • 1: Any other wanderers that are present in the Pocket Dimension, such as in a coop or a joint fight, will regain 15% of the HP when 8 seconds pass. 
  • 2: Players will continue receiving 25% Lifesteal for those present in the Pocket Dimension but will lose it if they leave the dimension. 
  • 3: Mind Control will be reduced, and Mind Control immunity will be increased for wanderers fighting alongside you. 
  • 4: the frost damage output of players will be increased by 2% even if the relic is not deployed. 
  • 5: The life steal effects for the players will be doubled. 

Hologram Projector 

Tower of Fantasy Hologram Projector
Hologram Projector

Moving on, we have the Hologram Projector with us, which will be an Attack Type DPS relic that allows players to be even better DPSes in combat. The hologram projector is mainly used for PvE and overworld enemy fighting rather than being used in PvP. 

Whenever it is active, it will be able to project out a proper hologram of the caster, which will continue to repeat the weapons attacks that we originally being unleashed by the Wanderer, and it will inflict damage that will be based on 35% of the player’s base attack. The hologram projector will stay on-field for a total of 15 seconds and then enter a long cooldown of 180 seconds. 


Players will be able to experience 5 advancements if they manage to get the relic a total of 5 times: 

  • 1: The on-field duration of the Hologram Projector will be increased to 20 seconds, allowing for increased damage output that will obliterate enemies. 
  • 2: The skill cooldown will be decreased to a total of 120 seconds as compared to the absurdly long 180 seconds. 
  • 3: The skill button can be pressed again to reposition the Hologram’s position so it can get out more damage. 
  • 4: The volt damage being inflicted to enemies by Wanderers will be increased by 2%, even if the Hologram Projector isn’t out on the field and is not being used. 
  • 5: The damage inflicted by the Hilogtams will be increased so that it is based on 50% of the Wanderer’s total damage. 

Spacetime Rift 

Tower of Fantasy Spacetime Rift
Spacetime Rift

Moving on, the Spacetime Rift will be yet another relic for DPSes, and while it is not one of the Best Relics for DPS Wanderers, it is still pretty good and can be viable for early and mid-game. 

Whenever it is activated, it will be able to launch out a proton bomb which will be targeted towards the enemies, and it will continue to suck in enemies for 10 seconds. After 1.5 seconds have passed, it will deal damage. The damage will be based on 39.6% of the player’s base attack every 0.5 seconds. The cooldown for the relic is 100 seconds.


The advancements for the Spacetime Rift are available below: 

  • 1: The opponents whose rift has been sucked in will be unable to dodge the player’s attacks, and the vacuum duration will be enhanced to last 15 seconds. 
  • 2: The target area will be further enhanced by 100%. 
  • 3: The damage inflicted on enemies will be increased by 20% for those present in the radius. 
  • 4: Player’s flame damage negation will be increased by 2% regardless of whether the relic is on-field or not. 
  • 5: The enemies present in the rift will be unable to heal. 

Omnium Shield 

Tower of Fantasy Omnium Shield
Omnium Shield

Now, we will be entering the territory of relics that will be basically for defense purposes, and the main one that players can use is the Omnium Shield. It is once again an SSR relic, and it is of the defense Type which aims to simply up the immunity of the player who defeats enemies. 

Anytime the relic has been activated, it will call forth an Omnium shield which will stop any projectiles that enemies are releasing to stop being aimed at you for a total of 10 seconds, and the overall starting energy of the shield will be equivalent of 200% of your HP. There is a 90-second cooldown on the shield. 


The advancements that will be used for the Omnium Shield are listed as follows: 

  • 1: The first advancement will cause enemies to slow down if they pass through the shield by 50% for 2 seconds, making them more vulnerable. 
  • 2: The cooldown of the shield to be cast will be reduced to 60 seconds. 
  • 3: The active duration of the Omnium shield being out on the field for Tower of Fantasy players will be increased to 20 seconds. 
  • 4: The frost damage intake by players will be reduced by 2%. 
  • 5: Anytime other players cross through the shield, the damage output will be increased by 25% for 7 seconds. 

Type V Armor 

Tower of Fantasy Type V Armor
Type V Armor

Last but not least, the Type V Armor is a pretty good SSR Relic, but one thing to note is that it requires operating a mecha, which may suit some player’s preferences, or it may not. Nonetheless, it is a DPS-centric relic too, and it will allow players to pilot a mecha droid for 30 seconds. 

Players will not be able to get stunned by opponents during the entire time that the droid is active, and there will be a 200-second cooldown for the droid to become active again. 


The advancements for the Type V Armor will be shown below: 

  • 1: Player’s overall flame damage immunity and control debuff immunity will be increased whenever they are in the middle of combat. 
  • 2: Players will gain access to the Artillery Fire skill, which will fire out 6 times towards the opponents, while each attack will deal damage equivalent to 155.2% of the base attack. 
  • 3: Anytime the player inflicts damage onto enemies, they will also burn them. 
  • 4: The fire damage output by players is increased by 2%. 
  • 5: Players will gain access to the Flame Domain skill, which summons a Flame Domain at the location of the opponent and unleashes damage based on 1146.8% of the player’s base attack. 

