Tower Of Fantasy: How To Change Appearance & Presets

Tower of Fantasy's Character Customization is on Another level. You can make whatever character you want, if you know how to.

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy lets players face the threat that’s endangering humanity and look great while doing it. There are tons of customization options that can turn your simple character into a battle-hardened badass. Here’s a guide on ‘How to Change Appearance in Tower of Fantasy‘. After reading this guide, we’re sure your character will have the best design in all of Aida.

Key Highlights

  • The Tower of Fantasy lets you customize your character. You can adjust your face and other body features to your suiting. You can also copy other people’s presets, making this an amazing feature overall.
  • You can start this process when you first enter the game. An introduction will appear, followed by the gender selection, which is important as it is a permanent choice once made.
  • You’ll continue naming the character, and after that, you will play the game with the default character. Most players are confused at this point but don’t worry. The character-defining stage will come later on.
  • After you complete 1 mission with the default character, you’ll wake up as a new character in another time, named Sherly.
  • Sherly takes you to complete an Astra Shelter quest, after which Sherly will take you to Celine, inside the ship Bethlehem. You’ll be redirected to the character creation screen as you talk to her.
  • You can create your character’s appearance from scratch or use a preset. Creating it from scratch will take a lot of time to do. Copying characters is really easy. You need the ID and paste it into the game.
  • Inside the Astra Shelter, you’ll be redirected to a platform where you will have 5 options of preset characters regardless of your gender. 
  • Once you choose from these, you’ll see the minute customization details appear on the screen, which you can set individually.
  • In the Default section, You’ll get to choose from 5 options
  • You can choose from 6 different outfits and 3 different accessories
  • A Shape section is present. Here, you can set the complexity of your character all the way from the darkest to the lightest. 
  • A whole section is divided for the Hairstyles in the game. You can set the hairstyle first, and afterward, you can change the color of the hair to your liking.
  • Most players get confused when they reach the facial features section, but don’t worry. It isn’t that complex. In this category, you’ll have 6 presets. You can further alter the Nose, Mouth, Eyes, and Markings on the face.
  • During later stages, if you want to change your character’s customization anytime, you can easily do so. To do this, you need to unlock your backpack and access its customization menu.
  • To change to a community made preset, go to the lobby, and you’ll see the option. We have compiled a list of the best presets made down below:
    • Hu Tao (Genshin Impact): ID 799
    • Raiden Mei (Honkai Impact 3rd): ID 1106452
    • 2B (Nier: Automata): ID 63865
    • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto): ID 145774
    • Raven (DC Comics): ID 1575127

What Is Character Appearance In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is the latest Gacha game on the market. Although it is a remarkable game, what hit it off is the astonishing character-building part of the game. The game lets you change the shape, size, and color of your character’s facial features. It also lets you mix and match different haircuts and outfits. In other words, the game lets you have your anime character.

This feature is so interested that we can’t deny the fact that we spent too much time playing with it. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t only let you create your custom character for free. It lets you copy different presets of other people or share your creation with the community. If you like a preset, you can vote for it on the Preset page.

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How To Change Appearance In Tower of Fantasy?

When you start the game Tower of Fantasy, you’ll come to what is the introduction and Gender Choice in the game. There, you need to choose your preferred gender for the character. Make sure you choose the one Gender that you want to use. Because once you choose the Gender of your character, you can’t change it unless you make a new character.

Changing appearance in Tower of Fantasy.
Changing character’s appearance.

Once you have decided the gender, the game will ask you to name the character. After naming it, you’ll get into the game and play as one of the Default Characters. Don’t worry; these aren’t the final characters you get like other Gacha games. Tower of Fantasy lets you change the appearance of your character. But this phase comes at later stages.

When you get into the game as the Default character, you’ll get into the tutorial game. You will have some missions you need to complete and get through the cutscenes and cinematics. After that, you will wake up in a new area in the game and will be introduced to a character named “Sherly”. Sherly will ask you to finish some of her quests, which will lead you to the ‘Astra Shelter’ quest.

In the Astra Shelter quest, Sherly will take you to a character Celine who is in the Shelter of the ship Bethlehem. As you talk to her, it will lead you to the Character Creation screen. This is the part where you get to customize your character in Tower of Fantasy.

A new beginning quest in game.
Astra Shelter’s quest ‘A new Beginning’.

