Tower Of Fantasy Electronic Lock: Password & Rewards

Unlock all the electronically locked doors in Tower of Fantasy and gain access to various rewards.

Electronic locks in the Tower of Fantasy can be found in structures, buildings, and even containers too. A barrier or locked door would often stop you from accessing the area inside. Moreover, behind these locked doors, there are usually Type 1 or Type 2 supply pods that you can get. You can access these doors easily; all you need to do is get the right password.

Key Highlights
  • Electronic Locks are doors that are locked on a chamber that you can find around the map. These require a password to be unlocked.
  • In total there are 10 of these locks that you will find on the map and they are also sometimes surrounded by enemies.

  • The ten electronic locks and their passwords are:
  • Bangs Shelter (Password 1647) (85.0, 967.2 are the coordinates)
  • Navia Trunk (Password 2202) (-537.1, -449.9 are the coordinates)
  • Under Cetus Island (Password 3344) (-638.5, and -847.2 are the coordinates)
  • Miner’s Camp (Password 4753) (-376.3, -245.5 are the coordinates)
  • Crescent Shore (Password 1024) (-779.0, -644.2 are the coordinates)
  • Seaforth Dock (Password 3594) (-508.1, -767.5 are the coordinates)
  • The Lumina (Password 7268) (-736.7, -851.5 are the coordinates)
  • Aarniel Fortress (Password 8521) (381.6, -832.4 are the coordinates)
  • Aida Base Dawn Frontier (Password 7092) (664.8, -1236.7 are the coordinates)

Bangs Shelter Electronic Lock

The locked electronic door is placed in Banges Shelter, and it is in the large open area of the settlement. Moreover, there is also NPC Linda Standing their front of the barrier. Finding the password for the electronic is not so difficult.

Remember that sometimes there can be enemies to guard the door, so best equip yourself with Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons

Electronic lock
Banges Shelter lock in Tower of Fantasy

There are four robots named Barrier Password Memories standing around Barrier Shelter. Now each of these four robots will give one digit of the electronically locked password.

However, you must be careful about the sequences in which they give you the password. We have mentioned passwords, rewards, and Coordinates below in the table; check it out.

Coordinates85.0, 967.2
RewardGold x 585
EXP x 5,389
Dark Crystal x 50
Gold Nucleus x 1
Omnium Beast: Left Arm x 1

Navia Truck Electronic Lock

There is a truck south of Navia Bay with an electronically locked door. Reaching the destination is easy; all you need to do is head north from Banges Dock, and the place is also near the North Seventh Day Forest spacecraft.

Electronic Lock
Navia Lock in Tower of Fantasy

The Password memory robot there will give you only a clue to unlocking the electronic door and is located at the top of the locked door. You will not receive the number in a sequence. Unlocking this puzzle is a little hard, as the robot offers a riddle only and tells you that the third digit is 0.

Now the rest of the digits are unknown but however, but all are the same number. You, fortunately, have mentioned the password, coordinates, and rewards down below in the table.

Coordinates-537.1, -449.9
RewardsType 1 Supply Pod
Gold x 223
EXP x 3,217
Dark Crystal x 20
Black Nucleus x 1

Under Cetus Island Electronic Lock

The locked door is located on the northeastern side of Raincaller Island. There is a truck with a locked door which is guarded by Smoli and her two guard dogs, so be careful. To reach the area quickly, you must teleport to Cetus island first, and after that, glide down to the western side of Raincaller Island.

Electronic Lock
Under Cetus’s lock in Tower of Fantasy

Here to Password Memory robot will give you a clue about the locked door. The password is on top of the locked door so check it.

Similarly, here too, you won’t get numbers in a sequence, but the robot will give you a riddle. The first and second digits of the code are the same, and the third and fourth digits are the same.

Remember that the third digit is greater than the first and second digits. To make things easy for you, we have mentioned Rewards, Coordinates, and passwords below in the table.

Coordinates-638.5, -847.2
RewardsType 1 Supply Pod
Gold x 224
EXP x 3,407
Dark Crystal x 20
Black Nucleus x 1

Miner’s Camp Electronic Lock

This locked door has the shape of a diamond, and it is a container named Deconstruction Device – PDC1. The location of the Miner’s camp is at the top of a metal tower which is near the north of the camp.

Electronic Lock
Miner’s camp lock-in game

You will find three robots at the location, and they’re named Abandoned Servers. However, each robot is on a different level of a ruined metal tower. Each robot will give you one digit, and you will receive the first, second, and fourth code for the door that is locked.

However, robots won’t give you the third digit. If you take a closer look at the fingerprint, you will find the digit you are looking for. We have also written the password, rewards, and coordinates in the below table; take a look!

