Tower Of Fantasy Bosses: Location, Strategy & Drops

The best Tower of Fantasy Bosses guide you will come across on the internet! We have covered every single details about the mighty beasts of Aida.

Tower of Fantasy is leading the race among the newly released anime-inspired MMORPG. The game is set in an interstellar civilization on a planet called Aida. The world features tons of characters, locations, missions, and enemies. Tower of Fantasy has surely got us hooked on it by the constant challenges of various enemies in the game. For that reason, we have compiled a detailed guide on All Tower of Fantasy Bosses. 

Tower of Fantasy Bosses will drop you some valuable items as well as EXP. Therefore, we have written down this detailed guide about the locations, drops, and strategy for each Tower of Fantasy Boss.

With our guide, life in Aida will become a lot easier. You’d know when and how to challenge a boss. 

As of right now, there are 6 Bosses in Tower of Fantasy. Over time, the ‘Perfect World’ could add a few more, but for now, we’ll focus on the ones that are already in the game. 

Tower Of Fantasy Bosses Overview

tower of fantasy bosses
Bosses Overview

The bosses in Tower of Fantasy are mean, unforgiving, and beautifully designed. Even during the fights, we couldn’t stop appreciating the amount of detail that was put in by the developers. 

Luckily, we will provide all the relevant information you need to beat them. For now, let’s learn a bit more about the Tower of Fantasy bosses. We previously mentioned that the Tower of Fantasy features six bosses. Here are the names of these mighty beasts that you will face in Aida. 

All Bosses in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Robarg
  2. Apophis
  3. Frost Bot
  4. Sobek
  5. Lucia
  6. Barbarossa

As of now, the first five bosses will be available from the get-go. Once you’re free to explore the world, you can choose to face any of them. However, Barbarossa appears later on after you progress the story. 

The bosses in Tower of Fantasy have unique abilities, specific weaknesses, and strengths. Therefore, each of them will require a distinctive strategy for you to beat them. The bosses are marked on the map, and their locations will be revealed as you continue activating towers across Aida. 

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They are marked with golden icons; you can learn about them by hovering over this icon. The game will also reveal all the potential rare drops you can get by defeating them. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of every single boss in Tower of Fantasy.

Bosses Guide In Tower of Fantasy

In this section, we will provide you with the best guide on all bosses in Tower of Fantasy. When you’re done reading, you’ll be more than ready to hop on the game and slay these big mechanical beasts. We already mentioned that all these bosses could be spotted on the map. They are represented by golden icons, although the final boss (Barbarossa) will only appear when you enter the final stages of the story. 

The bosses will also respawn in Tower of Fantasy, which is a great thing since you can then farm for rare items. You can read about the respawning bosses in the final section. For now, let’s go through the locations, strategies, and drops of each boss in Tower of Fantasy. 

Without any further delays, let’s dive right into these bosses difficulty-wise.


robarg tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Robarg 

The first boss in Tower of Fantasy that you will stumble upon is ‘Robarg‘. The boss is designed as a huge malicious flower, but it is one of the easiest bosses that you will face in Tower of Fantasy. Robarg is a level 22 boss, so before you decide to fight her, make sure your character is at least level 21. 

Here is what Tower of Fantasy has to say about her, “Robarg is the most powerful artificial life of Astra, and she slumbers deep in the Tomb of Thorns. She was the proud handiwork of a biologist, whom she’s waiting for since being abandoned. The constant long wait in the radioactive environment has caused abnormal changes to Robarg. And now she has completely lost her gentleness and turned into a dangerous ill-tempered plant.”


tower of fantasy robarg location
Location of Robarg on the Map

Robarg is fairly easy to get to. As she is the first boss in Tower of Fantasy, you’d get to face her early in the game. However, it’s up to you when you want to initiate the battle with her. As we mentioned earlier, the best time to challenge her is when your character is level 21 or above. 

