6 BEST Tower Of Fantasy Vitality Game Modes

Vitality game modes help you build your character to their highest current level.

Vitality in Tower of Fantasy is a useful item. You can spend it daily playing some of the game modes. There are different methods that you can use to fill up Vitality in the game. in this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Vitality and use it in these events. As Vitality is one of those items that you’ll have limited access to, then you’ll need to maximize the benefits you get from using it. So we’ll rank all of the Vitality using events of Tower of Fantasy

Key Highlights
  • Like many MMORPGs, having a system of Energy is needed for most activities, Energy in Tower Of Fantasy is labeled as “Vitality”.
  • Vitality is needed to help boost your character’s level and there is a cap of 180 so players won’t end up with burnout.
  • There are two ways to recover Vitality, Either by waiting and gaining 7 vitality per hour or by straight up buying them from the shop.
  • Places, where you can spend Vitality, are:
    • Joint operation (For powerful armor)
    • Interstellar Exploration (For enchantment materials)
    • Dimensional Trails (For even more enchantment materials)
    • Omnium Beacon (Rewards from these are hard to obtain but are worth it)
    • Spacetime Domain (Good source for earning gold in the game)
  • Vitality is important if you want to upgrade your characters, make them stronger and explore more in the game.

How To Get Vitality 

Vitality is one of the renewable resources in Tower of Fantasy. There are two different methods that you can use to recover Vitality. One of these is a passive recovery, which has a slow speed. In contrast, other require you to spend certain item in the game. 

Recovering Vitality Over Time

You’ll get Vitality passively in Tower of Fantasy for most of the part. It fills up whether you’re playing the game or not. You’ll gain one vitality point every eight minutes. What it means is that you’ll get 7.5 vitality every hour. Your Vitality will require 24 hours to max out completely. After 24 hours, the Vitality Cap will max out, and you won’t be able to fill it more even if you want.

Vitality recovering in Tower of Fantasy.
Vitality takes a lot of time to recover, so use it wisely.

The highest Vitality you can have is 180. As we’ve mentioned before, once you’ve spent it whole, it’ll take 24 hours to fill it again. And sadly enough, there’s no way to increase Vitality’s passive generation speed. But you aren’t tied to the passive generation of Vitality. You can use other methods to increase it if you want.

Purchasing Vitality

If you’ve run out of Vitality but still feel like there are a few Best Vitality Tasks that you want to complete in Tower of Fantasy. Then we have good news for you. You can purchase Vitality in Tower of Fantasy. To purchase it, you’ll have to use the in-game store.

Buying Vitality in game.
You can buy Vitality by spending 50 Dark Crystals.

The in-game store uses Dark Crystals to allow you to purchase Vitality Solution. Each of these ‘Solutions’ costs 50 Dark Crystals. And it restores 60 Vitality. It isn’t the ultimate source of Vitality in the game. Like the XP Cap in Tower of Fantasy, buying Vitality Potions have a cap too. Due to the cap, players can only purchase 4 Potions of Vitality daily. The game won’t allow you to buy more.

How To Get Dark Crystal

There is good news for players who have extra Dark Crystals lying over. All you need to have is 200 Dark Crystals, and you can have 420 Vitality for that day at least. You’ll get 180 passively, and the rest 240 by buying four potions of Vitality by spending 200 Dark Crystals.

Thankfully, the game doesn’t have a cap on getting Dark Crystals through different means. You can collect as much as you want every day. Here are the different methods that you can use to collect Dark Crystals.

  • Unlock Supply Pod Type I (Gives 20 Dark Crystals)
  • Unlock Supply Pod Type II (Gives 50 Dark Crystals)
  • Unlock Achievements (Give a random amount of Dark Crystals)

You can learn more about getting it in our guide Getting Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy.

These are different unlocks that give Dark Crystals to you in the game. But if these aren’t enough for you. And you want to have extra Dark Crystals that you can use later on to buy Vitality potions in Tower of Fantasy. Then you’ll have to use actual money to buy Dark Crystals.

