Tower of Fantasy Level Up XP Faster [7 Best Ways]

Our Tower of Fantasy XP Faster guide talks about seven different ways in which you can get more XP to upgrade your character.

Similar to most ARPGs, the Tower of Fantasy includes the level-up mechanic. Leveling up requires you to complete a crazy amount of missions and quests. Upgrading your character can be extremely difficult, and you must spend countless hours getting there. To overcome the issue, we devised a Tower of Fantasy XP Faster guide. The guide includes strategies you can follow to level up your character at a rapid pace. Following the guide will help boost your character’s stats and make rapid progress in the game.

Key Highlights
  • You can easily reach level 40 by only completing the basic storyline. From here, leveling up gets challenging.
  • The game has a cooldown period when you reach a specific number of missions.
  • The second faster way to gain XP is Daily Bounties. You’ll have to complete the game’s first chapter to unlock them.
  • The third option is spending Vitality in the Adventure Tab to do different quests.
  • Mia’s Kitchen is also an easy way to earn XP. To access it click on Adventure, then select the Recommended Tab.
  • You can do Mia’s Kitchen 3 times daily; 5:00, 12:00, and 18:00.
  • You can play Void Rift events to get XP faster. Here, your main objective will be to locate 3 keys and complete the stage within a particular time limit.
  • Void Rift is a tri-week event, and these 3 days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • In Frontier Clash events, you’ll take on different waves of enemies and face the boss in the third wave.
  • Frontier Clash lasts 8 minutes and is also a tri-week event; the days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Exploring Ruins is also an excellent way to get XP. Some Ruins can be unlocked by simply reaching them, while others are level locked.
  • There are 4 Ruins Region, with each region having an additional 3 Ruins, totaling 12 Ruins.
  • The 4 Ruins Regions are; Astra Region, Banges Region, Navia Region, and Crown Region.
  • There are many Side Quests in the game. Some are available from the start, while others need to be unlocked.
  • An important thing to remember is that the game has an XP cap, meaning you can only gain a certain amount of XP daily.

Leveling Up In Tower of Fantasy

As stated before, leveling up your character is an important game aspect. It allows you to boost your character’s stats and abilities and get through different areas of the game quickly. Characters like King, Crow, Nemesis, and Bai Yuekui all need levels to showcase their maximum strength.

The leveling system for your character in Tower of Fantasy is known as the Wanderer Level. You can gain XP by completing different quests in the game and earning XP. You need to be careful when you are selecting a task, as some are more complex and require more effort than others.

The leveling process is also the same when it comes to Customizable Characters. You need to earn XP to upgrade your character and unlock powerful weapons and skills for them. Once you reach a certain power level, you can easily get through any area of the game.

An important thing to remember about leveling is that you can easily get to level 40 in the game. Getting to level 40 requires you only to complete some basic storyline missions. Completing these missions requires minimum effort so that you can get through them without a problem.

The issue of leveling up arises when you look beyond the level 40 mark. So, our guide will discuss a plethora of ways in which you can further level up your character.

Best Ways To Get XP Faster

There are a plethora of ways in which you can gain XP Faster in Tower of Fantasy. Some of these methods are basic and easy to follow, while others can be difficult. Following our list will ensure that you can get the best value for your time and gain levels as fast as possible. With that being said, our list includes methods like;

Completing The Main Storyline

The first and the most obvious way to gain XP in Tower of Fantasy is to focus on the main storyline. If you are a new player who is just starting the game, the main storyline is the perfect way to gain XP. The main quests include missions that can give you a crazy amount of XP, which can help you level up your character faster.

Different Storyline Chapters and Quests

The main storyline is divided into different chapters, with each chapter having a certain amount of missions. You can complete these missions to make progress in the game and also gain XP. The XP gained from these missions at the early stage will be more than enough to level up your character.

However, once you have completed a certain amount of missions, you will reach a point where you will have to wait to access new missions. The cooldown period can last up to several hours. So, once you reach the waiting stage in the main storyline, you can start focusing on the other options mentioned in our list.

Daily Bounties

Next up on our list are Daily Bounties. Daily bounties are small hunting missions that are available to the players daily. You can quickly complete these missions to gain a significant amount of XP in a short period.

Different Available Daily Bounties

However, before you can play and complete the Daily Bounties, you will have to unlock them. To unlock these bounties, you will have to complete the first chapter of the main storyline. Upon completing the first chapter, you will get access to the adventure menu where the daily bounties can be located.