She can be found in the southern part of the Astra region, called the ‘Southern Ring Ranges’. Once you unlock the tower, you can spot her on the map as a golden icon with a plant on it. Once you reach her, the battle will commence, which may take a few tries if you’re not prepared properly. This brings us to the strategy to beat Robarg boss in Tower of Fantasy.

Moveset & Strategy

The Plant-shaped boss has a lot of different moves that you need to be aware of before heading into the fight. On top of that, it’s essential that you have a good bow because ranged damage will be key in your battle against Robarg in Tower of Fantasy. 

One thing that you need to keep an eye on is the shield Robarg uses. During it, the damage dealt to Robarg will be reduced. Apart from that, Robarg is quite bulky against Volt damage, so make sure you’re not using any weapon with Volt buffs in them. 

Robarg can use the Wasp Summoning move from time to time, and this is one of the most annoying attacks she has in her arsenal. The wasps will chase you around and deal damage. So be sure to take down the wasps quickly. Another move she uses is the Gas Bomb, during which Robarg will release gas on a specific AoE, which is marked by a red zone. Be wary of these zones and quickly move out of them to avoid damage. 

Another common attack that you’ll face is the Robarg’s Leaf Swipe. The Leaf Swipe is a melee attack; therefore, if you keep your distance, the swipe will not cause you any trouble.

So the strategy for her is quite straightforward. You need to keep a safe distance from Robarg and use as many ranged attacks as you can, but keep an eye out for the wasps and gas attacks. You can easily deal with her by following these steps with your team, and if you’re cheeky enough, you can land some melee attacks every now and then. 


Once you’ve defeated a boss, you’ll get a ton of loot, which is one of the sole purposes of defeating bosses in the game. The biggest upside is that you can pull an SSR weapon!

So here are all the possible drops that you can get from Robarg in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Low drop rate)
  • KING SSR Matrix (Low drop rate)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Missile Barrage Shard
  • Robarg Matrix
  • Random R Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III

Now, onto the next boss!


apophis tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Apophis

Once you’re dealt with Robarg, the next boss on your hitlist in Tower of Fantasy will be Apophis. This fast-paced beast is inspired by a Panther and has huge claws that can reach distant enemies with ease. Apophis is level 30, exactly eight levels above Robarg. Therefore, don’t be too overconfident and run straight to Apophis after Robarg; make sure to accumulate some levels first. 

Tower of Fantasy has revealed some interesting details about the agile monster, “In the North Summits of Banges Industries dwells a composite creature created by the Heirs of Aida called Apophis. It’s in charge of guarding the Heirs’ base in the high mountains. The design of Apophis links the agility of a panther with the artificial intelligence of composite creatures.”


tower of fantasy apophis location
Location of Apophis on the Map

Apophis can be located in the Banges Industrial Zone, just north of the Astra Shelter. The panther beast is on top of a hill next to a huge decayed carcass of another beast. To be more precise, the location of Apophis is right between the Black Market and Banges Factories. 

The icon will be visible right in the middle of the Banges Industrial Zone area. Apophis gold icon is quite easy to recognize, and once you hover over it, the game will show up Apophis’ name. From there, just put a mark on it and start your journey.

Moveset & Strategy

First and foremost, we like to point out that Apophis is a Grevious-type monster. This means if you are using Grevious weapons such as the Chakram of the Seas or Nightingale’s Feather, you will not do a lot of damage to the four-legged beast. With that out of the way, let’s now focus on some of the attacks Apophis commonly uses on the battlefield.

Apophis will frequently launch Fireballs by raising its paws in the air. The fireball attack lasts for a few seconds, and they will focus on a specific AoE, so make sure you’re out of that zone. One of the most devastating attacks by Apophis has to be its Rock Throw, the attack will focus on one specific player, and if not dodged timely, it can surely knock you out in one hit. 

