Tower of Fantasy All Characters: Roles & Attributes

In our guide we will look into the most important Tower of Fantasy Characters you should know about.

Since its release, Tower Of Fantasy has quickly become a fan favorite. With its dynamic environment. And don’t even get us started on the Tower Of Fantasy characters! It is the hottest game of the season. Here are all the characters.

Key Takeaways
  • Tower of Fantasy has many characters each with a unique story, attributes, roles, and abilities.
  • Mia is a chef and cooking is her one and only task.
  • Meryl is a senior Executor for the Hykros and is a fan-favorite character.
  • Shiro is a stereotypical antisocial scientist whose quirk is the ocean.
  • Zero is a 15-year-old prodigy kid, with the knowledge that surpasses his age.
  • King is a bold and straightforward guy. He is one of the strongest characters out there.
  • Tsubasa is the queen of archers and an intelligent and talkative character.
  • Cocoritter is an innocent and tender character with healing powers.
  • Crow is a strong and swift assassin who strives to condemn evil people.
  • Samir is among the most elite executors and one of the best sharpshooters in the game.
  • Zeke is one of the main heroes in the game and the head of Astra Shelter.
  • Shirli is Zeke’s sister and is a powerful, critical thinker who assists others.
  • Frigg is one of the main villains of the game. She is an intense, strict, and brutal character.
  • Nemesis is Frigg’s partner in crime. She is a shady, mysterious, shy, and timid character.
  • Ene is a forceful and violent war-droid who heavily dislikes working in a group.
  • Echo holds a paladin-like role and has lived a very difficult and tedious life.
  • Pepper is a cheerful, dedicated healer at the Hykros who came from a wealthy family.
  • Hilda is one of the most famous people in Banges Port due to her skills at negotiating.
  • Bai Ling is the leader of the HT201 shelter. She is a diligent and responsible character.
  • Huma is a fairly introverted character who possesses superhuman powers.
  • Claudia is the leader and master of all heroes. She is a passionate, tough, and assertive woman and everyone is terrified of her name.

Here is a quick comparison between all of these Tower of Fantasy characters along with their weapons:

MerylSSRRosy Edge13.
ShiroSSRChakram of the Seas19.06.019.013 (Crit)
ZeroSSRNegating Cube5.
KingSSRScythe of the Crow14.
TsubasaSSRIcewind Arrow4.011.518.014 (Crit)
CocoritterSSRAbsolute Zero4.012.515.07.0
CrowSSRThunderblades6.08.018.014 (Crit)
SamirSSRDual EM Stars6.010.718.014 (Crit)
FriggSSRBalmung8.08.018.014 (Crit)
NemesisSSRVenus6.08.018.014 (Crit)
EchoSRThunderous Halberd12.
PepperSRStaff of Scars4.
HildaSRThe Terminator16.
Bai LingSRNightangle Feather6.010.019.014 (Crit)
HumaSSRMolten Shield V210.
ClaudiaSSRGuren Blade7.512.014.05.0


Mi-a in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Character: Mia – Image Captured by Us.

This character in the Tower Of Fantasy is your ride or die, and we mean it! Mia will take on the designated role of a Paimon-type of character. So you can expect her to be bubbly and friendly, yet a little rude at times. But she is so adorable, and it makes up for that!

You probably already know, but Mia is our travel buddy throughout the game because she is our chef! Yes, you read that right. While playing, you will obtain different ingredients, which you can give to Mia. She will take them and turn the ingredients into meals. These meals are vital and will help you gain different bonuses throughout the game.

So, as you can see, Mia is super important in that aspect. Cooking is her one and only task, but if you like the idea of an adorable robot tailing behind you. 


Meryl i Tower of Fantasy ]
Tower of Fantasy Character: Meryl – Image Captured by Us.

Oh boy, if you do not know anything about Meryl, prepare to have your mind blown away! Think of her as the quintessential “girl boss” character. At least, that is the vibe we always get from her. 

This Tower Of Fantasy character is, quite frankly, the Ice Queen. Her personality and combat skills exemplify a sense of coldness and aloofness. And players all around the world love her for her interesting persona.

She is a Senior Executor for Hykros after achieving amazing achievements in combat. She has out-of-the-world strengths, which makes her perfect for intense and hard missions. Her character ensures a win every single time. It is no wonder she is a fan favorite!

Additionally, she has the ability to thrust the claymore into the earth, which causes a ring of crystals to develop around her. Meryl appears to have the ability to fling her enemies into the air, where she proceeds to crush them with aerial combinations.