Daily Bounties are an amazing way to get XP during the early stages of the game. You can get up to 50k to 60k XP by completing a single mission. To complete a Daily Bounty, you will simply pick a mission and click on the Track Down button given below.

After that, you will be teleported to the specified area, where you will have to hunt down the specified monsters to complete the mission. Upon completing the quest, you will receive the XP and additional items as a reward. The bounties are refreshed every day at 5:00, so you can play and complete them daily.

Vitality Spend

The third option for Faster XP in Tower of Fantasy is Vitality Spend. Vitality is a resource in the game that can be used to complete different adventure quests. It refreshes over time and can be used to travel and complete missions.

To use the vitality, you will first select the adventure tab.

adventure tab
Accessing the Adventure Tab in Tower of Fantasy

After that, you will make your way to the Select Tab and then click on the Interstellar-Exploration option.

Accessing The Interstellar Exploration Tab

Here, you can select any Star Gate and travel there to earn XP and other rewards. You can check the rewards for any Star Gate by simply clicking on it.

Completing a Star Gate Using Vitality

An important thing to keep in mind about vitality is that it refreshes daily. You have access to a total of 180 vitality daily, which you can use. So, you can do interstellar exploration multiple times a day to gain a large amount of XP with minimum effort.

Mia’s Kitchen

The next method on our Tower of Fantasy Faster XP list is known as Mia’s Kitchen. This is arguably the easiest way to earn XP in the game. You are only required to taste dishes to unlock different items as well as get a considerable amount of XP.

To get access to Mia’s Kitchen, you will first click on the adventure tab that is located in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you will select the Recommended Tab. Here, you can see and choose Mia’s Kitchen.

kitchen 1
Accessing Mia’s Kitchen

After you click on the option, you will be teleported to Mia’s Kitchen. When in the kitchen, you are given the option to taste the dish.

kitchen 2
Tasting a Dish in Mia’s Kitchen

Once you are done eating the dish, you will be given different items as a reward, including XP.

kitchen 3
Rewards for Tasting a Dish in Mia’s Kitchen

An important thing to note about Mia’s Kitchen is that it becomes available to the players three times a day. You can access the Kitchen every day at 5:00, 12:00, and 18:00. So, you need to make sure that you visit the Kitchen all three times to get the maximum amount of XP possible.

Void & Frontier Events

The fifth item on our list is the Void & Frontier even. These events include the Frontier Clash and the Void Rifts. In these events, you have to take on and defeat different Tower of Fantasy Bosses to get XP as a reward. Both these events are a perfect way to gain XP Faster in Tower of Fantasy.

Void Rifts

First, we will talk about Void Rifts. The Void Rifts can be played solo as well as with a party. 

As the event starts, you are dropped into a world where you have to fight a large swarm of enemies. You can pick up different buffs for your team by clicking certain enemies as well. Your main objective in the round is to locate 3 keys that will help you progress to the next stage.

Locating Keys in The Void Rift

You will need to take out Infernal Steel Lizards to locate these keys. Once you have collected all the keys, you can start the boss encounter. You can take on this boss solo or get help from friends or guild mates.

Encountering A Boss in Void Rift

In terms of formations, you need Healers as well as SSR and DPS Characters. You will also need powerful and effective Builds to ensure that you can take out these enemies. Once you have taken out the boss, you can get close to 54 thousand XP as a reward.

XP Reward For Defeating A Boss In Void Rift

An important thing to note is that you need to complete the stage in a 14-minute and 40-second period. The Void Rift is also a tri-week event which means that you can play it three days a week. These three days include Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Frontier Clashes

Starting A Frontier Clash Quest

Next up is the Frontier Clash. In the frontier clash, even you have to take on different waves of enemies. Each wave becomes increasingly challenging and requires more effort to kill. You can play this mode in a party of four as well.

The first two waves will consist of normal enemies. Once you have defeated these waves, you will encounter a boss in the third wave. Defeating the 3rd wave boss will reward you with a boss chest. You need to ensure that you have the Best Characters and Weapons to eliminate the boss quickly.

Bosses on Every 3rd Wave in Frontier Clash

The round will follow the same formula of two normal waves followed by a monster wave. A Frontier Clash event lasts for a total of 8 minutes, in which you can try to clear as many waves as possible. Defeating every monster will reward you with XP. The XP obtained will also be increased if you are playing with multiple people.

XP Multiplier in Frontier Clash

Frontier Clashes also have a weekly limit of three. You can play the event on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In terms of strategy, you need to go for the Best Classes and powerful characters like Tsubasa. You can also view our tier lists for Characters and Weapons to make the best possible choices.

