5 BEST Tower of Fantasy Weapons

This Best Weapons guide will showcase the top 5 weapons to go for during the first stages of the game!

Tower of Fantasy has an open-world MMORPG with a gacha system attached, it ticks off the checks for many players, whether those who like open-world games, anime aesthetics, gacha games, or MMORPGs. The game features tons of weapons that players can choose to equip during their playthrough. It’s worth knowing the Best Weapons in Tower of Fantasy if you wish to beat the game comfortably.

Key Highlights
  • Players pull weapons on banners that also give them character skins.
  • While these are the top 5 weapons when the global servers opened up, the meta may change anytime.
  • The Dual EM Stars, Samir, is a front-line DPS SSR Unit. The weapon has the lightning element, with 18 base attack, 1165 HP, 14 critical points, and eight skills.
  • Next is another SSR DPS unit, Scythe of The Crow, King. This weapon has the fire element, with 16 base attack, six resistance, 1165 HP, and ten skills.
  • Venus, Nemesis is an EM Blaster SSR unit with the lightning element and eleven skills.
  • The Chakram of the Sea, Shiro, is another SSR DPS with the element of Grievous and nine skills.
  • Lastly, we have Molten Shield V2, Huma. This one’s a defending weapon, a shield with seven skills.

Weapons & Characters Explained 

Before we get into the guide, let’s clarify some common misconceptions people might have about weapons and characters! The truth is that players will pull for actual weapons on the standard or limited-time banner, after which they will also get the “character skin,” which they can use on their main character. 

Players will swap between three weapons during combat, helping them take enemies head-on. Another thing, please note that these are the top 5 characters when the global servers are opened up, and the meta can change anytime! With that, let’s get started! 

Best Weapons In Tower Of Fantasy

Starting with the weapon options for players, let’s take a deeper dive into each of the weapons/characters that players can choose. 

Samir (Dual EM Stars)

Tower of Fantasy Samir

The first and possible one of the Best Weapons and characters will feature that of Samir, the character skin for the weapon known as the “Dual EM Stars.” Samir is an SS unit that can be pulled from the gacha system, and her main role in battle is to be a front-line DPS, taking on enemy after enemy and obliterating them.


As for her weapon, the Dual EM Stars will be imbued with the Lightning element, which already makes her as strong as possible. Her weapon type is that of Dual Pistols. As for her stats, her base attack will be 18, while her HP will be at 1165, and she will have 14 critical points.


Samir has a total of 8 skills, allowing her to become incredibly overpowered, as can be seen below: 

  • Volt (Passive): If the weapon becomes fully charged, the next basic attack will cause enemies to become paralyzed for 1 second, and it will cause lightning upon them for a total of 6 seconds. 
  • Dual Fire (Basic Attack): A five combined attacks dealing damage, with it being 47.1%+2, 35.8%+2, 119.7%+6, 113.1%+6, and 154%+8 of the base attack. 
  • Energy Burst (Holding Attack Button): While holding the button, players will continue to deal damage based on 23% of the base damage and a bonus of 1 damage. 
  • Bullet Rain (Jump+Attack): jump into the air, and unleash basic attacks, inflicting 50.6% of the base attack three times, consuming stamina. 
  • Phantom Kick (Jumping+Holding Attack Button): jump up, Hold down on basic attack, inflict 70.5% of base attack and a bonus of 4 attacks, and unleash 98.7% + 5 of basic attack while plunging. 
  • Rising Lightning Kick (Dodge+Attack): Upon dodging an enemy attack, click on a dodge to deal a total of 122.6%+6 base attack after suspending foes. 
  • The domain of Thunder (Discharge Skill): Upon unleashing, it will remove any debuffs on the player and unleash a Domain of Thunder, obliterating opponents. 
  • Electro Field (Skill): With a cooldown of 45 seconds, fire out an energy shield towards the enemy’s direction, and inflict 269.8% + 14 base damage, suspending enemies on the final hit. 