Although she keeps to herself and is a little introverted, I do not think she does not care about her peers. She will do absolutely anything to protect her friends.


Shiro in the Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Character: Shiro – Image Captured by Us.

A game is incomplete unless we have a stereotypical antisocial scientist, right? Well, that is exactly what Shiro’s character is in the Tower Of Fantasy game. She might seem harmless to you, with her adorable pigtails and mild demeanor, but do not be fooled.

Shiro was able to change a crucial gear on a desalination machine, giving her a defense tool that was incredibly durable and sturdy. Moreover, she also possesses a special power that seals off a small region and releases multiple rings of force, rebounding back and forth, which ends up hurting foes from the inside out. 

Of course, each character has their own quirks. For Shiro, it is the ocean. So, if you want to get on her good side, do not hesitate to talk about the deep blue waters.


Tower of Fantasy Character Zero
Zero in the tower of fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

If you want a feisty character that is not afraid to express his opinions, we think Zero might be your guy. He is truly a prodigy kid, with knowledge that far surpasses his age. In case you want to know how old he is, Zero is merely fifteen years old!

He constantly has his sights set on the goal, so if you want a consistent character, look no further than him. However, there are some downsides to him; he is very arrogant and proud most of the time.

In order to raise himself and harm his adversaries, Zero uses the Negating Cube. It is a floating cube that can provide flame attacks as well as build pillars and other forms. 

Consider it to be similar to the Catalyst weapon from Genshin Impact, which only deals elemental damage. Something very interesting about him is that there is no background information on him. Zero himself destroyed it. What is this character hiding? Only time will tell. 


Tower of Fantasy Character: KING
King in Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

Just like his name suggests, the king knows what he wants and makes sure that everyone around him knows it too. He is a straightforward guy who does not take no for an answer from anyone.  

The King is notoriously brazen. He is always prepared to use violence at the slightest provocation. Whoever said that you could find peace without fighting has certainly not met our friend King.

Although he consistently wins battles, he rarely has any money to his name despite being tough and dedicated when on a task. With his Diluc energy, he is one of the strongest characters out there.


Tsubasa in tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Character: Tsubasa – Image Captured by Us.

Can you guess what Tsubasa’s main powers are? Her name is a dead giveaway! She is basically the queen of archers. In case you do not know more about this character, Tsubasa was formerly employed by Hykros and served as a Hyena officer. She is currently a member of the Heirs of Aida. 

Tsubasa uses an aggressive ice shell-style bow as her weapon. Tsubasa is very talkative and bubbly, a joy to be around! She is a very enterprising person who is extremely intelligent, far beyond her years. Tsubasa knows exactly where the life of the party is. 

Sadly, she struggles to stay with any single area or group. So enjoy her company as much as you can, because it will not last for a long time!


Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter
Cocoritter in the Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

Did you know that the Tower Of Fantasy has healer characters? In fact, Cocoritter is one such character. Cocoritter is an innocent and tender character who excels in taking care of her comrades with the aid of her healing powers. 

Cocoritter has easily saved tons of her friends in the post-apocalyptic world. Needless to say, she is a hero unlike any other. If you want to become close to her, we suggest talking about snow and penguins. That is her weakness.


crow in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Crow – Image Captured by Us.

If you like a ton of bad puns, we think Crow will certainly be one of your favorite characters. Crow is an assassin that strives to condemn evil people and absolves individuals of their crimes.

He is a strong, swift, and crafty executioner who moves quicker than the lightning he wields. As if he could not get any cooler, get this, he is a cat guy! Yes, you read that right. He’s upbeat, a cat lover.

He tends to hide at night, planning his next move while lurking in the darkness. In Tower of Fantasy, Crow is a dual-wielding electric-bladed ninja. He can make quick strikes that electrify his enemies. 

If you approach your opponents from behind, Crow can eliminate them successfully. Additionally, if he hits electric targets from behind, he receives extra perks.


Tower of Fantasy; Samir
Samir in Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

Cool, calm, and collected. Those are the main ways to describe Samir. This Tower of Fantasy character is very laid back and likes to take things one step at a time. She also possesses a wild side and likes to pull gags and tricks on other people. 

But do not be misguided by her persona. She is very good with guns. In fact, she is even among the most elite executors; she is one of the best sharpshooters in the game!

