Tower Of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm: How To Unlock

In our guide on Bygone Phantasm in Tower Of Fantasy, you will learn how to unlock the mode, its stages, and the best team comps for it.

Tower Of Fantasy is one of the latest releases of 2022 that has gained massive popularity since its release. The popular RPG game offers various activities to keep you engaged. With its several game modes, you’ll always have something new to experience. One of the most popular game modes in Tower Of Fantasy is called the Bygone Phantasm. 

Besides the game modes that Tower Of Fantasy has to offer, you will also get to choose between a plethora of characters in the Tower Of Fantasy. In order to see the skills and abilities and the rankings of the characters, consult our Tower Of Fantasy Tier List.

If you are just starting out, make sure to check our Beginners Guide For Tower Of Fantasy. We have also curated a guide that has some Tips And Tricks For The Tower Of Fantasy so that you can master the game from the get-go. 

In case you are wondering about the Pity System In Tower Of Fantasy, do check our guide  We have also curated a Tower Of Fantasy Weapons Tier List to help you equip some of the best weapons in the game  Also, if you are wondering about who voiced your favorite character, then check out the Voice Actors And Tower Of Fantasy. 

We have also curated a guide on how to get the Dark Crystal In the Tower Of Fantas . Our guide today will discuss one of the most popular game modes in Tower Of Fantasy called the Bygone Phantasm and how to unlock i . But before you go any further, do check out our guide on some of the Best Weapons In the Tower Of Fantasy. 

All Game Modes In Tower Of Fantasy 

Like any other RPG, Tower Of Fantasy has many game modes  o keep its players engaged. All of these game modes are availa le on every server to play. However, the timings of each game mode might be different, and some game modes might be open only at specific times of the day. 

Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy
Different game modes in Tower Of Fantasy

The game modes of Tower Of Fantasy include Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Joint Ope ation, and Bygone Phantasm. We have also curated a guide on all the roles and attributes of Charact rs In the Tower Of Fantasy. Do check out our Review on Tower Of Fantasy as well. 

In today’s guide, we will be discussing all the Bygone Phantasm in Tower Of Fantasy and how to unlock it. You will also find some of the best team compositions for Bygone Phantasm in our guid  and the rewards it offers. In case you are facing the error of Wanderer Creation Limit Reached In Tower Of Fantasy, don’t worry, as we have stated all the possible solutions for this error in our guide. 

Bygone Phantasm Game Mode 

One of the most complex modes that the game has to offer is definitely the Bygone Phantasm ga  mode.  It has extensive combat experience, and the progression system is very challenging.

orange node of Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy
The epic game mode

If you are not enjoying the multiplayer game modes like Dimensional Trials and Joint Operations, you can try out Bygone Phantasm, as you can play the mo e solo. Do check out our comparison on Tower Of Fantasy vs. Genshin Impact to see which game is better for you to play. 

The reason why many people prefer Bygone Phantasm over multiplayer game modes is due to the fact that it has more challenging levels and better  ewards. On the other hand, multiplayer mods have daily and weekly tasks that don’t compensate much and require a lot of effort.  

Moreover, Bygone Phantasm is a floor-based combat mode, so the levels are more challenging and interesting as we go higher. We have also curated a guide on the top six Best Characters In the Tower Of Fantasy for both PvP and PvE mods. 

According to in-game information, Bygone Phantasm is a consciousness infiltration space that is invented by Hykros in Tower Of Fantasy. When you enter Bygone Phantasm, you can extract the consciousness of an Executor.

Doing so will allow you to enter the consciousness of your evil enemies. The enemies in lude the terrifying Ravagers and evil Hyenas.  

Your goal is to lower and break their aggressive consciousness. Doing so requi es a lot of training beforehand and high-level weapons and gear. If you’re not  rained enough, you cannot survive the highly damaging attacks of Ravagers and Hyenas. 

How To Unlock The Bygone Phantasm Mode

In order to assess the Bygone Phantasm game mode, you need to head to the Challenge Tab in Tower Of Fantasy. Once you’ve op ned the Challenge Tab, there will be an Adventure Section in that menu. The Bygone Pha tasm Tower mode will be located after the Training Mode.

different game modes
Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy

Also, we have curated a guide on how to get the Jetpack In Tower Of Fantasy and how to use it. You can take o  the Bygone Phantasm challenge as many times as you want. But keep in mi d that you can only beat the mode if you have high-end gear and weapons.

In case you have the weapons that are shown in the weapon bonuses for Bygone Phantasm, you can switch to those weapons so that you can inflict increased damage on the enemies. Additionally,  ou will get a 30% or a 60% increase in damage from weapons depending upon the weapon you are maneuvering. 

Unlocking the mode is not that hard. You just need to reach level 26, and the Bygone Phantasm game mode will be unlocked automatically. You can then access it from the Adventu e Menu.

unlocking the Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy
Interacting with the orange node

Also, keep in mind to have good equipment before you join the mode as you will be facing some terrifying enemies here. Do check out all the other Main Launch  vents In Tower Of Fantasy as well. 

Once you have unlocked the Bygone Phantasm Mode, you will be directed to a screen that will show your current Grouping. It will include the lapsed players from that Trial Of Hykros.

