BEST Tower Of Fantasy Resonance Weapons

Confused about what Weapon Resonance does in Tower of Fantasy? Worry not, our guide contains all the details along with the Best Resonance in the game!

Tower of Fantasy emphasizes getting the best upgrades and abilities for your characters and weapons. This is why we have made a guide on the Tower of Fantasy Best Resonance. There are four specific Resonance abilities in the game, which get activated depending on your weapons lineup. Hence, the buffs you will get depend on the types of weapons you are using; DPS, Tank, or Support.

Key Highlights
  • In Tower Of Fantasy, Weapons can resonate with different types of builds you make of your characters, such as DPS or Support.
  • There are a total of 3 different weapon types you can have and each type is indicated with a color, them being:
    • Attack-related (Red color)
    • Defense-related (Yellow color)
    • Support-related (Blue color)
  • There exist 3 different types of weapons but in Tower Of Fantasy, you can have 4 types of resonances, the fourth one not involving having 2 weapon types at least.
  • Weapon resonances are beneficial for dealing more damage as you get more increase in stats and damage accordingly.
  • The four different types of weapon resonances are:
    • Balance (damage reduction by 5%, healing effect by 20%)
    • Fortitude (Damage reduction by 25%, shatter by 60%, and aggro by 800%)
    • Attack (Final damage increased by 10% to 40%)
    • Benediction (Increases healing by 100%)

What Are Weapon Types?

tower of fantasy weapon types
Types of Weapons

In order to understand the Weapon Resonance Effects in Tower of Fantasy, first, you need to grasp the concept of Weapon types in the game fully. Most MMORPGs have three basic weapon categories, which include: Attack, Defense, and Support

In Tower of Fantasy, Simulacra use a certain type of weapon belonging to these three categories. By that, their role is defined in the team. Make sure you are aware of the type of weapons you are using in order to comprehend the concept of Weapon Resonance fully.

While playing the game, you can pick three weapons of your choice. These weapons will belong to either the Attack, Defense, and Support category, and their sub-types are really not your concern when you’re trying to learn about Resonance in Tower of Fantasy.

To figure out the type of your weapon, you will first need to go to the ‘Weapon’ or ‘Warehouse’ menu in your game. Once there, you can click on the weapon of your choice, and you will now be able to see its bio on the right side of your screen.

Beneath the image of the weapon, you will notice a ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon. And right next to it there will be a few symbols. These symbols indicate the ‘Type’ and ‘Element’ of your weapon. In the image above, the red arrow highlights the symbol for ‘Weapon Type’.

A Red Icon means that it’s an Attack-type weapon. A Yellow Icon would indicate that the weapon is Defense-type. Lastly, a Blue Icon tells that it’s a Support-type weapon.

Now that we’re aware of the weapon types, along with the method to find out the type of each weapon. We can properly get into the details of Tower of Fantasy Best Resonance.

About Resonance In Tower Of Fantasy

tower of fantasy resonance overview
Information about Resonance

There are tons of enemies and bosses in Tower of Fantasy that require carefully planned strategies on the battlefield. You can’t just rush in like a headless chicken and expect everything to go your way. This is exactly why you need to repeatedly Advance your weapons and enhance your Simulacra’s skills to get better at the game. 

When it comes to buffs and abilities, the Developers of Tower of Fantasy have been very generous to the players. There are so many ways in which you can get game-changing buffs to your characters and weapons, and the Resonance is one of them. In total, there are 4 Resonance Effects in Tower of Fantasy that players can make use of.

The Weapon Resonance Effects offer players buffs that can increase their damage, enhance their healing, and reduce their damage intake. All of these get an extra buff when a player is part of a team. However, in order to activate these buffs, the players need to fulfill certain criteria. 

Weapon Resonance Effects get activated when the player equips two weapons belonging to the same category. Or when the player uses three weapons belonging to each of the weapon types. Now that we’re caught up with what Weapons Resonance is, we can now review every Effect that the player can get while playing Tower of Fantasy. 

