Tower Of Fantasy King: Skills, Teams, & Weapons

The guide contains in-depth details of King in Tower of Fantasy such as his team composition, weapon, skills, and more.

Tower of Fantasy, the sci-fi and open-world MMORPG, has been making the headlights recently, and the reviews are worth a read. The free-to-play game is available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. The game consists of different Characters with roles and attributes which are unique. In the game, the roster is called simulacra, and so far, there are twenty of them. The character King is worth noting in Tower of Fantasy, and soon you will find out why.

Key Highlights
  • King is an S-Tier SSR-rated character with a severe, straight-talking personality who is bold and brash.
  • He uses the Scythe of the Crow weapon, which has excellent DPS and shield-removing capabilities.
  • King has two Awakening Traits: Coldblooded Swipe and Fear Reaper, both of which restore some health upon defeating enemies.
  • The best Matrices for King are the King 2-Set, Shiro 2-Set, and Robarg 3-Set Matrices.
  • The best teams for King are Crow Volt, Samir Volt, and Tsubasa Tri-Element.
  • You can rank King up to 5 times. Each rank costs more Gold, Material and requires a certain level.
  • King’s weapon has a passive ability that sets enemies on fire with a full charge dealing 58% ATK damage for eight seconds, and inflicts 50% efficacy from healing.
  • Scythe of the Crow weapon has 16 Attack, 6 Resistance, 1165 HP, 0 Critical, and 6 Advancements.
  • King’s moves and skills include Normal Attack, Asunder, Rising Scythe, Returning Chainblade, Domain Of The Bat, Sneak Attack, Flaming Scythe, and Mortal Coil.

Tower Of Fantasy Characters

All the characters have different builds, abilities, and designs, which makes them all distinct. Some players have mesmerizing lore, which engages the player with the character emotionally. Moreover, some characters are related to one another, such as Zeke is the elder brother of Shirli.

Each character has their own special weapon. However, once you unlock a character through the gacha system, you get their special weapon and skin as well. The special weapon can be equipped on your custom main character and other characters as well. So, if you are playing with Coco Ritter, you can equip her with the Chakram of the Seas, which is the weapon of Shiro.

King In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy: King
King in Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, the character King is rated SSR. The SSR characters in the game are deemed to be the most valuable of all. Regarding King’s personality, he is a straight-talking and serious person who does not indulge in anything vague. He is extremely bold and brash and can cause violence at the slightest nonsense by someone else.

However, if he is someone who will give his hundred percent once he participates in any mission, although his battle streak is phenomenal, he has won so many battles in the past, yet you will find him with empty pockets all the time. If you are thinking of giving him something, make sure it is any of these saved, rare items and limited store items.

In terms of providing heavy damage to the enemies, King has excellent DPS. He uses a special weapon named the Scythe of the Crow. Apart from dealing heavy damage, his weapon is also capable of removing enemies’ shields at an increasing rate.

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There is no doubt that King is one of the greatest players in Tower of Fantasy. Our Tower of Fantasy Characters Tier List is there to back it up by placing him in S-Tier. Once you get him in the game, invest in him as much as you can because it is all worth it. Not only will he help you level up but also against the enemies and bosses possessing shields in all PVE content.

Awakening Traits Of King

Currently, in Tower of Fantasy, there are two traits of the King.

  • Coldblooded Swipe 1200 Awakening: The HP will restore equal to 8% of the maximum HP every time once King defeats seven enemies.
  • Fear Reaper 4000 Awakening: The HP will restore equal to 10% of the maximum HP every time once King defeats five enemies.

King’s Best Build Matrices

In Tower of Fantasy, the Matrices are also called chips. They are special weapon attachments that improve the overall abilities and stats of the weapon. Currently, the two best shield-breaking units have the highest shatter stat in the game.

  1. King 2-Set: Increase damage dealt by 4%/5%/6%/7% for 25 seconds, up to 3 stacks for every 10% shatter applied to an enemy.
  2. Shiro 2-Set: Increase both damages and shatter to enemies with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.
  3. Robarg 3-Set (Optional): When an enemy is shattered, poison the enemy and deal damage equal to 45%/56%/67.5% of ATK every second for ten seconds.

Best Teams for King

There are three teams that will make your attack lethal. King and Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy are a must-have in these team compositions:

  • Crow Volt: King for shield breaking, Nemesis for utility, and Crow as main DPS.
  • Samir Volt: King for shield breaking, Nemesis for utility, and Samir as main DPS.
  • Tsubasa Tri-Element: Tsubasa as main DPS, King for shield breaking, and Nemesis for utility.

King’s Cost Planner For Upgrade

In Tower of Fantasy, the King can go up to rank 5. However, each rank-up will cost some gold and materials and require a certain level.

  • First Rank: It will require 400 Gold Coins, 2 Firecore, and level 10.
  • Second Rank: It will require 800 Gold Coins, 2 Firecore, and level 20.
  • Third Rank: It will require 1200 Gold Coins, 3 Firecore, 3 Acidproof Glaze I, and level 30.
  • Fourth Rank: It will require 1600 Gold Coins, 3 Firecore, 3 Acidproof Glaze I, 3 Nanofiber Frame I, and level 40.
  • Fifth Rank: It will require 2000 Gold Coins, 4 Firecore, 4 Acidproof Glaze I, 4 Nanofiber Frame I, and level 50.