Since Apophis is a panther, the Swipe Attacks are deadly and come in many variations. First and foremost, Apophis can randomly perform a melee attack around its body which can affect players within 180 degrees. So be wary of your positioning.

Apart from that, Apophis also performs a Swipe attack where he charges up for a few seconds. During the charge-up, a ring will appear around Apophis, and he will unleash a 360-degree swipe attack. 

Once you’re aware of all the attacks Apophis has in his locker, you’ll be good to go. Apophis has plenty of charge-up attacks, which to some extent, is a great thing for players. The AoE will be obvious in the game, and you just need to be on your toes to react in time. As long as you do that, you will remain alive in the battle. 

You can quite smoothly use ranged and melee attacks on Apophis; just do not use any Grevious weapons. Other weapons will do moderate damage and will be good enough. The key to the whole battle will be your reaction time since Apophis is a lot quicker than Robarg.


Once you’ve defeated Apophis, alone or with a team, you will receive a lot of valuable loot. It’s always exciting to have the possibility of getting a random SSR Weapon. 

Here are all the possible rewards for defeating Apophis in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Low drop rate)
  • Tsubasa SSR Matrix (Low drop rate)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Couant Shard
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Apophis Matrix
  • Matrix Datapack III
  • Weapon Battery III

Frost Bot

frost bot tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Frost Bot

Frost Bot is another boss that you will fight in Tower of Fantasy. The name makes it quite clear where the strength of this boss lies. Frost Bot is level 35; therefore, you can face him after accumulating a few more levels once you defeat Apophis. The Frost Bot is comparatively easy to beat since it has a key weakness, which we will discuss in the Strategy section. 

The Tower of Fantasy has revealed some interesting facts about the Frost Bot, “The programming of Frost Bot was sabotaged, which has now led the beast to brutally eliminate anything with even a hint of life around it. Nothing is a match for its huge, tenacious mechanical pincers. The red metallic carapace and the sharp, robust tail grant it virtually impenetrable defenses.”


tower of fantasy frost bot location
Location of Frost Bot on the Map

Frost Bot is found around Navia Bay, which is situated on the north side of the map. As per reports, the location of Frost Bot can vary across the coastline. Therefore, you may not find him at the same spot. However, the golden icon on the map will make things a lot easier for you. 

The boss spawns on a small mechanical platform in the middle of the shallow sea near to the beaches. Since he’s located between a few cliffs, you will most likely need to glide down. Once you get close to Frost Bot, you can use your jetpack to get to him.

Moveset & Strategy

First things first, Frost Bot is a frost-type boss who obviously means that there is no point in using any Freeze Weapons on him. So, if by any chance you’re using Frosted Spear, Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, or Absolute Zero, we highly advise you to switch your weapons.

Being a frost-type boss, fire-based weapons will work wonders against the Frost Bot in the Tower of Fantasy. So instead of the earlier mentioned weapons, try using Negating Cube, Fire Composite Bow, Scythe of the Crow, or any other weapon with fire abilities. Equipping a fire weapon will tip the battle in your favor!

Once you’ve loaded up your relevant weapon, it’s time to get familiar with Frost Bot’s moveset in Tower of Fantasy. Frost Bot commonly uses a move called Big Freeze, which causes a blast in a specified zone. The zone will be marked by a red color, and anyone that gets hit by it will get frozen for a few seconds. 

The boss performs another move called the Bubble Trouble. During this move, bubble bullets will target and follow the player, which will need to be dodged in time. Frost Bot will also swing its claws like a maniac across the battlefield, which requires utmost attention since the attack can surely end the battle. 

If you have a fire-type melee weapon and a Fire Composite bow, then you can easily manage Frost Bot. You need to be on your toes because the red-colored beast can quickly move around the battlefield while unleashing deadly attacks. Whenever you have a chance during the cooldown, strike Frost Bot with a string of melee attacks.

The battle can get prolonged, but if you stay patient and carefully pick your moves, you can even beat Frost Bot on the first try. Although for that, you need to be around level 35. 