For that, you’ll have to head to the in-game store and then Purchase Tanium. You can, later on, use Tanium and convert it to Dark Crystal. 1 Tanium converts into 1 Dark Crystal.

Here is how much Tanium costs in Tower of Fantasy.

  • 60 Tanium for $0.99
  • 300 Tanium for $4.99
  • 980 Tanium for $14.99
  • 1,980 Tanium for $24.99
  • 3,280 Tanium for $49.99
  • 6480 Tanium for $99.99

Best Usage of Vitality 

So you have acquired Vitality in the game. But you might be wondering why it is so important that the game had to put a limit on it. To explain the importance of Vitality in Tower of Fantasy, we’ll explain different methods of using Vitality.

After the player has defended the Shelter in the Astra region from the Ravagers, the game will unlock several PvE content. In these, the player will finally get to spend Vitality which helps them get numerous rewards. Later on in the game, more content becomes available as the player reaches level 20.

All Vitality game modes.
These are the different modes that use Vitality.

These are the multiplayer quests that become available gradually as you level up in the game. We’ll list them according to our priority to use them.

Joint Operation (5-Star Priority)

Joint Operation has the highest priority if you want to have powerful armor. It is also useful if you want to get Matrices.

Interstellar Exploration (4-Star Priority)

Up next in priority for Best Vituality usage in Tower of Fantasy is Interstellar Exploration. It is great if you are targeting enhancement materials. You’ll get these only by battle.

Dimensional Trails (3-Star Priority)

It is a dungeon-styled mode that you should prioritize if you want to get extra enhancement materials.

Omnium Beacon (3-Star Priority)

Omnium Beacon has a high-risk-to-reward system. If you are successful with it, you’ll get high rewards, but if other players find your beacon, you won’t get anything. Best for fastest vitality consumption in Tower of Fantasy.

Spacetime Domain (2-Star Priority)

You should prioritize Spacetime Domain only if you’re out of gold in the game, as it is a great source of some extra gold.

All Vitality Game Modes

Tower of Fantasy lets you play through different game modes that use Vitality. These are the only modes where you’ll be able to use your vitality, so you’ll have to get through these regularly. In the end, you’ll get great rewards too.

Joint Operation

Joint Operation is a futuristic dungeon in Tower of Fantasy. In the dungeon, you’ll have to fight against elite mobs, and in the end, with the final boss. Its difficulty increases as you progress in the dungeon until you reach the end. That’s why we recommend that you shouldn’t try to solo it. Invite your friends with you so that your Joint Operation goes smoothly. Although, if you’re planning on going solo, consider reading our Best PvE Weapons of Tower of Fantasy.

Joint Operation is one of the tasks that you should perform daily. It will reward you with Equipment and Matrices. These are mid to late-game items, so you should get into joint operations once you get above level 37. At that level, you’ll get some high-rarity items that will give you great essential items that help you power up.

Joint Operation vitality mode in Tower of Fantasy.
You should prioritize Joint Operation in the late game.

From level 43, you’ll start to get SSR rarity matrices. But the real deal starts at level 50, and then, you’ll unlock Difficulty number 6 of Joint Operation. It will give you a chance to Fortress Equipment which is the highest rarity equipment. If you are a regular player, you’ll get to level 50 on the 17th day in Tower of Fantasy.

Keep in mind that when you unlock Joint Operation in the game, at that time, it isn’t worth spending time in it. You will get matrixes and armor rewards, but they will be lower tier. And it won’t be long before they get replaced with better gear.

How to Start Joint Operation

Starting Joint Operation includes you going to the Adventure Menu. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click on the Swords icon to the top right. This opens the Adventurer Menu.
  2. Next, go to the Select menu and choose Joint Operation.
  3. In Joint operation, you’ll be presented with five different options to choose from. Choose one and select its difficulty.

Keep one thing in mind. As Joint Operation costs a Whopping 90 Vitality to start it in Tower of Fantasy, you need to maximize it. Start it only when you’re at higher levels so you can get higher-tier items. That makes Joint Operation the top priority game mode.