Next up, Samir, as a DPS, will have a total of 6 advancements: 

  • First Advancement: Upon criting, launch an electrical explosion toward the opponent, unleashing 30% of the base attack. 
  • Second Advancement: Enhances the base attack of the weapon by 16%. 
  • Third Advacmenet: Enhances the crit rate towards electrified opponents by 40%. 
  • Fourth Advancements: Increased the weapon’s overall base attack by 32%. 
  • Fifth Advancement: Makes the overall duration of the Electro Field twice and will continue to pull in enemies. 
  • Sixth Advancement: Anytime Samir unleashes an electrical explosion, the skill cooldown will be decreased by 1 second. 

Samir’s Awakening Traits 

There are two main awakening traits for Samir: 

  • Shadows(4000 Awakening): Samir will gain a stack of Concentration every 4 seconds that she continues to stay free from damage intake, and it will continue to increase her damage output by 4% with a max of 5 stacks. 
  • Trickery(1200 Awakening): Gains one stack of Concentration, same as mentioned above, except the damage output will be increased by 3%. 

King (Scythe of The Crow) 

Tower of Fantasy King

The next of the Best Weapons skin in Tower of Fantasy that we would like to cover is King, who will have his weapon known as the Scythe of The Crow, and the element of the weapon will be fire, allowing him to burn enemies one by one.


His main role will also be that of the main DPS, allowing players to obliterate enemies easily. King is yet another SSR unit with an attack of 16, a resistance of 6, and an HP of 1165.


As for the skills, he will have a total of 10 skills: 

  • Flame (Passive): Whenever the weapon is fully charged, it will cause enemies to set themselves on fire for 8 seconds and unleash 58% base attack as damage. 
  • Basic Attack: 5 attacks unleashed, dealing 57.1% + 3, 49.1% + 3, 106.8% + 6, 109.5%+6, and 104.2%+5 of base attack to enemies. 
  • Rising Scythe (Jumping and Attacking): While jumping, attack enemies five times, dealing 63.4%+3, 68.8%+4, 190.5%+10, 213.6%+11, and 173.9%+9 base attack. 
  • Asunder (Jumping and Holding Attack Button): Next up, players in Tower of Fantasy will deal 12.5% of base attack plus one bonus damage while also unleashing 71.9%+4 base attack while plunging back down. 
  • Returning Chainblade (Attacking + Holding Attack Button): Moving on, after the fourth basic has been unleashed, players can hold the attack button to unleash a chain blade, inflicting 137.4%+7 damage. 
  • Sneak Attack(Crouch and Attacking): Be stealthy and launch out basic attacks, dealing 570%+30 of base attacks to foes. 
  • Returning Chainblade (Perfect Dodging+Attacking): Click on the basic attack button whenever there is a perfect dodge to deal with a 126.9%+7 attack. 
  • The domain of The Bat (Dodging and Attacking): Call forth a bat that will pull enemies in and deal 114.3%+6 damage to enemies. 
  • Mortal Coil (Skill): Swinge, your Scythe around, inflicting 499.9%+26 of base damage, and then enter a 45 cooldown period. 
  • Flaming Scythe (Discharge): Anytime Phantasia is called forth, it will negate all debuffs from the player and call forth a Flame Scythe, unleashing 398.3%+21 damage to foes, which will end after 10 seconds. 


Below listed are the advancements that King as a DPS will hone: 

  • First Advancement: Enhance up shatter by 15%, then inflict burning damage to enemies based on a 120% base attack for 15 seconds. 
  • Second Advancement: Enhance HP by 16%
  • Third Advancement: ENhance damage output by 10% for any enemy present in a 6-meter radius. 
  • Fourth Advancement: Increase the weapon’s base attack by 32%. 
  • Fifth Advancement: Increase the damage output against enemies that are shielded by 100%. 
  • Sixth Advancement: Enhances damage output by 10% for any enemy killed for 30 seconds. 

King’s Awakening Traits 

There are yet again two awakening traits for King: 

  • 1200 Awakening (Coldblooded Swipe): For every seven foes being defeated by King, will regenerate 8% of King’s base HP. 
  • 4000 Awakening (Fear Reaper): King will gain back 10% of his base HP for every five enemies he obliterates.