Once you’ve defeated the icy beast, you can get eight possible rewards. Just like the previous bosses, you get another chance to pull an SSR Weapon and Matrix.

Here are all the possible loot drops that you can get for defeating Frost Bot:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Low drop rate)
  • Huma SSR Matrix (Low drop rate)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Hovercannon Shard
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Frost Bot Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III


sobek tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Sobek

Ever wondered what a crocodile would look like if it had a gun attached to its back? Well, just head on over to where Sobek is to find out. The croc-inspired boss in Tower of Fantasy is ranked at level 40. So be prepared before heading into this battle. His deadly moves can make quick work of you if you’re not careful. 

Found in a swamp, here is what Tower of Fantasy has to say about Sobek, “Sobek is a beast with over half of its body cyberized. These modifications have allowed Sobek’s lifespan to extend and boosted his combat ability. Sobek can burrow and ambush targets with volleys of destructive rounds from the metal turret on its back.”


tower of fantasy sobek location
Location of Sobek on the Map

If you’re daring enough to enter the deadly territory of Sobek, then read on. The killing croc-machine can be found on the East side of Astra Shelter. In a place called Crown Mines, you can find Sobek in the Fiendish Swamp beneath Goldrush Mountain. Once you conquer the Astra tower in Crown Mines, you’ll be able to spot Sobek’s icon.

The golden icon will represent a side profile of a crocodile. The battlefield is an actual swamp, which is located between two hills. Once you enter the area, you can start a battle with the ferocious beast.

Moveset & Strategy

Sobek is a bulky enemy, which means that it requires a huge amount of damage to put down. Therefore, this battle may take a while to complete, and Sobek’s devastating attacks can kill you in an instant. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before heading into the battle. 

Bosses in Tower of Fantasy are usually well fortified against some specific types of attacks. Since Sobek is a volt-type enemy, it will not take significant damage against Volt weapons. From time to time, Sobek will put its shield up (called the Volt Shield), which almost nullifies damage from Volt Weapons. So make sure you’re not using EM Blade, Dual EM Stars, Staff of Scars, Thunderblades, etc.

One of the two major Sobek attacks to look out for are; Underground Air Strike and Burrow Attack. In the Underground Air Strike attack, Sobek will dive underwater and fire missiles from beneath the ground. During this time, you can’t deal any damage to Sobek. So your best shot would be to run around and save your life. 

As for the Burrow Attack, Sobek will yet again dive underwater, target a player, and attack the character from down below. The attack is extremely difficult to dodge, as it requires precise timing.

Some other attacks to be wary of while facing Sobek are Head Charge (Sobek will charge its head and chase players around the battlefield in stampede style) and Thundering Claw Strike (Sobek will charge its claws up in the air and bring it crashing down.)

The most common move you will come across has to be the basic attack Sobek does use its cannon on the back. Luckily, this attack is easy to dodge.

Sobek puts up a long-lasting fight and is not easy to beat. Some of his attacks are fatal, and if your health is low, you could perish from the majority of them. Make sure to be on the run at all times since Sobek’s cannon gives him a lot of ranged attacks to choose from. 

The best bet against Sobek is melee attacks but make sure you’re not using any Volt weapons. The croc has thick armor and takes in a lot of damage to get defeated. It’s advised to take on the battle with a team. You can not rush the battle against Sobek. Therefore, keep your distance and pick the right moments to charge in and deal some melee damage.


A tiring fight against Sobek is well worth your time as you will get some amazing loot. You can farm some rare items by defeating the swamp-based boss.

Here are all the drops you can get your hands on after putting Sobek down in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Low drop rate)
  • Crow SSR Matrix (Low drop rate)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Cybernetic Arm Shard
  • Sobek Matrix
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III


lucia tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Lucia

Lucia is the last open-world boss that you can encounter in Tower of Fantasy. Similar to Sobek, Lady Lucia is found in the Crown Mines as well. She can command a pack of robots and is also level 40, just like Sobek. You can face her right after beating Sobek or vice versa. 

