Tower Of Fantasy Fruit Cake: Recipe & Benefits

In our guide on Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy, you will know all about how to make it, what ingredients are used in making it and how it can make you earn rewards.

To make a Fruit Cake in Tower Of Fantasy is pretty simple. All you have to do is gather some necessary ingredients, and you are good to go. Hence, our guide will take you through all the detailed information needed to make the cake. Look at our guide on the best gifts for Meryl in Tower of Fantasy. The game Tower of Fantasy begins with a new world, Aida, where all the humans have found their new homes after being unable to access any Earth resources.

Moreover, there was some deadly energy surrounding Earth as well, which turned out to be fatal to humans. Even stronger energy welcomes humans upon their arrival, called the Omnium. Even though humans built a tower of Omnium to capture its harmful rays, they are nonetheless exposed to a disastrous situation.

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Furthehumans now have tomans to save the world and their fellows. Tower of Fantasy is available to play on the official site of the game, Microsoft Windows, and even the Apple Store. Created and published by the Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy is the perfect action game for all anime lovers. We have curated a guide on the best healing weapons and the best healer build for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy has everything you need, from unique fighting styles to customize own characters. There are even treasure hunts for you to order to gain rewards. The game has promised to keep you hooked and wanting more!

Now, without any more delay and getting off our main topic, which is to make a Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy, let’s dive right into it! You can also have a look at our guide on the best gifts for Shiro and gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy.

Fruit Cake For Nico

Nico is a non-player character in Tower of Fantasy who is looking out for people who can make a Fruit Cake for her. There will be many side missions for you to complete as you move further in the game. Finding Nico and making a cake for her birthday as she waits for the arrival of her parents back at home is a part of side missions.

Tower Of Fantasy Making The Fruit Cake
Nico’s Mother’s Fruit Cake Recipe

Finding Nico

For you to be able to complete the mission of making a Fruit Cake for Nico in the Tower of Fayou must find her first. Furthermore, it is not much of a hassle to find Nico. To find Nico, first of all, get yourself to the Spacerift. Once you are done with that, make Astra your shelter. Doing so will get you to the other side of the bridge,

Moreover, after you have crossed the bridge, move in the right direction and start looking out for Nico. You will soon find a petite girl who has black hair and wears a jacket in the white color, Nico.

There will be an exclamation mark on Nico’s head, meaning that she requires your help. Also, it appears on all the other NPSc when they need your support.

Furthermore, while we are on the topic of cooking in Tower of Fantasy, it is important to keep in mind that certain missions require cooking. These missions are like making a Soda of Strawberry Ice on the Base of Hyena’s Base or a Fruit Cake for Nico.

Hence, the players should keep gathering several ingredients when they are out hunting as they can be needed at any time.

Recipe For Making A Fruit Cake

Firstly, get the side mission triggered to get the recipe for making a Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy. After finding Nico, start up a conversation with her. While doing that, you will come to know that it is Nico’s birthday.

Moreover, she wishes to have a cake on her birthday. She does not want anyone to get burdened because of her. Now the players, being the kind soul they are, will promise to help Nico in making a fruit cake.

Fruit Cake
Unlocking The Recipe For Fruit Cake

Hence, players will go on a hunt to search for the ingredients required to make a fruit cake. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Strawberry
  • The Fallen Fruit
  • Homi Grain
  • Poultry Egg

Where To Find The Ingredients From

There are strawberries for you to find on the east side of the Omnium Tower Navia. All that players would need to do is head over there and make use of the Jetpack to slideAfterwarderwards. They can simply just collect the strawberries.

Unfortunately, strawberries are not available in areas closer to you, such as Astra. Hence, players are supposed to move towards far regions like Navia to get the required ingredient.

Fallen Fruit can be found at the Tower Omnium Asta’s west si or the Echoes Ring’s north side. Moreover, players can get it by looking through the grounds where several trees exist. Lastly, Poultry Eggs and Homi Grains can be looked for at the cliff’s top.

The cliff is located at the Astra Shelter’s west side. Furthermore, you can find Poultry eggs at some high places, such as the cliff’s edge or even the tower’s top.

Once the players have gotten their hands on the ingredients mentioned above, they should head back to Nico and learn about the recipe for making Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy. As a result, look for the things in the Backpack and tap on the option “Use” and get to work.

 Tower Of Fantasy Fruit Cake
Ingredients In The Backpack

Method Of Making Fruit Cake 

Next up, what the players need to do is go over to a shop called Fennie’s shop. Over there, you will find a station for cooking, make use of it and start making a Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy. However, the amount of the ingredients you would need while making the cake is mentioned below:

  • Strawberries in 2x
  • Fallen Fruit in 1x
  • The Homi Grain 1x
  • Poultry Egg 1x
Tower Of Fantasy Cake Of Fruits
Cooking Station
Fruit Cake
Cooking The Fruit Cake

Extra Benefits Of Fruit Cake

Players can make use of the Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy to get their satiety restored to 10. Furthermore, it can also be used to get the Wanderer’s HP restored to a 15%+20,000 instantly. Moreover, you can look at the bird’s nest to find the poultry eggs.

Nests can be found at some of the highest places, like cliffs, mountains, and even spires. Your chances of finding poultry eggs in Aesperia’s Northside, at an island called Raincaller, are very high.

Rewards Of Making A Fruit Cake

Once the players are done making the Fruit Cake, it should be presented to Nico. Upon presenting, the players will get a reward which will be the following items.

  • From the category of accessories, players will get a brand new piece of clothing: Vigorous.
  • A new Data Pack Matrix II
  • Players will be provided with EXP of 23,150
  • A Coating of Nano
  • Glaze with an Acidproof
Tower Of Fantasy Fruit Cake
Rewards For Making Fruit Cake

We can conclude our guide on the Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy by saying it is one of the most fun and interesting missions. Get your hands on all the required ingredients and make the cake for Nico’s birthday. Not only will that make her happy, but it will also increase your chances of going further in the game and winning useful rewards. 

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