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Check out the detailed guide on Huma in Tower of Fantasy to get in-depth knowledge of the character.

If Huma is your favorite character in Tower of Fantasy, then you’ve got a great choice. Today, we will discuss this impeccable character and have a look at her banner, advancements, team comps, matrices, and more. If you are fairly new to the game, make sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy Beginners guide and Best Tips and Tricks in Tower of Fantasy to get better at it.

To check the ranking of Huma and her weapon stats, go through our Tower of Fantasy tier list and Tower of Fantasy weapons guides. If you also want to consider some other good characters in the game, then make sure you go through our guides on the best charactersbest SSR characters, and role of characters in Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Huma

Before we discuss the special abilities and traits of the character, let’s get to know a bit more about her. Huma is a young woman who is under the supervision of Hykros after she was inflicted by a unique disease that made her achieve superhuman strength. Also, check our guide on Tower Of Fantasy System Requirements to run the game smoothly. 

Tower Of Fantasy Huma
Huma Overview

She has lost her memory and does not remember anything about her former personality. Huma is an introvert now, and her knowledge about the world is limited to Hykros, with everything beyond that making her anxious.

Huma is an SSR Simulacra and uses Molten Shield V2 as her primary firearm, which is a defensive-type weapon that deals flame damage. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on the BEST Tower of Fantasy Ice Teams.

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Huma’s Banner And Build

Huma and her favorite Molten Shield V2 weapon are one of the SSR Simulacra available in almost all weapon banners types. You can pull Huma on the Weapons Galore gold and black nucleus banners or even the limited banner if you don’t pull the featured weapon.

To find out more about drop rates, currencies, and the latest ongoing banners, check out our Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

TOF Best Tank Character
Tower Of Fantasy Huma

Huma is a compelling Simulacra whose Molten Shield V2 is a great choice as a Hybrid weapon that is decent in both defenses as well as offense. The weapon has the ability to embrace high impacts and save you from serious damage when needed, and then counterattack with special fire abilities.

Huma is a great fit as a tank for the team in Tower of Fantasy battles. Her abilities and unique weapon stats make her a good defensive unit. Before reading further, why not go through our guides on the best equipment and best armors in Tower of Fantasy?

Huma’s Weapon Stats

Below are the stats of Molten Sheild V2 in Tower of Fantasy.


Huma’s Attacks and Skills

When it comes to PvP and PvE battles, Huma shows splendid performance through her outstanding defense and decent offensive abilities. Her special attacks allow her to inflict fire damage upon her enemy and deal serious damage to them. Let’s discuss all the skillsets of Huma that can assist us in fights. Also, consider going through our Tower of Fantasy AFK farming guide.

Normal attacks

Following are the basic attacks of Huma in Tower of Fantasy. While on the ground, Huma can swing her axe four times to deal damage.

In Shield Form:

  • First Attack: Deal damage up to 77.7% of ATK + 4 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Second Attack: Deal damage up to 56.9% of ATK + 3 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Third Attack: Deal damage up to 62.8% of ATK + 3 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Fourth Attack: Deal damage up to 184% of ATK + 10 and bounces the enemy into the air.

In Axe Form:

  • First Attack: Deal damage up to 135.2% of ATK + 7 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Second Attack: Deal damage up to 79.4% of ATK + 4 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 119.9% of ATK + 6 with a short knockback to the enemy.
  • Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 221.3% of ATK + 12 with a short knockback to the enemy.

Special Attacks

Now that you’re aware of Huma’s basic attacks, let’s discuss her special moves that can save us in critical situations and change the outcomes of the battle.

Aerial Strike

While airborne or after jumping once, Huma can attack three times.

In Shield Form:
  • First Attack: Cast damage equal to 75.9% of ATK + 4.
  • Second Attack: Cast damage equal to 80.2% of ATK + 4.
  • Third Attack: Cast damage equal to 103% of ATK + 5.
In Axe Form:
  • First Attack: Cast damage equal to 118.6% of ATK + 6.
  • Second Attack: Cast damage equal to 91.1% of ATK + 5.
  • Third Attack: Cast damage equal to 277.9% of ATK + 15.