As for the background of Lady Lucia, here is what we know, “Lady Lucia, the leader of the Hyenas and celebrated Queen of the World. She chose Rose Garden as her castle. Lady Lucia values beauty above all else. She believes she possesses a sublime figure, fairest complexion, and most alluring looks. She commands the Hyenas and carries a whip, which she considers the most graceful and suitable weapon.”


tower of fantasy lucia location
Location of Lucia on the Map

Just like Sobek, Lucia is also located at the Crown Mines. Once you unlock the tower of Crown Mines, you’ll get to see her icon on your map right in the southern part of the region. As we mentioned earlier, she resides at the Rose Garden. 

Therefore, it will be easy for you to spot her on the map. You’ll be able to find her in the middle of a bandit town, which is located next to a crashed ship. The town will have a large sign that reads “Recycle” on the entry and is situated in what might be considered a desert-like area due to the terrain.

Moveset & Strategy

Lucia is a comparatively easier boss to take down in Tower of Fantasy. Even though she’s Level 40, players who are of about level 25-35 can put her down with the right tactics. The bandit town offers a lot of covers to move around, and if you face Lady Lucia alongside a team, then this battle would be over in a flash.

Despite being one of the easiest bosses, you still should know what she has up her sleeves. Lucia will make use of her whip in a couple of attacks. One of her attacks, known as ‘Crack that Whip‘, will see her hold her whip up in the air and slam it down to the ground causing a shockwave. Any player within the vicinity of the shockwave will get damaged. 

Whip Spin‘ is another whip attack Lucia does to cause damage to the players. During the Whip Spin, Lucia will spin her whip around herself at a short range; any player, regardless of the direction, will get hit by this attack. But since it has a short range, it is easily avoidable.

Lucia will also have her minions scattered across the battlefield. They may not cause a lot of damage, but they will surely cause problems for you if things get too overwhelming. Even if you put them down, they will keep respawning as long as Lucia is alive, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. 

So, the key to the battle against Lucia is pretty simple. Even if you go all-out guns blazing with no strategy, you still might be able to beat her. That is, if your level is not too low. Lucia is easy to defeat since she doesn’t have a lot of health. If you’re in a team, the battle will be over within minutes. 

If you’re going solo to beat Lucia, just be wary of her attacks from time to time. Keep a safe distance and strike when the opportunity arises. Melee damage is the best shot at putting her down, and you can also use ranged attacks. However, special effect melee attacks are overpowered against Lady Lucia.


Lucia is by far one of the easiest bosses to farm. So keep a note of the dropped loot she offers because you might come back to defeat her a few more times.

Here are all the items you can acquire after beating Lucia in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Random SSR Weapon (Low drop rate)
  • Shiro SSR Matrix (Low drop rate)
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Quantum Cloak shard
  • Lucia Matrix
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III


barbarossa tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Boss: Barbarossa

The Two-headed dog will surely be your worst nightmare in Tower of Fantasy. The Barbarossa is by far the toughest boss in Tower of Fantasy right now. It comfortably sits at level 50 and is found at the dangerous ends of Aida. Make sure you’re fully prepared to face the barbaric monster with no morals whatsoever. 

Barbarossa’s description has to be one of the darkest in Tower of Fantasy, “Allegedly, Barbarossa is the gatekeeper of the fort at Dawn Frontier. It sleeps during the day and roams the caves nearby at night, searching for prey suiting its preference. Humans are its priority target, playing with them until it gets tired of the game before dragging them back to the lair for an enjoyable meal.”


tower of fantasy barbarossa location
Location of Barbarossa on the Map

Barbarossa will appear further down the main storyline. You won’t be able to access him too easily in the open world. This is because the area it resides in is outright deadly. Barbarossa is located in the radiation area, which means if you haven’t reached an appropriate level, you will take damage once you enter the region.