Nemesis (Venus)

Tower of Fantasy Nemesis

Moving on, Nemesis falls in as a support unit since her weapon will support the player during combat. The element that Nemesis will hone will be Volt, and the weapon type will be that of an EM Blaster.


She is also an SSR that can be obtained from the gacha system that the game has to offer. While we are on the topic of weapons, why not check out our Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List?


As for the skills, Nemesis will hone a total of 11 skills; they are mentioned here: 

  • Volt Resonance (Passive): The volt attack will be increased by 15%, while the resistance will be increased by 25%> 
  • Volt (Passive): Anytime the Venus has been fully upcharge, it will unleash a paralysis debuff upon opponents for one second while also electrifying the foes for a total of 6 seconds. 
  • Basic attack: A combo of 5 attacks, each unleashing 50.8%+3, 36.3%+2, 98.3%+5, 67.3%+4, and 148.3%+8 damage the enemies. 
  • Aerial Discharge (Jumping and Attacking): While jumping in the air, unleash basic tracks 5 times, dealing 62.5%+3, 62.5%+3, 120%+6, 71.2%+4, 126%+7 base damage as an attack to foes. 
  • Forward Pursuit (Attacking + Holding Attack Button): After dealing damage with the second basic attack, holding it will unleash a laser missile, inflicting 107.5%+6 damage. 
  • Dual Focus (Holding Attack Button): Clicking down on the basic attack will launch out an electrified ball that will cause an explosion upon reaching enemies, dealing 118.4%+6 damage. 
  • Twin Spinning Focus (Perfect Attack + Basic Attack): Click on the basic attack while perfectly attacking to unleash a magnetic field, and then deal 171.6%+9 damage from a charged orb. 
  • Parallel Beams (Perfect Dodging + Basic Attacking): Launch out a few parallel beams made from energy, unleashing 171.6%+9 base damage, and dodging the attacks will heal players of 67.7% base attack as HP. 
  • Pulse Lock (Skill): Launch a guided missile that will explode upon reaching foes, deal 233.2%+12 damage, and have a cooldown of 25 seconds. 
  • Particle Beam Burst (Discharge Skill): Whenever players trigger Phantasia, all debuffs are removed, while Venus also shoots out a ray shaped like a cross, slowing down enemies by 70% for 5 seconds. 


There are 6 advancements that Nemesis as a support unit will have: 

  • First: Using pulse lock will summon forth one Electrode that will grant a healing chain and heal based on 135% of the base attack.
  • Second: Increase weapon damage output by 16%. 
  • Third: Every 6 seconds, the Electrode will launch a ring imbued with lightning, dealing 205% base damage. 
  • Fourth: Enhances weapon’s base damage by 32%. 
  • Fifth: Unleashing Pulse Lock will enhance the Nemesis main’s attack by 6.5+ the number of electrodes presents multiplied by 6.5% for a total of 25 seconds. 
  • Sixth: 2 Electrodes can be on the field at any given time. 

Nemesis’ Awakening Traits 

The awakening traits of Nemesis are as follows: 

  • Metamorphosis (1200 Awakening): Upon launching an electrode, the volt damage will be based on 60% of the base attack based on a 30-meter radius of the player. 
  • Sublimation (4000 Awakening): Launching an electrode will inflict volt damage based on 100% of the base attack. 

Shiro (Chakram of The Sea)

Tower of Fantasy Shiro

Next up, Shiro is a DPS in Tower Fantasy who can fill the role of being a DPS and be there to obliterate enemies and help players win any kind of fight. She will have the element called “Greivous” and a Chakram as her main weapon.


With her being an SSR, players can get her by gacha. You might find our Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List helpful!