King’s Weapon: Scythe Of The Crow

Tower of Fantasy King: Weapon
Scythe of the Crow Weapon

He has a special weapon that comes under the Scythe weapon type. When the Scythe of The Crow is fully charged, it will set the enemy target on fire for eight seconds. The enemy will be dealing an ongoing 58% damage every second of ATK. The enemies who are ignited will also get 50% efficacy from healing.

You can get the weapon by taking your chances in gacha. Moreover, the weapon stats are

  • Attack: 16
  • Resistance: 6
  • HP: 1165
  • Critical: none

Weapon Advancement

There is a total of six stars advancement, and they are as follows:

  • 1 Star: It increases the shatter by fifteen percent of a shield. Once the target’s shield is shattered, the target will deal burn damage which is equivalent to 120% of ATK for fifteen seconds.
  • 2 Stars: base HP Growth of the equipped weapon is increased by sixteen percent.
  • 3 Stars: It increases the dealing damage by six percent to the enemies who are within the six meters range, which can go up to a maximum of thirty percent.
  • 4 Stars: The equipped weapon’s base ATK growth will increase by thirty-two percent.
  • 5 Stars: Damage dealt against the shielded enemies or HP shields will increase by a hundred percent.
  • 6 Stars: For every enemy killed, the damage dealt will increase by ten percent for thirty seconds. You can stack it up to three times.

Skills Of King

Tower of Fantasy: King's Moves and Skills
King’s Skills and Moves

There are a number of moves and skills that you can do with King in the game, and he has a passive ability as well.

Normal Attack

It is a basic attack that the King will do while staying on the ground. He will be able to swing the Scythe of The Crow in order to launch five consecutive attacks. The first attack will deal knock the enemy back a short distance and deal damage which is equal to 57.1% of ATK + 3.

The second attack will also knock the enemy back a short distance, but the damage dealt will be equal to 49.1% of ATK + 3. In the third attack, the damage dealt will be equivalent to 106.8% of ATK + 6, and it will knock the enemy back for a short distance.

The fourth attack will deal damage equivalent to 109.5% of ATK + 6 while knocking the enemy back for a short distance. Lastly, the fifth attack will strongly suspend the enemy causing the Wanderer to go airborne. The damage dealt will be equal to 104.2% of ATK + 5.


You can use the Asunder skill by pressing the jump and holding the attack button. It is your choice whether you want to tap and hold the attack button while being airborne or tap when the enemy gets selected. You can also tap the normal attack button when you are jumping backward, using the jetpack in Tower of Fantasy, or climbing to trigger Asunder.

Each hit will deal damage equal to 12.5% of ATK + 1 when you are falling. Once you land, you will deliver a knockdown with dealing damage equal to 71.9% of ATK + 4. Remember, the higher you get in the air, the greater damage you will be able to deal with. The maximum damage you can deal with is up to 600%.

Rising Scythe

Use the Rising Scythe by tapping the jump and attack button while you are in the air or after you have jumped once. The attack will be five times in a row. In the first attack, the damage dealt will be equivalent to 63.4% of ATK + 3. In the second attack, the damage dealt will increase and be equal to 68.8% of ATK + 4.

The third attack will be three times more deadly as the damage dealt will increase to 190.5% of ATK + 10. The fourth attack will have damage equal to 213.6% of ATK + 11. Lastly, in the fifth attack, the enemy will be knocked down while dealing damage equal to 173.9% of ATK + 9. The higher you are while triggering the skill, the greater damage you will deal; it can go up to 600% damage.

Returning Chainblade

The Returning Chainblade will trigger once you make four normal attacks and then hold the normal attack button. It will transform King into a Chainblade, which will pull the enemies in and deal damage equal to 137.4% of ATK + 7.

Another form of it can be triggered during the short, perfect dodge window, where you will have to tap the normal attack button. The skill is also called Rapid Lunge, and it will also pull the enemies near while dealing up to 126.9% of ATK + 7 damage.

Domain Of The Bat

The skill requires you to summon a domain of the bat while dodging to pull the enemies into the center. Then, after dodging to swing the Scythe of The Crow, tap the normal attack button, which will deal up to 114.3% of ATK + 6 damage to the enemies.

Sneak Attack

The deadly skill requires you to approach the enemy quietly from behind while crouching. Once you are in close range, tap the normal attack, which will deal damage to the enemy equivalent to 570% of ATK + 30.

Flaming Scythe

When you trigger the Phantasia, or the weapon charge is full, it will create a Flaming Scythe when you switch to the weapon and remove all debuffs from the wielder. The damage dealt to the enemies will be equal to 398.3% of ATK + 21 and lasts for 10 seconds.

Moreover, after every couple of seconds, you should spawn the Flaming Scythes Domain. The Scythes will summon through the ground volcanic eruptions. The enemies will deal damage equal to 66% of ATK + 3, and on top of that, they will even get suspended.

Mortal Coil

The simple skill will swing the Scythe of The Crow and deal damage to enemies, which is equivalent to 499.9% of ATK + 26. Moreover, the cooldown of Mortal Coil is Forty-Five seconds. Read the Tower of Fantasy Voice Actors guide if you want to know which voice actors covered King.


It is the passive ability of the King in Tower of Fantasy. Once the weapon fully charges, it will set the enemy on fire with the next attack for eight seconds. It will cause ongoing damage of 58% of ATK per second. The ignited enemies will receive an efficacy of 50% from healing.


All in all, these are all the things you need to know about King in Tower of Fantasy. Since the game is still in testing mode, King might get some changes. We also recommend you keep practicing King’s skills, as you will be required to perfect your timing while doing combos.

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