Tower of Fantasy Crow: Build, Weapons & Attacks

This guide covers Crow's weapons, attacks, abilities, and skills in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is one of the exciting RPG games that offers its players a variety of characters to pick from. The game has a post-apocalyptic theme and is full of adventures. In addition to this, the amazing graphics of the game adds a lot to it.

Crow is an SSR character in the game, dealing most of the damage when it is attacking from stealth. We have covered this guide on Tower of Fantasy Crow so that you can learn all about Crow’s attacks, skills, and weapons. 

Key Highlights
  • Crow is a stealth character who uses daggers to sneak up on enemies and lock them out.
  • He uses lightning-type Thunderblades to paralyze enemies for one second with a full charge and negate all buffs on them for six seconds
  • He has 18 Attack, 1165 HP, and 14 Critical stats.
  • Thunderblades are Dual Blade type DPS weapons with 6 Shatter and 8 Charge stats.
  • He can trigger Phantasia to deal 350% extra lightning damage with a full charge.
  • You can get the Thunderblades by pulling from any weapons banner.
  • His skills include the Twin Blades combo, Sky Flurry jump attack, Rapid Lunge, Sneak Attack for stealth kills, Flying Blades, and Orbiting Blades.
  • The Twin Blades and Sky Flurry are multi-hitting attacks with increasing damage per attack.
  • You can activate Phantasia by dodging right before an attack to slow down enemies. This has a 15-second cooldown.

Who Is Crow?

About Crow
Tower Of Fantasy Crow

Crow is that one character in Tower of Fantasy that shows dagger tricks. The crow’s ability to close the gap and lock out his opponent is an asset in the game. His blades are most effective in one-to-one player interaction and are strong when placed against a single target. The PvE Rating of Crow is 3/5, while the PvP rating is 5/5. 

The thunder blades in Crow’s weapon deal great damage. It does not show something extraordinary PvE and PvP content but is extremely useful if you are hitting enemies from behind. However, you can use crow unless you think you have the best character or the one that matches your playstyle. 

Crow’s Weapon

Crow owns the weapon known as Thunderblades. The type of weapon is lightning, so it inflicts paralysis within one second if it is fully charged. However, it will negate all buffs, so the target will not be able to receive any buffs for the next six seconds. The specifications of the weapon are mentioned in the table below.

AbilitiesShatter 6, Charge 8
Weapon TypeDual Blades
Tower of fantasy crow's weapons
Tower of Fantasy Crow’s Weapon

Weapon Stats


Weapon Attacks

The crow’s weapon has a low shatter, but combining it with a Sneak attack will make up for this. We can say that crow is a deadly stealth character, as its dual blades add extra damage when attacking targets from behind. 

On the other hand, the orbiting blades can be activated when you fully charge the weapon, as it triggers Phantasia. It deals extra lightning damage of about 350% towards enemies. 

Weapon Advancements

The weapon advancement of Thunderblades from star 1 to star 6 is mentioned below. 

Star 1

Attacking targets from behind40%
Backstabbing an electrified target100%
Crit damage30%

Star 2

Current weapon’s base ATK growth16%

Star 3

Target HP60%

Star 4

Current weapon’s HP growth32%

Star 5

Back Attack100%
Crit damage50%
Cooldown10 seconds

Star 6

Volt damage dealt20%
Damage Time20 seconds

Where To Find

If you want to get a Thunderblades weapon, remember that you can find it when pulling from the Gacha. 

Crow’s Attacks

attacks of crow
Tower of Fantasy Crow’s Attacks
  • Twin Blades can be activated by swinging the dual blades to attack 5 times in a row. The five attacks will deal the damage and ATK as mentioned in the table below.
  • You can tap on the normal attack after jumping once or while airborne to activate Sky Flurry. The damage and ATK for all four attacks are as follow.
  • After the third normal attack, you can trigger Rapid Lunge. Strongly suspend the target, and it will deal damage equal to 116.8%.
  • If you approach the enemy from behind and attack on a normal attack, it will activate the sneak attack. It will deal damage equal to 570%.
  • Flying Blades can be triggered by tapping on the normal attack during the perfect dodge window. There will be a total of 5 damages, each dealing damage of 26.4%.
  • Dodging before getting hit will activate Phantasia, which will reduce the speed of enemies in that area. The cooldown time for it will be 15 seconds.
  • Orbiting Blades come in handy for electrocuting the target dealing damage of 86.9%. If you spawn the three blades orbiting around the Wanderer, you will deal damage of 65.2%.

There are various characters in Tower of Fantasy, but you can rely on Crow until you get the best character in the game. Crow has fairly useful skills, moveset, and abilities that we have covered in this guide. Moreover, the weapon that crow owns has orbiting blades, which deal with a great amount of damage, making Tower of Fantasy Crow, a reliable option for most players.

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