Tower Of Fantasy Lyra: Build, Weapons, & Skills

This guide covers Lyra's Build, Skills, and Weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Who Is Lyra?

Tower of Fantasy Lyra
Who Is Lyra In Tower Of Fantasy

Lyra is a simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy who is associated with a Vesper weapon. All you need to know about Lyra is that she is a 5 Star SSR character. Lyra was released as a Gacha Tower of Fantasy Banner about seven months ago.

You can also customize your character in Tower of Fantasy by following our Character Customization guide. A few specifications of Lyra are mentioned below in the table.

BirthdayJune 23

Lyra’s Skills

Lyra has only been released on the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy and is yet to make its global release. The schedule of the release is not determined, so there is not much information about Lyra’s skills. However, the weapons and advancements details about Lyra will give you an idea of her skills and powers.

What Are Lyra’s Attacks

Lyra's Attacks
What Are Lyra’s Attacks

Lyra uses a variety of attacks to fight her enemies. A few important attacks of Lyra are given below.

  • Lyra uses her hand to smash the opponent in her regular attacks.
  • She punches the opponent in the air during her aerial attacks.
  • In charged-up attacks, energy is built up in her left arm while she is floating in the air, and then she smashes it on the ground.
  • Regular hold kind of follows the same thing as the charged-up attack, but the only difference is that she stays on the ground during the regular hold.
  • Every character in the game has some resonance, and Lyra has HP resonance which creates a pointed arrow-like structure on the ground. However, creating two such structures will make the ball bounce between them. 
  • In the case of DPS resonance, Lyra will create a huge crystal barrier to protect herself. HP resonance is better, as it creates a purple shield around her and helps her heal their health.

In short, Lyra is a fun character filled with many exciting attacks and skills that you can use to defeat your opponent.

Lyra’s Weapon

Lyra's Weapons
What Is Lyra’s Weapon

You must have seen Lyra use some big brawler arms that always protect her from enemies. These fun arms are actually the fun weapon that Lyra owns, known as Vesper. You may also find Tower of Fantasy BEST Combo Weapons an interesting read.

Weapon Specifications

AbilitiesShatter 12, Charge 10
Weapon TypeTBA

Weapon Stats


Weapon Effects

The weapon effects of Vesper are as follows.


If your weapon is fully charged, it will inflict damage of 137% and make the target grievous for 7 seconds. It will take extra damage of 20%

Physical Resonance

If you are equipped with two or more weapons, your physical ATK will be increased by 20% and physical resistance by 40%. 

Weapon Advancements

weapon's advancements
Weapon Advancements

The weapon advancements of Vesper include ranking up to 6 Stars which are covered below in detail.

  • 1 Star: If your personal guardian is maximum while you are using a weapon, your guardian duration will refresh. The new capacity for dealing with damage will be equal to the number of guardians. Your physical ATK, in this case, will be 100%.
  • 2 Star: It increases the weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%.
  • 3 Star: The guardian damage increases by 20%. If you use any weapon skill, your guardian’s final damage will be increased by 15%, but only for 10 seconds.
  • 4 Star: The current weapon’s base ATK growth is increased by 32%.
  • 5 Star: Triggering the guardian of forgiveness five times will protect you and your target from 1 fatal damage. On the contrary, triggering the guardian of repentance five times will protect you from 2 fatal damages. Both of these will be consumed to restore 15% HP.
  • 6 Star: If you are using any weapon skill, your final damage will be equal to the number of guardians. One guardian will increase the final damage and healing by 3%. 

Weapon Abilities

Vesper has various abilities and attacks that are listed below in detail.

Normal Attacks

When you are on the ground, you should use Vesper to attack five times simultaneously.

  • Hitting the target market as “repentance” using Vesper will deal additional damage. This increased damage will be equal to the number of guardians on the field. 
  • All the basic attacks “Radiance” have the ability to restore 15% of ATK into HP.
  • Air attack can be covert 60% recharge-ability into shield breaking ability.
  • A 15% decrease in your health or 300 weapon points will help you gain five repentance. 

The following table mentions the ATK and damage of all five attacks.



Clicking on the basic attack when you are in the air will release despair. Every punch causes 47.7% ATK with +2 damage. If you grab the target, grab it and throw it on the ground with 2% ATK and +3 damage.


tower of fantasy lyra

Holding the basic attack button will make you immune to damage and control effects. An important tip is to release it before you get hit, as you will be able to trigger Phantasia in this way.

Charge HitATKDamage


If you want to release instant light to cause the 28.5% ATK, you should hold the basic attack during a basic attack or after dodging. You can pick the option based on your convenience. 


You can trigger Phantasia before being hit by hitting the ground and controlling the target. Press and hold the basic attack when in the air.


You should be able to dodge before getting hit to trigger Phantasia, as it will reduce the speed of enemies. You will also become immune to hit stun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.

Consciousness Capture

You can click on the basic attack after dodging, and you will be able to grab your target to your side. You will be able to cause 261.4% ATK damage if you use this basic attack after dodging and Consciousness Capture.

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Tower of Fantasy is full of amazing characters with various skills, abilities, and weapons that enable you to win the battle against your opponent. Similarly, Tower of Fantasy Lyra is enriched with amazing attacks that she showcases using her weapon, Vesper.

Final Words

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG with Vitality Game Modes in which humans have left the earth due to a lack of resources. Their new home had a catastrophic disaster, and now it is up to you to save the world. This guide covers Tower of Fantasy Lyra’s Build, weapons, and skills to help you know about it.

The game offers players a wide range of weapons to choose from for their battle. Moreover, there are tons of characters in the game with Awakening Skills that you can unlock while playing. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on the BEST Tower of Fantasy Ice Teams.

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