Also, if there are any consistent players that appear in the Battlefield Of The Elite, they will also be present there. If the game is not working on your PC,  o check out our Tower Of Fantasy Crashing On PC Error Solved guide. 

choosing players
Entering The Bygone Phantasm mode

The top 10 ranked players of the Battlefield Of The Elite will progress further to the Battlefield Of Champions. However, it will happen only on Mondays at 5:10 EST. The Battlefield Of Champions is a place where the challenges are extremely hard, and the rewards are also great. Do check out some of the best SSR  Char cters In the Tower Of Fantasy and their rankings while you are at it. 

How To Clear The Bygone Phantasm Mode

Since Bygone Phantasm is a floor-based trial combat mode, clearing it will require a lot of your time and effort. However, it has many perks to it as wel  as the effectiveness of any weapon you use during the Bygone Phantasm mode will be increased by 1 or 3 stars.   

Furthermore, if you are using any Weapon Enhancements for your gear, they will also be increased. Have you tried all the Free Codes In To er Of Fantasy yet? If not, do check out our guide on it to  ee all the codes you can use to redeem amazing awards. 

Rooms And Enemies 

When you have unlocked the Bygone Phantasm Mode, you will first enter a room upon selecting it. The battle arena will have an orange no e right in the middle. You will need to activate it to start t e Bygone Phantasm mode.

battling in the Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy
Fighting enemies

After you have successfully activated the orange node, a group of lower-level enemies will spawn in front of you. Also, take a look at some of the Best Cl sses And Tower Of Fantasy, including Assassin, Archer, and more. 

Floor one has seven enemies, and all of them are on level 18. To clear all the enemies that spawn in  he first level, you will have two minutes and 30 seconds. After you have successfully completed t e level you will advance to the next one.

Make sure you have the best DPS Characters In the Tower Of Fantasy while playing the Bygone Phantasm game mode. 


There are 600 floors or levels available in the Bygone Phantasm game mode in Tower Of Fantasy. It is no doubt that it will take a lot  f time for you to go through all of these. However, you do not have to clear all t e stages in one go.

As you advance through the levels, the enemies will become harder and harder. Also, take a look at the Tower Of Fanta y Reroll Guide if you are not happy with the current characters you have. 

Generally, the difficulty of enemies will increase by one level, and you will also have to face unique and stronger enemy types as you move up the floors. However, to complete each floor you wil  require two minutes and 30 seconds, so the timeframe itself will not change.

This gets harder and harder as the more challenging enemies on the higher floors will require a lot of time for you to take down. We have also curated a guide on some of the Best Healers In the Tower Of Fantasy, as well as their Skills, Builds, and Weapons. 

Failing A Level Or Floor 

You might not be able to clear several floors on your first try. So it is important to have the best wea ons and armor in the Tower Of Fantasy as the enemies on the higher floors cannot be defeated using the starting weapons in the game.

exiting the Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower Of Fantasy
You can choose to exit or go to the next level.

In case you fail the tower by running out of time, or simply by dying, you can start the floor again and try as many times as you like. While you’re at it, do check out the ei ht Best Tower Of Fantasy Pvp Weapons as well. 

However, if you decide to return, You will be able to see your stats and performance in the Bygone Phantasm mode. You can see your rank, and you can also  laim the items and rewards the game mode offers depending upon the number of floors you managed to successfully clear. If you want to use Tsubasa in Tower Of  antasy, do check out our detailed character guide on her. 

Also, your recently cleared floor will be reset to any of the nearest multiples of 10, and it depends upon the performance and the rank you get by the end of the week. Also, check out some of the Best Builds In the Tower Of Fantasy with amazing weapons and attacks. 


For weapons, we recommend using higher DPS weapons as they will deal a good amount of damage to enemies. Furthermore, weapons with large AOE wil  also help you take down enemies in a shorter time span.

We have also curated a guide on how to unlock all eight Vehicles In the Tower Of Fantasy so you can enjoy exploring the world in a cool way. 

Team Compositions For Bygone Phantasm 

Since you will be playing solo in the Bygone Phantasm, you will have an opportunity to create your team. It is recommended to use DPS characters in your team as they can clear the stages and floors of Bygone Phantasm in no time.

Following are some of the best DPS teams in the Tower Of Fantasy for Bygone Phantasm game mode. Since most of these team compositions w ll be using nemesis as utility, do check out our Tower Of Fantasy Nemesis character guide to have a better idea of her skills, stats, and attacks. 

Samir Volt 

Following are the characters used in the Samir Volt DPS team. 

  • Samir (Main DPS) 
  • Nemesis (Utility) 
  • King (Shield Breaking) 

Tsubasa Tri Element 

The following characters can be used as a great DPS team for Bygone Phantasm. 

  • Tsubasa (Main DPS) 
  • Nemesis (Utility) 
  • King (Shield Breaking) 

Crow Volt 

Following is the team composition and characters for Crow Volt. 

  • Crow (Main DPS) 
  • Nemesis (Utility) 
  • King (Shield Breaking) 


With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Bygone Phantasm in Tower Of Fantasy. After reading our guide, you will be abl  to unlock the Bygone Phantasm, learn about its stages, and choose some of the best teams to play with in the game mode. 

After knowing how the game mode works, you will be able to enjoy your adventure more in the world of Tower Of Fantasy. Bygone Phantasm is one of the most fan- avorite game modes that holds a lot of rewards, and our guide will help you clear the mode in no time. If you have any queries, feel free to a k them in the comment section down below. 

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