Samir is a skilled and nimble gunslinger who can destroy targets with her dual EM Stars that have been charged with electricity. Samir is totally ranged-based, in contrast to Meryl and King. 


Zeke in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy; Zeke – Image Captured by Us.

Zeke is basically one of the main heroes in the game. Zeke, Shirli’s big brother and the head of the Astra Shelter. (We will talk about Shirli later.)

He has an immense burden of duty because he takes responsibility for everybody’s safety in his immediate vicinity. While he can come off as a bit unbothered and aloof, he truly cares about everyone. The only person that can break his icy demeanor is his sister. We love a good brother-sister duo!


Tower of Fantasy Shirli's character
Shirli in Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

We all need a sidekick, and Shirli is that character. In fact, she assists you when you initially appear incapacitated at the shelter. Hence, players end up forming a strong bond with her, and we can not blame them! She is so lovable and a joy to be around. Shirli desires to be a powerful, critical thinker who can assist others just like her older brother, Zeke, does.


Frigg in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy: Frigg – Image Captured by Us.

Frigg is one of the most intense Tower of Fantasy characters. In fact, she is among the main villains in the game. Frigg actually serves as Sage’s deputy and is in charge of the Heirs of Ada.

She is strict and brutal, yet she also has an intellectual side. She will probably continue to be a pain in the player’s back. So always be ready for a good ol’ duel.

Frigg’s weapon is an ice shell-style weapon that most certainly has one or two blades. She has a major role in the narrative of the game. However, Frigg is not the only enemy you should keep your eyes peeled for. Let’s talk about another one!


Tower of Fantasy: Nemesis
Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

She is Frigg’s partner in crime, and we mean that literally and figuratively. Nemesis is an “Angel of Clemency,” a kind of front for the Heirs of Ada. However, she has gone through a lot of ghastly experiences. 

In fact, she underwent horrendous alterations and experimentation to become who she is. It is truly saddening. What is more is that she has absolutely no memory of how she got into Heirs, making her that much more shady and mysterious.

Under Sage’s intense mind control, a typically shy and timid girl will morph into a bloodthirsty death machine. It is equally shocking and horrifying to witness. 


Ene in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy; Ene – Image Captured by Us.

Ene is a tiny war-droid that functions using the daughter of her former owner’s backup memory. Now that she has gotten the opportunity to lead a person’s life, it appears she is going to proceed and choose her own path, according to her standards.

But do not take her lightly; you might end up heavily regretting it. She is very forceful and violent. What is more, is that she heavily dislikes working in a group.


Tower of Fantasy Echo
Echo in Tower of Fantasy – Image Captured by Us.

Echo has lived a truly difficult and tedious life. She had dreams of traveling to other realms as a little girl living in the Warren Snowfield region. You would be shocked to know that Echo is not her real name. She was actually named Manaka.

Eventually, she was given that opportunity to leave when, at the age of nine, her parents were slaughtered. This tragedy occurred when she was placed in a shelter in Banges.

Echo currently travels the globe as a Wastewalker, a kind of paladin-like role in which she combats miscreants in an attempt to spread kindness.


Pepper in Tower of Fantasy
Pepper – Image Captured by Us.

Pepper is one of the few Tower of Fantasy Characters that had come from a high status. She was born into an influential and wealthy Banges family. She lived a life of luxury right until her parents fell ill and are now confined. After moving to Hykros because of her parents’ declining health, Pepper is a cheerful, dedicated healer there.

Her parents’ illness forced them to be hospitalized, and although her household had once been well-off and successful, Pepper stepped up to take charge. She has vowed to find their treatment on her own, and we think she will probably be successful. 


Hida in Tower of Fantasy
Hida – Image Captured by Us.

Hilda is probably one of the most famous people in Banges Port. This might be because she is insanely good at negotiating. Consider it one of her many talents. Other than that, she is a very good shot. Trust us, and you will not find her without her trusty gun.

She can sometimes seem a little out of it and spacey at times. But who can blame her? We are all guilty of doing that at times.

Bai Ling

Bai Ling in the Tower of Fantasy game
Tower of Fantasy; Bai Ling- Image Captured by Us.

Now, Bai Ling is certainly one of the most vital characters you will see in the Tower Of Fantasy game. As the HT201 Shelter’s present leader, Bai Ling is in command of both daily operations and military leadership. As you can see, she has a lot on her plate.

Although she only just assumed the position, she still gets a little overburdened and frazzled due to all the duties. And who can blame her?

