Tower Of Fantasy Nemesis: Skills, Teams, & Stats

This guide discusses all about the skills, stats, teams, advancement levels, and upgrade costs of Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy.

Who Is Nemesis 

Nemesis with her main weapon, Venus

Nemesis is a calm, quiet, introverted killing machine born due to hundreds of mutations and modifications she suffered through the hands of “Heirs of Aida”. She is usually mind controlled by the Heirs of Aida, and her merciless nature earned her the name “Angle of Clemency”.

Nemesis is one of the DPS/Support hybrid characters of Tower of Fantasy with affiliation to the “Volt” element. Her weapons of choice are a set of EM Blaster guns called Venus. Also, consider reading our guide on how to get Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy.

Key Highlights
  • Nemesis is among Tower of Fantasy’s DPS/Support fusion heroes with ties to the Volt aspect.
  • In Tower of Fantasy, every character has a wide variety of attacks. By combining buttons, several attacks can be launched that cause high damage and have incredibly cool animations.
  • Nemesis is typically utilized as a support or utility character, which is an important function for her.
  • Throughout Tower of Fantasy, Nemesis improvements are utilized to give the weapons new benefits, powers, and bonuses in addition to increasing their harm.
  • Regardless of how powerful she is, Nemesis’ stats, skills, and improvement needs may change in subsequent versions.

A list of Nemesis’s stats is given below:

  • Combat Strength: 273
  • Shatter: 6.00 (B)
  • Charge: 8.00 (A)
  • Attack: 18
  • HP: 1165
  • Crit: 14
  • Type: Volt

Attacks & Skills

Each character in Tower of Fantasy has a plethora of attacks. Different types of attacks can be executed by mixing buttons, which not only deal high damage but also have much cooler animations too. In addition to that, each character has a specific skill and discharge ability, which are used as a trump card to turn the tables in any encounter.

Below are all the skills and attacks of Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy:


  • Type: Passive
  • After Nemesis’s weapon is fully charged, her next attack will paralyze the target for 1 second while also dealing electricity damage for 6 seconds. This attack removes all the buffs from the enemies and deals total damage of 144% of ATK. The struck targets cannot buff themselves for the next six seconds as well.

Volt Resonance

  • Type: Passive
  • This passive ability is only exclusive to Nemesis for now. After equipping two or more volt weapons, her volt damage is increased by 15% and her resistance to volt is increased by 25% as well.

Normal Attack

  • Type: Normal Attack
  • Move set: Attack x5
  • While on the ground, Nemesis can unleash a combo of five attacks, with each hit dealing varying degrees of damage.
  • The first attack deals damage equal to 50.8% of ATK + 3.
  • Second hit deals damage equal to 36.3% of ATK + 2.
  • The third hit deals damage equal to 98.3% of ATK + 5.
  • The fourth attack deals damage equal to 67.3% of ATK + 4 and lastly the fifth attack deals damage equal to 148.3% of ATK + 8.

Aerial Discharge

  • Type: Normal Attack
  • Move set: Jump + Attack x5
  • Similar to the ground, Nemesis can unleash a five combo attack in mid-air as well, and just like the ground, each hit deals different damage.
  • The first attack deals damage equal to 62.5% of ATK + 3.
  • The second hit deals the same damage as the first one, which is equal to 62.5% of ATK + 3.
  • The damage of the third attack is equal to 120% of ATK +4.
  • The fourth attack deals damage equal to 71.2% of ATK + 4.
  • And lastly, the fifth and final attack deals damage equal to 126% of ATK + 7.

Forward Pursuit

  • Type: Normal Attack
  • Move set: Attack + Hold Attack
  • Forward Pursuit can be triggered by holding the attack button after the second normal attack. After Forward Pursuit is triggered, Nemesis will shoot guided missiles at her targets, dealing damage equal to 107.5% of ATK + 6.

