Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte Puzzles Locations

In This Guide We Describe On How To Solve The Earthphyte Puzzles And We Also Provide A List Of Their Locations.

The current mobile gaming sensation, Tower Of Fantasy, is also considered an exploration game with puzzles. The game has some difficult puzzles and some weird plants that can do bizarre things. And when you put the difficult puzzles and weird plants together, you get Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte puzzles. The puzzle is essentially a short one, but it is also a puzzle that confuses a lot of players. In this guide, we will help you understand the Earthphyte puzzles and also enlighten you on how to solve them.

The famous Tower Of Fantasy is published by Level Infinite and is developed by Perfect World, who tried their utmost to make the game very immersive. To make the game more immersive, they offered players a variety of characters like King, Tsubasa, Crow, Nemesis, Bai Yuekui, and more. However, they also provide the players with a huge plethora of Tower Of Fantasy Bosses.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your characters through the Tower Of Fantasy Leveling-Up Systems. Also another way to level up your characters is by giving them gifts. Our website has also covered the gifts guide of different characters like King, Shiro, Meryl, Crow, Nemesis, and Samir in detail. Further, these gifts will help you to unlock each of the character’s Awakening Traits. Now, let us get back to the topic at hand, which is the Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte.

Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte Plants

An Earthphyte
An Earthphyte In Tower Of Fantasy

Now, Earthphyte plants are one of the many types of floral life that can be interacted with in Tower Of Fantasy. They have green leaves and brown petals, and they also grow on cliffsides and areas with dense grass. What sets them apart from the game’s scenery is their brightly colored center. 

Also, it is worth knowing that you will not be able to spot the Earthphytes until you reach the Crown Region. The region is located to the east of the Banges Region and is the fourth area that you will unlock while following the story of the game. Furthermore, you can access the Crown Region after crossing the Banges Region over in Chapter 2.

How To Solve The Earthphyte Puzzles 

Carrying An Earthphyte
Carrying An Earthphyte Orb In Tower Of Fantasy

Now, during your multiple adventures in Tower Of Fantasy, you will stumble upon the Earthphyte puzzles, which consist of two parts. The two parts are the core of the flower and the flower itself; these two parts combined are called the Earthphyte. However, to solve the Earthphyte flower puzzle, you will have to find an orb that will most probably be within a radius of 200 meters of the main flower.

Now, the main catch is that the orb has to be of the same color as the color of the center of the main flower. What you have to do to solve the puzzle is to find the correct orb and bring it to the correct flower. And for PC gamers, the ‘F’ key will allow them to carry the orb.

Next, just throw the orb at the center of the flower, and the follower will reveal the loot that you have earned. Also, the puzzle is not a difficult one, but it is a bit lengthy as it is effectively a search and retrieve mission.

Also, we would like to inform you that completing the Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte puzzle rewards you with 2 Gold Nuclei, and the puzzle only takes a few minutes to max, so always try to claim these rewards.

All Earthphyte Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

Throwing An Orb
Throwing An Orb At The Center Of The Earthphyte In Tower Of Fantasy

Now, under this section, we will proceed to the location of all the Earthphyte puzzles that we have found up until now. Currently, we have located a total of 5 Earthphyte in the Tower Of Fantasy, which are as the following.

Blue Orb Gold Nucleus

Now, the first Earthphyte is the Blue Orb Gold Nucleus which is located between the Mountain and the Transport Hub. Also, just climb the cliff next to the Eartphyte to reach the Earthpyhte’s core or orb. For your ease, the coordinates of this Eartphyte are 402.8 and 419.2. Also, you receive 2 Gold Nuclei, as mentioned before.

Gold Orb Rose Nucleus

The next orb, Gold Orb Rose Nucleus, and Earthphyte are found to the northwest of the Rose Garden. Also, the orb for the Earthphyte can be found on the cliff that overlooks the sea, and the location is to the south of the main Earthphyte. Furthermore, the coordinates for the Earthphyte are 450.7 and 880.3.

Green Orb

Now, as for the third Earthphyte in our list, the Green Orb, it is located to the south of the Crown Omnium Tower. The Earthphyte can be found growing on the side of a cliff, and the orb for the Earthphyte is right next to it on the lower steps of the cliff. Also, the coordinates for this Earthphyte are 760.4 and 417.4.

Green Orb Gold Nucleus

For the Green Orb Gold Nucleus Earthphyte, you will have to travel to the north of the Crown Omnium Tower. Also, when you take the north path from the location of the Earthphyte, you will stumble upon its orb. And the coordinates for the Earthphyte are 667.3 and 201.3.

Blue Orb

Now for the last Earthphyte, you will have to travel to the north of the Crown Omnium Tower again and then head west from there around the curved wall on the lower side of the cliff to reach the location of the Blue orb for the Earthphyte. Also, the coordinates for this Earthphyte are 784.8 and 225.4.

Now, with the list of the Earthphytes locations complete, we bring the Tower Of Fantasy Earthphyte guide to an end. In the guide, we discussed how to solve the Earthphyte puzzle and where each of the five is located at. 

However, if you feel like we still missed something, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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