Tower Of Fantasy BEST Samir Build

This Best Samir Build guide will uncover the best build to go to use Samir in combat!

Tower of Fantasy has one of the most character selections available to players, ranging from DPS, defense, and support units, that can make any battle, whether it is PvE or PvP, an immersive experience. One of the units not to be underestimated is Samir. Our Tower of Fantasy Best Samir Build will uncover everything from the best teams, best matrices, weapon overview, attack moveset, and advancements for Samir! Make sure to read up on our Best Items guide to figure out which ones might be the most useful for you to use in-game!

Key Highlights
  • Samir is not a character; instead, she is a skin that matches her primary weapon, the “Dual EM Stars,”
  • The player with the Dual EM Stars would act as the primary DPS unit, allowing them to get as close to the action as possible and defend their fellow teammates.
  • The overall game style of this team will involve employing Dual EM Stars to launch aerial attacks while inflicting lightning damage on opponents.
  • Picking Matrixes are essentially part presents components of a mirror image that will grant specific buffs, which can include an attack buff.
  • Best Tower of Fantasy Making the gamers somewhat familiar with Samir’s general assault moveset and the amount of DPS she can deliver for them is how to use the Samir Build for semi-players.
  • Although Samir has the ability to provide focused volt damage, gamers might not be aware of how excellent her AoE loss output is.

Samir Character Overview 

Tower of Fantasy Character Overview
Character Overview

Let’s start by introducing the character itself to players! Samir herself is not a character but rather a skin paired with her main weapon, which is called “Dual EM Stars,” and after obtaining the weapon from the gacha, players will get the skin for free. 

The Dual EM Stars hones the lightning element, making it an instant hit amongst players, considering how overpowered lightning weapons are in Tower of Fantasy. After being wielded by players, it will grant them the ability to unleash devastation upon opponents and kill them off consistently. 

The player who wields the Dual EM Stars will be able to play as the main DPS unit, allowing them to stay on the front line as possible and granting them the ability to protect their fellow allies. Whether the battle is in a PvE setting in a dungeon and you are attempting to take down enemies in the overworld. 

Or the battle is taking place against other players in a PvP setting; you will always be able to dominate them if you run Samir against them. 

The weapon itself will have a shatter rating of 6 while it will hone a charge rating of 10.7, and the weapon type that will come in handy to players will be Dual Pistols. Samir has an SS rating for PvE, while she boasts a pretty solid S rating even in the PvP setting. 

Samir Team Options 

Moving on, let’s start discussing the best team comps for Samir that might help her dominate her opponents even more with the help of other units that are just as strong as her. 

PvE Fast Combo Team 

Tower of Fantasy Meryl
Meryl PvE Team

The first team that we will feature will include three main units. The main essence of the team will be to benefit from the fast combos that the team can offer, and the units that will be featured will be Samir, Crow, and Meryl. 

Samir will be a frontline DPS using her weapon Dual EM Stars, while crow will be the secondary DPS unit, mainly coming in handy for AoE damage. Samir and Crow will be of the lightning element, while the third unit will be Meryl, who will primarily come in handy as a defense unit. 

Samir and Crow, being DPS Simulacra, will trigger the DPS resonance, increasing the solo damage by 10%, while a solid 40% will boost up team damage. 

Players should focus on advancing Samir to three stars, Crow to two stars, and Meryl should be kept at one star. The main reason is that Samir’s three-star will be able to unleash bonus damage to enemies close to you. At the same time, Crow will be able to unleash a Sneak Attack on enemies, and Meryl will gain a shatter enhancement which will be used to break the enemy’s shields with ease.

If you’re looking to build any kind of ice-based team, then reading up on our Best Ice Teams guide will be the way to go, as it covers most everything you need to know about ice teams!


This team’s overall playstyle will include using Dual EM Stars for aerial attacks while causing enemies to take in lightning damage. At the same time, Crow’s weapon will be excellent for AoE damage, and Meryl will primarily be there as a support unit to break the enemy’s shield. It will make them a lot more vulnerable so that you can deal even greater damage. 