If you have a hard time trying to clear the Joint Operation Mode, you should look into your character. Make sure that you’re using the Best Characters in Tower of Fantasy. Using these, you can make the Best loadouts in the game that consists of SSR & SR characters.

Dimensional Trials

Dimensional Trials are the shortest dungeon runs that you’ll find in the game. These dungeons reward you with matrix or weapon upgrade materials. Inside Dimensional Trials, you’ll fight with a few elite enemies and weak mobs only. It isn’t as hard as the Joint Operation, so you can start on it solo if you want to.

It is one of the best Vitality modes in Tower of Fantasy as it only consumes 30 Vitality. Before starting it, you’ll get to choose between what reward you want, whether it’s Weapon or Matrix upgrade materials. If you choose a higher difficulty, then you’ll get more rewards.

Other rewards include Matrices and Weapons Exp Packs. In Dimensional Trials, you’ll get to test your gaming skills by going through sets of training menus. 

How to Start Dimensional Trials

To Start the Dimensional Trials, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. On the top right of the scream, click on the Swords icon to get into the adventure menu.
  2. There, click on the ‘Select’ tab to enter it.
  3. In the list, choose Dimensional Trials and select the rewards and difficulty.
  4. Start the mode to match with teammates.

Once the Dimensional Trails start, defeat all the enemies, you’ll come across. After you’ve defeated them, the Trials will end, and you’ll get rewards.

Interstellar Exploration

The interstellar Exploration mode starts after you enter a Stargate. It is a purple gate that will appear in the game randomly every day. Interstellar Exploration is a dungeon that makes you face three different enemy waves. You’ll have to defeat these waves to get rewards.

Interstellar Exploration Vitality mode in Tower of Fantasy.
Interstellar Exploration is a 4-star game mode.

Interstellar Exploration game mode costs 30 Vitality every time you enter it in Tower of Fantasy. And the game lets you clear it at least six times a day.

The mode has three difficulty levels that are differentiated by star ranking. 1-star means the easiest, whereas 3-stars means the most difficult. You should aim for the 3-star difficulty as you’ll be able to maximize the rewards from it.

You’ll get weapon enhancement materials as a reward for clearing the Interstellar Exploration. What rarity rewards or the number of items you get depends on the difficulty you choose. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you get.

Secret Boss

If you defeat the Secret Boss, it will result in some good rewards, such as the Gold Nuclei. Getting to the Secret Boss is easy. Once you have cleared the Space realm, wait for a few seconds, and a Starseed will appear. It is a mechanism that summons the secret boss.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the Starseed spawning chances aren’t linked to the difficulty you chose for the Stargate.

How to Start Interstellar Exploration

Starting the Interstellar Exploration is the same as all other game modes. Here’s how you can start it:

  1. Find the Stargate on the map by going to the Adventure menu. You’ll open the menu by clicking the Swords icon to the top right of the screen.
  2. The Stargates are purple-colored cards. Interact with it and set its difficulty.
  3. Recruit random members for the mode or start it on your own.
Star gates in Tower of Fantasy.
You can enter Interstellar Exploration through Stargates.

Once you get inside, defeat all three waves, and then defeat the secret boss to maximize the items you get from it.

Omnium Beacon

Omnium Beacon offers almost the same rewards as the Dimensional Trails. These rewards are the Matrices and Weapon upgrade materials. But the mode itself is quite different than Dimensional Trials. In Dimensional Trials, you have to fight against mobs and elite enemies. But in Omnium Beacon, you have to hide your beacon, much like in ‘Capture the Flag’ game modes.

Omnium Beacon vitality mode in Tower of Fantasy.
Omnium Beacon is a high-risk and high-reward mode.

It is a hide-and-seek type of minigame where you hide your beacon and find other players’ beacons. You’ll get the rewards for the mode if you find other players’ beacons in the open world or if no one else finds your beacon. Omnium Beacon Mode costs only 30 Vitality to start in the Tower of Fantasy.