Types Of Weapon Resonance 

tower of fantasy resonance types
Types of Resonance Effects

So, in a nutshell, the Weapons Resonance Effects buff your and your team’s stats in battle. These buffs can give you great advantages while you face all kinds of enemies in Aida. However, to get the best out of the Resonance Effects, it is essential to get to know their types. 

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As we mentioned before, the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Resonance comes in 4 types. These are; Balanced, Fortitude, Attack, and Benediction. A player can only activate one of these Resonance effects, and there is no way that you can stack resonance effects or use them more than once at a time.

You can, however, coordinate with your team and direct each member to concentrate on a particular Resonance Ability in order to maximize everyone’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Here are the 4 Weapon Resonance Effects in detail, along with the procedure to activate them, which solely depends on your playstyle.


The name of the mentioned Resonance Effect makes it quite obvious about its nature. The Balance Resonance is by far the most basic one and is great for starters or, to some extent, solo players. For activation, Balance Resonance requires one weapon belonging to each category.

This means that the three weapon slots must contain One Attack-type, One Defense-type, and One Support-type Weapon. With each weapon in your quick access menu, the Balance Resonance will get activated, and there will be a tick mark next to it. 

Let’s now look at the Effects that you will receive when the Balance Resonance is activated in Tower of Fantasy. 

  • The ability will enhance the Final Damage and Damage Reduction by 5%. On top of that, Shatter and Healing Effect will get boosted by 20%.
  • When you’re part of a team, the Final Damage and Damage Reduction will increase by 20%.

Hence, it is quite obvious that the Balance Resonance makes moderate changes to your stats; in no way does it massively boost a specific part of your character’s attributes. Therefore, the Balance Effect is most suitable for starters or for players who are beating the game solo. 


The Fortitude Resonance Effect is primarily focused on the defense of the player. If you’re someone who’s going for a tank build, then the Fortitude Resonance Effect is the best one for you in Tower of Fantasy. However, to trigger the Tanky Resonance Effect, you need to equip a specific category of weapon. 

It’s quite obvious that for the Fortitude ability, you will need at least 2 Defense-type Weapons in your armory. The third weapon is totally up to you, but you need to have two tank weapons to trigger the Fortitude Effect. 

As a tank, your job would be to lure enemies and suppress as much damage as you can so that the healers and attackers can carry out their jobs. Here is what the Fortitude Effect offers for tank-build players.

  • When equipped, the Fortitude Effect will increase Damage Reduction by 25%. Shatter will be increased by 60%. At the same time, the player’s aggro will get boosted by 800%.
  • In team play, the Damage Reduction will see an additional 20% boost.

If you’re a tank player on your team, then it’s necessary that you carry out your job perfectly. Because that will allow your teammates to sweep the battle with ease. Thus, using the Fortitude Resonance in Tower of Fantasy is a must for defensive players.

The best way to go about the Fortitude Resonance is to have the best Defense-type SSR weapons equipped. We guarantee you that the effect will work even more flawlessly once linked with the best weapon in the game. Molten Shield V2 and Rosy Edge are one of the best Defense-type weapons in Tower of Fantasy.


Another self-explanatory name, the Attack Resonance Effect, is meant for the aggressors in Tower of Fantasy. If your playstyle involves constant pushing and aggressive tactics, then you should aim for a DPS build. Pair that with the Attack Resonance Effect, and you’ll be causing devastating damage on the battlefield. 

Like we said with the Fortitude Resonance, for the activation of the Attack Resonance Effect, the player will need to equip 2 DPS-type Weapons. The third can be any weapon of your choice, and it will not affect the Resonance Ability. 

The DPS-focused playstyle is by far the most common one in video games, let alone MMORPGs. Hence, the Attack Resonance is probably the most used Effect in the game. Let’s now look at the buffs this Effect provides.

  • The perk will increase the Final Damage by 10%.
  • While in a team play, the Final Damage will get boosted by an additional 40%.