So much is resting on her shoulder that it would probably get taxing. However, Bai Ling never slacks off on her job. She is diligent, careful, attentive, skilled, and obviously possesses what is required to keep the shelter in mint condition.


Tower of Fantasy Huma
Huma in the tower of fantasy- Image Captured by Us.

Following suffering from a mysterious condition that caused her to possess superhuman powers, Huma has been placed under the supervision of Hykros. Even though she tends to be fairly introverted, she is unstoppable once she sets her focus on something.


Caudia in the Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy: Claudia – Image Captured by Us.

Claudia is a passionate, assertive, and tough woman who you definitely don’t want to tangle with. Everyone knows her name and is terrified of her, as they should be.

Her foes are especially scared of her before she slashes them in half with her deadly, one-handed sword; she is the leader and master of all heroes. However, she is very unpredictable and indecisive at times. This can prove to be challenging during high-stakes life-or-death situations. 

Funny enough, just like our guy Crow, Claudia has an immense love for cats, and who can blame them? They are so adorable!


Tower of Fantasy Alyss
Alyss [Screenshot by eXputer]
Meet Alyss, once known as M-sec 002, the former second captain of Mirroria Security Special Forces. Years ago, during an accidental incident with the Mirroria Defense Force Field, she bravely defended the city against the invading Abyssants, risking her life and miraculously surviving.

However, the ordeal left her with memory loss that remains unexplained. To safeguard her mental well-being, Archon Larsen ordered all relevant personnel to recognize her as a new Special Forces member, now code-named M-sec 2000. Alyss’s past is a mystery, but her courage and dedication to protecting Mirroria continue to shine through.


Tower of Fantasy Annabella
Annabella [Image by eXputer]
In the city nights of Mirroria, a mysterious girl named Annabella exists. Despite her cute appearance and friendly demeanor while working part-time as a maid in a Maid’s Cafe, much of her actual job remains concealed from the public eye. Engaging in multiple part-time jobs, she keeps the specifics well-hidden

When the sun sets and darkness falls on the city, a different side of Annabella emerges. With her black hair flowing, she roams the lower streets of Mirroria, shrouded in secrecy. Her nocturnal activities involve confronting criminals, earning her the infamous title of ‘The Crimson Vampire’. This urban legend has intrigued and frightened the residents, leaving them curious about the enigmatic girl who effortlessly transitions between her daytime and nighttime personas. 


Tower of Fantasy cobalt b
Cobalt B [Image by eXputer]
Meet Cobalt-B, the brilliant mind behind the lethal and cutting-edge weapons developed by the Hykros Weapon development team. As a mechanical engineer, she toils away in the shadows, crafting highly efficient and deadly tools of destruction. While her colleagues and close friends are well aware of her exceptional weapon innovation skills, the broader division remains oblivious to her true capabilities.

Beyond the confines of her engineering workstation, Cobalt-B embraces a daring and unconventional approach. Despite being officially designated as non-combat personnel, she fearlessly joins combat operations to personally test and refine her creations on the field. This audacious choice defies traditional boundaries, as she becomes both the architect and warrior, determined to ensure the peak performance of her lethal inventions.

Despite the secrecy surrounding her weapon development projects, Cobalt-B’s impact on the battlefield is undeniable. Her innovative armaments have the power to tip the scales of any conflict in her team’s favor, all while she remains an enigmatic figure to those outside her close circle.


Tower of Fantasy Fenrir
Fenrir [Image by eXputer]
Introducing the newest addition to the game, Fenrir, the enigmatic leader of Team Doggo, a formidable group that draws upon the potent forces of Mirroria’s internal powers. This mysterious character, known as the Simulacrum, boasts an unexpected identity as a beloved DJ, highly revered for her death metal performances within the city. However, her true power lies not only in music but in the captivating fusion of her beats with the ancient lore of Norse Mythology, enabling her to shatter the barriers that stand in the way of her adversaries.

With each update, the game’s roster continues to expand, introducing a myriad of intriguing new characters, and this latest inclusion is no exception. The Simulacrum’s Nordic heritage is evident throughout her persona, particularly exemplified by her weapon of choice, Gleipnir, a lethal, bone-shaped ribbon adorning her back.

In the heart of battle, Fenrir, as she is known, embraces her nature as a fierce brawler, unafraid to confront any challenge head-on. Her Gleipnir harmonizes with the music she wields, generating electrifying high notes that manifest as lightning attacks resembling powerful bear paws, swiftly dismantling her enemies’ defenses.