Here, you are presented with a few options. You can either create your character’s appearance from scratch. It can take a lot of time, as you’ll be tweaking the eyes and nose of your character to your liking. If you have already created a character on another server, you can import the character ID. This way, you can load the appearance of your favorite character design.

Copying the Character ID is the same as the Crosshair ID sharing in Valorant. In Valorant, you can copy your crosshair ID and share it with friends or Import a good crosshair from Valorant communities. It saves you from the hassle of moving all the sliders to get that same crosshair in Valorant.

In Tower of Fantasy’s character appearance, you can change the appearance using the same feature. There are many community-shared character appearances that you can change your character into. It too will save countless hours spend on character customization. We saw some great presets; more on that in a while.

Customizing Character Appearance First Time

As you’ll head into Astra Shelter, Celine will ask you to stand on a platform. Once you stand there, a new UI will come that will let you customize your character. Character customization in Tower of Fantasy is extremely delicate. If you were asking how to change character appearance in Tower of Fantasy, here’s how you do it.

At first, you are presented with a total of 5 default presets, whether you have a male character or a female character. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find the option to customize the appearance, hair, and facial features of the character. Each of these then further customizes even minor details of their respective part. We’ll briefly explain each of these aspects.

Before you get further into the character appearance-changing sections of Tower of Fantasy, there are a few buttons that you should know of. On the right side of your character, you’ll see the Share, Lobby, Undo, Reset, and Random buttons.

The Share button lets you share your design with your friends by copying its ID. The lobby button takes you back to the lobby. Whereas the undo button will undo the last change that you did. If you think you messed up the character and want to start again, you can do that by pressing the reset button.

Customizing character appearance in Tower of Fantasy.
Different options and settings to customize Character appearance.

Lastly, the random button that you can press it, and the game will show you a combination of random presets for you to choose from. You can either use these for your character or take an idea from them. If you like one of the random presets, but it feels like something is missing, you can hop onto the settings and change it to however you like it.


As we’ve mentioned above, in the Default section, you’ll get to choose from 5 default presets. If you made any presets in the main menu of the game, they’d come up there. You’ll find them on the top in the Preset button.

Apart from that, you can go to the ‘Popular’ button and check out some of the popular presets prepared by players. Here, you’ll find your favorite characters’ presets. You can copy a preset form here and then press the Import button to use that preset.


The appearance section is further divided into three sections, Outfit, Accessory, and Shape of the character.


In the Outfit section, you can change from 6 different outfits. This section gives you the option to change the overall color of the dress or customize even that too.


Up next, we have the Accessory section. Although there are a total of 3 accessories available, we’re hopeful that the developers will add more in the near future. Two sliders let you change the position of the accessories. Here you can decide if you want them up or down or what size accessories you want for your character.


Then there is the Shape section. It lets you choose from a preset of skin colors. They go all the way from the lightest skin to the darkest, whatever suits your eyes. You customize the character’s head appearance. With that, sliders let you choose the neck size or the bust size of the characters. There are 3 height sizes that you can change according to your liking.


There is a whole section devoted to hairstyles in Tower of Fantasy’s Character appearance customization.

This section lets you choose from a preset of different hairstyles or lets you make your hairstyle. For that, check out the ‘Front, Middle, and Back’ settings on top. Once you’ve decided which hairstyle you want, you can change the hairstyle’s color. Tower of Fantasy lets you change the appearance of your hair by letting you choose the Top, Rear, and Back colors.

Facial Features

Facial features are where things get messy. There are countless variations that you can do to your character to completely change their appearance in Tower of Fantasy.


In the face category, you’ll be presented with six different face presents. If none of these suits you, you can change the face size, cheekbones, lower jaw, Chin, Lower cheeks, Lower lips, etc. This customization lets you change your character completely from what it was before. But that’s not all to Tower of Fantasy’s changing character appearance.


Then you have the Eyes customization section. This lets you change the eyebrow’s shape, eye shape, and even the eyeballs. If you want to try out the preset for eyes, then you can head over to the Balanced eyes section. There, you can check out the beautiful eyes created by the team of Tower of Fantasy. If anyone fulfills your requirements for the perfect eyes for your character, you can change its appearance as required.


Then in the nose section, you can increase or decrease the nose’s height. The sliders let you choose the nose’s width too. But that’s not all to nose’s appearance in Tower of Fantasy. It lets you change the front/back feature of the nose too. Lastly, you can play with the nose bridge and make sure it’s of the perfect size.


As for the mouth, you can do the same with it as the nose. You can increase or decrease its height and width. It lets you play with the curvature of the mouth and set it to your liking.