The Attack Resonance Effect is pretty straightforward. There are no hidden buffs or anything out of the ordinary. However, an increase in final damage is always great to have, especially if you’re leading the attack while being in a team, because then your final damage will get increased by a total of 50%. 

There are many great DPS-type weapons that the players can use to activate this Resonance Effect. Dual EM Stars and Scythe of the Crow are the best available DPS weapons in Tower of Fantasy. You can easily equip these two SSR weapons to get the best out of the Attack Resonance Effect.


Finally, we have the last Resonance Effect in Tower of Fantasy on our hands. The Benediction Resonance Effect is suitable for Healer-type builds. Healers and Support-type players are the backbones of a team. However, the Benediction Resonance Effect is not suitable for solo plays.

Similar to the last two Resonance Effects, for the Defense-type Resonance, you will need to equip 2 Support-Type Weapons. Once you do that, the Benediction Ability will get activated for each and every battle as long as the weapons aren’t switched. The Healer Resonance Effect is one of the best in Tower of Fantasy if you’re playing with the team. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s find out the details about the Benediction Effect in Tower of Fantasy so that you can get a clearer idea of its buffs.

  • When playing solo, the Healing will increase by 100%.
  • In Team Play, the Healing Effect will be further enhanced by 100%.

That means if you’re part of a team, you will have a total 200% increase in your healing, which can make a world of difference, specifically in the later stages of the game when the enemies are way more challenging. While playing a support role, you will be tasked to heal the DPS dealers and Tanks in your team constantly. 

Therefore, these buffs can make a huge impact on your survival on the battlefield. Although, it is quite evident that this Resonance Effect is not at all suitable for solo players because healers are not the best when it comes to dealing with or taking damage. 

Tower of Fantasy provides a pool of variety to choose from when it comes to Support-type weapons. In our eyes, Absolute Zero and Negating Cube are some good SSR Support-type weapon shouts. You can pair these to activate the Benediction Resonance Effect in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Resonance In Tower Of Fantasy

tower of fantasy Attack resonance
Best Resonance Effect

We have now covered the Tower of Fantasy Resonance Effects. However, one question still looms as to which one of these effects is the best. So, let’s try to answer this tricky question. When it comes to Resonance Effects, it’s hard to pick a single ability out and claim it as the best because each one has its benefit. 

The player’s preference and playstyle, therefore, determine everything. For us, the DPS dealer’s Attack Resonance Effect stands out, especially if you’re a solo player. As a solo player, it’s essential to have that extra boost in damage to deal with the enemies alone. So for us, the Attack Effect has to be the Best Tower of Fantasy Resonance.

As for team plays, the Fortitude Resonance Effect stands out for us since it offers some amazing tanky buffs. If you’re playing with your friends, you can obviously communicate and divide the roles amongst each other so that everyone covers one of the Resonance Effects.

If you’re playing with randoms, you can go for the Attack Resonance Effect since King and Samir are considered the best SSR Simulacra. It will be easier to play with their weapons as well. If not, you can keep the Fortitude Resonance as your second pick. 

Despite that, it all eventually comes down to how you play the game. If you’re a player who likes to stick to the wall and assist their teammates, then you can go for the Benediction Resonance Effect. 

To Sum It Up

That brings us to the close of our guide on Tower of Fantasy Best Resonance. Once you fully understand the concept, it’s not hard to implement. There are only four choices to pick from, which makes the whole process rather easy. You just need to have a clear vision of your playstyle, and then you can choose your favorite Resonance and roll around Aida with it. 

It’s very important to make use of these little abilities in Tower of Fantasy, as it gives you an extra advantage on the battlefield. Once the game transcends into its final phase, the enemies start feeling a lot tougher too, but some of these Resonance Effects will help you overcome them. 

We hope you enjoyed our extensive guide about the Resonance Effects in Tower of Fantasy. Stick around at eXputer to learn various tips, tricks, guides, and mechanics related to the Tower of Fantasy.

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