Barbarossa can be found in the NorthEast part of Warren Snowfield. The two-headed dog is situated on an island. You won’t be able to find it if you haven’t unlocked the entire map. So here are the exact coordinates: 1078, -1060.

Moveset & Strategy

Barbarossa is the hardest boss in Tower of Fantasy. Other than the battle, the trip toward the battlefield itself is quite tough. If you haven’t unlocked the specific suppressor to stay safe against the radiation in Warren Snowfield, you will have to make use of your healing items.

This is because radiation exposure will deplete your health. Once you do reach Barbarossa, the radiation damage will stop, but now you’ll be face to face with the mightiest beast in Aida. 

We recommend you face Barbarossa with a team. A solo battle against the rabid dog will be too tough to deal with. Now, let’s focus on some of the major attacks Barbarossa used on the battlefield. The most common attack Barbarossa performs is the Roar. The two-headed dog will let out a scream which will deal damage to players who are standing in front of it. 

Right after the Roar, Barbarossa usually unleashes its Claw Swipe attack. During which he crazily swipes its claws in a 360-degree motion, dealing damage to all players around it. Keep a safe distance from Barbarossa while he’s swiping his claws.

Midway through the battle, Barbarossa will activate a Shield around its body which also requires adequate damage to take down. At another point during the battle, Barbarossa will be knocked down. At this phase, it will summon minion dogs which will target the players. Deal with them quickly because Barbarossa will be regenerating its health. 

The Barbarossa battle is very lengthy; therefore, make sure you have loads of heals and a good team beside you. Make sure you dodge Barbarossa’s attacks in time because they can cause massive damage. Time your attacks and stay focused! The minion phase can put all of your hard work to bed; make sure to slay them swiftly so that Barbarossa doesn’t get to heal much.


The toughest beast yields the best loot in Tower of Fantasy. After you slay the mighty and mean dog, you’ll get your hands on a guaranteed SSR Weapon!

Here are all the possible rewards that you can get after beating Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Barbarossa Matrix
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III

How Long Does It Take For Bosses To Respawn In Tower Of Fantasy?

The plus side of all the bosses in Tower of Fantasy is that they all respawn after some time. This means you can farm them for loot and EXP. For example, Lucia is one of the best bosses to farm. Even though the SSR Weapon drop rate is low, you would still have a good chance of getting a good pull if you keep beating her. 

As of right now, there’s no specific time for boss respawns. But we have seen many players defeat the same boss multiple times in a single day. Luckily for you, we have worked out how you can respawn a boss and farm it in the Tower of Fantasy. 

The key element of the method is to keep an eye on the World chat. The World chat in the Tower of Fantasy can be accessed by the tiny ‘chatbox’ icon at the bottom left side of the screen. Click this and choose the ‘World’ tab. Here you can communicate with other players and look for any gamers that need help taking down a boss.

In case the boss spawns in your world. You can notify other players on the chat, who’ll then join your channel and play with you. But if, by any chance, the boss hasn’t respawned in your world, you can join another player’s channel whom you interacted with on the world chat. 

The Channel is mentioned below the ‘Camera‘ option in Tower of Fantasy. You can click the ‘Channel icon’ and then type in the relevant channel number where the desired boss has respawned. Once your channel gets switched, reach the specific location of the boss and defeat it again. 

You can freely repeat this process to get endless rare loot in the Tower of Fantasy by farming bosses.


So, that was our intricate guide about all bosses in Tower of Fantasy. We’ve covered all the key points regarding Robarg, Apophis, Frost Bot, Sobek, Lucia, and Barbarossa. You can now prepare for each fight and join a team or a crew before you hit the battlefield. 

We hope you found our guide informative regarding the Tower of Fantasy bosses. Stay tuned to us to learn tons of stuff about Tower of Fantasy. Our guides will surely make your playthrough a lot better!

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