Tower Of Fantasy Best Teams: DPS & Tank 

This Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide will uncover the best teams that players can pair up for combat!

Tower of Fantasy has some of the strongest weapon choices whereby players can dominate enemies, whether facing them in PvE in the overworld, in raids and dungeons, or against actual players in PvP matches. In our Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide, we will uncover a few of the most recent meta-based teams players can mix and match.

Key Takeaways
  • In Tower of Fantasy, there are 3 DPS focused teams which are:
    • Duo-Volt Samir Team.
    • Crow DPS Team.
    • Triple Element Team.
  • In Tower of Fantasy, there are 2 Defense focused teams which are:
    • Huma’s Main Tank Team.
    • Meryl Shield Breaker Team.
  • The characters that form a proper Duo-Volt Samir Team are Samir, Nemesis, and King.
  • The characters that are needed to make a proper Crow DPS Team are Crow, Nemesis and King.
  • The characters to create a proper resonance in Triple Element Team are Tsubasa, Nemesis, and King.
  • The characters that run a proper Huma’s Main Tank Team are Huma, King, and Meryl.
  • The characters that make a proper Meryl Shield Breaker Team are Huma, Nemesis, and Meryl.

Please keep in mind that the meta will keep changing for as long as the game is alive and active, and these are not the *only* teams that can help players dominate other enemies. 

DPS-Based Teams In Tower Of Fantasy

Let’s start by discussing a few DPS-based teams that will currently feature some of the most broken and overpowered units in-game. DPS-based teams typically feature 2 main attackers, after which the third unit can include any support or utility unit. With that, let’s get started! 

Duo-Volt Samir Team 

Tower of Fantasy Samir

Starting with the first team in Tower of Fantasy, players will use Samir, Nemesis, and King, known to be some f the best units in-game. Once again, with DPS teams, there will be two attack-type weapon wielders and one utility or support. 



Samir will act as the main DPS here, meaning that she will be responsible for the bulk of the damage output, and she will be able to take on the worst of enemies and render them useless with her insane skills. 

Her weapon is known as Dual EM Stars, unleashes Volt or Electric damage, hence the name “Duo-Volt,” and her weapon type is Dual Pistols, through which she can swiftly move one by one across the battlefield to kill off opponents.  

She can output a high number of hits and stay at a safe distance from the enemy and still be able to obliterate them. 



As far as Nemesis is concerned, she will be the utility unit in the team, and she will also be of the Volt element, unleashing a certain amount of volt damage. Still, in reality, she is present in the team to be an excellent healer. While she is in the team, you won’t die, and that’s a fact. 

She hones the Venus weapons, which are of the EM Blaster type, and she has a PvE rating of SS. Whenever she is on-field and continuously dodges enemy attacks, she can provide excellent healing for fellow allies. 

Alongside that, she will also be able to slow down opponents in front of her with her magnetic field while also using her electrodes for added extra support. 



The final unit in this team will be King, who is responsible for outputting the highest amount of shatter, meaning he will be solely responsible for being a shield-breaker. If there’s one thing players should know, there are tons of shielded enemies. 

His damage output is also pretty viable and can be the secondary DPS. He uses the Scythe of The Crow, which is of the Scythe type. His weapon is fire and has an SS rating in PvE. 

He has one of the best shield-breaking abilities while also being excellent at being a support on-field. 

Crow DPS Team 

Tower of Fantasy Crow

The next team that we would like to discuss will have the same two other units that we mentioned in the Duo-Volt team, and the main reason for that is because currently, these units are one of the highest ranking ones available. They can crush it in all aspects, whether in combat or utility. 



Let’s start with Crow, who will act as the main DPS. He will hone the volt element again and match with his fellow weapon member, Nemesis. While being the main DPS, he will be able to take his weapon in his hand and obliterate any kind of enemies that are present in front of him. 

He has a shatter rating of 6 and a charge of 8. While he will not be the best shield-breaker, his damage output is excellent, making him the damage dealer and contributing to this team being one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Teams which will be able to help carry the player from early and mid-game.


As for Nemesis, she will be an excellent healer once again, and while she has commendable damage output, her main role in the Crow-centric team will be that of a Healing unit and to ensure that you don’t end up dying while you’re in the battlefield. 

She will have the Volt element, and she will have a shatter rating of 6 and a charge of 8, which is pretty average as compared to the other units in the game too. While she dodges, she can provide continuous healing for her allies and is able t help them stay alive for longer periods. 


Lastly, King will be yet again the dedicated shield breaker, and the main reason for that is his insanely high shatter rating of 12.5, which is pretty high compared to the usual 7-9 of the other units. 

He has the fire element with him, and if players want to use him as a main DPS, they can also aim to do so. He will wield the Scythe of The Crow weapon with him and also be able to obliterate foes in his wake. His attack range and speed are excellent, making him extremely viable. 