Exploring The Ruins

Ruins are a great way in Tower of Fantasy to get XP Faster. Ruins work in the way dungeons do in many ARPGs. They can be found all over the map and can be unlocked to get XP.

To unlock a ruin, you have to travel to the location where the ruin is located.

Unlocking a Ruin in Tower of Fantasy

After you have visited the ruin, it will become unlocked and will be added to your adventure menu. It is also important to remember that some ruins are level locked. This means that you need to reach a certain level to unlock them.

You can use the above methods to get levels to unlock all available ruins. There are a total of 4 ruin regions. Each region has three additional ruins, which takes the total ruins in the game to 12. The four ruin regions in Tower of Fantasy are Astra Region, Banges Region, Navia Region, and Crown Region.

Once you have unlocked the ruins, you can access them in the adventure tab. From there, you will go to the recommended tab to locate the ruins.

accessing ruins
Accessing Ruins in the Adventure Tab

Here you can find all the ruins that you have unlocked in the game thus far. Additionally, you can also locate the different difficulties available for every single one. Each difficulty has its rewards and level requirements. You will receive better XP and rewards if you want to play a ruin at a greater difficulty.

Level Requirements & Rewards for Exploring a Rune

However, playing at a higher difficulty level will also have higher level requirements. You will also need better gear and weapons to get through the bosses in these ruins. So, you need to make sure that you are well prepared before you play these missions on greater difficulty.

Side Quests

Similar to the main storyline, side quests are a great way to get XP in Tower of Fantasy. There are countless side quests available in the game. Some quests are available and visible on the map, while others require you to explore.

side quests
Starting Side Quests in Tower of Fantasy

We recommend completing the quests that are readily available on the map. These quests are relatively short and can give you an average of 7000 XP for every side mission. Additionally, these quests also give rewards like Dark Crystals and shards that will help you upgrade your character.

An important thing to keep in mind while completing these quests is that not all of them give the same rewards. Some quests might give you 3000 XP, while others might give you 7000. So, it is always important to check the quest before you start you ensure that it is worth the effort.

Benefits of Leveling Up Your Character

Our Tower of Fantasy XP Faster guide can help you out in multiple ways. Leveling up your character is very important in the game. It allows you to explore different areas of the map.

It also unlocks different ruins, main quests, side missions, and other events locked at lower levels. Unlocking these items can help you make rapid progress in the game. You can also unlock different in-game items faster by completing these unlocked events.

In addition to all of this, getting more experience significantly improves your Combat Score. Combat Score is really important in Tower of Fantasy as it unlocks new features for you. These added features include more monsters and ruins for you to explore.

Combat Score in Tower of Fantasy

Unlocking these monsters and ruins is also important because it helps you unlock rare items. Clearing these unlocked challenges also gives you bonus XP, which will help you level up even faster.

Additionally, leveling up your character also improves its stats. Stats like health, damage, endurance, and Crit rate can all be improved with levels. These improved stats can help you get through different areas of the game with ease.  

Improved Character Stats

For instance, you can deal more damage with every level gained. The bonus damage can help you eliminate a lot of enemies quickly. It will also allow you to get through all the difficult areas in the game with ease.

In addition to the bonus damage, you will also receive bonus endurance. The increased endurance and health will allow you to absorb more damage from your enemies. The bonus health will also allow you to solo complete different challenges and take out different bosses.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind while following this Tower of Fantasy XP Faster guide is the XP Cap. The XP Cap means that the developers of the game have put a limit on the XP you can earn daily. Once you have reached that level, you cannot earn any more levels for the rest of the day.

Monitoring XP Cap in Tower of Fantasy

The XP Cap also means that it will all get wasted if you are not careful and keep earning XP. The additional XP earned will not be added to your total tally, and you will not earn any more levels. That is why it is important always to monitor the daily XP level when you are playing the game.

It is also crucial that you keep an eye on the XP level when you are using any of the aforementioned methods. Because if you are not careful and keep playing the different quests and missions, you will get any reward for them. So, it is always advantageous to keep an eye on your XP level and don’t attempt extra missions and waste the experience you are earning.

This concludes our Tower of Fantasy XP Faster guide. The guide talks in detail about the XP and level-up mechanics in the game. It also discusses seven different strategies that you can implement to earn XP faster.

The guide also sheds light on the benefits you get from leveling up your character. Finally, it discusses the XP Cap mechanic, and how to keep it in check so you don’t end up wasting your time. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below!

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