Last but not the least, we have the Markings. The game lets you choose from a selection of Markings. You can position these markings wherever you like for your character. It also lets you choose the color of the markings. Using this feature, the players can make their custom characters that we’ll get to see in the Preset settings.

Once you have confirmed the appearance, it will be your character’s appearance. From there, continue the quest as usual. That is how you will change your character’s appearance for the first time in Tower of Fantasy.

A new Beginning quest.
First-time Character built up.

Changing Character Appearing Later In Tower of Fantasy

If you made the best design for your character but later on want to change something about it, or you saw any other good character appearance. Then you might be wondering how to change character appearance at this point in Tower of Fantasy.

You can change the character’s appearance later on in the story too. For that, you’ll need to have your backpack unlocked. Once you get the backpack, you can head into the in-game menu by pressing the Esc key. Next, tap on the backpack to check out the inventory. On the bottom left side of the backpack, you’ll have a button called Outfits. Tap on it and the wardrobe will open up.

The outfits you check are yours, as you’ll unlock them when you progress through the story. Some outfits are locked, so you’ll either have to buy or complete certain tasks for them. These outfits are free to change. You can pick up whatever outfit you want.

If you are wondering how to change the appearance of the character again in Tower of Fantasy, then don’t worry. The ‘Outfits’ option lets you do that too. Click on the hair icon on the right side, and you can again customize your character. Here you can change your character’s appearance as you did when you first made it.

You can change Face features, hair, and physique however you like. But this time, changing the appearance will cost you 100 Dark Crystals. Not only that, you can use a coupon instead of the Dark Crystals. 

Changing To A Preset

If you want to use a preset that is an appearance created by the Tower of Fantasy community, click on the Lobby button. There you’ll be presented with different presets. They’ll be categorized as the Latest, Popularity Vote, My Presets, and My Favorite. Go to your required category and choose one of the presets.

Presets in Tower of Fantasy.
Some of the Best community-made Presets.

Once you have chosen the preset, click on it to copy its Preset ID. Then, go back and click on the import button. Using 100 dark crystals, you can use the Preset on your character.

Some Good Presets

As you’ll explore the presets from the community, you’ll come across some that make you wonder ‘you could do that?’. At least that was our reaction when we were checking these presets. So we’ve decided to show you some of the best presets that the Tower of Fantasy fan base came up with.

Hu Tao (Genshin Impact)

miHoYo’s powerful Pyro Polearm character is a fan favorite wherever she goes. Hu Tao’s recreation in Tower of Fantasy holds the top spot in the fan-made presets. The looks of Hu Tao translate quite well with Tower of Fantasy’s character builder. So we aren’t surprised that many players seem to choose her as their main protagonist.

If you want to make her your protagonist in the game, the Character ID is: 799

Raiden Mei (Honkai Impact 3rd)

miHoYo’s games are known for their superb character designs. That’s why wherever you go, you’ll find their characters’ shapes or designs made by the fans. This time, we have Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3rd. She is one of the protagonists of Honkai Impact 3rd, and players can get to make her their protagonists if they want.

Her character ID is: 1106452

2B (Nier: Automata)

The game isn’t filled with characters from miHoYo’s games. We have 2B from the game NieR: Automata. Different outfits from Tower of Fantasy let you change the appearance of the character to match that of 2B. It lets you make the mixed human and android look of the signature character. The detailed recreation allowed 2B to land a spot as one of the most popular presets of the game.

Character ID of 2B of NieR Automata is: 63865

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

The famous protagonist of Naruto himself is one of the top presets on the Tower of Fantasy presets list. This preset goes into detail to capture the key features of Naruto’s looks. They made sure to cover his messy hair, blond locks, and his cheek lines. That isn’t the only thing. The detailed appearance-changing feature of Tower of Fantasy allows Naruto to have his unique color scheme and outfit style.

Okay, so Naruto’s Character ID is: 145774

Raven (DC Comics)

Tower of Fantasy lets you change the appearance of the main protagonist to whatever you like. It is true in the case of Raven from DC Comics. She is a powerful witch that has mystic powers. Players made sure to give purple hair and a brooding look, her signature style. It helps capture the perfect look of the character.

Character ID of Raven is: 1575127

Final Thoughts

That was all on How to Change Character Appearance in Tower of Fantasy. We’ve briefly covered every aspect of character building. Reading through this guide will help you create the best character you can think of.

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