PvP-Based Team 

Tower of Fantasy Crow
PvP Crow Team

For players who would rather use Samir in a PvP setting, they can invest in three units that will bring out the best in Dual EM Stars and make her shine against any kind of player. Tower of Fantasy offers an excellent PvP setting that allows players to fight against each other in a balanced setting and track their progress. 

The three main units will be Samir, who will again be used as a main DPS unit, considering she isn’t fit for any kind of defense or support role. Crow will fit in as a DPS too, and once again, since both of them are DPS,, it will immediately boost up the player’s damage output by 10%, perfect for obliterating other players while being in a gruesome PvP battle with them. 

The third unit will be Zero, and he will be a unit that has the support resonance and uses the fire element. While we’re on the topic of discussing Zero, why not check out our Zero guide, which will uncover everything you need to know about him and will cover his best build, weapons, and attacks, as well as other things?


As for the playstyle, players in Tower of Fantasy will be able to take advantage of the double-volt-based weapons considering it will cause other enemy players to take in the paralysis debuff for one second, making them weaker in combat. 

It will then further apply an electrify debuff for 6 seconds. Players can use the Dual Em Stars and Crow’s weapon side by side to unleash electric damage, making them extremely vulnerable continuously. 

Support-Based Team 

If you would rather have one main DPS unit and the rest of your units be support-based, then the support team is the way to go. Pair up Samir as the main DPS, and the other two unis will be Nemesis and Zero, who will both act as sideline supports. 

Nemesis will use her Venus weapon, a lightning-based weapon, and it will be able to grant sufficient healing while perfectly dodging the enemy’s attacks; it will also grant players the ability to slow down their opponents in battle. 

On the other hand, Zero will hone the Negating Cube, a fire-based weapon, and t will have a high charge rating of 13. It grants fellow allies by providing shields and allows players to also stay at a safe distance while being able to unleash attacks. 

Best Matrices To Choose 

Tower of Fantasy Matrices

Let’s choose the matrices for Tower of Fantasy Best Samir Build that the player can use. Matrices will essentially pave the way for how a player can perform whenever they are in a tough battle, whether PvP or PvE. 

Matrices essentially are equippable parts to a simulacrum that will provide certain buffs that can range from attack buff, hp increase, stacks, and overall make the player a lot stronger than they originally were when facing enemies.

When it comes to Samir, there are generally two sets that he can benefit from, whether he wears the two-piece set or the four-piece set. Read our Best Equipment guide to figure out what the best equipment will be best to use for you during combat!

Samir Matrix 

The first matrix is called the Samir Matrix set since it is tailor-made for her and is her best enslot. The SSR rarity matrix can be acquired in many ways, including one of them is through the use of gacha pulls. 

The four set pieces are Future Focus, Just Kidding, Silver Bullet, and Dearly Departed, all of which work together to provide buffs based on how they will be equipped to the simulacrum. 

2 Piece Set 

If the Tower of Fantasy player equips the 2 piece set, they can expect 4 different star ratings that will progressively buff up the player more. 

  • A 0-star set rating will provide the player a damage buff by 1% anytime they unleash an attack against the opponent, which will last a total of 1.5 seconds. It can stack to a total of 10 times.
  • A 1-star set rating will increase the damage by 1%, and the cooldown will still be 1.5 seconds, but the stack will be increased to 13 times. 
  • A 2-star rating will provide a 16 stack with a duration of 1.5 seconds. 
  • Three stars will provide the player with a total of 20 stacks. 

4 Piece Set 

As for the four-piece set, the buffs are listed below alongside their matrix star ratings

  • A 0-star rating will enhance the total electrical explosion damage output by 16% of the player’s base attack. 
  • One star will increase it by 22%. 
  • Two stars will enhance it by 30%. 
  • Three stars will enhance it by 40%. 