Shield Conversion: Huma switches her weapon from shield mode into axe form and smashes it on the surface, damaging up to 373.8% of ATK + 20 while stunning the target during the effect. The weapon also unleashes a flame zone for 5 seconds around the area that deals burning damage of 233.6% of ATK + 12 during the period.

Huma Skills

Axe Conversion: Huma switches her axe into Sheild for defense and slams it on the ground, dealing damage of 309.5% of ATK + 16 with a knockback to the target. The effect also prevents the target from switching its weapon for the next five seconds. The conversion effect has a cooldown duration of 45 seconds.

Seething Rage

When Phantasia is triggered, or the weapon is completely charged, all the debuffs for the wielder are removed, and the weapon unleashes a massive shockwave of flames, dealing damage equal to 352% of ATK + 19 with a burning effect duration of five seconds. The wielder also gets a 15% damage reduction during the effect.

Anticipation (Hold Attack)

  • Shield Form: When Huma is on the ground, tap and hold the normal attack command for three seconds to enter the shield form. During the hold, the Wanderer is unable to move, but the damage received is reduced by 50%. When you enter the shield form, release the normal attack button to unleash a fire blast, dealing damage equal to 167.3% of ATK + 9 while inflicting the enemy for one second.
  • Axe Form: While in Axe form, hold the normal attack for three seconds to initiate the effect, dealing damage equal to 122.2% of ATK + 6 while suspending the target.

Valor (Hold Attack)

While airborne, tap and hold the normal attack to trigger the attack. You can also initiate the move by holding the normal attack while climbing or during the Jetpack flight.

  • Shield Form: While airborne, casts damage equal to 12.5% of ATK + 1 each hit. Upon landing, casts damage equal to 89.2% of ATK + 5 while suspending the target.
  • Axe Form: While airborne, casts damage equal to 12.5% of ATK + 1 each hit. Upon landing, casts damage equal to 128.3% of ATK + 7 while suspending the target.

The damage effect of the attack also depends on the altitude while triggering the attack. The more the height, the greater the damage, which can reach up to 600%.

Dodge Attacks

After discussing the offensive moves of Huma, let’s get into the dodge attacks that will help you to resist enemy strikes and counterattack properly.


Tap the normal attack instantly after a successful dodge to trigger the attack.

  • Shield Form: Huma uses the shield to cast burning flames, dealing damage equal to 55.8% of ATK + 3 with a short knockback to the target. In addition, the effect also triggers an explosion, dealing damage equal to 55.8% of ATK + 3 while stunning the target for 0.5 seconds. The effect also reduces the healing effect of the target by 30% for 10 seconds.
  • Axe Form: Swing her axe in a fierce way to deal damage equal to 226.3% of ATK + 12. This effect also reduces the healing effect of the target by 30% for 10 seconds.


Dodge the enemy’s attack instantly when it is about to hit you to trigger the Phantasia effect, reducing the speed and movement of nearby enemies.

Cooldown: The effect has a cooldown duration of 15 seconds. While dodging the attack, you also gain hitstun immunity for 0.5 seconds.

Huma Awakening Traits


Whenever Huma is hit with an opponent’s attack, she gets one Fortitude mark for normal attack and another for flame damage, once per second, with 12 stacks total. While using the special shield skill, you can utilize the Fortitude to gain additional HP for the shield, equal to the Fortitude Marks x0.4% HP for twelve seconds. If you achieve the maximum Fortitude marks, then you get the rate of marks x0.6% HP.

Cost: 1200 Awakening Points

Iron Screen

Cost: 4000 Awakening Points

Iron Screen has the same buffs as the Fortitude, but it is activated in the Axe mode. As Huma gains Fortitude points, it can be utilized during the special skill of weapon mode. While activating the skill, the Fortitude points grant additional Health points of marks x0.6% HP for 12 seconds and x0.6% HP if you have maximum Fortitude points.

Awakening Rewards

Following are the Awakening rewards of Huma at different Awakening Points.

Awakening PointsRewards
200 Huma Avatar
600Acquaintance Log
1200Fortitude Trait
2000Echo Log
3000Symphony Log
4000 Iron Screen Trait

Huma Advancement

Just like any other character and weapons in the game, Huma can be advanced to different star levels to unlock her additional capabilities. Following are the perks unlocked at different star levels.