Dual Focus

  • Type: Normal Attack
  • Move set: Hold Attack
  • Dual Focus can be triggered by holding a normal attack to charge a shot. After it’s fully charged, Nemesis shoots an electric ball at her enemies that explode upon contact and deal damage equal to 118.4% of ATK + 6 to all nearby enemies.

Parallel Beams

  • Type: Dodge Attack
  • Move set: Arrow Keys + Dodge + Attack
  • After executing a perfect dodge, press the normal attack button in the short perfect dodge window afterward to trigger Parallel Beam. After activation, Nemesis will use Venus to fire a pair of parallel beams, dealing piercing damage equal to  171.6% of ATK + 9.
  • Furthermore, this attack will also trigger a healing chain that will heal allies by 67.7% of the Wanderer’s ATK for the next 10 seconds. More successful dodges will grant Nemesis 1 stack of healing chain, which will increase the healing effects by 25% for the next 30 seconds. Changing weapons will cancel the effects.

Twin Spinning Focus

  • Type: Dodge Attack
  • Move set: Dodge + Attack
  • Press normal attack in the short perfect attack window to trigger Twin Spinning Focus. Nemesis fires a charged orb at her targets that not only deals damage equal to 71.6% of ATK + 9 but also generates a magnetic field that slows down the enemies for 3 seconds. Enemies caught in the slowing magnetic field have their speed reduced by 35%.
  • Just like Parallel Beams, this attack also triggers a healing chain that heals all nearby allies by 67% of Wanderer’s ATK for the next 10 seconds. Healing effects can be further increased by 25% by executing more perfect dodges and gaining more stacks of healing chains.

Pulse Lock

  • Type: Skill
  • Guided missiles are fired by Nemesis that explode upon contact and deal damage equal to 233.2% of ATK + 12 while also knocking down the targets in the process.

Particle Beam Burst

  • Type: Discharge
  • Nemesis fires a cross-shaped beam at the ground after switching to Venus when Phantasia is triggered or her weapon is fully charged. The beam creates an unstable area which not only reduces the target’s movement speed by 70% for 5 seconds but also deals damage equal to 393.9% of ATK + 21.
  • Furthermore, Nemesis’s discharge attack also spawns an electrode at the enemy’s position that deals damage equal to 39.9% of ATK + 2 and attacks every 1.5 seconds. The electrode inherits 100% of Wanderer’s stats, and only 1 electrode can exist at a time.

Awakening Traits

In Tower of Fantasy, Simulacra awakening is a system that can be used to unlock different perks and rewards for a character like avatars, stories, logs, and traits. Different rewards can be unlocked after earning specific amount of awakening points.

The awakening traits that can be unlocked for Nemesis are given below.


With this awakening trait, the damage dealt by the electrode is equal to 60% of ATK to all enemies within 30 meters of Nemesis. Additionally, the allies within 30 meters of Nemesis are healed by 120% of ATK.

Metamorphosis can be unlocked for 1200 awakening points. While you are at it, why not go through our guide on the pity system and learn about it?


Sublimation further increases the damage dealt by the electrode to 100% of ATK, while the healing ability gets a massive increase of 200% of ATK. 4000 awakening points are required to unlock sublimation. Also, make sure to go through our Jetpack guide and learn how to use it.

Build Matrices

Build Metrices
SSR matrices in Tower of Fantasy

Matrices, also known as chips, are special weapon attachments that provide a boost to a weapon’s stats and abilities. Each weapon has 4 slots that give different passive skills to a weapon,

Furthermore, just like weapons, matrices can also be upgraded and further strengthened as well. Below are 2 of the best sets you can use on Nemesis:

Nemesis (2 & 4-Piece Set)

2-Piece: While healing yourself, or your ally, the character being healed gets an increase in their volt attack by 8%,10%,12%, and 15% respectively for 20 seconds. The effect does not stack, and only the highest level will take effect when using multiple sets.