Coordinates-376.3, -245.5
RewardsGold Nucleus x 1

Crescent Shore Electronic Lock

Crescent shore electronic lock door in Tower of Fantasy can be found on the northern side of Lumina near the crown Mines region. Keep in mind that the site where the locked door is guarded by many Aiden Zealots. You will have to defeat these enemies first then you can access the terminal.

Electronic Lock
Crescent lock in Tower of Fantasy

However, getting the password of the Crescent Shore locked door is quite easy. There are four robots there named Barrier Password Memories; each of them will give you one digit. Remember that you have noted the sequence in which you get the digits.

Fortunately for you, we have a table that contains Passwords, Coordinates, and rewards.

Coordinates-779.0, -644.2
RewardsType 2 Supply Pod
Gold Nucleus x 1
Gold x 570
EXP x 18,116
Dark Crystal x **5*0*

Seaforth Dock Electronic Lock

Seaforth Dock locked door is on the west side of the Lumina in the crown mines region. Moreover, when you reach the place, you will realize that several Aiden Zealots also guard the locked door. You will also need to defeat them then you can access the terminal.

Locked Door Seaforth

Getting a password for the Locked door is a little tricky. Three robots are known as Barrier Password Memories, located at the Seaforth Dock. Each one of the robots will give you one digit for the code. You will be given the first, third, and fourth digits for the door you need to unlock.

You won’t get the second digit, but taking a closer look at a fingerprint on the electronic lock, you will see the digit. Furthermore, we have also written down the code below.

Coordinates-508.1, -767.5
RewardsType 1 Supply Pod
Gold x 206
EXP x 10,060
Dark Crystal x 20
Black Nucleus x 1

The Lumina Electronic Lock

This locked door in The Lumina is also a container with a diamond shape named Deconstruction Device – PDC2. Moreover, the locked door is located on the stem of the ship. Reaching it is not difficult; first, you should head to the back of the ship, climb up several stairs, and you will get there.

Lumina Locked Door

When you reach the location, you will find three robots there called Abandoned Servers. Each of the robots will give you one digit. You will get the first, third, and fourth digits for the electronically locked door.

However, no robot will give you the second digit but looks at the fingerprint of the electronic lock, you will find it there. We have also mentioned the coordinates, passwords, and rewards in the table.

Coordinates-736.7, -851.5
RewardsGold Nucleus x 1

Aarniel Fortress Electronic Lock

The shape of the Arniel Fortress Electronic Lock is also like a Diamond. Furthermore, the name of the container is Deconstruction Device – PDW1; finding the container is easy as it is located under the fortress.

Locked door
Aarniel Electronic Lock

Quickly reach the location, and you will see four robots known as Abandoned Servers. These robots are located there, and each one of them will give you a digit that you need. We have also mentioned the needed password, coordinates to reach the location, and rewards that you will get. So check out the table below.  

Coordinates381.6, -832.4
RewardsGold Nucleus x 1

Aida Base Dawn Frontier Electronic Lock

You can find the location of the locked door in Aida Base on the north side of the main island in the ocean. It is very important to unlock the locked door as it has one of the crucial parts of Monocross. Not only that, but it also has a vehicle that is very hard to unlock in-game.

Electronic Lock
Aida Base Electronic Lock in Tower of Fantasy

After reaching the location where you will find Hyena Officer called Smoller. He will also tell you about the password. The location of the Officer is at the 2nd oil rig, and it is northwest of Raincaller Island. However, you won’t get the code easily.

First, you will need to make Tomato and fried egg pasta for your friend. To make things easy for you, we have already mentioned coordinates, passwords, and all rewards below in the table.

Coordinates664.8, -1236.7
RewardsGold Nucleus x 1
Unicorn Bionic Frame x 1

Samir’s Story Mission Password

As you progress through the story mission of Samir, it would be a Game of Cat and Mouse. It will later lead you and Huma to locate that the X-7 research lab has had a security breach. Moreover, when you interact with highlighted monitor there, it will provide you with the password. The Password is 1103 and is for disabling the traps in the lab.

Mission lock
Samir Story mission electronic lock

Final Words

Tower of Fantasy has interesting puzzles like Electronic locks that you will need to unlock if you want to collect the rewards. However, unlocking these locked doors is not easy as they require you to put correct password and could be very confusing for new players.

Not only that but finding the exact location could also be a problem sometimes. Upon reaching the location, sometimes you have defeated the enemies or have solved the riddle to get the right code.

But in this guide, we have made things easy for you; we have mentioned the passwords of all the electronic locks and their location as well. We hope that the article we help you to get through all the locked doors and collect the rewards.

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