  • One star: Upon each Huma’s discharge, you get a shielded stack. The stack provides a 10% damage reduction for the next 15 seconds. While switching the weapon form, the shield stack is transformed into axe stacks, each of which enhances the damaging impact by 15% for fifteen seconds. Switching to a different weapon will cancel the stacks and weapon buffs.
  • Two stars: Enhances the base HP growth of the weapon by 16%
  • Three stars: The weapon in Axe form deals extra 4% damage to the enemy, depending on their current Health.
  • Four stars: Enhances the base HP growth of the weapon by 32%.
  • Five stars: After switching to shield form, the weapon reduces the incoming damage by 30% for the next three seconds and is reduced by 10% each second. The cooldown duration of the effect is 30 seconds, and switching to a different weapon will cancel the effects.
  • Six stars Enhance the powers of Shield and Axe form. In the Shield conversion enhancement, the weapon’s damage is increased by 60% and increases the flame radius by 30%, covering a larger span. In the Axe conversion enhancement: all the receiving damage is turned HP for five seconds, and the maximum HP gained can be 15% of your max health points.

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Huma Weapon Upgrade Materials

Tower Of Fantasy Huma
Huma Weapon Upgrade

The following materials are required to upgrade Huma’s weapon through each level.

  • Firecore ×2
400 Gold
  • Firecore ×2
800 Gold
  • Firecore ×3
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×3
1200 Gold
  • Firecore ×3
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×3
  • Nanofiber Frame I ×3
1600 Gold
  • Firecore ×4
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×4
  • Nanofiber Frame I ×4
2000 Gold
  • Firecore ×6
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×6
  • Nanofiber Frame I ×6
2400 Gold
  • Firecore ×8
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×8
  • Nanofiber Frame I ×8
2800 Gold
  • Firecore ×11
  • Acidproof Glaze I ×11
  • Nanofiber Frame I ×11
3200 Gold
  • Heart of Lava ×5
  • Acidproof Glaze II ×5
  • Nanofiber Frame II ×5
3600 Gold
  • Heart of Lava ×6
  • Acidproof Glaze II ×6
  • Nanofiber Frame II ×6
4000 Gold

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Best Team Cops For Huma

Huma can be used as a tank character in a team for optimal results, as the Molten Shield V2 is really good against deadly attacks and high DPS moves. A good team can be made by placing Huma in the front lineup to absorb heavy hits for the team and provide assistance to counterattack.

In the middle, you can use Nemises as her primary weapon: Venus is exceptionally good at dealing with a large number of enemies with exceptional offensive abilities. Her shield braking abilities, electrode damage, and passive healing buffs make her a great choice for the middle order.

For the third slot, you can use Meryl, who can play the supporting character role. Her primary weapon, Rosy edge, possesses decent stats that can be relied on. Alternatively, you can change the characters according to your personal preferences, but we recommend you always use Huma in the front- lineup as a tank character.

Best Gifts For Huma

There are three types of gifts available in the game for Huma, which are: Purple, Blue, and Green. You can get these gifts by buying the gift pack in the Shop menu. Speaking of gifts, why not go through our guide on the best gifts for SR and SSR units in Tower of Fantasy?

The following are the best gifts for Huma, under the different gift types:

Purple Gifts:

    • Angela Ornament

Blue Gifts:

    • Vitamin Pack
    • Coloring Book
    • Chess Set
    • Taylor-Made Suit
    • Tartarus Ornament
    • New Kalka Ornament
    • Perfume Bottle

Green Gifts:

    • Nice Picture Frame
    • Wool Scarf
    • Custom Poker Deck
    • Flower Bouquet
    • Potted Plant

Huma’s Voice Actor

The voice of Huma in Tower of Fantasy is done by Colleen O’Shaughnessey, which has also done the vocals of other famous characters such as Tails from Sonic and Kronya from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In the Japanese version, the voice actor is Rie Takahashi, who is also famous for doing the voice of hu Tao in Genshin Impact, Megumin from Konosuba, Hikari from Pokémon Masters, and many other characters.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our guide on Tower of Fantasy Huma builds. If Huma is your favorite character to play with, make sure to invest some time in order to get used to her traits and perks so you can use her skill sets wisely according to her condition. Her great defensive abilities and decent offensive powers make her a great choice.

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