Best SR Relics 

Now that we are done with the SSR Relics let’s look at some SR rarity Tower of Fantasy Best Relics

Magnetic Storm 

Tower of Fantasy Magnetic Storm
Magnetic Storm

The first relic in question will be the Magnetic Storm, an attack-type DPS or Control relic, mainly aimed at DPS-based weapons. With the relic in hand, players can take the magnetic field around them and warp it so that they can launch out one electric tornado that will continue t spin across the combat area for 10 seconds. 

The tornado will continue to suck enemies in, launch them, so they are airborne, and then deal damage equivalent to 186.3% of the player’s base attack every passing second. After doing so, the relic will enter a 100-second cooldown. 


The advancements are as follows: 

  • 1: With the first enhancement, players can launch out two electric tornadoes instead of the typical tornado and cause even more enemies to intake damage. 
  • 2: The total damage being dealt to enemies by the tornado will be increased by 20%. 
  • 3: The third advancement will further cause enemies to be sucked in by 3 tornadoes that will cause absolute destruction to them. 
  • 4: The bolt damage output is enhanced by 1.5%. 
  • 5: Any enemy caught in the tornado will be disoriented for 3 seconds. 

Magnetic Pulse 

Tower of Fantasy Magnetic Pulse
Magnetic Pulse

Another important relic that players can look into if they want SR Relic options is the Magnetic Pulse. The relic will be a support type, and it can be pretty handy for general use, mostly in PvP. 

When it is activated, players can detonate a bomb known as the Magnetic Bomb, which will be able to unleash volt damage equivalent to 38.8% of the player’s base attack, and it will launch out targets. Alongside that, players will also experience immunity to the hit stun debuff for 5 seconds, with a 35 cooldown on the relic. 


There will be 5 advancements: 

  • 1: The first advancement will allow the players to use the relic even when they are under control effects being applied to them from the enemy’s end. 
  • 2: Players will gain increased immunity to stun as well as control effects for the 5 seconds that the relic is active. 
  • 3: After launching hits against the enemy, the magnetic bomb can be placed down, which will detonate upon the Wanderer using their basic skills or any skills, and it will further slow the enemy down by 40% for a total of 5 seconds. 
  • 4: The player’s volt damage intake from the enemy’s end will be reduced by 1.5% so that they can survive for long. 
  • 5: Anytime the bomb is placed down, it would be removed if the target had any buffs placed on them. 

Missile Barrage 

Tower of Fantasy Missile Barrage
Missile Barrage

For DPS mains,  the Missile Barrage will be close to being one of the DPS-suited Best Relics, as it’s mainly going to be of the Attack type. 

With the missile barrage in hand, players should be able to place the missile launcher behind them, aiming to attack any enemy, as it will allow them to have the launcher active for 8 seconds. While the launcher is active, it will launch out a couple of missiles that will be targeted at the enemies, which will unleash damage that will be equivalent to 34.8% of the player’s base attack. 

There is a 60-second cooldown after the launcher disappears, and after it has ended, the launcher can be used again. 


Let’s discuss the advancements that will be offered for the Missile Barrage: 

  • 1: Players will gain the ability to unleash more missiles every passing second. 
  • 2: The missile barrage’s total damage output will be boosted by 20%. 
  • 3: The missile barrage will continue to stay active for 12 seconds instead of the usual 8 seconds. 
  • 4: The physical damage output of players will be increased by 2% whether the missile is active or not. 
  • 5: Players gain the ability to launch out even more missiles every second that the missile is active. 


Tower of Fantasy Couant

Last but not least, we have the Couant with us, and it is an SR-rarity relic that can be used for miscellaneous purposes. While it is in the player’s hands, they will be able to call forth a droid, and players will gain access to a shield for a total of 5 seconds. 

When the shield disappears, it causes a certain amount of knockback to nearby opponents, which will deal damage that is based on 100% of your base attack and 50 extra attacks. If it is broken after being activated, then enemies will take in Stun debuff for a total of 2 seconds, after which the shield enters the 30-second cooldown. Healers are crucial in order to thrive in a boss or enemy fight properly, and our Healers Guide will show you which best healer you should build and go for!


As for the advancements, see below: 

  • 1: Anytime after the shield is broken, the overall speed of the enemy will be reduced by 35% for a total of 6 seconds. 
  • 2: After the shield disappears or is broken, the damage output of the shield will be increased by 20% for 10 seconds. 
  • 3: The movement speed of the player sees an enhancement by 30% for 6 seconds. 
  • 4: Flame damage intake is decreased by 1.5%. 
  • 5: Players gain a damage reflection ability for a total of 5 seconds. 

With that, we will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Relics guide! You might find our Tower of Fantasy Best DPS Units guide helpful!

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