4-Piece: After equipping a 4-set, the next time you heal yourself or your electrode, the target will gain a charge of Lightning, which will allow it to deal volt damage equal to 240%,300%,360%, and 420% of volt ATK. Additionally, the damage caused by electrodes is reduced by 50%.

This effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds and does not stack. Meaning, that only the highest level effect will be applied when used repeatedly.

Cocoritter (2 & 4-Piece Set)

2-Piece: While using a Cocoritter’s 2-Piece set, the healing effects Nemesis receives are increased by 10%,12%,14%, and 16% respectively.

4-Piece: Every time you and your teammates are healed, they receive an attack boost of 12.5% 15% 17.5%, and 20% respectively for the next 6 seconds. Before reading further, why not go through our Tower of Fantasy Free codes guide and learn how to redeem them?

Best Nemesis Teams in Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is not just about using a single character to its full potential, but also about knowing how to effectively use each character in a team. Nemesis can play a crucial role of support/utility character, and that’s what she is normally used for.

Below, we have listed some of the teams which have great synchronization with Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy:

Samir Volt

Samir Volt is a team consisting of Nemesis, Samir & King. For this formation, Samir should be used as your Main DPS character while King should be used as close quarter melee combat specializing in breaking shields, and lastly, Nemesis should be used for dealing AoE damage and providing support to the rest of the party members.

Crow Volt

For Crow Volt formation, the role of Main DPS is replaced with Crow, while the roles of Nemesis and King remain the same i.e utility unit and shield breaking unit respectively.

Tsubasa Tri-Element

As evident from the name, this team is great, if you want to have characters of different elements in your team. You never know when and where, which monster can pop up, and what element he is weak to, which makes it a great team formation as well.

As far as the roles are concerned, Tsubasa should be your Main DPS unit while Nemesis and King should be utility and shield-breaking units respectively.

Nemesis Advancement Levels

Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, advancements are used to not only increase the damage of our weapons but also unlock new perks, abilities, and buffs for them as well. To use a character to its full potential, it’s absolutely necessary to keep advancing them and unlock more perks and traits for their weapons.

Naturally, weapon advancements aren’t for free and don’t unlock as you progress through the story. For weapon advancements, you will require a certain amount of gold and some consumables for each level. You can see the materials you require for your next advancement from the weapon advancement tab.

Below is a list of all advancements levels of Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Level 1: Nemesis creates 1 electrode immediately after using Pulse Lock or Particle Beam Burst. This grants her 5 stacks of healing chain, that heals all nearby allies by 135% of the Wanderer’s ATK.
  • Level 2: At level 2, Venus’s base attack growth is increased by 16%.
  • Level 3: The electrode you spawned will unleash a Ring of Lightning every 6 seconds, dealing damage equal to 205% of ATK in a target area.
  • Level 4: At level 4, your main weapon will get an increase in the base attack growth by 32%.
  • Level 5: After unleashing Pulse Lock, the Wanderer gets an attack boost equivalent to (6.5 + (Number of Electrodes x 6.5))%  for 25 seconds.
  • Level 6: Remember when we said that spawning another electrode will remove the previous one? Well, at level 6, Nemesis will be able to spawn two electrodes at the same time. Spawning the third one will remove the electrode furthest from the user.

All Gifts For Nemesis

Buying gifts from Grocer

As we have mentioned above, different avatars, logs, and stories, of characters can be unlocked through the Simulacra awakening system. The question is how to earn awakening points. 

Awakening points can be earned through gifting different items to your characters. These items cannot be any random items, since each character have their own likings and disliking. At the same time, that doesn’t mean the items will be discarded if they are not to the character’s liking.

It’s just that the awakening points you receive will be less as compared to gifting an item that the character likes. Nemesis’s favorite items are toys, everyday items, and decorations. Gifts can either be bought from the Store vendors like Grocer or Crystal Dust Store.

Purchasing gifts from Crystal Dust Store

Below is a list of all the gifts you can give to Nemesis along with how many awakening points you will earn by each gift.