Tower of Fantasy Fiona
Fiona [Image by eXputer]
Fiona remains composed and displays excellent judgment when facing challenges, adeptly devising strategies to handle crises. In official settings, she exudes a regal elegance, while privately interacting with others, she exudes kindness and gentleness without a hint of arrogance. However, this softer side remains concealed from the public eye.

Her character is characterized by honesty and integrity, making her a woman of her word. Fiona’s leadership qualities shine through as she calmly navigates through various situations, inspiring trust in her judgment and decision-making.

As a game character, Fiona’s alternate appearance features a striking black cocktail dress with copper-colored accents and dark blue flowers, complementing her overall aura. The focus lies on her unique personality traits and leadership prowess, making her an intriguing and captivating character in the game world.


Tower of Fantasy Gnonno
Gnonno [Image by eXputer]
Gnonno takes immense pride in her grandfather, Nuok, a highly respected member of the pioneering expedition that unveiled the uncharted realm of Innars. Drawn by his remarkable exploits, Gnonno dreams of becoming an explorer of equal renown. However, her current path reveals a rather tumultuous disposition, to say the least.

The peculiarities surrounding Gnonno’s newfound abilities have left the inhabitants of Innars utterly perplexed. As a precautionary measure, they unanimously advise their progeny to keep a significant distance from Gnonno, viewing her with a mixture of trepidation and suspicion.


Tower of Fantasy Lan
Lan [Screenshot by eXputer]
From the depths of enigma, Lan emerges into existence, claiming allegiance to a realm known as Domain 9, a place shrouded in obscurity, conspicuously absent from any conventional databases. Adorned in peculiar garb, her headpiece a fiery avian emblem, Lan wields an enigmatic umbrella, its energy unleashed like a tempest on the battlefield.

Despite her enigmatic aura, Lan exhibits an affable nature, finding solace in the simple joys of food and explorations when leisure permits. By her side stands Kanro, a companion hailing from the same mysterious Domain 9, referring to themselves as Zhuque.

United by an ardent purpose, Lan and Kanro journey to Vera, driven by a noble mission to aid in quelling the enigmatic Grayspace Entity conundrum that plagues the realm. Their arrival heralds both hope and intrigue, for the secrets they guard may hold the key to unraveling the mysteries that lie ahead.


Tower of Fantasy Lin
Lin [Screenshot by eXputer]
Lin, the Archon of Mirroria and guardian of Ruby, shoulders an overwhelming array of responsibilities. Yet, amidst the weight of her duties, her unwavering resolve and dedication shines brightest. As a young officer, she exudes an aura of strength, earning renown as an esteemed Executor, cherished by the denizens of Mirroria, who idolize her.

Beneath her imposing exterior lies an unexpected trait, Lin is a clean freak, intolerant of even a single speck of dust. Known for holding herself and others to high standards, she might be perceived as a strict enforcer of rules. However, those who know her well find her to be friendly and open to reason.

Her weapon, ‘Shadoweave,’ was originally designed as a covert and lightweight implement. Yet, Lin’s preference led to its transformation into a formidable heavy blade, far from resembling a concealed weapon.

In the realm of Mirroria, Lin’s presence commands respect and admiration, and her dedication to duty and compassion toward others make her an iconic figure among the city’s inhabitants.

Li Huo

Liu Huo sort of assists Zhuque, and she’s in charge of the suppressed Darkness element. Her bosses praise her, but she’s not totally happy inside. She’s all into being elegant, but inside, she’s got this fiery martial thing going on.

She used to want to be all sophisticated and smart, like a scholar. But that didn’t seem to work out for her, so she ended up doing something else. Since then she has been a vital brute force who fights against all evil in Tower of Fantasy.


Lyra, the enigmatic administrator of the Maidelin Foundation, exudes an air of coldness and maturity, slipping by unnoticed, known to only a select few. Trivial matters do not faze her, but when the situation turns grave, she readily extends a helping hand.


Tower of Fantasy ruby
Ruby [Screenshot by eXputer]
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the enigmatic Ruby, a character shrouded in mystery, and whose origins remain a puzzle to many. Some speculate that she might be the daughter of an old friend of Lin’s, which could explain the special bond between them. They are practically inseparable, often seen together so frequently that it’s considered unusual to find one without the other.