How to Start Omnium Beacon Mode

  1. On the top left of the screen, tap on the Swords icon to open the Adventure Menu.
  2. There, select the Omnium Beacon mode to get a beacon.

Once you have the Beacon, the real game starts; you’ll have to hide the beacon at a place where no one can find it. We’ll let you know a few tips on the perfect place to hide in a while. Anyways, once you have placed the beacon, claim the Collector Signal. It will lead you towards other players’ beacons. You can find them to get more rewards. If 24 hours pass and no one finds your beacon, then you’ll get rewards.

To find other players’ beacons, open the Collector Signal in your backpack. It will mark locations on the map where players are hiding their beacons. The Collector Signal shows a few images of the location with the beacon once you get there. You can check on them again as it saves time trying to find the beacon. Once you find the beacon, activate the Collector Signal. You can collect rewards from the Mailbox.

Omnium Beacon Hiding Spots

Hiding the Omnium Beacon can become harder if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your first objective should be to hide it in an area that is Hard-to-Reach. So even if other players get your signal (which they would), it’ll be hard for them to get there easily. It is a simple but effective strategy that you can use against players who don’t want to get to those places for a few materials.

Apart from that, you’ll have to make sure that wherever you’re hiding your Beacon, it isn’t an obvious Landmark. There aren’t any identifiable landmarks that other places can check for in the pictures from the Collector Signal. With it, you will make hunting for your beacon harder.

One last tip for hiding your Omnium Beacon in Tower of Fantasy is to make sure you aren’t using a location that a streamer used. If it was a location that was successful in saving their beacon, chances are, everyone’s looking towards it. You’ll have to come up with your original hiding places.

Spacetime Domain

If you’re out of Vitality but want to do something interesting. Then the Spacetime Domain is the Best mode that you can take part in without having any Vitality in Tower of Fantasy. But if you have Vitality, then it is one of the quick methods in Tower of Fantasy to earn Gold.

Spacetime Domain is a Dungeon in Tower of Fantasy that makes you fight off some mobs. You’ll get to the final boss as you defeat them and move ahead in the Dungeon. Once you defeat the boss, you’ll get Gold as a reward.

Spacetime Domain Vitality mode.
Spacetime Domain mode is great if you’re short on Gold.

We’ve mentioned before that it is one of the fastest methods to get Gold. However, you’ll need to have 30 Vitality in Tower of Fantasy to get that Gold at the end. The Gold that you get greatly depends on the difficulty of the Dungeon. So if you’re looking for extra gold, you might want to increase the Dungeon’s difficulty.

How to Start Spacetime Domain

The Procedure to Start Spacetime Domain is similar to other Vitality-consuming modes.

  1. On the Top right side corner of the screen, click on the Swords icon.
  2. In there, you’ll have to go to the ‘Select’ tab and choose Spacetime Domain.

Once in there, you can choose whatever difficulty you want. If you are a relatively newer player and just unlocked Spacetime Domain, you might want to go with easier difficulty.

When the game mode starts, you will have to fight through the hordes of enemies that you’ll come across in each of the rooms. Go from one room to another, clearing through them. When you get to the final boss, play it safe and defeat it. You’ll get the rewards for it.

Final Words

Tower of Fantasy lets you use Vitality in different game modes. These modes then reward you with high-level items and their upgrades. Your first choice would be to get on with the Joint Operations (if you’re at a higher level). There are some promising rewards. Next up, you should prioritize Interstellar Exploration as it gives good rewards too.

Dimensional Trials are great if you want to get into a low-risk and okay-reward scenario. As for the Omnium Beacon, it is a high-risk and high-reward scenario. Only go for it if you feel like you’re better at hiding stuff in the game.

Lastly, if you’re short on gold and want to upgrade, then Spacetime Domain is the mode to go for.

There are different things to do in Tower of Fantasy. And going through each of these events not only puts Vitality to use in Tower of Fantasy. But it rewards you greatly by completing them. So if you feel like you’re always short on items to help you upgrade your Armor and Weapons, go to the Adventurer page and get on with it.

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