Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal is one of the valuable currency in Tower of Fantasy, that can be achieved through multiple ways.

There are several types of currencies in Tower of Fantasy for players to acquire. Players will come across currencies Tanium, Gold, and Dark Crystals while playing Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, Gold is the most commonly used currency, and players get a fair amount of it. To know more about  Currencies, read our Tower of Fantasy Pity System guide. However, in the case of Dark Crystals, you might not find them at the start and have to struggle for them. If you are new to the game, then you must read our Tower of Fantasy Beginners guide to get started. 

That is because it is a really valuable currency, and it can be used to buy special items in the game. Fortunately, there are multiple ways for players to acquire Dark Crystals in the game.

There are some great Tower of Fantasy Characters that are equipped with lethal weapons. In this guide, we will explain how you can get the Dark Crystals easily and what their usage of it.

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How To Get Dark Crystals In Tower Of Fantasy

Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy
Dark Crystal Description

One of the things that are great about Tower of Fantasy is that it allows you to get specific items. Suppose you are looking for Gold and Select it, then the game will inform you of all the possible ways of achieving that particular currency.

Furthermore, if you try to know about Dark Crystals, the game will inform you that they are only a “Reward for Purchasing. While you are at it, you must read our Tower of Fantasy Review!

However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend money to get Dark Crystals. These can be acquired by completing specific tasks in-game, which are free. Check out the terminal menu, and you will see four options: Chronicles, Missions, Story, and Achievements. All you need to do is select these options, and you will start getting Dark Crystal.

Ways of getting Dark Crystal

Another way of getting Dark Crystals is by completing waypoints in the story. You can get them by doing certain tasks and quests, and in return, you get Dark Crystals. Below we have mentioned all the ways of getting Dark Crystals in detail.


There are some particular tasks, quests, and other things that you need to do in order to unlock Achievements. There are tons of achievements that will grant you 5 to 20 Dark Crystals. Not only that, you will get other rewards, too, not just Dark Crystals. If you get a fair amount of achievements, you will get Gacha currencies.


The world of Tower of Fantasy is very vast, and there are so many interesting adventures that you can do. Fortunately, you get Dark Crystals as rewards when you do world explorations. Players will receive a great number of Dark Crystals once they reach a certain percentage.

Furthermore, you can unlock chests, solve puzzles, and not only that, you explore to discover new areas of Tower of Fantasy.


This is one of the fun ways to acquire Dark Crystals. There are different fascinating types of quests available that will reward you with Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, players can check quests that are available through the missions and story tabs, and you can track them for easier clearing.  

Battle Pass

The battle pass also grants you Dark Crystals, but you need to push them to a certain level to get it. Also, players, through unlocking the advancement reward, will even get more rewards; however, it requires real money to get.

Clear Notebook Missions

Not all, but some missions in the Notebook will reward you with Dark Crystals. Players can check out which ones will give them Dark Crystals reward by going through the Notebook and Pen icon. This is available on the top right part of the screen.


Sometimes developers run promotions, which you can know about by following developers on social media. In these events, they reward players with various things, and Dark Crystals are one of them. Moreover, it is expected that such type of events might happen very soon, so stay on alert.

Renewable Dark Crystals

These are called Renewable Dark Crystals, as they happen every week and month. And it doesn’t require much effort, and all players need to do it just to collect them.

Dark Crystal
Renewable Dark Crystals in Tower of fantasy


Keep in mind that there are three methods available for players to get Weekly Dark Crystals.

  • If players continuously log in for seven days, then the game will reward them with 20 Dark Crystals.
  • There are Weekly Activity bars in Tower of Fantasy, and these also reward you with 350 Dark Crystals every week.
  • Considering which class you have in-game, based on that crew system will also give you Dark Crystals. Moreover, if you do the math, you get 520 weekly as a regular crew mate and 570 if you are a commander. Now add all you get 2080 as a crewmate and 2280 as a commander every month!


Just like weekly, you can also get monthly Dark Crystals as a reward by doing the following.

  • With Apex league or PVP, acquiring Grand Marshal rank also rewards you with a title,  a vehicle, two cosmetics, and up to 500 Dark Crystals. However, if you get the same vehicle and cosmetic, you will receive 100 Dark Crystals each.
  • The free tier on the battle pass will give players 150 Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy.
  • If the battle royale lasts for three months, then you will get 500 Dark Crystals in 1 month.

Usage Of Dark Crystals In Tower Of Fantasy

 Similar to other currencies in-game, players can also spend Dark Crystals on goods. All you need to do is go to the backpack menu and choose the currency option. Now it will show you all the currencies that you own. In the game, Dark Crystal is considered the base currency, so if you select the shop icon, it will show you where you can spend it.

Players will see that they can buy Gold, Red Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, and Identity update cards as well. Furthermore, it is recommended to spend it on Red Nucleus and Gold Nucleus, as they can be used to get weapons simulacra. Gold is known as the standard currency, which can be used for upgrading weapons. Moreover, if you want to change your character‘s name, you can use an identity update card.

Final Words

There are multiple sources of currencies in Tower of Fantasy, and Dark Crystal is one of them. Moreover, acquiring Dark Crystal doesn’t require any real money, but you have to do certain tasks and things to get it. These are achievements, exploring the world, joining events, battle pass, and quests.

Also, you get weekly and monthly Dark Crystals too. The Dark Crystals can be used for various things; you can also buy an identity card in case you want to change your character’s name. 

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