Sobek Set 

If you can’t get your hands on the SSR set, you can go for the SR piece, which will be the Sobek Set. It will have four pieces known as Restlessness, Scheme, Confusion, and Opportunity. In order to progress properly in-game, you might want to check out our Best Bosses To Farm guide so that you can get the materials and progress your units as fast as possible!

There is only a 3 set bonus available, and it will be as follows along with the star ratings: 

  • A 0-star rating will increase the damage.


Tower of Fantasy Skills

Let’s look at the skills offered to players maining Samir. Want to invest in weapons? Our Best Combo Weapons guide will showcase to you all that you need to know about the best weapons to choose from!


Starting with a passive skill known as Volt, it will be triggered anytime the player has their weapon fully charged. Once it has been charged, the next attack launched will cause paralysis to enemies for one second while also electrifying them for 6 seconds. It will also unleash damage based on 144% of your base attack to opponents. 

Dual Fire 

The Dual Fire skill will combine five basic attacks, unleashing damage in the following order. First attack will deal 47.1% + 2, second attack will deal a total of 35.8% + 2, the third attack will deal 119.7% + 2, the fourth will deal 113.1% + 6 and the fifth will deal a total of 154% + 8. 

Energy Burst 

If you press the attack button, it will consistently dish out a consistent amount of damage. Each hit launched against the opponent will deal damage equivalent to 23% of the player’s base damage and an additional 1 base damage, which might not seem like a lot, but it adds up. 

Bullet Rain 

As for the Bullet Rain skill will be triggered once the player clicks on the jump and attack buttons. While in the air, players can launch their basic attacks to deal damage equivalent to 50.6% of the player’s base attack while also unleashing 3 base damage. Each normal attack while being airborne unleased will take up 3 endurance. 

Rising Lightning Kick 

After the player can perform a “perfect dodge,” which requires proper timing from your end, it will unleash the Rising Lightning Kick skill. The skill will allow players to click on their normal attack after they have perfectly dodged an enemy attack, and it will instantly suspend opponents for a short period and unleash damage that is equal to 122.6% of the player’s base damage and a bonus of 6 damage. 

Phantom Kick 

While clicking on the jump, it will cause you to go airborne, and then pressing down on the attack button will cause the opponent to take severe knockback, after which they will also intake a total of 70.5% base attack while also intaking 4 extra damage. Once the enemy falls to the ground, they will intake 98.7% extra damage and 5 bonus damage. 

Electro Field 

The electro-field skill will grant the player the ability to launch out an energy shield and target it at a single enemy’s general location. It will continue to reflect beams within a barrier. The damage that will be launched out will be based on 269.8% of your base attack and 14 extra damage. The skill will have a cooldown of 45 seconds. 

Domain of Thunder 

Last but not least, we have the discharge skill, which will be cast out once Phantasia has been triggered. It will remove any kinds of debuffs that were originally applied to you, and it will further launch a Domain of Thunder, suspend opponents, and then deal a total of 238.3% and 13 extra damage. 


Each character in Tower of Fantasy will have six advancements. If the player can become extremely lucky and gain each advancement, it will continue to buff up the unit and make it all the more viable for use in tougher combat. The advancements benefit both PvE and PvP battles. Our Best Armors Locations and Stats guide will showcase how to get the best armor in-game!