Triple Element Team 

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa

The next team that we would like to discuss will include three weapons or units: Tsubasa acting as main DPS, Nemesis as utility, and King will yet again be the shield-breaker. 

The team called Triple Element is self-explanatory because it simply contains three different elements: Tsubasa, who is Ice; Nemesis, who is Volt; and King, who is Fire. Two attack-type units and one support unit make up the Triple Element Team. 



Starting things off with Tsubasa, she will be the main DPS, meaning she will be responsible for dealing with the bulk damage. While she has an S rating in PvE, she is not meant to be sued in PvP. Therefore she is focused on being the main DPS for a PvE-centric team for Tower of Fantasy players

With her element being ice, she can take on her Icewind Arrow, a bow, stay at a safe distance, and unleash charged shot after charged shot to take down her opponents and make them as vulnerable as possible. Her skills will allow her to output even more damage, making her all the more deadly. 


We can’t ignore Nemesis, as she will again be the dedicated healer. The reason that players keep selecting her as the main healing unit is because of her broken she is. Because her rate-up banner is active right now, many players were able to pull her and put her to use almost immediately.

She will use her Venus weapon, an EM Blaster, and hone a shatter of 6 and a Charge of 8. Her electrodes will allow her to provide even more support to her main DPS weapon, and the magnetic field she takes advantage of to slow down enemies is also pretty broken. 


There is a reason that King keeps making an appearance over and over, and it is because he is broken. In terms of shield breaking and damage dealing abilities, no one can beat him, and no one can do his job better than him.

With his fire element and his Scythe of The Crow weapon, you can guarantee that if you have the weapon equipped, you can defeat any kind of enemy, even though it is higher leveled or not. 

Defense Teams In Tower Of Fantasy

The next set of teams we would like to feature will include some of the Defense-based Tower of Fantasy Best Teams. Defense teams typically have two Defense-based units, while the other unit will be a support or a shield breaker. The two Defense units will come together to gain the Fortitude bonus, further enhancing the team’s performance. 

Huma’s Main Tank Team 

Tower of Fantasy Huma

Starting with the one and only Huma, she will act as the main Tanker in the first team, being able to take in excessive amounts of damage without needing to place too much focus on her overall damage output. 

She has the fire element, which works exceptionally well for her, and she uses her Molten Shield V2, which is a shield weapon type. Her shatter and charge are quite high compared to her other units, with both being set to 10. 

She has an S Ranking in PvE, and her weapon is catered to increasing both her offensive stats and her defense. 


Moving onto King, the reason that he has yet again appeared in the defense team is simply because of the sheer amount of shielded enemies present in the overworld, whether it is simple while you are traversing around or when you are in a Joint Operation. The worst kind of shielded enemies has to be the world bosses like Apophis.

He has his fire element, and his Scythe of The Crow can make shield breaking an absolute joke, and with his high shatter of 12.5, players can rest assured that they will make the enemy weaker no matter what. 

He has a commendable SS Rating, making him one of the most-chosen Shield breaking units in Tower of Fantasy



Lastly, we have Meryl, who will be the second defense-based unit on the team. She hones the ice element and uses her Rosy Edge weapon, which happens to be a greatsword, to also deal significant damage. 

Her main resonance lies in defense, and she has an insanely high shatter rate as well, coming on par with King, which is 12, but her charge is behind a bit as it is only 4. She can knock back enemies with ease and can also break shields pretty easily. 

Meryl Shieldbreaker Team 

Tower of Fantasy Meryl

For this particular defense team, players will typically end up using Huma as their main DPS still. At the same time, Nemesis will be here purely for utility, considering her presence is important in a team. On the other hand, Meryl will be acting as a shield breaker again, offering a replacement for King. 



We have Huma, who will take advantage of her defense abilities and take in as much damage as possible while allowing the other weapons and units to survive for as long as possible. 

Her tanking abilities are incomparable, while she is able to also use her Molten Shield V2 as a shield, and her fire element can aid her even further and can push her towards victory before needing to die. 

She has a shatter and charge rating of 10, which means that if need be, she will also be able to break shields if it is needed. 


Once again, Nemesis will prove to be perhaps one of the best healers and all-rounder support and can add to the Tower of Fantasy Best Teams for Tower of Fantasy players. With her rating of being an SS tier unit in PvE, none can compare when it comes to her supporting abilities. 

With her venus weapon in hand, she will be able to swiftly perfect dodge enemy attacks, which will allow her also to provide healing for her fellow allies that are present while doing a joint Operation. She can also make enemies slower with her magnetic field, and it gives the DPS the chance to render them useless. 


Meryl will actually be a background tanker, or a background defense unit. Considering we are focusing on gaining Fortitude buff, while it is not crucial to have her on the team, it can always be helpful. 

She has the ice element and she wielded the Rosy Edge claymore weapon, which allows for increased knockback against opponents while also being able to break their shields if needed. 

With that, we will wrap up our Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide.

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