Now, here’s where things get fascinating. Lin went the extra mile to ensure Ruby’s safety and well-being by enlisting the Research and Development department to create a one-of-a-kind weapon for her, aptly named “Spark.” This extraordinary weapon not only offers protection but also boasts an advanced AI integrated within, transforming Spark into a trusted companion and guide for Ruby. From waking her up to helping her find Lin if she ever gets lost, Spark is a constant presence in Ruby’s life.

Here’s what sets Ruby apart even more, she’s not just an ordinary little girl. She is a unique blend, part human, and part Grayspace Entity. Whenever Lin graces the streets of Mirroria, Ruby is right by her side, clutching her cherished stuffed doll named “Dolly,” a constant source of comfort and company.

Saki Fuwa

Saki Fuwa, behold a character with a deceptive exterior! Behind her seemingly immature appearance lies a heart that defies expectations, essentially a “mini adult” in every sense. Meet the third captain of Mirroria Security Special Forces, code-named M-sec 003, who wields the formidable Twin Tachi Blade.

But don’t be fooled by her young looks! In private moments, when no one’s around, she surprises those who encounter her with rehearsed one-liners, as if she’s in the midst of a heated battle. Such a contradiction between her age and actions adds an air of mystery and charm.

Now, here’s the quirky side to our captain, she’s an avid collector of basic figurines from the good ol’ days, a true geek when it comes to these nostalgic treasures. Who would have thought that beneath her serious role, she indulges in such a delightful and unexpected hobby?

Tian Lang

Next up on our Tower of Fantasy All Characters list we have Tian Lang, the “store owner” with a deep love for flowers. But hey, there’s more to this green-thumbed character than meets the eye!

As you stroll through the bustling center, you’ll likely come across Tian Lang, tending to the vibrant and blooming plants with unmatched care. With his green sanctuary, he’s earned the nickname “store owner,” as he’s responsible for curating and selling these exquisite botanical wonders.

Now, here’s where things get intriguing! Behind his seemingly peaceful demeanor lies the truth, he’s the strongest Executor in District 7, and trust me, his real power is a well-guarded secret! Not many are privy to the extent of his true strength, making him the hidden card of District 7, ready to be unleashed.


Step into the world of Umi, the newly appointed Executor-in-training, bursting with boundless energy and enthusiasm. While diligently guarding Outpost 10 in the Miasmic Swamp, she also spends her time perfecting magic tricks to add joy and excitement to the otherwise routine life at the site. Umi’s vibrant presence turns each day into a colorful and lively adventure, making her a refreshing and delightful addition to the protectors of the outpost.

Yu Lan

Tower of Fantasy yu lan
Yu Lan [Screenshot by eXputer]
In Domain 9, there’s a renowned martial arts star, respected by all who faced her in combat. The last Tower of Fantasy Character on our list, Yu Lan, was handpicked by Master Yu who appointed her as the Sundial Guard at Ignisville Sundial Square. Her commitment to martial arts is unparalleled, making her a formidable and dependable force on the battlefield, ensuring certain victory.

She believes that within seven paces, the first strike is the swiftest and most potent weapon. Admired by those who challenged her, she passionately defends the Infinite Sundial. Her extraordinary dedication to martial arts makes her a reliable fighter, consistently prevailing with swift and precise strikes.


Icarus possesses a charming demeanor, exuding politeness and modesty, making him an amiable presence. However, beneath this exterior lies a rebel at heart, harboring a deep disdain for order and authority. The constraints imposed on him were too stifling, prompting his decision to venture to Vera, leaving his family behind in pursuit of freedom.

Ming Jing

There’s this awesome character named Ming Jing, or as he’s fondly known, Zeke who suddenly appears in Domain 9. Nobody knows where he’s from or what his deal is, but the folks there decide to give him a chance. The previous Xuanwu, Master Yue, decides to take this guy under his wing and train him. Talk about a plot twist, right?

Zeke doesn’t back down from all the challenges Domain 9 throws his way, not even once. He charges forward with this determination that will surely grasp every Tower of Fantasy player out there. And the reason behind all that dedication is that he wants to repay the kindness he’s been shown with his actions.

What’s even cooler is that Zeke is not just any character, he’s a playable SSR Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy. That means you can actually step into his shoes and experience the world through his eyes. And you know what they say, a character isn’t complete without some sweet gear. Zeke’s got this epic weapon called the Icon Weapon Onyx Tortoise, and it is as cool as it sounds.

We hope our guide was helpful in giving you a look into all the important characters in the world of the Tower Of Fantasy.

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