Shiro will have lesser skills, with them only being 9: 

  • Grievous (Passive): Weapons being fully charged will unleash damage based on 137% of the player’s base attack, inflicting enemies with “Grievous” for a total of 7 seconds. 
  • Rapid Throw (Basic Attacks): 5 Basic attacks, each unleashing 30.7%+2, 23.8%+1, 34%, 30.7%+2, and 53.8%+3 base attacks. 
  • Aerial Discharge (Jumping and Attacking): While being airborne, deal three strikes, each dealing 26.2%+1, 29.2%+2, and 37.2%+2 of base attack. 
  • Scatter (Attack and Holding Attack): After unleashing the second attack, holding down on the basic button will allow for five attacks, inflicting 43.5%+2 base damage. 
  • Air Spin (Jumping and Holding Attack): Launch out a total of 191.5%+10 base attacks on enemies while unleashing this attack towards foes. 
  • Sneak Attack (Crouch + Attacking): Hide behind the enemy, and unleash a total of 427.5%+23 attacks as damage to foes, making them all the more vulnerable. 
  • Waning Moon (Dodging + Attacking): Launch a spinning chakram towards the opponent that will unleash a 132.9%+7 attack and stun them for 0.5 seconds. 
  • Full Bloom(Skill): Launch a chakram domain for a total of 8 seconds which will pull opponents in and reduce their movement speed by 30% for a total of 8 seconds, and then unleash five chakrams, each inflicting 24.2%+1 attack. 
  • Spirit of The Air (Discharge): Upon triggering Phantasia, the chakram of the sea gets released, stunning the enemy for one second and dealing an attack for 10 seconds.  


Six advancements, all mentioned below: 

  • First: Enhances the damage output and shattering effects by 30% based on the Full Bloom’s radius. 
  • Second: Enhance the weapon’s base damage by 16%. 
  • Third: Increase the shatter by 15% while negating the cooldown timer for all skills once. 
  • Fourth: Enhance the damage output of the weapon by 32%. 
  • Fifth: Any enemy that is already grievous and gets attacked again will remain grievous for a further 7 seconds. 
  • Sixth: After unleashing Full bloom, players will gain a 100% crit rate for 8 seconds. 

Shiro’s Awakening Traits 

Let’s finish this off by discussing her awakening traits: 

  • Security Alert: Anytime Shiro uses a weapon skill, her attack will be enhanced by 10%, and her physical attack will be increased by 7% for a total of 8 seconds. 
  • Red Alarm: Her weapon skill damage is enhanced by 16%, while her physical is enhanced by 10% for 8 seconds. 

Huma (Molten Shield V2)

Tower of Fantasy Huma

Last but not least, we have the Huma who rolls with the Molten Shield V2, which is a defending weapon. The Molted Shield is a good pick for players who are focusing on a sturdier weapon in Tower of Fantasy.



The skills are listed below: 

  • Flame: Sets the opponents on fire for 8 seconds while dealing 58% base damage. 
  • Normal attacks: deals 4 attacks two times, the damage ranging from 77.7%, 56.9%, 62.8%, 184%, 135.2%, 79.4%, 119.9% and 221.3%. 
  • Aerial Strike: Be airborne while unleashing three attacks twice. 
  • Anticipation: The attack includes pressing down on the attack button, dealing with 167.3%+9 attacks while in shield form. 
  • Valor: While being air, holding down on attack will deal 12.5%+1 while in shield mode and dealing 12.5% base attack while in axe form. 
  • Erupt: Cast out a shield, unleashing damage based on 55.8% of base damage and triggering an explosion that will unleash the same amount of damage. 
  • Fission and Seething Rage are both skills, with the Seething Rage being a discharge skill. 


Lastly, let’s discuss the advancements that come with Huma’s weapon

  • First: Huma will acquire a Strong Shield, granting damage negation by 10% for a total of 15 seconds. 
  • Second: Enhance the weapon HP by 16%. 
  • Third, while protected by the shield, anytime a player unleashes a dodge attack, they will deal increased damage based on 4% of the player’s HP. 
  • Fourth: ENhance the base attack of the weapon by 32%. 
  • Fifth: The player gains 30% damage negation, which gets reduced by 10% after 3 seconds pass. 
  • Sixth: Damage output by the player will be enhanced by 60%, and the Axe Enhancement will no longer have the same cooldown as the Shield Enhancement. 

Photo Credits: ONGame on Youtube

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