For Samir, the advancements that she will have are listed down below: 

  • 1: Upon achieving her first advancement, it will cause an electrical explosion at the opponent’s location anytime a player lands a critical hit against the enemy. It will deal bonus damage based on 30% of the player’s base attack and also to enemies closeby to the player. 
  • 2: With the second advancement, players can expect to have their weapon’s base attack enhanced by 16%. While the upgrade may not seem like a lot, a 16% increase adds up overtime whenever Samir is busy unleashing deadly damage unto her opponents, whether in the overworld or dungeons. 
  • 3: With the third advancement that the player achieves, it will cause an increase in the player’s overall crit rate. The crit rate increase will be for enemies that have been electrified, and players can expect a 40% crit increase; and it will also increase the duration of the electrified debuff by 0.5 seconds. 
  • 4: As for the fourth advancement, Samir players in Tower of Fantasy who are fortunate enough to receive the advancement will be able to see further a boost in how their weapon performs during a tough battle. The base attack will be increased by 32%. 
  • 5: Once the fifth advancement is achieved, players will experience a double increase in the overall duration of the Electro Field being active while in combat. The Electro Field will also continue to pull enemies into the center of the field to weaken them. 
  • 6: For players looking for skill cooldown reductions, the sixth advancement might be the best option for them. Once activated, it will trigger an electrical explosion that will automatically reduce the skill cooldown by a total of ne second. 

Samir’s Attack Moveset 

Tower of Fantasy Attack Moveset
Attack Moveset

Moving on, let’s continue Tower of Fantasy Best Samir Build for mid-game players by making the players a bit familiar with the way Samir’s overall attack movest works and what kind of DPS output she can provide for players. 

One of the main things that players will notice when they are maining Samir is that she can stay at quite a bit of distance from the enemy and can still unleash damage on her deadliest opponents. Whenever she wields her Dual EM Stars, she can launch out volt damage by staying far but still being able to take them down. 

This movement allows her to stay safe and will make her safe from intaking any unnecessary damage. She can instead place her focus on taking the enemy out instead of consistently worrying about needing a healer on the team at all times to protect her. 

With her DPS resonance, Samir’s character in Tower of Fantasy will be able to take advantage of and abuse her attack animations. She has a fast damage output, allowing her to consistently spin around and haphazardly launch out hit after hit, rendering any opponent useless. 

The fast attack speed not only saves her ample time but also means that the player can squeeze in greater damage in a short period, making it worth it for timed challenges or timed boss fights. 

Another thing players might not notice about her attacks is that despite being able to deal concentrated volt damage, her AoE damage output is also insanely impressive. While airborne, she can easily take control of her weapon and launch out damage over a spread-out area. 

Weapon Enhancements 

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Advancements
Weapon Advancements

For players that want to max out Samir in one go and want her to dominate her enemies, then they should max out the weapon to level 110, and for that, certain materials will be required, which are listed as follows: 

  • To upgrade from level 10 to level 20, players will require a total of 2 Magcore. 
  • For an upgrade of level 20 to level 30, once again, players can use a total of 2 Magcores to upgrade it fully. 
  • Levels 30 to 40 will require players to not only get their hands on a total of 3 Magcore, but it will also require them to use 3 Nano Coating I upgrade materials. 
  • To get from level 40 to 50, it will take 3 Nano Coating I, 3 Booster Frame I, and 3 Magcores. 
  • For levels 50 to 60, it will require 4 Nanocoating I, 4 Booster Frame I, and 4 Magcores. 
  • For upgrading the weapon from level 60 to 70, it will require 6 Nano Coating I, 6 Booster Frame I, and 6 Magcores. 
  • For levels 70 to 80, it will require a total of 8 Magcores, 8 Booster Frame I, and 8 Nano Coating 1. 
  • To upgrade the weapon to level 90, players in Tower of Fantasy can expect to farm 11 Magcores, 11 Nano Coating I, and 11 Booster Frame I upgrade materials. 
  • For a level 100 upgrade, 5 Heart of Lightning are required, which are the upgraded versions of the Magcores, 11 Booster Frame I, and 5 Nano Coating II materials.
  • Lastly, level 110 will require 6 Heart of Lightning, 6 Booster Frame II, and 6 Nano Coating II materials. 

With that, we will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Samir Build guide! Now that we are done with it, if you are interested in playing the game on more than one platform, then our Tower of Fantasy How To Download On PC And Mobile guide will tell you all you need to know, and you will be able to connect your accounts on both platforms!

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