  • Angela Ornament +80
  • Aida Comic +60
  • Bangs Speciality +60
  • Limited Peanut Figurine +60
  • Plush Toy +60
  • Snow Globe +60
  • Smarty Doll +30
  • Cat Throw Pillow +30
  • Moon rabbit Kit +30
  • New Kalka Ornament +30
  • Perfume Bottle +30
  • Tailor-Made Suit +30
  • Tartarus Ornament +30
  • Flower Bouquet +15
  • Mini Potted Plant +15
  • Nice Picture Frame +15
  • Paper Pinwheel +15
  • Wool Scarf +15

Nemesis Upgrade Cost

While exploring the world of Aida, and completing its various quests and side missions you will gain gold and different elements as rewards. Gold and other various elements are required to level up your character past certain levels.

So make sure you don’t neglect them and keep progressing the storyline to get your hands on items of different rarity, so you don’t face any trouble in upgrading your character later.

The amount of gold and materials required to upgrade Nemesis past certain levels are given below:

  • At level 10, you will need 400 Gold and 2 Magcore to upgrade Nemesis.
  • At level 20, the Gold and Magcore required to upgrade Nemesis are 800 and 2 respectively.
  • At level 30, you will need 1200 Gold, 3 Magcore, and 3 Acidproof Glaze I.
  • At level 40, the items required are 1600 Gold, 3 Magcore, 3 Acidproof Glaze I, and 3 Nanofibre Frame I.
  • At level 50, the items required to upgrade Nemesis are 2000 Gold, 4 Magcore,4 Acidproof Glaze I, and 4 Nanofibre Frame I.

How To Obtain Nemesis Weapon In Tower Of Fantasy

Nemesis Banner
Nemesis banner – “Forgiveness & Rebirth”

Nemesis is currently available under the Limited Gacha Banner called Forgiveness and Rebirth. The banner runs from August 11, 2022, to September 1, 2022. Usually, the banners are repeated and sometimes they are not so there’s no telling when you will see the Nemesis banner again so you have a deadline until September 1 to get her!

Speaking of banners, why not go through our Reroll guide to increase your chances of pulling Nemesis on your next turn?

Recollection Reward For Nemesis 

Following are the recollection rewards you will get a new have collected a certain amount of awakening points. 

 Number Of Awakening Points Nemesis Rewards 
200 points  Avatar for Nemesis 
600 points Trait Unlocked; Metamorphosis 

When she summons an Electrode in a battle, she will be able to deal volt damage that will be equal to about 60% of ATK to all the enemies. The enemies must be within 30 meters of the range of Electrode to get significant damage. She will also heal all her allies as well as herself by 120% of the ATK. 


2000 Points 

Log Unlocked: The Experimental Operations 
3000 Points Log Unlocked: In Front Of The Bionic Eye 
4000 Points Trait Unlocked; Nemesis Metamorphosis. 

When the nemesis will summon an electrode, she will be able to deal 100% attack damage to all the opponents in the 30-meter range. She will also heal her allies by 200% of the ATK ratio 


The stats, levels, and upgrade requirements for Nemesis can change in future patches depending on how overpowered she is. This is usually done to balance the gameplay and not to make PVP too unfair. So make sure you stay up to date with patches since the info here can be outdated by the time you read it.

This concludes our guide for Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

Tower of Fantasy Helpful Tips

Tower of Fantasy is developed by Perfect World and published by Level Infinite. There is a total of 15 characters available right now in Tower of Fantasy, with more coming in future updates. Each character has their own skill set and recommended weapons.

So to know more about characters consider reading our guide on the roles of characters, the Tower of Fantasy character tier list, and the best SSR characters.

In contrast to Genshin, knowing about the weapons of the characters is just as crucial as knowing about the characters themselves. So make sure to go through our best weapons and weapon tier list as well.

Also if you aren’t familiar with the game’s genre and gacha games in general, consider reading our Beginner’s guide and best Tips & Tricks guide as well. 

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